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Many Great Feasibility Study Options

+Burns Plus options are offered separately or all together.


Clients can request a Burns First Look, a Burns Feasibility Study, or a Burns Plus Report.


In response to our clients’ requests for a quick analysis when they don’t need a complete feasibility report, we have developed the Burns First Look Report.

The report includes our home price and sales pace recommendations, supported by four pages of analysis. As always, the report will be completed and reviewed by at least two of our most experienced consultants.


The Burns Plus Report allows our clients to choose up to five additional proprietary analyses that we often conduct for those who want the most confidence in their investment.


The five proprietary Burns Plus options are:

  1. Market Demographics and Consumer Insight, using the proprietary tools we developed in our book Big Shifts Ahead, as well as the results of our 200+ question Consumer and Product Insight surveys of more than 20,000 new home shoppers
  2. Demand by Life Stage and Price/Rent Range, using our proprietary model that combines demographic, psychographic, and sales data for the local submarket 
  3. Market Fundamentals and Risk, using our proprietary Home Value, Housing Cycle, Finished Lot, Affordability, and Intrinsic value indices, as well as other measures of market conditions and risk 
  4. Recommended Designs, Features, and Amenities, using our proprietary DesignLens™ Membership service that identifies the most innovative design trends that should be used for your community, and 
  5. Valuation, using our proprietary financial model with portfolio consolidation tools developed and run by two former home building industry finance executives (which has been used on multiple large portfolios)



For more information, email us or contact any of our Burns Plus consulting executives:

Sector Expertise
Market Expertise
Service Expertise

Adam Artunian 

Vice President, Consulting 

Adam Perdue 


Annie Radecki 

Vice President, Consulting 

Chris Porter 

Senior Vice President, Chief Demographer 

Christopher Dorociak 

Senior Manager 

Dana Kuhn 

Director of Quality Control and Training 

David Jarvis 

Senior Vice President, Consulting 

Dean Wehrli 

Senior Vice President, Consulting 

Don Walker 

Managing Principal and CFO 

Dustin Moudy 

Manager, Consulting 

James Penner 

Consulting Associate 

Jeff Brazel 

Vice President, Consulting 

Jeff Kottmeier 

Senior Manager, Consulting  

Jenni Lantz 

Senior Manager, DesignLens 

Kate Guthrie 


Kathryn Gard 

Senior Consumer Research Analyst 

Ken Perlman 


Kristin Matthews 

Senior Manager, Consulting 

Kyle Zierer 

Senior Manager, Consulting 

Lesley Deutch 


Mikaela Sharp 

Senior Consultant 

Oliver Radvin 

Senior Consultant 

Pete Reeb 


Rami Chehabi 


Scott Wild 

Vice President, Consulting 

Sidney Pell 

Manager, Consumer and Product Insights 

Steve Basten 

Senior Manager, Building Products 

Todd Tomalak 

Senior Vice President, Building Products 

Will Frank 

Senior Vice President, Consulting