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Mollie Carmichael's picture

Knowing Your Generations

by Mollie Carmichael

Let's look at who's shopping out there today for a new home! Who are they? What do they want? This infographic is part of a new series of studies by JBREC on generational differences, based on responses from 22,000 new home shoppers. This Generations infographic details each generation's life stage and behavior in regards to purchasing a home.

Pete Reeb's picture

Successful Segmentation

by Pete Reeb

How do you become the 22nd-fastest-selling master-planned community in the country with just seven months of sales? Rancho Mission Viejo in San Juan Capistrano, California sold 360 homes (50-plus a month) from June to December at its two new villages nestled in the South Orange County hills just ten minutes from the beach.

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Bloomberg TV Housing Summary

by John Burns

I co-hosted Bloomberg Surveillance on Tuesday. Here is a clip of the five minutes we spent on housing, covering:

  • California housing
  • Investor activity
  • BRIC millionaires parking money in US real estate
  • Coastal markets versus inland markets
  • Phoenix versus California as the leading indicator
  • Rents
  • Young families

Please cut me some slack on the cuss word, as it was 6am in New York and I had just flown in from California.

The highlight of my week in New York was the growing thesis that rates could stay low for some time. It is something I am thinking about a lot, but I am hoping to find five credible bond investors who tell me they are investing as if that will be the case. That will convince me.