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Selected Media Coverage:

February 2023

2/1/23 Yahoo We’re in a bifurcated housing market correction
2/1/23 Fortune We’re in a bifurcated housing market correction
2/7/23 Origination Pro So How Did We Make it Out?
2/10/23 California Listings What to Expect from the Apartment Rental Market in 2023
2/11/23 New York Times When It’s Easy to Be a Landlord, No One Wants to Sell
2/11/23 The Seattle Times When It’s Easy to Be a Landlord, No One Wants to Sell
2/13/23 Fortune Zillow says the home price correction is winding down—here’s what 28 other forecast models have to say
2/14/23 Rental Housing Journal 6 Takeaways from NMHC
2/14/23 ProBuilder What Were the Biggest Trends From the IBS and KBIS 2023 Expo Floor?
2/15/23 ProBuilder Advantages of a Properly Segmented Master Plan in a Slow Housing Market
2/16/23 Fortune The housing market downturn isn’t over
2/19/23 The LA Times Some buyers find deals in shifting Southern California housing market
2/20/23 Fortune The housing market correction just took a new turn
2/21/23 CNBC Wall Street has purchased hundreds of thousands single-family homes since the Great Recession. Here’s what that means for rental prices
2/23/23 Axios How homebuilders are luring buyers back
2/23/23 Dallas Business Journal These 16 residential developments could reshape North Texas
2/26/23 Yahoo Finance Home remodeling is slowing down, but ‘historic boom’ is coming
2/28/23 Inman Investor Activity Slows, Still Makes up 1 in 4 Homes sold in US
2/28/23 The Financial Times The Frozen Housing Market and What it Means for the Economy
2/28/23 Patch Metro Development Group reports increase in Tampa Bay area home sales

January 2023

1/3/23 LinkedIn How to Weather the Ups and Downs in the Real Estate Industry
1/5/23 Observer Lakewood Ranch again top-selling multigenerational, master-planned community
1/5/23 South Florida Agent Westlake in West Palm Beach led South Florida master-planned communities in home sales last year
1/5/23 CNN Here’s what to expect in the housing market this year
1/5/23 Fortune Something big is happening in the U.S. housing market—here’s where 27 leading research firms think it’ll take home prices in 2023
1/6/23 Viera Voice Viera leaps into the Top 10 of the Top 50 Master-Planned Communities across the country
1/6/23 Space Coast Daily BUSINESS SPOTLIGHT: Viera Ranked Among Top Master-Planned Communities in America
1/6/23 Phoenix Agent Magazine The Lakes at Rancho El Dorado led Arizona master-planned communities in home sales last year
1/9/23 Hello Woodlands Woodforest Ranks Among Nation’s Top MPCs for 10th Year
1/9/23 Houston Business Journal Amid nationwide home sales decline, Houston again tops master-planned communities lists
1/10/23 Las Vegas Review-Journal Builders’ home sales plunge in Summerlin
1/10/23 Sarasota Magazine Lakewood Ranch Remains One of the Nation’s Top-Selling Communities
1/12/23 Business Observer Lakewood Ranch named best-selling for fifth year in a row
1/12/23 Bonita Springs Florida Wekly Ave Maria ranks in Top 20 Master-Planned Communities in the nation
1/12/23 Houston Business Journal Bridgeland opens homesites for purchase in final village, Creekland Village
1/16/23 Panama City News Harald ‘A great moment’: Latitude Margaritaville Watersound sells its 1,000th home
1/16/23 Yahoo Silicon Valley’s Tech Layoffs Could Affect the Housing Market in 2023
1/17/23 Forbes Real Estate Experts Share ROI Trends of Wellness Design Home Features
1/17/23 Calculated Risk Homebuilder Price Cuts
1/17/23 House Method A New Development for the Housing Market in 2023: A Buyer’s Market
1/19/23 Multi-Housing News How BTR Designs Differ From For-Sale Plans
1/26/23 Bradenton Herald National company plans 1,000 new senior apartments, assisted living at Lakewood Ranch
1/30/23 Dallas Business Journal Large communities in Crandall, Little Elm among nation’s leaders in home sales
1/30/23 Fortune Housing market slump gives homebuilders no choice but to offer aggressive mortgage rate buydowns 
1/31/23 Globe Street Making a Case for Master-Planned Communities

