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Home Design Matters

We’ve just launched our 2nd Annual Home Buyer Survey in order to collect the latest insight on home buying preferences from thousands of active home shoppers.

Last year’s survey of almost 10K recent home shoppers overwhelmingly showed that design matters when it comes to buying a home, and a huge percentage of respondents said that the main reason they were not buying a home is that they could not find the design they wanted in the market. The survey spurred a number of home builders to conduct additional research and modify their floor plans, marketing and merchandising, with great success.

We invite you to join in this year at: www.tellus.whatdoyoucallhome.com (You’ll also be entered in a drawing for a $500 Apple gift card!)

We will be sharing some of our findings publicly, and the comprehensive details will be shared with our builder/developer survey partners, and offered for sale to others in January 2012. If you would like to be added to our interest list, please contact Kathy Ayuyao at 949-870-1200 or email. We are here to help you be more successful through a better understanding of consumer preferences.


If you have any questions, please call (949) 870-1200.