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Rising Rates Are Great For Housing

We are happy to see rising mortgage rates because we believe a stable housing market is a better long-term goal than a booming and busting market, and the housing market has been booming! On June 3, I addressed this on Fox Business Network. Some of my comments were:

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Hedge Funds Dump Housing

June 20, 2013  

John Burns discusses hedge fund bets on the housing market on Fox Business Network.  Here are a few of his quotes:
"This isn't an investment for everybody.  Some groups aren't willing to bet on home price appreciation."

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California's Housing Recovery Looks Golden 

June 5, 2013

What a difference a year makes. After being the poster child for housing distress during the downturn, California is now leading the national housing market recovery. Resale and new home inventories have plummeted to all-time lows. Prices are skyrocketing. Multiple offers and fast sales are more common than not in the state's more desirable neighborhoods. Although investors continue to play a big role in the recovery by absorbing distressed inventory, conventional buyers who have been on the sidelines are now returning in droves, looking to buy before prices rise even more. Below are some eye-catching housing statistics for the Sunshine State: