Building Market Intelligence

Rate Buydowns Help Buyers Purchase New Homes

In early December, 75% of nationally surveyed home builders confirmed they are buying down buyers’ mortgage rates to make payments more affordable.

Can Arrived Homes Turn Small Investments into Big Bucks?

. Ryan Frazier and the folks at Arrived Homes can’t sell you a home for $100, but they would love to sell you a share of a home for really cheap. Arrived Homes aggregates small-time investors to buy single-family rental …

The Current Housing Cycle Landscape

A few weeks ago, we updated our Top 10 Signs of a Market Bubble poster, showing that 8 out of 10 quantitative and 8 out of 10 qualitative signs all point to why the housing bubble is set to pop.

Apartment Market Slowdown Continues

The gravitational forces of rising supply, economic uncertainty, and the return of seasonality have all pulled the apartment market back down to Earth.

Monitoring Industry Strategies

We can study historical data all we want—and we do—but strategic decisions made today by housing industry executives as well as home buyers and sellers are what moves the market.

Keep, Stop, Start: Selling New Homes in a High-Rate Environment

In July, 85% of prospective new home buyers we surveyed said they would not buy a home if mortgage rates exceeded 6%.

Value Engineering Increases

Builders are stripping out features that they believe consumers don’t fully appreciate. Our DesignLens database and New Home Trends Institute surveys have identified a significant one: stripping costs out of the house exterior.

ESG: A Smarter Way to Invest

You may not know what ESG is but you should. ESG is an investment strategy. It stands for Environmental, Social, and Governance. It is basically a method to account for the impacts of investment practices beyond the traditional financial measures …

Sunshine after the Storm

Hurricane Ian was the sixth hurricane to cause $20+ billion in damages in Florida in the last 40 years. We have many team members and clients who live and work in Florida.