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How Well Do You Understand Demographics?

Take this 10 question quiz and find out. How has single-parenting changed over time? What % of Americans live in urban downtowns? Which generation started the most companies?


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John Burns and Chris Porter wrote this book to help make demographic trends easier to understand, quantify, and anticipate. Readers will have a huge competitive advantage because they will be making decisions with facts. They will also be better able to adjust their strategies when unanticipated events shift prevailing trends. Get the facts and learn to:

  • Plan your business better.
  • Support your decisions with facts.
  • Clarify demographic confusion using the groupings and frameworks discussed in this book.

Usable Generational Definitions

Burns and Porter redefine the generations by decade born, grouping people by age and life stage. Each generation born in the 1950s and later is 40 to 44 million in size, although the life experiences and foreign-born composition of each vary dramatically. The authors give each generation a name to reflect the shift in society that they led.

Four Big Influencers

The Four Big Influencers explain why those born in different decades behave so differently and help explain the big shifts ahead:

  1. New technologies
  2. Changing government policies
  3. Economic growth
  4. Shifts in societal acceptability

Seven Biggest Opportunities

Burns and Porter devote a chapter to each of the seven biggest opportunities, forecast the future of each, and provide a framework to shift strategy when unexpected changes occur:

  1. Working women
  2. Affluent immigrants
  3. Workaholic retirees
  4. Delayed young adults
  5. The sharing economy
  6. Southern growth
  7. Urban life moving to the suburbs

The authors present their research with more than 100 easy-to-read color charts and plenty of facts.

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