Building Market Intelligence

A ‘Traffic Light’ Outlook on the Kitchen and Bath Industry 

The $180 billion US residential Kitchen and Bath (K&B) market is a bellwether for consumer spending on home improvement.

Opendoor and the Future of iBuying

Dean Wehrli talks with Alex Toth and Derek Schairer about how Opendoor plans to evolve through their home builder program.

Weather Report from the IMN Build-to-Rent Forum

The 8th Annual Build-to-Rent (BTR), Land & Homebuilding Forum in Nashville was stormy for more than just the weather conditions that caused massive delays on our trip home.

Industry Pulse: Wild Ideas Breed Innovation

This month’s edition delves into industry trends, curating a collection of articles to keep you informed.

Is your glass half full, half empty, or overflowing?

Is your glass half full, half empty, or overflowing?

Half full: Pre-Covid homeowners have tremendous home equity, with prices rising 36% nationally in the last three years.

7 Lessons from the Home Depot Earnings Call

Home Depot’s revenue is so large, at $157 billion, that their earnings report has become a highly reliable summary of housing market conditions.

How Many Homes Are Enough?

2 million? 4 million? 5 million? Though the exact number of homes needed is up for debate, no one denies there is a housing crunch in the US. John Burns Real Estate Consulting’s chief demographer, Chris Porter, recently wrote a white paper called America’s Needed Housing Construction that tackles this complicated question. How many homes do we really need? Can they be built? What are the disconnects between what can and should be built? We outline some answers to these questions in this podcast.

Big Sales in Texas

This week, New Home Trends Summit attendees participated in our sold-out master plan tour of the Pecan Square and Harvest master plans by Hillwood Communities in northwestern Dallas-Fort Worth.

Top 10 Markets with the Most New Home Supply

San Antonio, Phoenix, and Charlotte have all seen a 5%+ increase in new home competition in the last year, while Austin, Houston, and Washington, DC, have all seen -4%+ reductions in competition.

Keep, Stop, Start: Creating Communities That Will Thrive in 2023 and Beyond

In December 2022, the New Home Trends Institute team released our list of 23 consumer, home, community, and product trends for 2023. Here is what to keep, stop, and start doing to take advantage of the coming trends in community design.