December 2022

12/29/23 Globe Street Tips on Designing BTR Projects
12/29/23 The Wall Street Journal Rising Interest Rates Imperil Remodeling Mania
12/27/23 Quartz US housing in 2023 won’t be a buyer’s market or a seller’s market
12/27/23 Realtor Those Who Can’t Afford a Single-Family House Are Increasingly Turning to Build-To-Rent Communities
12/25/23 KeloLand For Home Buyers, 2022 Was Brutal. Why ’23 Could Be a Bit Better.
12/22/23 Fortune Where are home prices in America’s 400 largest housing markets headed in 2023? These 5 charts give us some clues
12/20/23 Realtor Is the Housing Market in a Bubble? How Today Compares With the Great Recession
12/19/23 Marketplace Home Builder Confidence drops for 12th straight month
12/19/23 Floor Daily More Homebuyers Opting for Temporary Mortgage Buydowns
12/18/23 The Wall Street Journal Mortgage Buydowns are Making A Comeback
12/15/23 NerdWallet For Home Buyers, 2022 Was Brutal. Why ’23 Could Be a Bit Better.
12/15/23 HousingWire Rick Palacios on what headlines are getting wrong
12/14/23 Inman Nearly half of new-home buyers in the Southwest are backing out
12/13/23 Business Insider Homebuilders are fronting thousands of dollars in cash to help buyers reduce their mortgage rate and make homes more affordable
12/13/23 Fortune Intensified housing market correction has homebuilders offering sweetheart deals to Wall Street
12/12/23 Fortune The U.S. housing market heads into 2023 still in correction mode—these 2 charts show what’s happening to home prices
12/12/23 Yahoo The U.S. housing market heads into 2023 still in correction mode—these 2 charts show what’s happening to home prices
12/12/23 Business Insider Homebuyers are losing out on homes and big deposits as affordability escapes them
12/7/23 Fortune A 20% home price decline? 7 forecast models are leaning crash—here’s where the other 13 models have the 2023 housing market going
12/7/23 KUTV Build-to-rent communities popping up across Wasatch Front
12/6/23 US AS Are real estate prices dropping in New York City according experts?
12/5/23 Globe Street Leading Firms Partner on BFR Investment Joint Venture
12/2/23 Businesswire SVN | SFR Capital Management and Marketplace Homes Announce U.S. Build-for-Rent and Scattered Home Investment Joint Venture
12/1/23 MSN Your Next House Could Be Made on an Assembly Line
12/1/23 Time Your Next House Could Be Made on an Assembly Line

November 2022

11/30/22 Altos Blog Forecasting Real Estate Trends for 2023
11/30/22 Realtor Tech Companies Are Laying Off Thousands of Workers. Will the Housing Market Survive the Cuts?
11/29/22 KUTV ‘Falling’ and ‘very slow’: The new reality for Salt Lake, Provo housing markets
11/29/22 Sacramento Appraisal Blog The housing market will get worse before it gets better
11/28/22 HomeLight How the Midterm Election Results Could Impact Housing (and Your Home) in 2023
11/27/22 Seeking Alpha Keep an eye on DR Horton in 2023
11/26/22 OscarNet With rising cancellations, Census Bureau overestimates New Home sales
11/25/22 Grant’s Interest Rate Observer Yes, they don’t buy bonds
11/25/22 Yahoo Finance Quick To Enter the Market, Institutional Investors Now Shedding Single-Family Home Rentals
11/25/22 The OC Register Real estate news: Foxborough Apartments, now Grove House, sells for $41.5 million in Orange had
11/24/22 Realty One Group Complete Buyer Cancellation Rates Surge for New Homes
11/23/22 Wolf Street Massive Cancellations Make Mess of Already Low New-House Sales. Inventory Glut at Deep Housing Bust 1 Level. Buyer Traffic Plunges
11/23/22 Commercial Observer Feds Open Inquiry into Rent-Pricing Algorithm
11/23/22 Stone Group 5 Hot Kitchen Trends
11/21/22 Pro Builder Industry Strategies for Weathering a Market Correction
11/21/22 The Multifamily Dive Big cities are not dead
11/16/22 NPR Some homebuyers lose deposits of $10,000, $20,000, or more due to high mortgage rates
11/16/22 KPBS Some homebuyers lose deposits of $10,000, $20,000, or more due to high mortgage rates
11/15/22 Inman Home Flippers search for Creative Deals as high rates cool the market
11/13/22 CNET Is the US in a Recession? The Latest on the Stock Market, Layoffs, Inflation and More
11/12/22 Morningstar New homeowners and renters bear the brunt of October inflation — they’re cutting back on eating out, entertainment and vacations to beat rising costs
11/11/22 Time Renters and Homebuyers Are Suffering From the Fed’s War on Inflation
11/11/22 Business Wire U.S. Remodeler Index (USRI) Pulls Back, Still ‘Strong’
11/10/22 Fortune These bubbly housing markets look like busts—and they just sank Redfin’s flipping business
11/10/22 CNBC’s Fast Money Home Sweet Home: Building stocks are booming as rates drop.
11/10/22 MarketWatch New homeowners and renters bear the brunt of October inflation — they’re cutting back on eating out, entertainment and vacations to beat rising costs
11/8/22 Business Insider Home flippers are having a tough time selling to regular people who need a mortgage, so they’re offloading their properties to big investors instead
11/8/22 Fidelity 5 top-rated housing stocks with long-term growth potential
11/7/22 Pro Builder Home Builders Shifting Focus to Appeal to Buyers’ Changing Wants
11/4/22 The New York Times The Housing Market Is Worse Than You Think
11/3/22 CalculatedRisk “Interest rates have put the brakes on the market.”
11/2/22 Yahoo Home prices are down 8% in San Francisco—this interactive map shows the shift in America’s biggest housing markets
11/2/22 Fortune Home prices are down 8% in San Francisco—this interactive map shows the shift in America’s biggest housing markets

