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The Light: Practical Smart Home Solutions

New homes featuring multigenerational suites (suites with private entries) are selling very well these days.

The Light: Suite Solutions for Stronger Sales

New homes featuring multigenerational suites (suites with private entries) are selling very well these days.

The Light: Six Factors to Consider for Offsite Construction

Three catalysts—code adoption, credibility, and competitive pressure—are driving offsite construction forward. Here are six factors that will help you decide if offsite is right for you.

The Light: Homes That Make Us Feel Better: A Priority for 69% of Buyers

Last month we shared tips on how to cater to the 76% of homeowners* taking more steps to promote their physical health. This month, we focus on designing homes for the 69% of homeowners* taking more steps to enhance their …

The Light: New Homes Improve Your Health

New homes improve resident health in many ways, from reducing mold and odor to circulating healthier air throughout the house. Let’s spread the great news! Here are three steps you can take to increase new home sales: 1. Sell the …

Fireside Chat with Lennar and Ring

Ring doorbell cameras do everything from help us feel to safer to help us find a lost pets. Home technology, like Ring, has dramatically changed the way we live, making the home experience simpler and more connected. Listen to this …

How We Modify Our Homes for Today’s Needs

Our homes are so much more than just the places where we live and cook and sleep. They are a representation of ourselves. In this podcast Liza Hausman, Vice President of Industry Marketing and Community at Houzz, provides far more …

5 New Home Design Stops and Starts

Jenni Lantz and Mikaela Sharp joined Dean Wehrli for this insightful podcast. Our starts are in green and our stops are in red—both of which are supported by the New Home Trend Institute’s consumer research.   1. Healthy Living STOP …

The Light: Behind the Design of the New New Home

JBREC was pleased to be asked to be part of a team assembled by Pro Builder Magazine to collaborate on a concept home for their “Immersive Show Village”  that was highlighted last week at IBSx and is available to tour all year long.  …