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Custom Consulting Services

Preparing our clients for the opportunities, as well as the challenges, requires market insight and accuracy.

Our experienced team of consultants thrives on helping our clients make great investment decisions. We know that when we get it right, you succeed—and will return to us for your next assignment.

Our objective is to make our clients more successful. We work with many types of stakeholders in the industry: builders and developers, private equity and institutional investors, financial and professional service firms, and building product manufacturers.

Service Descriptions

Strategy Development

We will work closely with your team to help you develop the right strategy for your company. We will listen carefully to your goals and appetite for risk, and help you take advantage of your core competencies and gaps in the market.

Revenue Forecasting

We specialize in real estate market research to help executives forecast their business. Whether you are investing in land or an entire business, we have the knowledge and proprietary tools to help you make the most informed due diligence decision possible.

Capital Allocation

We frequently help our clients prioritize investment opportunities and markets, using our extensive database and indices.

Consumer Research

Our revealing quantitative and qualitative consumer research programs build the confidence needed to design the right products, homes, and communities. We can use our extensive industry network to survey industry decision makers as well.

Portfolio Valuations and Cash Flows

Our proprietary valuation models and extensive experience in managing cash flow and profitability expectations allow us to quickly perform valuations on a project and portfolio level. We have valued many billions of dollars of real estate.

Consumer Segmentation by Life Stage and Price/Rent Range

Our unique approach to segmentation enables our clients to maximize their investment–often capturing millions of unrecognized dollars. Our research directly supports focused product development and sales efforts.

Our proprietary model reconciles local home buyer and renter household growth with sales and absorption velocity. This tool offers great insight into the household composition (young couples, empty nesters, etc.) by rent and home price range and what the future growth will be, so you can build accordingly.

Why John Burns Real Estate Consulting?

  • Excellent reputation. John Burns Real Estate Consulting provides well thought-out, unbiased recommendations and advice, always internally reviewed by a peer to give you the highest level of confidence.
  • Experienced team. Our Consulting group is led by a senior management team. Our team average several decades of experience.
  • National footprint. Many of our clients operate throughout the country. We are one of the largest and most geographically diverse real estate consulting groups.
  • Comprehensive peer review. Our goal, if our client’s schedule allows, is to peer review every report before its release. A senior team member not involved in the report’s production reviews every aspect of the study—from data through conclusions—and independently evaluates the work product. We check facts, calculations, logic, graphics, and English to produce the highest-quality report possible.
  • Excellent service. Often times our clients do not have full control over timing for their deals and the Consulting team has a knack for making miracles happen.
  • Value. Since we focus on housing and analyze a plethora of data each month, we get to the right answer quickly.

Integrity Research Compliance Accreditation

We have received an Integrity Research Compliance Accreditation, which affirms that our company’s research compliance controls comply with industry best practices.

Accreditation demonstrates a research firm’s commitment to compliance best practices. To receive accreditation, research firms undergo due diligence from Integrity Research. Accredited firms must not only have appropriate policies in place but also continually take steps to ensure that policies are understood and practiced.

In achieving accreditation, we demonstrated that we adhere to each of Integrity Research’s Key Compliance Controls for housing industry consulting firms as well as a majority of overall best practices for political intelligence firms.

Best practices are based upon industry surveys, recent case law, regulator sentiment, applicable laws, rules, and regulations and are intended to reduce risks related to confidential information as well as other compliance-related risks.

If you would like to learn more about our accreditation, please contact Don Walker.

To learn more about our consulting services, contact any of our consulting professionals below.

Sector Expertise
Market Expertise
Service Expertise

Annie Radecki 

Senior Vice President, Consulting 

Barry Cox 

Vice President, Consulting 

Bryan Lawrence 

Vice President, Consulting 

Caroline Kiernan 

Senior Consultant 

Chris Montgomery 


Chris Porter 

Senior Vice President, Chief Demographer 

Christopher Dorociak 

Senior Vice President, Consulting 

Deana Vidal 

Senior Manager, Trend Consulting 

Don Walker 

Managing Principal 

Elizabeth LaJeunesse 

Manager, Building Products 

James Penner 

Senior Consultant 

Jeff Brazel 

Senior Vice President, Consulting 

Jeff Kottmeier 

Senior Vice President, Consulting 

Jenni Nichols 

Director, DesignLens 

JT Graham 


Kaylin Czajkowski 

Manager, Consulting 

Kelly Smit 

Senior Associate, Consulting 

Ken Perlman 

Managing Principal 

Kristin Matthews 

Vice President, Consulting 

Lesley Deutch 

Managing Principal 

Mary Katherine Miller 

Senior Associate, Consulting 

Matt Billingsley 

Associate, Consulting 

Matt Saunders 

Vice President, Building Products 

Mikaela Sharp 

Director, New Home Trends Institute 

Mike Gerran 

Director of Quality Control 

Oliver Radvin 

Senior Vice President, Consulting 

Pawan Thampi 

Senior Vice President, Building Products Consulting 

Reid Randall 

Senior Consultant 

Scott Wild 

Senior Vice President, Consulting 

Steve Basham 

Manager, Consulting 

Will Frank 

Senior Vice President, Consulting 

Zak Nyberg 

Senior Manager, Consulting