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First Impressions Are Crucial

In today’s competitive environment, you really have to stand out. A potential buyer’s first impression should be very positive.

Clean Up the Neighborhood
How does the neighborhood look? Is there something you can do to clean it up? Identify the trouble spots and fix them. Perhaps the listing agent would be willing to take “Bank Owned” off the REO sign on the lawn down the street. Perhaps your gardener would be willing to water the lawn of the empty home. Get your construction crews to clean the streets. Replace old signs that look worn.

Give the Models a Refresh
Many model homes look tired. Paint the fences around your models if they have been damaged by water. Replace the carpets if needed. Get your cleaning crew to scrub the interiors. No dust!

Increasingly, we find there is no salesperson in the office during open hours. Make sure that someone is there when the sign says they should be there. Change the hours on the sign if necessary.

Drop the phone. If sales are slow, why are salespeople always on the phone? Position your salesperson so they can see a car pulling up and end their conversation before the prospect walks in the door.

Employ mystery shoppers, who not only shop your neighborhood to make sure that your salesperson is upbeat and asking for the sale, but rank your salesperson against the competition.

Make sure everyone’s first impression is positive.

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