Providing National Research & Consulting Services for Our Clients

Consumer Insights 2013

Make better decisions with targeted homebuyer consumer research. Use the results of our nationwide consumer survey, What Do You Call Home, to find out what buyers are looking for in the areas of:

  • Consumer Style - Interior | Exterior | Brand Preference
  • Interior Layout & Design - Size | Levels | Configuration
  • Home Details - Kitchen | Bath | Specifications
  • Consumer Profiles - Ownership | Attitudes | Value Structure
  • Community Details - Amenities | Design Attributes | Outdoor Spaces
  • Technology - Green | New Home Advantage | Information
View a sample survey here.


Nationwide Participation

How Can You Use It?

  • Investor — Where does it make sense to invest? What do consumers value in these markets? What are the niche price points?
  • Bank — Are your assets in the right locations? How are they positioned with the market? What should I change?
  • Builder — What product should I build? What should I put in these homes? What will customers pay for? What styles are preferred today?
  • Builder Product Manufacturers — What are the styles today? Who is the consumer? What do they want? How do your products stack up?
  • Developer — Design your product and product segmentation based on where consumers place value. Consider amenities they want. Segment your products by style, price, and size. Define the opportunity.
  • Consultants — Help your clients make better decisions too!
  • Designers — Architects, Interior Designers, Store Designers or any design specialist involved with the consumer and home design or products. This is a terrific tool to understand attitude, styles, etc. related to home and community preferences.
  • Marketing and Advertising — Understanding your consumer first is the core to great campaigns. Style, preference, geographies, demographic shifts, etc. are all available for you in these reports. We can customize this for your needs or our dashboard reports are great tools for your team to consider.