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Burns Single-Family Rental Analysis and Forecast


Quarterly Distribution

Monthly Data Sheets
Every quarter, we provide a report on the US single-family rental industry, relevant macro drivers, key metros in the country that are outperforming/underperforming, distressed-housing supply, and public-operator metrics.

We also provide 2 pages of data every month for all of the 99 metro areas identified as top single-family rental markets in the country. We highlight supply, demand, and affordability metrics (some with forecasts) that benefit industry participants. We designed these data sheets to bring you the most relevant data points in a simple, easy-to-read table.

What Questions Will This Report Help You Answer?

  • Which markets have had the most single-family rental appreciation?
  • Where are the largest amounts of shadow inventory that could hit the market?
  • What can be expected for HPA in the 65 top rental markets?
  • Where are public single-family rental REITs concentrated?
  • Which public single-family rental REITs are best positioned based on market fundamentals?
  • What are the top-emerging single-family rental markets based on market fundamentals?


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