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JBREC COVID-19 Resources

Here is where you can find our latest releases and resources related to COVID-19. We will continue to use our real-time data, ongoing research, and our in-house consulting expertise and network of clients and experts to do our best to provide a forward-looking summary of the changing housing market.


Client-Exclusive Monthly Update Webinars

We host monthly webinars for our research subscribers, who are helping our firm through to the proverbial light at the end of the tunnel. Their willingness to share insights with us during these times is making us all smarter. We are so fortunate to have them, and we are certainly willing to let you join the club by contacting Sara Newton-Mahony at snewton@realestateconsulting.com.

If you are already a research subscriber, you can download all webinar presentations and watch previous recordings in our client portal.


Restructuring Advisory

Our industry expertise and geographic diversity provide our clients with a distinct competitive advantage. We have the ability to help clients quickly and effectively analyze multiple restructuring and valuation scenarios across the country or within a particular region. Many of these same skills have been used recently to help companies acquire other companies.

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Introducing The Light

The mission of John Burns Real Estate Consulting is “to help executives make informed housing industry investment decisions.” And despite the uncertainty in the global economy today, a recovery will be in our future. In this newsletter, we choose to focus on the positive, and each week we will offer The Light, or a potential strategy / competitive advantage in the housing industry arising from the turmoil caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. See our latest releases below.

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New Home Insights Podcast

Episode 35: Design Changes for Life Changes

Bill Ramsey, a Denver-based architect at KTGY, shares how COVID-19 is changing what we want from our homes and which of these changes might outlast the pandemic. Read the full release.


Episode 34: Record Sales Aided by Technology Investments

In this podcast, Jim Van Kirk discusses how several technology investments enabled Smith Douglas Homes to achieve their best sales week ever in the one ending May 3, 2020. The company sells 1500+ affordably priced homes per year throughout the Southeast. Read the full release.


Episode 33: Inspiration for ‘When the World Goes Upside Down’

In this podcast, Emile Haddad, CEO of publicly traded land developer FivePoint Holdings, describes how these experiences as well as bankruptcies at two prior employers, helped him prepare for the next black swan event—and helps him guide his team through these difficult times. Read the full release.


Episode 32: Successful Online Marketing Strategies during the COVID-19 Crisis

Dean Wehrli interviews Zach Williams from the digital marketing agency Venveo to learn what strategies are working best today. Read the full release.


Episode 31: March 19, 2020 Housing Survival to Date

John Burns and Dean Wehrli recorded this podcast episode on March 19, 2020, right after our second weekly client webinar amidst the Covid-19 crisis. They discussed some of our market conclusions to date and our best estimate of some of the changes we believe will occur. Read the full release.


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