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Effective Marketing by Life Stage

23,000+ new home shoppers told us how to market more effectively to them. Properly allocating marketing efforts can easily make the difference between selling 3 or 4 homes per month. We learned that:

  • Local advertising and geofencing are more effective for attracting families. Families are most likely to be shopping near where they currently live, so advertising and geofencing can be most effective. 65%+ are shopping in the same city, with 40%+ even shopping within the same zip code.
  • Online advertising and mass marketing will attract more older buyers. Attracting older buyers will require a bigger marketing budget, since 26%+ of older buyers come from another city within the state, and another 19% of mature singles, 24% of empty nesters, and 30% of retirees come from out of state. Give them everything they need online.

Use the percentages above to help direct your advertising spending and outsell your competition! For more information on how to use our Consumer & Product Insights survey, please contact any of our consultants.

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