Demographics and Consumer Insights

Here you will find all of our articles with topics that cover demographics and consumer insights.

Value Engineering Increases

Builders are stripping out features that they believe consumers don’t fully appreciate. Our DesignLens database and New Home Trends Institute surveys have identified a significant one: stripping costs out of the house exterior.

The Light: Data-Driven New Home Design

Insights from 12,000 consumers and over 300 architectural designers surveyed by the New Home Trends Institute inspired KTGY to incorporate four new design features in the Smart/Connected home at ProBuilder’s 2022 virtual Show Village.

The Light: It Is a Great Time to Be a Flipper

We are proud to introduce the Burns Fix and Flip Market Index (FFMI), in collaboration with our partners at Flatiron Realty Capital and Sundae. The FFMI is a diffusion-based index driven by our proprietary Fix and Flip survey of 400+ …

The Light: Consumer Trends to Watch in 2022

Our team compiled 22 opportunities for 2022, which we will share over the next few weeks. They cover a wide range of topics, from affordability solutions to migration patterns. Here are 6 opportunities to win over consumers this year.

The Light: Real Estate Agents Forecast 7% Higher Prices and 6% Sales Growth in 2022

In the COVID era, uncertainty often feels like the dominant theme. Industry leaders, government officials, and especially our clients want to know what 2022 holds for housing.

6 Trend Themes for 2021

There are many accelerations in consumer habits as outlined in the New Home Trends Institute’s 21 Trends for 2021 webinar. By zooming out and looking at them holistically, they can be summarized in six overarching themes we expect in 2021. …

Successful Brand Partnerships

How would you like to have a branding partnership that has sold over 800 homes in two years and has generated an interest list of 300,000+ home buyers? In this podcast, host Dean Wehrli and Minto’s President of Latitude Margaritaville …

Hit the Gas, Tap the Brakes, and Change Direction

COVID-19’s massive impact on home life has sent clear signals that our clients are using to adjust their home sales, marketing, and designs. Here are 6 strategies we suggest, along with a 25-minute presentation Mikaela Sharp recently gave summarizing the …

Inspiration for ‘When the World Goes Upside Down’

When you spend 11 years worried about a bomb landing on your head and then start your own company only to see your country’s currency become worthless, you develop a level of grit and perspective that helps you see clearly …