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5% Capture Rate for Top 50 Master-Planned Communities

By Ken Perlman and Jody Kahn

The top 50 master-planned communities (MPCs) in the country accounted for 5.4% of 2013 new home sales. There were 23,463 new home sales in the top 50 master-planned communities in the country in 2013—a 12% increase over 2012.

Everything is bigger in Texas, including its master-planned communities, and 2013 was no exception. This year's list of top 50 masterplans included 17 from the state of Texas (one-third of all entries) and 13 from Houston alone. There were nine Florida masterplans in the top 50 in 2013, seven California communities, four Phoenix communities, and four Washington, DC masterplans. And while Las Vegas was represented by just three masterplans, all of them were in the nation's top 20.

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Huge Year For Top 20 Master-Planned Communities

By Ken Perlman & Jody Kahn

The top 20 master-planned communities in the country sold 15,338 homes in 2013, which is an 11% increase over 2012. With 9 communities, Texas dominated the list. Florida had 4, Nevada had 3, and California had 2. Colorado and the DC area round out the list.

We will release our complete ranking of the

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A Picture: More Misleading than a Thousand Words?

The Home Price / Income chart below has recently been used by a number of bears to point out that US home prices are overvalued. One analyst has even created a 100-year version of this chart.

Median Home Value to Income Ratio

To conclude that home prices are overvalued using the chart above, you would also have to conclude that mortgage rates don't matter and mortgage underwriting hasn't changed. Over the period shown above, mortgage underwriting terms were as follows (I am estimating some of this, since data was not collected):