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US Remodeler Index (USRI)

An index of residential remodeling activity, the US Remodeler Index (USRI) offers key insights from the remodeling and home improvement market.

This quarterly index is the result of a unique partnership between one of the industry’s leading authorities on professional remodeling trends, Qualified Remodeler, and John Burns Real Estate Consulting. The USRI benchmarks current industry growth, near-term project demand and is an independent, frontline view into market trends, shifts, constraints, and underlying drivers of professional home repairs and remodels. The USRI is derived from surveys of presidents, owners, and managers of hundreds of remodeling firms in all 50 US states.

Overview of the US Remodeler Index

The USRI is a diffusion index reflecting weighted responses of remodeling companies on three aspects of market health: current growth, future growth, and the “hotness” of demand for professional remodels:

  1. Current growth (“Project Activity Gauge”) gauges project volume in the most recent quarter vs. prior year.
  2. Future growth (“Near Term Activity Gauge”) is an indicator of project volume growth in the upcoming quarter.
  3. Demand hotness (“Remodeling Hotness Meter”) reflects the overall sentiment of how strong consumer demand is for professionally completed home repairs, remodels, and improvements relative to the past three years.

“We’re excited to partner with Qualified Remodeler because these responses from their pro readership sheds much-needed light on the professional path to growth in remodeling. John Burns views pro big-project remodeling as one of the most exciting segments in the U.S. economy today,” said Todd Tomalak, JBREC Principal.


Quarterly Distribution

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USRI Expands for the Fourth Consecutive Quarter

Project costs and overall lead times are a growing concern for both consumers and remodelers. Remodelers still report very healthy demand for whole-home renovation projects but note that the upcoming holiday season has caused a slight uptick in project deferment. Some remodelers note concerns around maintaining profit margins but are confident a shift in focus towards high-value projects will help mitigate any potential loss.

The Q3 2021 US Remodeler Index rates a 71.4 out of 100, indicating the professional remodeling segment of the residential repair and remodeling industry expanded for the fourth consecutive quarter on a year-over-year basis.

The Q3 2021 index largely reflects continued consumer appetite for high-value whole-home remodels, emphasizing functionality as consumers adopt a more home-centric lifestyle.

4 big takeaways from our most recent report are:

  1. Despite costs, project scopes continue to expand. Remodelers say inflationary pressure is highest on popular wood-based goods, such as cabinetry and decking. Despite the uptick in costs, consumers are still opting for large-scale home renovations. Over 60% of remodelers say average project size is larger in Q3 vs. Q2, noting most consumers are remodeling multiple areas of their house in the same project.
  2. Remodelers report timelines are slipping. Severe product delays are expected to persist into 2023. Over 70% of remodelers across all industry segments say projects are taking longer to complete vs. the same prior-year period, and 47% of remodelers indicate almost half of their current projects are behind schedule. Continuing product and labor shortages compound timeline issues and a growing number of remodelers expect these delays to persist into 2023.
  3. Product availability is a top concern. Brand is taking a backseat. Seventy-seven percent (77%) of remodelers say their top five sources of project delays stem from extended product lead times and lack of available labor. Remodelers and consumers are becoming more brand agnostic on products like appliances and cabinetry, as sheer availability begins to win out over brand preference.
  4. Remodelers are confident in double-digit average revenue growth of 10% for FY 2021. Although some consumers are electing to defer their projects into 2022, healthy project backlogs fuel remodeler confidence in full-year 2021 revenue growth of 10%, on average. Remodelers note that a decrease in product quality and escalating material costs are interfering with margins, but remaining supplier/vendor neutral and shifting focus to high-value projects has been favorable to their bottom line.

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