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Burns Metro Analysis and Forecast


Monthly Distribution

This report provides an overview of major housing and economic metrics, as well as our forecasts, at an MSA level. It also contains local insight, proprietary surveys, and extensive data analysis to offer a complete picture of the important housing dynamics and shifts at the metro level.

The report includes the following by market:

  • Our proprietary Burns Home Value Index™ (BHVI), with five-year pricing forecast for the MSA
  • Short- and long-term outlooks on the market’s fundamentals and a “grade” system for all major metrics, for quick pulse on the MSA’s health
  • Housing demand: employment growth, population, households
  • Housing supply: single- and multifamily permits, resale listings, pre-foreclosures
  • Our Burns Affordability Index™ (BAI), measuring an MSA’s current affordability versus its historical median affordability
  • Our Housing Cycle Risk Index (HCRI), which examines the health of market fundamentals in an MSA. This has proven to be a very good single metric for market risk.
  • Timely insight into market trends based on our extensive builder outreach, field research, and local expertise

What Questions Will This Report Help You Answer?

  • How much home appreciation can I expect in this MSA over the next five years?
  • How many new jobs are forecast for this market?
  • Are market fundamentals better or worse than they were a month or a year ago?
  • How many permits have been pulled in this market, and how does that number compare with peak levels?
  • How affordable is this market, and how affordable will it be over the next five years?
  • What is the temperature of this market—hot, warm, or cold?


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