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2015 Mid-Atlantic Sales Disappoint

In early November, 10 residential homebuilding executives in the mid-Atlantic area shared their thoughts on the state of their local markets based on sales performance in the third quarter.

Albeit a small sample, the responses provide some insight into the health of the local market. About 30% of respondents reported they met their 3Q 2015 sales goals. No respondents reported they exceeded their goals. And, 80% are less optimistic now than at the end of 2Q 2015 that they will meet year-end sales goals.


Compare Trends by Quarter in 2015

In general, disappointing sales volume increased in the mid-Atlantic over the course of 2015 and in our latest survey, 80% of respondents were less optimistic about meeting year-end sales goals (compared to 7% last quarter.)

MidAtlantic Bar-Chart1

MidAtlantic Bar-Chart23Q 2015 Question of the Quarter

Incentives are on the rise in the mid-Atlantic to boost sales this quarter with increased advertising in second place. Other options were less popular.

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