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Burns Building Product Industry Analysis and Forecast

Monthly Distribution

This monthly report analyzes and forecasts the building product sector trends and industry drivers in terms of both residential repair and remodel spending and new home construction activity.

This 100+ page report includes:

  • Burns Residential Repair and Remodel Spending™: This proprietary calculation forecasts residential repair and remodel spending by type (owner versus renter), project size (big versus small), labor and materials (professional contractor labor versus materials purchased by contractors as well as materials purchased by DIYers), and natural disaster.
  • Trends in the residential repair and remodel sector, including home equity line of credit issuance, resale sales volumes, residential remodeler employment, and home improvement retail spending.
  • New residential construction forecasts over the next four years, including US housing starts and permit forecasts (single- and multifamily), regional permit forecasts, and new home sales forecasts.
  • Single-family permit forecasts and home price appreciation forecasts for the top 100+ new home construction markets in the country.
  • Trends in the new home construction sector, including our proprietary ranking of current housing market conditions across 50 major US markets; new home sales volumes; single- and multifamily permit/start/completion trends, including analysis of the spread between housing starts and completions; and public homebuilder community count growth as well as market share trends.

What Questions Will This Report Help You Answer?

  • How much should residential repair and remodel spending grow over the next two years by project size and tenant type?
  • Which regions of the country will have the strongest new home construction activity over the next four years?
  • What assumptions should I use for housing starts, permits, and price appreciation as I do my business planning for the next four years?

Examples of How Clients Used the Building Product Industry Analysis and Forecast, as well as Local Market Insight to Help Communicate to Investors


The Home Depot

CFO Carol Tome: 3Q-15 Earnings Call
“One thing we’ve learned looking at data coming out of the Harvard Joint Center for Housing Studies as well as John Burns Real Estate Advising Firm is that homes that are older than 45 years tend to be have a higher repairs. And in fact the amount of money spent on repairs in those older homes is 5.6% higher than the amount of money paid to repair a home that is 20, 24 years old.”

Home Depot Investor Presentation (June-2016)
Used our Burns Residential Repair and Remodel Spending™ research to communicate tailwinds for home improvement spending

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Summit Materials

CEO Tom Hill: 2Q-16 Earnings Call
Houston] there is definitely some softness as a result of lower oil prices, especially on the north side of town which is not one of our biggest markets, and also on the high end of the residential. We follow several forecasters in Houston. Metrostudy I think is forecasting single-family permit growth there in 2017, and also John Burns is another one that we follow specifically on Houston. He would be for us another small decline in 2017 there, so somewhere probably in between is where it will actually be but I think Houston is a great market and we have a great position there.


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