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Rental Demand: Think Young and Old

by Wade Mains

Apartment developers and operators should not ignore the quickly growing demographic of aging Americans. In the near future, when designing new apartment complexes, developers will most likely have to make a choice of which demographic to target: young or old. Your standard apartment renter has historically been young (25–34 years old is the biggest cohort) and either single or newly married, maybe with a young family. However, with the continued, projected growth of the 65+ population, there will be more demand for active adult rental communities. How do their tastes and desires differ from your standard renter?

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On Your Mark, Get Set, Go!

by Lesley Deutch

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Housing Market Getting a Bit Spooky

by Alex Martinez

Happy Halloween.

Gorging on Candy

The 2012 and 2013 housing market was like a kid gorging herself after a fruitful night of trick-or-treating. Economic conditions were set for a solid recovery, and the market seized the opportunity. We experienced excellent home price appreciation and strong sales rates as a result.

Coming Down from the Sugar Rush

Fast forward to the present, or the comedown after the sugar rush if you will. Housing fundamentals in most markets are slightly softer. Investor demand has slowed, construction volumes have increased, and affordability has waned. Price appreciation has let up on the gas pedal, and new home community sales rates are now lower than a year ago in most markets.