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21 Top-Selling Masterplans Sold Nearly 14,100 New Homes in 2015

John Burns Real Estate Consulting, LLC (JBREC) congratulates the top 21 masterplans in the country on their strong new home sales in 2015. To identify the top 21, which includes a tie at #20, JBREC associates considered over 230 communities nationwide. Feedback from numerous industry contacts and our boots-on-the-ground consultants supports the diligent research that went into producing our prestigious, annual ranking. Sales at each of the top three masterplans exceeded 1,000 new homes in 2015, and we have ranked them in the same order as last year: The Villages (#1), The Irvine Ranch (#2), and Nocatee (#3).

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  • Top 21 communities reflect 3% of new home sales. Together, the top 21 communities sold nearly 14,100 homes, which we estimate to be 3% of new, single-family home sales nationally in 2015.
  • Combined sales increased by 12% over 2014. The combined sales for the top 21 communities increased by 12% over 2014, stronger than the 9% year-over-year increase in sales as of November, indicated by our national builder survey. The strong rate of sales growth demonstrates the continued appeal of masterplans, which offer buyers a desirable lifestyle incorporating schools, recreation, convenience, and value.
  • Texas delivers 8 of the top 21, with 5 in Houston. Houston developers contributed 5 of the top 21 communities, led by over 600 sales at Johnson Development’s Riverstone community. Low oil prices and slowing economic growth remain concerns in Houston, yet lot shortages and delays associated with heavy rain and flooding earlier in 2015 limited sales in many communities. Alamo Ranch continues to represent San Antonio, with several builders selling out in 2015, and Westridge and Paloma Creek reflect very strong sales on the north side of Dallas.
  • 4 Florida masterplans continue in the Top 21. The Villages remains the only community in the nation to surpass 2,000 sales in one year—and all produced by one builder/developer. The PARC Group’s Nocatee community in Jacksonville captured a huge 30% increase in sales year over year. Lakewood Ranch in Sarasota and Lake Nona in Orlando both produced double-digit sales increases and remain perennial favorites with buyers.
  • Improved sales in Phoenix and Las Vegas produce 2 top masterplans apiece. Phoenix housing market conditions improved in 2015, contributing to a whopping 173% year-over-year increase in sales at DMB’s Eastmark community, the largest gain of all the top 21 masterplans. Vistancia Land Holdings/Stratford Land’s Vistancia also more than doubled its sales in 2015. Summerlin and Providence remain in the top 21, which is notable given that Las Vegas continues to recover more slowly than many other metros.
  • We excluded most single-builder communities from the top 21. Our research turned up a dozen masterplans where a single public or private builder captured sales on par with the multiple-builder communities. We have agreed not to publish these builders’ amazing but confidential results, with the exception of The Villages.

We will be publishing our Top 50 list in a few days. Contact us if we have not spoken with you and your master-planned community sold at least 200 homes in 2015.

Please contact Jody Kahn at jkahn@realestateconsulting.com for more information on our methodology and results.

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