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Finished Lot Value Index and Survey


Quarterly Distribution

Our quarterly land survey and index provides a balanced qualitative and quantitative approach to the land market by giving you the following:

  • The finished lot value growth for the top MSAs in the country, which we derive with a proprietary model built though published data, local expertise, and our market knowledge
  • A rating of the hotness of the land market, with metro-level feedback from about 80 broker responses across the nation
  • An analysis of who is buying and selling land and the stage of the entitlement process

What Questions Will This Report Help You Answer?

  • How should I plan my land acquisition strategy based on the forecast for land values over the next five years?
  • How have land values in top MSAs and nationally changed since 2000?
  • How do changes in land values compare with changes in home values, median new home prices, and direct construction costs?
  • How does what brokers from across the country are saying about land transactions compare with my experiences?


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