Housing's Future Leaders | John Burns Real Estate Consulting

Housing’s Future Leaders

A learning and networking opportunity for the industry’s emerging stars.

An exclusive program available to our clients only.

  • 10–15 people per group from non-competing companies and geographies
  • 1 year program (12 months)- 1 hour per month video meeting with educational agenda / networking agenda
    • Quarterly Layout:
      • Month 1: meet with assigned groups
      • Month 2: meet with assigned groups
      • Month 3: special quarterly meeting (ex: industry topics, Q&A with JBRECs leaders)
  • Free. JBREC’s NextGen Advisory Board suggested this program to increase their knowledge and deepen client relationships
  • Learning. Members will learn from housing industry peers in a low-stress environment

Who is eligible for Housing’s Future Leaders?

  • This is a service for JBREC Clients
  • Suggested experience level: 3–13 years of working experience
  • Recommended by an executive at their firm

Leaders with 13+ years of working experience will be placed in the Housing’s Rising Leaders group within the Housing’s Future Leaders program.

Typical Meeting Agenda

A JBREC Future Leader will run a tight 60-minute agenda

  • Announcements and Icebreaker (5 Minutes)
  • Market/Industry Updates from Each Member (10 Minutes)
    • Each member provides a 60-second update on business issues that should interest other group members
  • Discussion/Analysis or Guest Speaker (20 Minutes)
    • Each meeting will center around a specific topic.  There will either be an interactive discussion/analysis or a guest speaker.
  • Member Spotlight (10 Minutes)
    • 1–2 participants will provide an overview of their role, strengths/areas where they can be helpful, tips/guidance.
  • Wrap Up (5 Minutes)
    • Summarize meeting, coordinate the logistics of the next call, and answer questions



“As a young professional, the Housing’s Future Leaders program addressed a need that I felt was lacking within the homebuilding industry—a platform to connect with similar “up-and-coming” peers across the nation in a meaningful way. The JBREC team challenged the group every meeting with relevant and thoughtful questions that effectively turned our time together into a present-day case studies of what we were living at that point in time. Because of this, I cannot stress enough how valuable the HFL program has been throughout COVID as we brainstormed our way through a worldwide pandemic. I have the HFL program to thank, not just for the invaluable insight the group has provided that has fostered both my personal and professional growth, but most importantly for the friendships and connections made that will last the rest of my career.”

Building Products Manufacturer

“Working at a building materials company, I gained clarity from builders on the boom of orders that were coming in 2020 before my organization felt the lift in addition to hearing how others managed the initial shutdowns.  The group’s diversity within housing enabled me to better understand areas of the industry outside of my business and have clarity in how these areas interconnect.  Finally, these meetings far exceeded any one-off networking event as I got to learn about the other participants over a long period of time providing a better connection.”

Private Equity

“HFL has provided a uniquely well-designed format for networking and knowledge sharing with peers in the industry and learning from Senior Executives. Our group has developed a strong sense of community, particularly during the volatility over the past year, and I look forward to maintaining relationships with the group members going forward. Thanks to JBREC for launching this program!”


“JBREC’s Housing’s Future Leaders group has been an invaluable experience. I’ve particularly enjoyed learning about other industries under the larger umbrella of the housing industry. Regularly hearing from my group peers and what was happening in their parts of the country throughout 2020 was also extremely helpful to understand the larger picture on how the pandemic affected us nationally and globally.”

If you have any questions about Housing’s Future Leaders or if you are a client that wants to nominate a future leader, please contact Lauren Rebolloso, Client Relationship Manager at lrebolloso@jbrec.com.