Single-Family Rental Operators and Investors


John Burns Real Estate Consulting works with many of the largest single-family rental operators and their investors. We provide research services to monitor their markets and consulting services to expand and manage their business.

  • MSA rankings. We developed a methodology to rank metropolitan statistical areas (MSAs) based on the potential for successfully acquiring and renting single-family rental homes. Our team analyzes over 50 categories of historical and projected demand, supply, and housing-related factors.
  • Zip code ranking and price forecasting.  Within an MSA, we can dive down to the zip code level, so clients can make more informed capital allocation decisions. We also create a future resale price forecast by zip code, so that our clients can consider future price changes in their underwriting.
  • Financial modeling and valuation. Our cash flow models help value portfolios of assets or loans and includes our pricing forecasts with operating expenses and rehabilitation costs. The model offers tremendous flexibility to run sensitivity analyses.
  • Capital raising. We have supported several capital-raising efforts through initial public offerings and private placement memorandums by providing a historical perspective and our forecast of economic and housing related trends that will impact the single-family rental business.

Research subscribers receive regular market updates as well as the following reports specifically geared to the single-family rental industry.

Examples of How Single-Family Rental Clients Use JBREC Forecasts to Help Communicate with Investors


Colony Starwood Homes

CFO Arik Prawer: 2Q-16 Earnings Call
“We will now provide information by market on the original cost basis of our homes; and in addition, we are providing market level home price appreciation data from John Burns showing home price appreciation from the weighted average acquisition date of our homes through the end of the current quarter. We believe these home price appreciation figures, along with our historical cost basis and other disclosures in our supplemental, will be useful for investors to develop their own estimates of the Company’s net asset value going forward. “

Colony Starwood 2Q-16 Earnings Presentation (Aug-2016)
Used our Burns Home Value Index™ to support home price appreciation in their markets since acquisition date

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Recommended Research Reports

Every month, we analyze and forecast the housing market at the metro, regional, and national levels to provide you with the information you need for a competitive edge.  All of our reports are delivered via email with a short summary, and posted on our website for access 24/7.  Based on their needs, single-family rental operators may receive a unique combination of the reports below to get the answers they need and gain insight based on their business.

Single-Family Rental Analysis and Forecast

We designed this report for single-family rental owners and investors.  This quarterly report examines the single-family rental market, including single-family rents, vacancy, and saturation for 65 MSAs across the country.

Click here for more information on the Single-Family Rental Analysis and Forecast Report

US Housing Analysis and Forecast

We designed this report for the executive who wants to make sense of all of the headline news.  This monthly report examines more than 150 metrics related to housing. The Executive Summary gives an overview of the important metrics affecting the housing market and our view of their impact on the future.

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