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January 2018

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Here are several Building Market Intelligence releases that feature DesignLens:

The Rise of Modern Styles
March 2018

by Jenni Lantz

Three completely independent sources confirm that new home buyers increasingly prefer modern home styles.

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Home Sharing: 44 Million Empty Bedrooms Await
February 2018

by Mikaela Sharp and John Burns

Home sharing will gradually take a sizeable dent out of housing demand. Just like Uber matches car owners with passengers and Airbnb matches homeowners with short-term renters, new technology companies match homeowners with long-term renters.

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Six Building Product Design Trends
February 2018

by Steve Basten

At the International Builders’ Show, we identified six new home construction and repair/remodeling design trends.

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The Single-Story Advantage: It Might Be More than You Think
February 2018

by Dean Wehrli

Single-story homes are a hot commodity. However, as high land prices and scarce space continue to drive densities higher, the share of single-level floor plans is shrinking. With buyers fighting over a limited supply, we would expect single-story homes to sell at a premium, but how much?

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