October 2022

10/31/22 Globe Street Ian’s Big Aftershock Could Be to Florida Migration
10/30/22 Business Wealth News Quick To Enter the Market, Institutional Investors Now Shedding Single-Family Home Rentals
10/29/22 Barron’s Don’t Expect Home Prices to Crash. The Housing Market Is More Resilient Than It Looks.
10/29/22 The Press United Climate-Proof Towns Are Popping Up Across the U.S. But Not Everyone Can Afford To Live There
10/28/22 Yahoo Quick To Enter the Market, Institutional Investors Now Shedding Single-Family Home Rentals
10/28/22 Time Climate-Proof Towns Are Popping Up Across the U.S. But Not Everyone Can Afford To Live There
10/28/22 ReportWire Climate-Proof Towns Are Popping Up Across the U.S. But Not Everyone Can Afford To Live There
10/28/22 YahooNews Climate-Proof Towns Are Popping Up Across the U.S. But Not Everyone Can Afford To Live There
10/27/22 Business Insider Great Recession-Level Home-Price Drops Are Coming, Top Analyst Says – Business Insider
10/24/22 Florida Realtors Builders Selling Discounted Homes to Investors
10/24/22 ProBuilder These Are the Five Hottest Kitchen Trends of October 2022
10/23/22 SF Chronicle Shunned After the Financial Meltdown, this mortgage is making a comeback in the Bay Area
10/18/22 Wolf Street Housing Bubble Woes: Plunge in Buyer Traffic & Homebuilder Confidence a Lot Faster than During Housing Bust 1
10/18/22 GSI Exchange Get Ready For a Coast-to-Coast Downturn in The Housing Market
10/18/22 DailyWealth The Reports of a Housing Crash Are Missing One Crucial Fact
10/17/22 Glens Falls Business Journal Business Report: Area Housing Market On Strong Footing
10/17/22 Yahoo News Long-time hot SC housing market vulnerable to price decline after all. Here is what’s happening
10/17/22 The Salem News Home Prices Drop as Mortgage Rates Rise
10/15/22 CNET Are We in a Recession? What’s Going on with Layoffs, Interest Rates and the Stock Market
10/14/22 Business Wire Middleburg Communities Hosts First-Annual Middleburg Housing Summit
10/14/22 Enlightenment How to Pivot & Profit During the Housing Shift
10/14/22 Fox Nashville Experts say it’s now ‘significantly’ cheaper to rent in Nashville than own a home
10/14/22 HousingWire 11 Twitter accounts to help you stay up-to-date on the housing market
10/13/22 Deseret News The housing market is backfiring on home flippers
10/13/22 Fin Ledger Housing stress creates opportunity for Build-to-Rent
10/13/22 Money 5 Reasons Home Sales Keep Falling Through — and How Sellers Can Prevent It
10/13/22 KSL The Housing Market is backfiring on Home Flippers
10/12/22 Yahoo Rising mortgage rates are sending home prices lower
10/12/22 LA Times Rising mortgage rates are sending home prices lower
10/11/22 More and More Buckle Up: Home Prices Are Expected To Fall By A Lot—Even If There Isn’t A Recession
10/11/22 Market Watch ‘No housing market is immune to home-price declines’: Home values are already falling in these pandemic boomtowns.
10/7/22 Fortune The Fed admits a sharp home price decline is possible
10/6/22 The Atlanta Journal Constitution It all comes down to the U.S. Federal Reserve
10/5/22 Yahoo Finance With Mortgage Rates Rising, Builders are Unloading Homes to Investors
10/5/22 Business Insider Home Flippers Are Finally Feeling the Pain
10/4/22 Entrepreneur Home Builders Are Taking a New Approach to Excess Inventory
10/4/22 Globe Street Council Aims to Promote SFR-BTR Sector by Standardizing Its Terminology
10/4/22 Realtor Buckle Up: Home Prices Are Expected To Fall by a Lot—Even If There Isn’t a Recession
10/3/22 Inman In 3 Months spending on new home construction fell by 9%
10/3/22 The Real Deal Investors Score Discounts from Inventory-Heavy Homebuilders
10/3/22 Coatings World PPG Offers Insight on Building Trends in Rental Market in the Second Half of 2022 and Beyond
10/3/22 The Wall Street Journal Home Builders Offer to Sell Homes in Bulk at Discount to Investors
10/2/22 Business Wealth News The major county in America where home prices just dropped the most is …
10/2/22 Yahoo Finance There’s more upside than downside for long-term investors
10/2/22 Market Watch The major county in America where home prices just dropped the most is …
1/0/00 American Apartment Owners Association Apartment Demand Doubles in Houshold Boom
1/0/00 The Tennessean Is Nashville Recession-proof?

