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The Light: As Remote Work Continues, So Does Migration

As COVID restrictions ease and the great resignation continues (and perhaps even accelerates), more companies are opting to allow permanent work from home in order to keep their talented people. As a result, buyers and renters will continue to move to desirable areas where they can get more house for their money.

The Stage Is Set for a Strong 2021 in Orange County

At the outset of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Orange County housing market ground to a near-halt. New home sales plummeted from more than 100 per week to just 9 net sales in the last week of March. With the economy …

The Light: Southern California Is Still Golden: If everyone is leaving, why is the housing market so strong?

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In 2020, we predicted The Great American Move would create new opportunities throughout the nation. Housing demand continues shifting away from dense, high-cost areas to wherever people can find more space and lower costs—be that a new city, a new …