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Ongoing Insights

White Papers

Our white papers tackle relevant issues that deserve in-depth study. Below are some important topics we have covered:

Investor Mania 2.0: How Data, Technology, and Yield Chasing Are Revolutionizing Housing While Raising Risk Levels (March 2021)

We’ve identified 200 players driving the new hyper-data-driven, technology-fueled, and institutionally backed housing investor ecosystem. Almost none of these companies existed during the mid-2000s housing boom.

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Industries at Risk and Implications for Housing (February 2017)

Three major industries appear to be overheated and will likely be shedding jobs sometime soon: health care, technology, and automotive. This 68-page white paper outlines our concern about jobs and housing markets tied to these sectors.

Mortgage Rates Have Less Impact Than Most Think (October 2016)

This white paper takes a look at the effects of increasing mortgage rates and how they would ultimately affect home sales and home prices.

Burns Residential Repair and Remodel Spending™ Forecast (September 2015)

This white paper outlines our forecast on residential repair and remodel spending.

Investor Activity Snapshot
(August 2015)

Investigates how investor activity shifted through the economic recovery.

California’s Worst Drought
(April 2015)

Explores the impact of California’s drought on California’s housing market.

Student Debt and Delayed Homeownership (September 2014)

Examines the effects of student loans on housing transaction volume.

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Additional White Papers

  • Boomerang Buyers: A Boost to 2014 Housing Demand (January 2014)
  • Foreign Money on the Move (December 2013)
  • Easing Distress on the Horizon (November 2013)
  • The Impact of Rising Mortgage Rates on the Housing Market (July 2013)
  • Mind the Gap: Construction Delays & Implications for Building Product Sector in 2013 (January 2013)
  • Renting REO to Stabilize Housing (September 2011)
  • The Road to Recovery: Excess Vacancy and Pent-Up Household Growth (May 2011)
  • Mortgage Interest Deduction: Positives and Negatives for Housing (February 2011)
  • Only the Shadow Knows: A Shadow Inventory of Distressed Homes Will Eventually Be Sold; What Will Happen to Home Prices? (February 2010)
  • Unlocking the Housing Market Recovery (December 2008)

New Home Market Pulse

We regularly e-mail our clients a note called New Home Market Pulse. We include non-confidential information we may discover in our “channel checks,” in the field, or through our industry contacts. We also share our views on industry changes, such as pending legislation.

Public Builder Call Summaries

We summarize key performance statistics and market insight from public builders’ quarterly earnings conference calls including:

  • Orders, Community Counts, Closings, and Absorptions
  • Pricing, Backlog, and Cancellations
  • Builder Guidance and Market-Specific Commentary
  • Public Builder Market Share and M&A Transactions
  • Land Heavy vs. Land Light Builders

Additionally, each builder’s call and performance is summarized in a two-page document and posted to client’s web portals within a week of the earnings call date.


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