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How iBrokers Will Change How We Buy Homes

You would not go to a second website to pay for your Amazon order, so why should you have to deal with multiple groups when purchasing a home? That is what inspired Court Cunningham to start Orchard. Orchard is providing …

Bubblicious: Crypto Euphoria’s Emerging Impact on Housing

Just as Bubblicious gum (with maybe a chaser of Mountain Dew soda) provided the magic elixir for my adolescent bubbles, low interest rates and a world awash in liquidity set the stage for financial markets and asset-value froth as an adult today.

The Light: Let’s Win the Talent War

Today’s shortage of talented people presents both a challenge and an opportunity. Many smart, very well-run companies are leaning hard into the hiring and retention opportunity, while other companies are getting hit hard by turnover. Which one are you?

The Light: Sustainable and Healthy Profits

According to three experts who just spoke on our monthly New Home Trends Institute webinar, increasing profitability through healthy and sustainable building requires three things.

Remaining Competitive in an Overly Competitive Market

If there used to be a hot tub full of cash for build-to-rent (BTR) deals, now there is an Olympic-sized swimming pool. Demand for BTR development is at an all-time high. BTR developers can usually outbid their competitors for land. …

The Light: Some Visibility on the Window Shortage (Pun Intended)

Home builders in a recent survey we conducted cited windows as the biggest material shortage right now. Average lead times for windows currently range from 4–15 weeks with some window lead times extending 20–45 weeks. Prior to COVID-19, lead times were typically 2–3 weeks.

The Light: Over $30 Billion in Capital Is Chasing 35-Year High in Single-Family Rent Growth

We identified 43 announcements totaling more than $30 billion in capital (see infographic below) that are targeting US rental housing.

The Light: Build-to-Rent Tenant Preferences

We now have concrete data to back some of the multi-million dollar decisions that single-family rental developers make. For each of the following categories, there are things you should spend more on, and things that matter less: Our New Home …

The Light: Inflation Is Good for Homeowners and Landlords

Inflation can present challenges, but it also presents opportunities, especially with two unique situations that are occurring today. It has been more almost 40 years since we have seen widespread inflation. Inflation is great for homeowners For homeowners today, as …