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Investors Now a Concern

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During the downturn and early stages of recovery, we were huge proponents of investors taking advantage of overcorrected home prices to make great investments while also helping the housing market recover. Mission accomplished.

We are now concerned that investor momentum has swung too far in the other direction.   
Recent developments include:

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PCBC 2013: CEO Panel Lunch Keynote

During PCBC last month, I had the privilege to moderate the CEO Panel Lunch Keynote, which included:   

  • Ara K. Hovnanian, CEO of Hovnanian Enterprises
  • Jonathan M. Jaffe, VP & COO of Lennar
  • David M. Weekley, Chairman of David Weekley Homes  

In this hour-long panel, we discussed Growth, Opportunity, and the Future of Housing.

Watch the video.

If you have any questions, please call (949) 870-1200 or email for more information.

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Rising Rates Are Great For Housing

We are happy to see rising mortgage rates because we believe a stable housing market is a better long-term goal than a booming and busting market, and the housing market has been booming! On June 3, I addressed this on Fox Business Network. Some of my comments were: