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Get Real With Your Website

Today, we are launching our 4th monthly e-mail newsletter, entitled Community Building Market Intelligence™. This e-mail is a complement to our U.S., Local and Strategic Building Market Intelligence™ e-mails and is designed to help builders maximize profits on their communities. Tara Bleakley, our Vice President and MIRM (Member, Institute of Residential Marketing), will feature some of the tips she recommends to our clients.

Put Yourself in the Home Buyers’ Shoes
Potential home buyers go to a search engine or and look for homes in their price range in their target city. There, they find real homes withreal addresses with real photos and real asking prices. Home buyers do not:

  1. Go to your home page and search through your communities
  2. Use broad regions such as “Southern California” in their new home search
  3. Search for new homes only

Our advice is to treat each home as a realtor would.

  1. Give it an address
  2. Give it a price
  3. Add a photo with a virtual tour (noting that the photos and tour are of the model home if necessary)
  4. Add the info a buyer wants to know – what are the exact schools, HOA, tax rates, floor plans, etc.
  5. Include an excellent map with directions since the street may not be on their GPS or map
  6. Include all of the important features, and especially the ones the resale market competition may not have

If realtors can do this for all of their listings, why can’t you?

Finally, your website should have plenty of information about what a great company you are. In this area, many builders excel. Buyers want to know you are reputable, experienced and financially sound. Testimonials and company history are important. When they buy a resale home, they know what they are getting, especially if they pay for an inspection. When they buy a new home, they are putting their faith in you. Give them a reason to be faithful.

An effective website that is consumer-oriented is probably the best use of your marketing dollars.


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