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Bad Data = Bad Information

by John Burns

We are getting a little sick of the bad data that has resulted in some very misleading headlines this month, so I am going to share some proprietary information from our June survey of 228 local building execs overseeing 12% of all US new home sales. We distributed this to our clients on Monday, July 6.

Here is the truth:

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Bloomberg TV Housing Summary

by John Burns

I co-hosted Bloomberg Surveillance on Tuesday. Here is a clip of the five minutes we spent on housing, covering:

  • California housing
  • Investor activity
  • BRIC millionaires parking money in US real estate
  • Coastal markets versus inland markets
  • Phoenix versus California as the leading indicator
  • Rents
  • Young families

Please cut me some slack on the cuss word, as it was 6am in New York and I had just flown in from California.

The highlight of my week in New York was the growing thesis that rates could stay low for some time. It is something I am thinking about a lot, but I am hoping to find five credible bond investors who tell me they are investing as if that will be the case. That will convince me.

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That Would Make a Great Year!

10% volume growth and 5% price appreciation. We will take that every year! Here is John's interview on Fox Business from last Friday:

Click to view video.