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Custom Consulting Services

Preparing our clients for the opportunities, as well as the challenges, requires market insight and accuracy.

Our consultants and research analysts work together to provide understanding and clarity through the intricacies of an ever changing real estate cycle. Our objective is to make our clients more successful. We work with many types of stakeholders in the industry: builders and developers, private equity and institutional investors, financial and professional service firms, and building product manufacturers.

Our experienced team of consultants thrives on helping our clients make great investment decisions. We know that when we get it right, you succeed—and will return to us for your next assignment.

Clients can now request a Burns First Look, a Burns Feasibility Study, or a Burns Plus Report

+Burns Plus options are offered separately or all together.

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Service Descriptions


Strategy Development

Our diverse experience and broad exposure to business sectors and markets means that we can deliver valuable perspectives to help you set goals and create a plan to achieve them. We will work as an extension of your team to evaluate new deals or act as a sounding board for decisions.

Market Feasibility

We customize the level of analysis to your needs, from a quick first look to a thorough research report that includes our proprietary demand models by lifestage and risk indices.

Consumer Research

Our revealing consumer research programs, including surveys and focus groups, build the confidence needed to design the right community with the appropriate amenities and segmentation.

Portfolio Valuations and Cash Flows

Our proprietary valuation models and direct experience in managing cash flow and profitability expectations allow us to perform portfolio valuations on a project and portfolio level.

Community Segmentation

Based on years of research and refinement, our unique approach to lot and home product segmentation enables our clients to maximize their investment–often capturing millions of unrecognized dollars. Consumer research directly supports focused product development and sales efforts.

Demand Model by Life Stage and Price Point

Our proprietary model reconciles home buyer household growth with sales velocity. This tool offers great insight into the household composition (young couples, empty nesters, etc.) of home buyers by home price range and what the future growth will be, so you can build accordingly. We can run the model by MSA or for a particular area.


Our experienced team has the ability to perform market feasibilities including demand evaluations on the multifamily markets. Our analyses focus onthe interplay between housing and rental market dynamics and demographics.

Performance Improvement

We apply our experience and market knowledge to help you identify ways to improve a project in order to make more money or reduce risk. These are some of the topics we can examine in depth:

  • Product positioning
  • Phase-by-phase pricing
  • Model merchandising
  • Asset monitoring for joint ventures
  • Thorough project improvement
  • Ongoing customized portfolio review

Loan Restructurings

We make independent recommendations to maximize recovery by applying our market research, cash flow analysis, and valuation expertise. Our well-supported, unbiased analysis helps everyone agree on a plan.



Why John Burns Real Estate Consulting?

  • Excellent reputation. John Burns Real Estate Consulting provides well thought-out, unbiased recommendations and advice.
  • Experienced team. Our Consulting group is led by a senior management team each with 20+ years of direct executive level consulting experience.
  • National Footprint. Many of our clients operate throughout the country. We are one of the largest and most geographically diverse consulting groups, which allows us to best service their needs.
  • Excellent Service. Often times our clients do not have full control over timing for their deals and the Consulting team has a knack for making miracles happen.
  • Value. Since we focus on housing and analyze a plethora of data each month, we get to the right answer quickly.


To learn more about our consulting services, contact any of our consulting professionals below.


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Managing Principal
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Vice President
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Vice President
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