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Private Equity


Our consulting team works with lenders and equity investors on feasibility studies, valuations, asset and loan workout assistance, and asset strategies.

Private equity firms and banks rely on our research and consulting services to make investment decisions. Our published research includes analysis on regional market conditions, land value trends, and price appreciation and sales volume forecasts for top metros around the county.  Our consulting team analyzes specific investment opportunities. We frequently introduce our private equity clients to our builder and developer clients.


Recommended Research Subscriptions for Private Equity Firms

Every month, we analyze and forecast the housing market at the metro, regional, and national levels to provide you with the information you need for a competitive edge.  All of our reports are delivered via email with a short summary, and posted on our website for access 24/7.  Based on their needs, private equity clients may receive a unique combination of the reports below to get the answers they need and gain insight based on their business.


Burns Regional Analysis and Forecast

We designed this report for executives who think more regionally. This comprehensive monthly report summarizes important information in ten regions and key metro areas. This includes multi-year pricing and sales forecasts, supply and demand, housing affordability, and market health.

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Burns US Housing Analysis and Forecast

We designed this report for the executive who wants to make sense of all of the headline news.  This monthly report examines more than 150 metrics related to housing. The Executive Summary gives an overview of the important metrics affecting the housing market and our view of their impact on the future.

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Specialized Reports for Private Equity Firms

We offer customized consulting services for those looking to plan their business better and to support upcoming decisions with facts.

Customized Consulting

Our leadership can help executives make more informed decisions on issues including market feasibility, land and company valuation, demographic drivers, home and community design, and effective marketing.

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If you have any questions about our services or if you would like to speak to one of our team experts about how John Burns Real Estate Consulting can help your business, please contact Client Relations at