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Proprietary Indices

We analyze all the major metropolitan statistical areas  in the United States each month and have developed the following proprietary indices:


Burns Housing Cycle Risk Index™

The Burns Housing Cycle Risk Index™ (HCRI), measures the underlying market risk associated with market fundamentals (demand, supply, and affordability) and has proven to be a very good single metric for market risk.


Burns Home Value Index™

The Burns Home Value Index™ (BHVI) measures home value trends for all homes (new and resale) in 133 markets, allowing us to report on and forecast price appreciation without the noise of shifts in the mix of homes selling, as well as other issues.


Burns Intrinsic Home Value Index™

The Burns Intrinsic Value Index™ (BIHVI) identifies overpriced and underpriced markets by showing what prices should be under normal conditions. Actual prices deviate significantly, highlighting investment risk and creating investment opportunities.


Burns Affordability Index™

The Burns Affordability Index™ (BAI) measures affordability compared to each market’s historical average, allowing for comparison across geographies and over time.

Erik Franks If you have any questions about our proprietary indices, please contact Erik Franks, Senior Vice President at (949) 870-1228 or by email.