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Keep, Stop, Start: Selling New Homes in a High-Rate Environment

In July, 85% of prospective new home buyers we surveyed said they would not buy a home if mortgage rates exceeded 6%.

Value Engineering Increases

Builders are stripping out features that they believe consumers don’t fully appreciate. Our DesignLens database and New Home Trends Institute surveys have identified a significant one: stripping costs out of the house exterior.

The Light: Practical Smart Home Solutions

New homes featuring multigenerational suites (suites with private entries) are selling very well these days.

The Light: Suite Solutions for Stronger Sales

New homes featuring multigenerational suites (suites with private entries) are selling very well these days.

The Light: Data-Driven New Home Design

Insights from 12,000 consumers and over 300 architectural designers surveyed by the New Home Trends Institute inspired KTGY to incorporate four new design features in the Smart/Connected home at ProBuilder’s 2022 virtual Show Village.

The Light: Six Factors to Consider for Offsite Construction

Three catalysts—code adoption, credibility, and competitive pressure—are driving offsite construction forward. Here are six factors that will help you decide if offsite is right for you.

The Light: Sustainable and Healthy Profits

According to three experts who just spoke on our monthly New Home Trends Institute webinar, increasing profitability through healthy and sustainable building requires three things.

The Light: Build-to-Rent Tenant Preferences

We now have concrete data to back some of the multi-million dollar decisions that single-family rental developers make. For each of the following categories, there are things you should spend more on, and things that matter less: Our New Home …

The Light: Master-Planned Communities Lean into Health and Wellness

The once-prolific “resort lifestyle” is now a top focus for only 18% of developers we surveyed for our March Master-Planned Communities Trend Report. The newcomer appearing to take its place? Health and wellness, which is now second only to long-time frontrunner, Family Friendliness. …

Hit the Gas, Tap the Brakes, and Change Direction

COVID-19’s massive impact on home life has sent clear signals that our clients are using to adjust their home sales, marketing, and designs. Here are 6 strategies we suggest, along with a 25-minute presentation Mikaela Sharp recently gave summarizing the …