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The Light: The Rich, Frustrated, and “Locked In” Turn to Remodeling

Building material prices have risen 23% over the last year according to production builders, in part due to a surge in remodeling driven by 3 primary conditions: rich homeowners, a few “trade-up” homes readily available, and rising mortgage rates.

Surprising Reason for Continued Supply Shortages

Some very unique circumstances will likely cause building product companies to significantly underestimate demand this year, leading to even more shortages. The building products companies that prepare for this will take significant market share in 2022.

The Light: Six Factors to Consider for Offsite Construction

Three catalysts—code adoption, credibility, and competitive pressure—are driving offsite construction forward. Here are six factors that will help you decide if offsite is right for you.

The Light: Some Visibility on the Window Shortage (Pun Intended)

Home builders in a recent survey we conducted cited windows as the biggest material shortage right now. Average lead times for windows currently range from 4–15 weeks with some window lead times extending 20–45 weeks. Prior to COVID-19, lead times were typically 2–3 weeks.

Bloomberg Television: Home Builder Supply Chain Chaos Continues

The segment begins around the 12-minute mark. Our Director of Research, Rick Palacios, Jr., spoke on Bloomberg’s What’d You Miss? earlier this week. Rick discusses the current housing demand backdrop along with how builders are dealing with rising construction costs, …

The Invisible Kitchen: Whirlpool’s Consumer Trends before and after COVID-19

The kitchen is widely seen as the heart of a home. It is the place where families begin and end their days together and where hosts entertain their guests. If you want to know more about how this critical space …

The Home Depot’s Amazing Run

Who knows more about changes in consumer housing preferences than The Home Depot—the 400,000+ employee, $110 billion per year home improvement retailer? In this podcast Jordan Broggi from The Home Depot shares what the company has learned from their recent …

The Light: The Housing Rally

Stay-at-home orders first generated a jump in DIY projects and are now resulting in a surge in new home purchases and remodeling projects involving contractors. . The Opportunity for New Home Design We surveyed 5,000 recent home buyers last week, …

The Fight against Deflation

Here is an excerpt from our client-only webinars on how we are thinking about future price changes. The 20-minute video breaks down how we are thinking about general price trends during and after COVID-19. We are continuing our weekly webinars …

Successful Online Marketing Strategies during the COVID-19 Crisis

Dean Wehrli interviews Zach Williams from the digital marketing agency Venveo to learn what strategies are working best today.   Episode Takeaways The best online promise is often beating out the best product, much to the dismay of some. Home …