September 2022

9/29/22 Fortune Boise, Las Vegas, and Phoenix look like housing busts—this interactive map shows the shift in your local housing market
9/27/22 Small Giants Community Growing with Purpose Podcast: On the Road Again with Devyn Bachman
9/27/22 Fortune These 2 maps show the U.S home price correction is sharper—and more widespread—than previously thought
9/26/22 Fortune The U.S. housing market stares down an even bigger economic shock—mortgage rates near 7%
9/25/22 Fed Chair Jerome Powell Says a ‘Difficult Correction’ Should Balance US Housing Market
9/22/22 Financial Advisor Housing Paralysis Engulfs US Buyers With Prices Starting to Fall
9/22/22 The Economist Why Wall Street is Snapping up Family Homes
9/22/22 Fortune The Fed to reset the U.S. housing market through a ‘difficult correction’—5 things to know about the plan
9/21/22 The Real Deal Fed Interest Rate Hike will Continue Softening of Market
9/20/22 Washington Post The housing market is cooling. What’s it like in your area?
9/20/22 Florida Realtors Why List a Home When You Can Collect Rent?
9/19/22 The Wall Street Journal In a Slowing Housing Market, Sellers Ask: Why List a Home When You Can Collect Rent?
9/18/22 Banker & Tradesman HELOCs Step into the Gap
9/18/22 Yahoo Finance Fortune
9/18/22 Banker & Tradesman Who Wants to Move Right Now?
9/16/22 Globe Street Lower Building Materials Prices Coming Says John Burns
9/13/22 Fortune There are now 210 U.S. housing markets at risk of 15% to 20% home price declines, says Moody’s
9/11/22 Yahoo News We’re entering the next stage of the housing market downturn—3 things to expect heading forward
9/10/22 MSN This tiny $3 component is holding up the construction of new homes
9/9/22 Business Insider Lumber prices defy the most recent surge in mortgage rates to extend 3-day rally to 10%
9/8/22 Business Insider Should I sell or Rent my House?
9/8/22 Inman Against the odds, some buyers are returning to newly built homes
9/7/22 Forbes Build-For-Rent: Why ESG Is So Important For Institutional Investment Acquisitions
9/7/22 HBS Dealer Webinar Replay: The Industry Meets Inflation
9/6/22 MarketWatch ‘Extreme buyer hesitation’ pushes home sellers to rent instead of sell, as builders eye rentals as a hedge against a housing recession
9/4/22 Yahoo Map: How fast sellers are slashing home prices in America’s 97 biggest housing markets
9/1/22 ProBuilder Build-to-Rent Amenity Trends for a Changing Consumer Demographic

August 2022

8/31/22 Globe Street Fed Chair Powell’s ‘Housing Reset’ Spreads to SFR, Multifamily, Land
8/29/22 Windermere The Continued Decline of the Housing Market Index
8/28/22 Fortune Odds of falling home prices in your local housing market, as told by one interactive map
8/28/22 The Wall Street Journal Everyone’s a Landlord—Small-Time Investors Snap Up Out-of-State Properties
8/24/22 The Epoch Times New Home Sales Sink to Six Year Low as Housing Recession Deepens
8/24/22 Remodeler Success Adapting to New Market Conditions: Kitchen & Bath Industry Edition
8/24/22 Home Prices Just Dipped—Are They Poised To Plummet This Fall?
8/23/22 Ahwatukee Foothills News Homebuilders backing off as sales start to plummet
8/23/22 Globe Street Housing Supply Chain Issues Show Signs of Resolving
8/17/22 NBC News Nightly News
8/17/22 Business Wire U.S. Remodeler Index (USRI) Remains Strong, Signals Potential Downshift
8/16/22 CNBC Homebuyers are backing out of more deals as high mortgage rates persist and recession fears linger
8/16/22 Yahoo Finance Something big is happening in Bubbly housing Markets
8/11/22 Wolf Street Housing Bubble Getting Ready to Pop
8/11/22 Yahoo Finance Your local housing market just shifted—these 2 interactive maps show exactly how fast
8/11/22 The Housing Shortage Is About To Get Worse—Don’t Expect Builders To Save the Day
8/10/22 Kitchen & Bath Design News Smart Home Technology Surges Ahead
8/9/22 Fortune Robert Shiller predicted the 2008 housing bubble. Here’s his 2022 call
8/8/22 Fortune Home prices are falling as homebuilders get put ‘on their a–‘
8/7/22 Stacker America needs more homes, so why are builders cutting back?
8/7/22 Florida Trend Florida Trend
8/5/22 Miami Herald Messy kitchen? Young renters, home buyers want a modern set of amenities
8/4/22 Fortune Zillow economists: Here’s the home price shift coming for your local housing market in 2023
8/3/22 WFAA With interest rates rising, do you have the homebuyer’s helper?
8/3/22 Globe Street How SFR Developers Can Cut Costs Without Losing Buyer Value
8/2/22 The Real Deal Could a recession be rocket fuel for SFR?
8/1/22 Firsttuesday Journal California homeownership priced out in the buy vs. rent question
8/1/22 The Palm Beach Post South Florida home builders stymied by lack of land but not much else

