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Fireside Chat with Lennar and Ring

Ring doorbell cameras do everything from help us feel to safer to help us find a lost pets. Home technology, like Ring, has dramatically changed the way we live, making the home experience simpler and more connected. Listen to this podcast where we chat with Jamie Siminoff, inventor of Ring, and Eric Feder, Managing General Partner of LENx (Lennar’s innovation and venture capital investing arm), about the benefits of integrating technology in the home. Keep reading below for some of their key takeaways.

The Connected Home

  • The home is more than just an asset, it is like another family member. The home serves multiple functions, especially recently: home office, home gym, etc.
  • Technology like Ring and Flo by Moen give consumers full control and monitoring capabilities over their homes. It allows consumers to get ahead of problems, such as water leaks.

The Consumer Experience

  • Good technology is meaningful technology. Do not create technology for technology’s sake.
  • Good technology works in the background and seamlessly makes life easier.
  • Keep technology simple in order to appeal to a wide audience. Ring helps consumers avoid “app fatigue” by serving as a streamlined platform for various uses.

The Future

  • Technology like Ring and the suite of apps that LENx provides is going to be the new standard in home building.
  • Innovation is ongoing. For instance, look out for Ring’s upcoming drone camera, which will help ensure privacy as well as security.


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