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4 Memorable Moments in Merchandising: Retreats & Niches 

This month’s edition delves into design trends. We stay on top of what’s new and handpick the highlights, so you don’t have to.

Industry Pulse: The Intersection of Design and Tech

This month’s edition delves into industry trends, curating a collection of industry articles to keep you informed.

Opportunities to Cut Costs, Not Value

In response to many requests, we found 3 actively selling or recently sold out projects we photographed and analyzed in our New Home Trends Institute’s DesignLens™ database where builders stripped out some huge costs and still sold really well.

The Light: Consumer Trends to Watch in 2022

Our team compiled 22 opportunities for 2022, which we will share over the next few weeks. They cover a wide range of topics, from affordability solutions to migration patterns. Here are 6 opportunities to win over consumers this year.

The Light: New Homes Improve Your Health

New homes improve resident health in many ways, from reducing mold and odor to circulating healthier air throughout the house. Let’s spread the great news! Here are three steps you can take to increase new home sales: 1. Sell the …

6 Trend Themes for 2021

There are many accelerations in consumer habits as outlined in the New Home Trends Institute’s 21 Trends for 2021 webinar. By zooming out and looking at them holistically, they can be summarized in six overarching themes we expect in 2021. …