July 2022

7/30/22 Bloomberg Can We Escape a Crash? The Housing Market Is Saying Yes.
7/29/22 Business Insider Lumber prices waver as mortgage rates cool but builder confidence craters to lowest level since start of the pandemic
7/28/22 Los Angeles Times Brining Down Inflation might cause your rent to rise
7/28/22 Fortune The housing market enters into recession—here’s what to expect next
7/27/22 Bloomberg Labor Market Will Help, Not Hinder, Fed’s Inflation Fight
7/27/22 Quartz Prices in the US soared again last month, with inflation at a 40-year high
7/26/22 ProBuilder Remodelers Are Finding New Ways to Adapt to a Record-Breaking Housing Market
7/26/22 Business Insider Bilders sell more homes big investors invitation homes
7/25/22 ProBuilder Can Prefab Help Builders Overcome a Growing Labor Shortage?
7/24/22 Business Insider The housing market could be in a recession, even if the rest of the economy isn’t
7/24/22 Fortune Redfin: These housing markets are the most at risk of falling home prices
7/23/22 New York Times We Need to Keep Building Houses, Even if No One Wants to Buy
7/22/22 ProBuilder The New Home Trends Institute Releases New Insights Report
7/22/22 MarketWatch Home prices are being slashed in these 10 cities as real estate market cools
7/22/22 Business Insider More Americans are putting dreams of homeownership on pause as ‘fear’ and ‘buyer’s remorse’ sweep the real estate market, says the nation’s 3rd largest homebuilder
7/21/22 Electric City Magazine Redfin: These housing markets are most at risk of falling home prices
7/21/22 Housing Wire John Burns: how to prepare your business to excel in a mortgage cycle
7/20/22 Business Insider The nation’s largest homebuilder says more buyers are cancelling deals amid growing real-estate market pessimism
7/20/22 Yahoo Finance This Crazy Real Estate Market Has Some Of The Nation’s Largest Home Builders Jumping Into The Rental Business
7/20/22 Yahoo Finance The housing market enters into recession—here’s what to expect next
7/20/22 Banker & Tradesman Failed Deals Could Spell Bargains
7/20/22 Washington Post Can We Escape a Crash? The Housing Market Is Saying Yes.
7/19/22 Fortune A housing recession is the first step to a Fed-induced recession. Here’s where the housing market goes next
7/19/22 Yahoo Finance Falling home prices? This interactive map shows the statistical odds of it occurring in your local housing market
7/19/22 Realtor Magazine Single-Family Construction Is Going Soft
7/19/22 Business Insider The number of new homes sold in a month just dropped the most in 2 years as rising mortgage rates rip into the housing market
7/18/22 Bloomberg Builders Offering Breaks on Mortgages
7/16/22 Fortune These bubbly housing markets—including Boise and Phoenix—already got their home price ‘top’ blown off
7/15/22 Real Trends Are homebuilders too pessimistic?
7/15/22 Globe Street Built-to-Rent Tips for Master Plan Communities
7/14/22 Fortune A housing crash would sink these 16 housing markets—while these 23 markets would be spared
7/14/22 Los Angeles Times The SoCal housing market is cooling. Here’s how far prices have fallen
7/14/22 Yahoo As the US housing market starts to cool, researchers say these cities are primed for a price drop
7/13/22 CBS 42 These are the fastest cooling real estate markets in the U.S.
7/13/22 New York Post Home sale cancellations hit highest rate since start of pandemic
7/12/22 Tampa Business Journal Home Sale Cancellation Jump in Rates in Tampa
7/12/22 MarketWatch Scary Times: Builders are slashing home prices and slwoing construction as buyers pull back, survey shows
7/12/22 The Salem News Southern California Housing prices will fall, some experts say
7/11/22 The Madison Leader Gazette Home builders cut prices and slow construction as buyers pull back, survey shows
7/11/22 CNBC Homebuyers are canceling deals at the highest rate since the start of the pandemic
7/11/22 The Washington Post The housing market, at last, appears to be cooling off
7/11/22 Wolf Street Cash-Out Refis with Holy-Moly Mortgage Rates for Remodeling Projects? Professional Home Remodelers Face New Challenges
7/11/22 Axios Homebuyers retake the upper hand
7/9/22 Yahoo Home sale cancellations hit highest rate since start of pandemic
7/9/22 Yahoo Finance Rising interest rates are crushing the US housing market: Morning Brief
7/7/22 MarketWatch The cities where housing costs are likely to drop: ‘We’ve squeezed a decade of home-price appreciation into a year and a half’
7/5/22 CNET Can You ‘Prepare’ for a Recession? What to Know About Layoffs, Debt and Your Investments

