Atlanta Is the Winner in the Super Bowl of Housing

Atlanta Is the Winner in the Super Bowl of Housing

This Sunday, the Atlanta Falcons and New England Patriots will battle it out in Houston, Texas, at Super Bowl 51. The Patriots may be favored to win the game, but Atlanta beats Boston in the housing market.

Based on our most recent monthly Metro Analysis and Forecast reports for Atlanta, Boston, and the host city Houston, Atlanta has the best score in our proprietary Housing Cycle Risk Index™, with an A+ rating, followed by Boston with a B rating and Houston with a D+ rating.

Atlanta is also the winner in the following metrics:

Regardless of the outcome of Sunday’s game, John Burns Real Estate Consulting continues to monitor which metros are winning around the US. JBREC produces monthly reports on over 100 metros, which provide an overview of major housing and economic metrics, as well as forecasts, at an MSA level. Combined with local insight, proprietary surveys, and extensive data analysis, these reports provide a complete picture of the important housing dynamics and shifts at the market level.

Enjoy the Super Bowl and contact JBREC if you need help refereeing your favorite metro.



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