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A ‘Traffic Light’ Outlook on the Kitchen and Bath Industry 

The $180 billion US residential Kitchen and Bath (K&B) market is a bellwether for consumer spending on home improvement.

7 Lessons from the Home Depot Earnings Call

Home Depot’s revenue is so large, at $157 billion, that their earnings report has become a highly reliable summary of housing market conditions.

Is the Remodeling Boom about to Go Bust?

. When a fresh coat of paint is not enough, there is remodeling. It might be a new roof or a new room. It might be because your house is falling apart or because you can’t believe you once thought …

ESG: A Smarter Way to Invest

You may not know what ESG is but you should. ESG is an investment strategy. It stands for Environmental, Social, and Governance. It is basically a method to account for the impacts of investment practices beyond the traditional financial measures …

Sunshine after the Storm

Hurricane Ian was the sixth hurricane to cause $20+ billion in damages in Florida in the last 40 years. We have many team members and clients who live and work in Florida.

Building Material Price Stability

While housing starts have been steadily declining since February, our recent survey of more than 500 remodelers shows a slight remodeling decline ahead too.

Is the Broken Housing Supply Chain Starting to Mend?

When COVID-19 hit in 2020, we found out just how critical the supply chain was to almost every part of our economic life. Perhaps no industry has been more impacted by supply chain bottlenecks than housing. A diverse array of …

Booming Labor Alternative

The prefab structural component manufacturer industry is booming, thanks in part to the lack of available labor.

The Light: Top 7 Ways Pro Remodelers Are Adapting to Wild Housing Market Conditions

Every quarter, we survey hundreds of professional remodelers to find out what they’re seeing on the ground in real time, with their customers and in their markets.