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Building Relationships is Key to Selling Homes

Your salespeople are the key to your community’s success. The most successful salespeople build great relationships with potential buyers. They listen to their needs. They treat them like they want to be treated. They know the answers to buyers’ questions. They provide excellent advice while helping potential buyers choose the home and financing program that is right for them.

Building Rapport – Buying a home is complicated, emotional and highly stressful. Most people never forget the sales agent they worked with when they bought their home. If it was a great experience, they refer their friends to that agent.

People Skills – Every sales counselor believes he or she has great people skills, but obviously that is not true. Here are the top five characteristics we look for in great salespeople:

  1. Knowledgeable – Your sales counselors should know everything there is to know about your homes and your competitors’ homes.
  2. Passionate – Passionate sales counselors love what they do and enjoy helping people find the home they want.
  3. Great Listening Skills – Top sales counselors have long been aware that keeping prospects talking allows them to better understand the buyers’ needs and wants.
  4. Friendly – The ability to establish and maintain rapport is probably the single most powerful skill a salesperson can have.
  5. Confident – A great salesperson affirms that the buyer is making the right choices with specific key points and manages the sales process with ease and confidence.

Greetings – First impressions are important. Great sales counselors welcome buyers to the community. They are not on the phone with someone from your company. They ask buyers how they can help them find the home they will live in. They don’t force buyers to fill out forms or answer questions if it is clear that they don’t want to.

Create Value – What makes your community or homes unique? Salespeople need to create value in their homes if the buyers don’t see it up front. Salespeople should go beyond what is expected of them in the client’s and builder’s eyes.

Information Gathering – Information cards help you learn about the buyer, but they are very impersonal. Why not just ask the questions you need answered after you have already built rapport with them? Listen carefully and talk only when necessary. If you’re good, you won’t even have to write down the answers immediately. You’ll know what you need to know about them.

Hiring and training the best sales counselors in a competitive market elevates sales and lowers cancellation rates. In this competitive environment, you have to have the best salespeople.

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