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We are proud to announce that we have officially launched the new DesignLens™ website. We’ve completely rebuilt and redesigned the website from the ground up. It makes navigating and searching through projects, images, and floor plans quicker and easier than ever.

Check out the brand new website.

Where Great Design, Research and Profitability Converge

We are committed to helping DesignLens  members create great designs that:
  • delight your customers,
  • inspire your team members, and
  • reward your shareholders

Online Image Tours and Analysis of Great Communities

DesignLens is the building industry’s resource for innovative design solutions loved by both builders and homeowners:
  • Model homes
  • Master-planned communities
  • Historical neighborhoods
  • Town/commercial centers

The numerous communities and developments depicted on DesignLens have been chosen for their innovations in architecture, design, land planning, and/or historical significance.

Monthly Publication of 8 Innovative Communities

New communities and topics featured each month include:

  • 6 new home projects
  • 1 masterplan
  • 1 historical neighborhood

Each community includes:

  • Photo tour with narration and analysis
  • Site plan
  • Floor plans
  • Project stats
  • Included features
  • Consultant information

A Photo Library of Inspiring Designs

You can search the over 25,000 images stored in the DesignLens archives by:

  • Architectural styles
  • Density per acre
  • Exterior features
  • House widths
  • Housing types
  • Interior details
  • Lot size
  • Regions
  • Square footages

DesignLens also provides communication tools that let you share this valuable information with clients and colleagues:

  • Create slideshows for design boards and presentations
  • Share images and ideas with clients from remote locations
  • Make folders of your favorite product solutions

Exclusive Invitation to the
Housing Design Summit

Where Great Design, Research, and Profitability Converge

On March 12–13, 2019, we gathered for the second time to discuss the latest trends and tackle the industry’s biggest challenges. We learned how great design, great research, and profitability converge—through five keynote presentations, eight panels, one sit-down with an industry legend, one interactive Design Innovation Lab, one game-changing-takeaways roundtable, and hours of networking discussions.

In case you missed our 2019 Housing Design Summit, where 40+ speakers shared design ideas that lead to higher profitability for developers, builders, and product manufacturers, we filmed all presentations and have the slides available for download.

The 2019 conference summary and content is exclusive to attendees and DesignLens members. If you want a copy of the 2019 conference summary and access to all the videos, please reach out to Jenni Lantz at


Interested in attending next year’s Housing Design Summit?

If you have any questions about our 2020 Housing Design Summit and how you can attend, please contact Kathy Ayuyao, Director at (949) 870-1219 or by email.



For customized design insight for your community, contact any of our consulting leaders:


Jenni Lantz

Jenni Lantz, Senior Manager | DesignLens

Denver, CO
(720) 328-1530

Adam Artunian

Adam Artunian, Vice President

Irvine, CA
(949) 870-1213

Annie Radecki

Annie Radecki, Vice President

Portland, OR
(971) 279-7379

David Jarvis

David Jarvis, Senior Vice President

Houston, TX
(713) 906-3829

Dean Wehrli

Dean Wehrli, Senior Vice President

Sacramento, CA
(916) 508-2932

Jeff Kottmeier

Jeff Kottmeier, Senior Manager

Washington, DC
(202) 815-3080

Ken Perlman

Ken Perlman, Principal

San Diego, CA
(858) 281-7214

Lesley Deutch

Lesley Deutch, Principal

Boca Raton, FL
(561) 998-5814

Pete Reeb

Pete Reeb, Principal

San Diego, CA
(858) 281-7216

Wayne Yamano

Wayne Yamano, Principal

Phoenix, AZ
(949) 231-2694