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Burns US Housing Analysis and Forecast


Monthly Distribution

This report examines more than 150 important metrics affecting the housing market and provides the following:

  • Thirteen national forecasts for price, volume, permits, and starts for the next five years
  • An executive summary with an overview of the important metrics that affect the housing market and our view of their effects in the future
  • For each metric, charts and analysis on economic growth and leading indicators, housing affordability, underwriting metrics, consumer behavior, the existing and new home market, residential repair, and remodel and housing supply

What Questions Will This Report Help You Answer?

  • How is the housing market nationally?
  • What national assumptions about starts, permits, price appreciation, job growth, and interest rates should I use for the next five years?
  • What is the national economic health of housing?

Examples of How Clients Used the US Housing Analysis and Forecast to Help Communicate to Investors


M/I Homes

M/I Homes Investor Presentation (May-2016)
Used our US Housing Analysis and Forecast report to help communicate macro housing forecasts

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