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Building Products


Throughout the years, building product manufacturers have found immense value in our research and services. They rely on our forecasts for their business planning.

Consistently, we hear the following two themes as to why they trust our firm:

  • Unbiased. We are independent advisors. We do not recommend stock investments or take contigency fees, so it is clear we have no conflicting agendas.
  • Thoughtful. Our forecasts are rooted in our experience, our local knowledge of major housing markets across the United States, and our ongoing dialogue with our clients. We have learned to not just rely on industry data points to inform our decisions. We continue to improve our models and forecasts with new knowledge regularly.

Our clients outperform their competition because they have made educated strategic decisions.

Our research and consulting services enable our building product manufacturer clients to gauge housing market conditions and better align their supply chain and sales force. We also help them better understand home builder product purchasing decisions and construction timelines, giving them a highly informed view regarding future demand.

Recommended Research Subscription for Building Product Manufacturers

Every month, we analyze and forecast the housing market at the metro, regional, and national levels to provide you with the information you need for a competitive edge.  All of our reports are delivered via email with a short summary, and posted on our website for access 24/7.  Based on their needs, building product manufacturers are recommended to subscribe to our Building Product Industry Analysis and Forecast.

Building Product Industry Analysis and Forecast

This quarterly report analyzes and forecasts the building product sector trends and industry drivers in terms of both residential repair and remodel spending and new home construction activity.

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Specialized Reports for Building Product Manufacturers

We offer customized consulting services for those looking to plan their business better and to support upcoming decisions with facts.

Customized Consulting

Our leadership can help executives make more informed decisions on issues including market feasibility, land and company valuation, demographic drivers, home and community design, and effective marketing.

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Kitchen and Bath Market Index

National Kitchen & Bath Association (NKBA) and John Burns Real Estate Consulting have partnered on the Kitchen and Bath Market Index (KBMI), a barometer of the business health of the industry.


This quarterly industry index gauges the economic pulse of the kitchen and bath market, examining current conditions and future expectations in the industry. It also monitors issues and challenges industry professionals are facing in their businesses. The KBMI surveys and analyzes the sentiments of designers, manufacturers, retailers and building/construction firms who are members of the NKBA.

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US Remodeler Index

Created by Qualified Remodeler magazine and John Burns Real Estate Consulting, the USRI measures remodeler sentiment for current activities, future or near-term activities, as well as consumer demand or ‘hotness.’


The USRI benchmarks current industry growth, near-term project demand and is an independent, frontline view into market trends, shifts, constraints and underlying drivers of professional home repairs and remodels. The USRI is derived from surveys of presidents, owners and managers of 346 remodeling firms in all U.S. 50 states.

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Structural Building Components Survey

The Structural Building Components Association / John Burns Real Estate Consulting’s Structural Building Components Survey measures the health of the structural building components industry in the United States.


The Structural Building Components Survey features the Structural Building Components Index (SBCI). The SBCI is a diffusion index reflecting weighted responses of structural building components companies on three key aspects of their business: project volume on a year-over-year basis, expectations about project volume in the upcoming quarter compared to the prior quarter, and an overall measure of demand for products and services in the structural building components industry.

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The DIY Meter

Family Handyman and John Burns Real Estate Consulting have collaborated to design a new survey-based activity gauge for the do-it-yourself (DIY) segment of the US residential repair and remodeling market: The DIY Meter.


The DIY Meter serves as an important resource for building product or material manufacturers, suppliers, and retailers who seek to understand their customers’ needs, wants, motivations, and tipping points at a deeper level. Our executive-oriented report delivers an independent, full-color view of the project, design, and spending trends that drive a significant portion of total demand within the US repair and remodeling industry.

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Each research subscription comes with access to our ongoing insight, client events and services.

If you have any questions about our services or if you would like to speak to one of our team experts about how John Burns Real Estate Consulting can help your business, please contact Client Relations at