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Planning for the Future

Our builder clients have found that home buyers have changed dramatically, from the person desiring the largest, most highly decorated home they can afford to a value-oriented, patient buyer. Clearly, this is just a generalization because it’s a function of the state of the economy, and it varies by location.

We are conducting more research to determine what tomorrow’s buyer will want, and recently launched a consumer survey to many of our home builder client’s “interest lists.” Already, 5,700 prospective home buyers from all over the country have taken the survey. If you’d like to push the survey to your interest list, please contact Jenni Lantz at 949-870-1200 or Builder/developer participants will receive the results for free.

If you’d like to take the 15 minute survey, go to and then forward this to your family, friends, and colleagues. One participant will receive a $500 Apple® Gift Card.

Here are some of the questions your feedback will help us answer:

  • Has the willingness to commute changed?
  • What does Gen Y say about renting versus owning?
  • Where will the Boomers retire? When? And to what lifestyle?
  • What are the differences in the ideal home design by generation?
  • What do consumers want in community, and how much will they pay for it?
  • Who wants to downsize, and will the McMansion make a comeback?
  • Can urban prosper outside of the core downtowns?
  • Do consumers really want green technology in their homes, or is green in their pockets more important? Do they expect both?
  • How should the cultural trend toward customization impact home builder business strategy? When should builders include features or option them?

A better understanding of today’s definition of “home” will help us all bring changes to our industry and advantages to home buyers.

Disclaimer: *Apple is not a participant in or sponsor of this promotion. Apple is a registered trademark of Apple Inc. All rights reserved. Survey must be complete with contact information to qualify for drawing.


If you have any questions, please call (949) 870-1200.