June 2022

6/30/22 ABC 11 A serious problem’: Homeownership becoming more expensive in the Triangle
6/30/22 Growth Spotter Massive retirement community planned for rural Osceola cattle ranch
6/30/22 Los Angeles Times Southern California housing prices will fall, some experts say. The question is how much
6/30/22 Markets Insider Lumber prices surge 7% as mortgage rates fall for the first time in 4 weeks
6/29/22 Floor Daily Housing Headwinds Forcing Some Home-Seekers to Give Up the Hunt
6/29/22 MSN Why real estate investors & homebuyers think Memphis is pretty rock ‘n’ roll
6/28/22 Globe Street While For-Sale Demand Weakens, SFR Stays Optimistic
6/28/22 Money Talks News 10 Housing Markets With the Most Sellers Dropping Prices
6/28/22 Wall Street Journal Record Home Prices Force Prospective Buyers to Rent
6/27/22 Multi-Housing News SFR Fundamentals Attracting Institutional Investment: JLL
6/27/22 The Real Deal Bidding wars proliferate in rental market
6/26/22 Majeed Ekbal Newsflash: NYT: Cost of Owning a Home Surges Above the Cost of Renting One
6/26/22 Time & Julie Harris Owning More Costly than Renting in April
6/23/22 Business Report Rising home prices, mortgage rates now make renting a cheaper option
6/23/22 Globe Street These Apartment Amenities Are Key in the Remote Work Era
6/23/22 Mansion Global Nature-Seeking Home Buyers Are Answering the Call of the Wild—And Paying a Premium For It, Too
6/23/22 Seeking Alpha Tricon Residential: Opportunity Follows Fear
6/23/22 The New York Times Rising home prices, mortgage rates now make renting a cheaper option
6/23/22 The Real Deal In just a year, renting has become far cheaper than owning
6/23/22 USSA News Cost of Owning a Home Surges Above the Cost of Renting One
6/22/22 ‘Shock to the System’: Higher Mortgage Rates Slam the Brakes on the Housing Market
6/21/22 Housing Wire Opinion: Investors play key role in providing affordable housing options
6/21/22 Mortgage Loan News Opinion: Investors play key role in providing affordable housing options
6/19/22 Charting Your Financial Feature Owning Now More Expensive Than Renting, New Study Shows
6/19/22 Real Estates Guru Renting vs. owning: The difference is ‘higher than at any time since the turn of the century’
6/17/22 Florida Realtors Number of Buyers Backing Off? Maybe Half
6/17/22 Globe Street SFR Occupancy Is At Its Highest Point In Two Decades
6/16/22 Building and Developer Magazine Demand Shifting from Owning to Renting
6/16/22 Flash News 11 It’s now more expensive to own a home than to rent one than at any time since 2000. Here’s what that means for house prices
6/16/22 MarketWatch It’s now more expensive to own a home than to rent one than at any time since 2000. Here’s what that means for house prices
6/16/22 Seeking Alpha The Fed’s Policy Mistake Has Been Made
6/15/22 Archy Worldys Rent or own: the difference is ‘higher than at any time since the turn of the century’
6/15/22 CNBC The Home Front: Preparing the Biggest Asset for Tougher Economic Times
6/15/22 Globe Street Here Come More Renters
6/15/22 MarketWatch Millions more homebuyers may be priced out of housing market, as 30-year mortgage rate spikes after Fed’s biggest rate hike since 1994
6/15/22 N.J. suburb is getting its first luxury apartment complex as another office building comes down
6/15/22 Seeking Alpha Single-Family Rentals: Shelter From Stagflation
6/14/22 BusinessWire U.S. Remodeler Index (USRI) Bullish Despite Complex Conditions
6/14/22 Los Angeles Times Home sellers are cutting list prices as more buyers take pause: ‘The market is not the same’
6/14/22 News Opener It’s now more expensive to own a home than to rent one than at any time since 2000. Here’s what that means for house prices
6/14/22 Quartz US mortgage rates are already hitting 6%
6/14/22 The Real Deal Last call for America’s housing boom
6/14/22 World Information Now Renting vs. owning: The difference is ‘higher than at any time since the turn of the century’
6/14/22 Yahoo Finance Home sellers are cutting list prices as more buyers take pause: ‘The market is not the same’
6/12/22 Barron’s A Break in Inflation Is on the Way, but It’s the Wrong Break
6/12/22 ProBuilder Challenges, Opportunities
6/12/22 Real Estates Guru Sales Declines, Price Drops And The Return Of Buyer Incentives: Oh My!
6/10/22 CNBC Big landlords jump into the homebuilding business as demand for single-family rentals surges
6/10/22 The Bharat Express News Large landlords jump into home building as demand for single-family rentals rises
6/10/22 Verve Times Big Landlords Jump Into The Homebuilding As Demand For Single-Family Rentals Surges
6/9/22 Markets Insider Lumber prices just hit their lowest point in 9 months as mortgage demand sinks to levels not seen in 2 decades
6/9/22 Santa Cruz Sentinel Housing market now navigates calm waters
6/9/22 Sports Grind Entertainment Three signs the US housing boom is petering out
6/8/22 Crown West Realty LLC SFR Investors Continue their Development Push with New Build-to-Rent Projects
6/8/22 Quartz Three signs the US housing boom is petering out
6/8/22 The Globe and Mail Small investors follow the big money to single family rentals in Arizona
6/7/22 Business Insider Corporate landlords who buy single-family homes to rent out are bracing for a face-off with regulators who’d love to curb their growth
6/7/22 SFR Investors Continue their Development Push with New Build-to-Rent Projects.
6/2/22 Business North Lumber futures slip to seven-month lows
6/2/22 The Epoch Times Lumber Prices Crash Amid Elevated Home Prices
6/1/22 PNC Real Estate News Feed Lumber prices reach lowest 2022 level. But DIY projects already DOA
6/1/22 PR Newswire Global, domestic impediments will slow down economy, but no recession yet
6/1/22 Bigger Isn’t Always Better: What Today’s Buyers Are Looking For in a Home
6/1/22 Seeking Alpha Lumber slumps to seven-month lows as housing market bears brunt of rate hikes

