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Institutional Investors


Our clients trade with confidence and outperform the market because they have made educated strategic decisions and increased their value, returns, and profits from working with us.

Our institutional investor clients are some of the top-performing firms on Wall Street. They reached their position thanks to a strategic view of the marketplace as well as access to research that presents market conditions clearly, early, and accurately. In 2007/08, our understanding of the housing cycle aided three of our investment clients to report 100% returns.


Integrity Research Compliance Accreditation

We have received an Integrity Research Compliance Accreditation, which affirms that our company’s research compliance controls comply with industry best practices.

Accreditation demonstrates a research firm’s commitment to compliance best practices. To receive accreditation, research firms undergo due diligence from Integrity Research. Accredited firms must not only have appropriate policies in place but also continually take steps to ensure that policies are understood and practiced.

In achieving accreditation, we demonstrated that we adhere to each of Integrity Research’s Key Compliance Controls for housing industry consulting firms as well as a majority of overall best practices for political intelligence firms.

Best practices are based upon industry surveys, recent case law, regulator sentiment, applicable laws, rules, and regulations and are intended to reduce risks related to confidential information as well as other compliance-related risks.

If you would like to learn more about our accreditation, please contact Don Walker.

Recommended Research Subscriptions for Institutional Investors

Every month, we analyze and forecast the housing market at the metro, regional, and national levels to provide you with the information you need for a competitive edge.  All of our reports are delivered via email with a short summary, and posted on our website for access 24/7. Based on their needs, institutional investors may receive a unique combination of the reports below to get the answers they need and gain insight based on their business.

Burns Housing Survey from the Front Lines

We designed this report for those executives who want quick feedback on market conditions around the country. Every month we survey more than 200 local builders across the nation on new home market conditions. Our survey provides timely and accurate insights on housing market conditions just a few days after the end of every month.

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Burns Home Builder Analysis and Forecast

We designed this report for those who compare the publicly-traded builders to each other, including securities investors and the builders.  This monthly report ranks each of the publicly traded home builders based on the recent past, current and forecasted future performance of their geographic footprint.  It also includes location comparisons based on the builders’ market fundamentals and submarket desirability.

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Burns Apartment Analysis and Forecast

We designed this report for executives interested in how apartments and for-sale homes interact at the metro level.  This wide-ranging quarterly report includes an economic outlook for the multifamily market, and analysis of the interplay between housing and apartment market dynamics and demographics. We include apartment rent forecasts, and rankings of top apartment REITs based on the health of their local markets.

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Burns US Housing Analysis and Forecast

We designed this report for the executive who wants to make sense of all of the headline news.  This monthly report examines more than 150 metrics related to housing. The Executive Summary gives an overview of the important metrics affecting the housing market and our view of their impact on the future.

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Specialized Reports for Institutional Investors

We offer customized consulting services for those looking to plan their business better and to support upcoming decisions with facts.

Customized Consulting

Our leadership can help executives make more informed decisions on issues including market feasibility, land and company valuation, demographic drivers, home and community design, and effective marketing.

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If you have any questions about our services or if you would like to speak to one of our team experts about how John Burns Real Estate Consulting can help your business, please contact Client Relations at