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Renters Warehouse: Improving Efficiency and Transparency in Investment

Have you seen more open kitchens in restaurants these days? This increased transparency allows diners to see exactly what their food is “infused” with, plus they might get to see Gordon Ramsey scream at people. Transparency is one of the key value-adds Renters Warehouse offers its investors. In this week’s podcast Kevin Ortner, President and CEO of Renters Warehouse, shares how his company not only increases transparency to residential real estate investors but also increases efficiency in an industry that has historically lagged in technological advancements.

Some key takeaways:

What is Renters Warehouse?

  • The company is an end-to-end platform that helps single-family rental investors with acquisitions, renovations, and management.
  • There is an array of measures and metrics to help users keep abreast of markets.
  • The idea is to allow every investor to assess the market with the same sophistication as the biggest institutional actor.

Who uses Renters Warehouse? And why?

  • Everyone—from mom and pop owners with one rental unit to institutional investors with thousands of units—can use Renters Warehouse. Why?
    • Provides efficiency through a streamlined platform.
    • Levels the playing field for smaller players.
    • Makes it easier to analyze to form and execute investment strategy.
    • Increases transparency between property managers and vendors to investors

Their future as a public company

  • Renters Warehouse will go public as a new company, Appreciate, by year-end via a SPAC (Special Purpose Acquisition Company).
  • Appreciate will be the first public third-party investment services provider.
  • This is just the beginning for PropTech—technology developed for the real estate sector. Real estate is poised to finally join the 21st century

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