May 2022

5/31/22 Barron’s Avoiding Recession May Require Moving the Inflation Goal Post
5/29/22 The Wall Street Journal Lumber Prices Slump With Rising Interest Rates
5/29/22 Flipboard Estate On Florida’s Vero Beach Barrier Island Is Long On Privacy
5/29/22 Forbes Estate On Florida’s Vero Beach Barrier Island Is Long On Privacy
5/26/22 Fortune The cooling housing market enters into the Great Deceleration
5/25/22 Realtor Did COVID-19 Kill the Dining Room? What’s Next for This Iconic Space
5/24/22 Globe St New Trends That Will Reshape BTR Projects
5/24/22 The Epoch Times Sales of New Homes Sink Over 16 Percent as High Prices, Rising Mortgage Rates Weigh on Buyers
5/24/22 Pensions & Investments Build-to-rent gains traction over buying homes one at a time
5/23/22 Multifamily Dive BTR platform AHV Communities makes additions to its leadership team
5/24/22 The Wall Street Journal New-Home Sales in April See Biggest Monthly Drop Since 2013
5/21/22 GO Banking Rates How Buyers With Homes Under Construction Could Face Even Higher Interest Rates Before They Can Close
5/21/22 Los Angeles Daily News Tenants struggle to find rentals as vacancies linger near 22-year lows
5/19/22 Reality Biz News Buyers are walking away from new homes due to rising interest rates
5/18/22 The New York Times Listen: How rising interest rates are cooling the hot housing market.
5/18/22 nxtmine Is The Housing Crash Starting?
5/18/22 Tip Sale Tips Overheated Real Estate Market Begins to Cool
5/18/22 Quartz America still isn’t building enough homes
5/16/22 Business Insider A major investor who owns 40,000 rental homes can’t find enough new supply, so it’ll manufacture its own out of factories in Sun Belt states like Texas and Florida
5/16/22 Orange County Register ‘Explosive growth’ leads to record-high rents for Southern California apartments
5/15/22 The Wall Street Journal They Signed Contracts for Their Dream Homes Last Year. Now Their Borrowing Costs Are Ballooning.
5/13/22 Atlanta Business Chronicle Mariah Carey purchases Sandy Springs mansion for $5.65 million as home prices skyrocket
5/13/22 Inman News The price of lumber took a big dip to start the week, just the latest unexpected shift in the cost of building a new home.
5/12/22 ConnectCRE Yardi Matrix to CRE: “Slowdown in Multifamily Rents? Not Yet”
5/11/22 The Business Journals US housing market starts to shift from pandemic frenzy but not evenly across markets
5/11/22 iPro Real Estate Lumber Prices Tumble to Lowest Level of 2022
5/11/22 Fortune Something big is happening in the housing market
5/11/22 Axios Why you should care about falling lumber prices
5/10/22 Las Vegas Review-Journal StoryBook opens Libretto in Cadence
5/10/22 MPA Mag Lumber prices – what’s happening now?
5/10/22 Quartz The US refinance boom is over
5/9/22 Business Insider Home flippers are about to get hammered
5/9/22 CalculatedRisk Homebuilder Comments in April: “Demand is slowing”, “Investors pulling back”
5/9/22 Tornado Pix Timber prices hit their lowest level in 2022 as high mortgage rates dampen demand
5/9/22 Business News Lumber prices hit their lowest level in 2022 as highest mortgage rates in 13 years dent housing demand
5/9/22 Builder and Developer Magazine The Future May Still Be Bright
5/9/22 Yahoo! Money Lumber prices fall to their lowest level in 2022 as the highest mortgage rates in 13 years dent housing demand
5/7/22 Business Insider Real-estate investors have been snatching up homes preventing everyday buyers from getting a piece of the pie. Lawmakers and HOAs want to stand in their way.
5/5/22 NewsBreak The Future May Still Be Bright
5/5/22 Roofstock 10 companies innovating in the SFR space in 2022
5/4/22 The Dispatch Fact Check: Is Bill Gates Purchasing a “Majority of American Farmland?”
5/4/22 BisNow Contractors Are All But Guaranteed To Balk At GMPs. Here’s What Project Owners Can Do About It
5/2/22 Daily Bulletin How much house can you get for $1 million?

April 2022

4/30/22 Las Vegas Review-Journal Harmony Homes opens Quail Park in Cadence
4/29/22 Houston Business Joural Bridgeland Prairieland Village Opens Model Home
4/28/22 Globe Street C-Star Exits SFR Fund In Sale To Institutional Operator
4/26/22 People’s World How the government helps Wall Street landlords convert family homes to rentals
4/25/22 Insider Monkey 10 Housing Stocks Redditors are Buying
4/25/22 Huge rental home community planned north of Tucson
4/23/22 Las Vegas Review-Journal Richmond American unveils three Cadence neighborhoods
4/21/22 Multihousing News Could Cost of Capital Slow SFRs?
4/20/22 Fortune The economic shock hitting the housing market continues to grow—but where it’ll take us remains uncertain
4/20/22 BisNow New York Firm Raising Third Fund To Buy Up Georgia Houses And Rent Them Out
4/20/22 Quartz US homebuilders say materials are getting easier to find
4/19/22 News Nation How Cincinnati is buying homes in bulk to keep them cheap
4/18/22 VettaFi Will Rising Rates Upend the Housing Market? One ETF to Play It
4/16/22 Today Headline Lumber Prices Reach Lowest 2022 Level. But DIY Projects Already DOA
4/15/22 RealityBizNews Builders keen to work with bulk-buying new home investors
4/14/22 ConsumerAffairs Housing market already shows signs of slowing down, experts say
4/13/22 Fortune The economic shock hitting the housing market is starting to do some damage
4/13/22 Business Record Investors buying newly built houses and turning them into rentals
4/12/22 Alpha Beta Stock Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas Says a Housing Bubble is Imminent
4/12/22 PR Newswire Latitude Margaritaville Communities Expanding to Texas
4/12/22 BisNow Homebuilders Increasingly Selling In Bulk To Investors Over Homebuyers
4/12/22 Business Insider Investors bought a third of US homes for sale in January, the highest percentage in at least a decade, a new analysis says
4/11/22 The Wall Street Journal Home Builders Bypassing Individual Home Buyers for Deep-Pocketed Investors
4/11/22 The Real Deal Rental investors flood new home purchases
4/11/22 VettaFi Homebuilder ETFs Could Find Support From Large Investors
4/8/22 Multihousing News Features That May Keep Your Residents
4/8/22 CalculatedRisk Unpacking builders’ market sentiment with Rick Palacios
4/7/22 HousingWire Unpacking builders’ market sentiment with Rick Palacios
4/7/22 Sarasota Magazine Neal Signature Homes Breaks Ground on a New Neighborhood in Lakewood Ranch
“4/4/22 The Moguldom Nation
How Mortgage Rates Are Impacting Buyers And Mortgage Refinancing: 6 Things To Know

