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How We Modify Our Homes for Today’s Needs

Our homes are so much more than just the places where we live and cook and sleep. They are a representation of ourselves. In this podcast Liza Hausman, Vice President of Industry Marketing and Community at Houzz, provides far more than a glimpse of today’s hottest topics in home design and décor. She helps us understand how central our homes have become to ourselves. Keep reading below for some of her key takeaways.

Shifts in Priorities and Preferences

  • Sustainability: what was once seen as a status symbol is now standard practice.
  • Consumers are prioritizing relaxation in their homes through natural lighting and aroma therapy shower heads.
  • While open floor plans are not dying, more people are finding creative solutions to create a sense of separation within the home.
  • Increased levels of working from home means that noise reduction and good-looking backgrounds are a priority.

Advances in Technology

  • Touchless faucets and light fixtures are not just a solution for messy hands. Now they can even save your life.
  • Voice activation will expand and grow.
  • Home assistants have become integral for over one-third of us.

Kitchens—The Home’s Central Hub

  • Kitchens today are used for so much more than just cooking. People are creating multiple zones in the kitchen for different uses, such as cooking and working. (Kids and adults alike need their own workstations.)
  • Increased affordability allows consumers to customize their kitchens to their own personality. More eclectic, personalized looks are done through mixed materials and colors.

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