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Accurate Information to Make Great Decisions

Our research process ensures that our clients and consultants have the most current and accurate information possible to make great decisions quickly. Every month, we collect just about every data element possible on the local market, survey local executives, speak with our consultants who are out in the field, and publish our analysis of the local economy and housing market in all of the major Metropolitan Statistical Areas (MSAs). Our clients and consultants carefully vet our research conclusions, comparing them to what they are seeing in the market, and in turn enhance our analysis every month. We have also developed a number of proprietary indices, surveys, and models that deliver a unique view on specific housing industry dynamics.

Clients in an ongoing, retainer-based relationship have access to our published research, client services, and exclusive events.

We compile, analyze and synthesize an unprecedented volume of information to keep our clients informed.

Flagship Reports

Every month, we analyze and forecast the housing market at the metro, regional, and national levels to provide you with the information you need for a competitive edge.  All of our reports are delivered via email with a short summary, and posted on our website for access 24/7.  Based on their needs, clients receive a unique combination of our reports to get the answers they need and gain insight based on their business.



Metro Analysis and Forecast

We designed this report for executives with investments in specific markets.  This monthly report provides an overview of housing and economic conditions, as well as our forecasts, at an MSA level. This overview includes local insight, proprietary surveys, and extensive data analysis to give a complete picture of the important housing dynamics and shifts at the market level.

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Regional Analysis and Forecast

We designed this report for executives who think more regionally. This comprehensive monthly report summarizes important information in ten regions and key metro areas. This includes multi-year pricing and sales forecasts, supply and demand, housing affordability, and market health.

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Home Builder Analysis and Forecast

We designed this report for those who compare the publicly-traded builders to each other, including securities investors and the builders.  This monthly report ranks each of the publicly traded home builders based on the recent past, current and forecasted future performance of their geographic footprint.  It also includes location comparisons based on the builders’ market fundamentals and submarket desirability.

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Single-Family Rental Analysis and Forecast

We designed this report for single-family rental owners and investors. This quarterly report examines the single-family rental market, including single-family rents, vacancy, and saturation for 65 MSAs across the country.

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Building Product Industry Analysis and Forecast

This monthly report analyzes and forecasts the building product sector trends and industry drivers in terms of both residential repair and remodel spending and new home construction activity.

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Additional Reports

The US Housing Analysis and Forecast, Builder Survey, Public Builder Earnings Summary, and Finished Lot Value Index and Residential Land Survey come with each research subscription.


US Housing Analysis and Forecast

Monthly Distribution
We designed this report for the executive who wants to make sense of all of the headline news.  This monthly report examines more than 150 metrics related to housing. The Executive Summary gives an overview of the important metrics affecting the housing market and our view of their impact on the future.

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National Builder Survey: Housing from the Front Lines

Monthly Distribution
We designed this report for those executives who want quick feedback on market conditions around the country. Every month we survey more than 200 local builders across the nation on new home market conditions. Our survey provides timely and accurate insights on housing market conditions just a few days after the end of every month.

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Public Builder Earnings Summary

Quarterly Distribution
We summarize key performance statistics and market insight from public builders’ quarterly earnings conference calls, including sales, inventory and pricing trends, builder guidance, and market-specific commentary. Additionally, our summary of each builder’s call and performance comes within a week of the earnings call date.

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Finished Lot Value Index and Residential Land Survey

Quarterly Distribution
Our quarterly land survey and index provides a balanced qualitative and quantitative approach to understanding the land market, using a proprietary model built through published data, local expertise, and our own market knowledge.

Specialized Reports

We offer specialized reports for an additional cost.



Customized Consulting

Our leadership can help executives make more informed decisions on issues including market feasibility, land and company valuation, demographic drivers, home and community design, and effective marketing.

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Consumer and Product Insight

We have partnered with builders and developers across the nation to launch a Consumer Insights survey to home shoppers who have registered at new home communities.  Our first three surveys combined include more than 50,000 total responses to more than 90 questions from prospective home buyers.

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Monthly publication and online library of photo tours recognizing outstanding new home, community, and historical design.

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Apartment Analysis and Forecast

We designed this report for executives interested in how apartments and for-sale homes interact at the metro level.  This wide-ranging quarterly report includes an economic outlook for the multifamily market, and analysis of the interplay between housing and apartment market dynamics and demographics. We include apartment rent forecasts, and rankings of top apartment REITs based on the health of their local markets.

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Each research subscription comes with access to our ongoing insight, client events and services.


Research Clients receive access to our ongoing insight, including:

  • White Papers. We publish thorough research reports that cover relevant and important topics as needed.
  • Truth in Housing. We regularly send out Truth in Housing email notes to clients that include relevant non-confidential insight that we uncover in the field, at industry conferences, or through our industry contacts.

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Client Services and Exclusive Events

We embrace client interaction because we love learning from and interacting with our clients. We have a service-oriented culture and respond quickly to requests for data, phone calls, or management presentations. Included in our Research subscriptions are introductions to those in our network, so clients can learn from each other and do business together.

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