Building Market Intelligence

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Monitoring Industry Strategies

We can study historical data all we want—and we do—but strategic decisions made today by housing industry executives as well as home buyers and sellers are what moves the market.

Housing Bubble Set to Pop

In 2013, fresh off the biggest housing downturn in their lifetimes, 73 housing industry executives compiled the Top 10 Signs of a Housing Market Bubble at our Summit Conference in Laguna Beach, CA.

22 Opportunities for 2022

Our team members from across the world share 22 Opportunities for 2022. They are divided into the following groups: Societal, Migration, Technology, Building Cost, Affordability Solutions, and Land Development.

The Light: Low Risk Land Acquisition

Home builders have been ramping up their land holdings, and doing so in a way that protects them in the event of a downturn.

The Light: Let’s Win the Talent War

Today’s shortage of talented people presents both a challenge and an opportunity. Many smart, very well-run companies are leaning hard into the hiring and retention opportunity, while other companies are getting hit hard by turnover. Which one are you?

The Light: Inflation Is Good for Homeowners and Landlords

Inflation can present challenges, but it also presents opportunities, especially with two unique situations that are occurring today. It has been more almost 40 years since we have seen widespread inflation. Inflation is great for homeowners For homeowners today, as …

The Light: Are Big Companies Better at Hitting a Moving Target?

How do you invest in the future when revenues, expenses, and costs are swinging so wildly that it is difficult to even determine where they are today? Underwriting investments has perhaps never been harder than today because revenue and cost …

The Light: Shedding Light on the Housing Supply “Shortage”

We are sending this out one day early because we planned ahead for the last 6 weeks to shut off our laptops for 4 days to give our team a much deserved break. True statements can lead to misleading conclusions, …

The Light: Shining Light on the Bubble Discussion

In 2013, we collaborated with our clients to identify ten quantitative and ten qualitative signs of a housing bubble. Each year, we review those signs to gauge where we are in the cycle. Today, eleven of the bubble signs are …

Investor Mania 2.0

We’ve identified 200 players driving the new hyper-data-driven, technology-fueled, and institutionally backed housing investor ecosystem. Almost none of these companies existed during the mid-2000s housing boom. Housing Investor Mania 2.0 Categories The following list is not 100% comprehensive given the …