4/4/22 Community Impact Newspaper Houston real estate prices soar to historic levels
4/4/22 Islander News New surveys shows factors behind Miami’s real estate boom with over 17,000 apartments and 8,300 single-family homes getting permitted in 2021
4/3/22 Fortune The pandemic migration’s full impact is becoming clear—and it’s a ‘big deal’ for the future of cities and white-collar work

March 2022

3/30/22 Report Door ‘Payment shock’ awaits US home buyers as mortgage rates climb
3/30/22 KTVZ Signs of a housing bubble are brewing
3/30/22 Globe Street Everybody Wants a Piece of the Housing Crunch
3/30/22 Fortune A housing bubble is brewing—but not like 2008—says Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas
3/30/22 CBS Austin High mortgage rates, lack of supply, and wealthy investors put home hunters in a bind
3/30/22 My NBC5 Signs of a housing bubble are brewing
3/29/22 Los Angeles Times She grew up in a rental down the street from her dream home. Now, that house is hers
3/29/22 National Mortgage News Build-for-rent homes make up a larger share of investor buys
3/28/22 Yield Pro SFFR up their game
3/28/22 Kitchen and Bath Design KBMI: Demand, Confidence Still High for Big-Ticket Projects
3/28/22 Fortune The housing market faces its biggest test yet
3/28/22 Barron’s Why Housing May Not Get as Hammered as Usual in This Rate-Hike Cycle
3/27/22 Las Vegas Review-Journal Lake Las Vegas celebrates Mardi Gras with golf cart parade
3/25/22 Homeowners Spin Soaring Prices Into U.S. Real Estate Riches
3/25/22 Globe Street SFR Providers Are Increasingly Moving Toward Build-For-Rent
3/23/22 Globe Street Much Needed BFR Supply Is On The Way
3/23/22 San Antonio-Express News As Zillow exits San Antonio home-flipping business, rental companies picking up its leavings
3/22/22 GVWire Home Price Surge Won’t Cool Off Anytime Soon: Zillow
3/18/22 Las Vegas Review-Journal Cadence in Henderson adds neighborhoods, retail, school
3/18/22 Construction Dive Utah’s tallest high-rise project under construction
3/18/22 Forbes How Rentals Are Redefining Real Estate Investing
3/18/22 Business Insider A burned-out, boarded-up bungalow in LA just went under contract a few weeks after being listed for almost $1 million cash
3/17/22 Fortune New home construction soars 22% as America finally starts building houses again
3/17/22 Houstonia Fort Bend County Suburb Celebrates 25 Years
3/15/22 Wink News Property insurance, housing costs still plague SWFL residents
3/15/22 Bloomberg House-Flipping Tech Powers a Boom in Single-Family Rentals
3/14/22 Fortune The housing market’s key metric just took an ugly turn for homebuyers
3/14/22 Connect CRE Though SFR Booms, It’s Time For Strategic and Selective Investment
3/13/22 Business Insider Home flippers face rising costs and fierce competition, but they’re only growing more optimistic about future profits
3/11/22 Colorado Builder Personal, functional design continues to drive outdoor living
3/11/22 BusinessWire U.S. Remodeler Index (USRI) Signals Continued Strength
3/10/22 Yahoo STUDY: Demand for Aluminum in Residential Building & Construction Likely to Grow 50% by Mid-Decade
3/9/22 Houston Agent Magazine Sienna celebrates anniversary, reflects on milestones
3/9/22 Qualified Remodeler Demand ‘Strong’ for High-Value, Whole-Home Remodels
3/9/22 Pere News Waterton makes single-family rental debut with tech-focused JV
3/8/22 Florida Trend Infrastructure: Critical strategies Florida can implement as it grows
3/8/22 Las Vegas Review-Journal Station Casinos’ next Las Vegas resort is active construction site
3/8/22 S.E. Florida Daily News Infrastructure: Critical Strategies Florida Can Implement As It Grows
3/3/22 The Dallas Morning News Plano-based homebuilder nearly doubles land holdings
3/3/22 Business Insider Big investors have set aside more than $50 billion to buy homes across the US and rent them out. Here are 15 people leading the charge.
3/2/22 Yahoo Housing Market Predictions for 2022 and 10 Stocks to Watch
3/2/22 Business Insider Housing expert John Burns warns Phoenix real-estate investors that building too many homes for rent might dent their returns
3/1/22 ManoByte 8 Smart Home Tech Products Poised for High Adoption Over the Next 5 years

February 2022

2/28/22 NKBA NKBA/John Burns Kitchen & Bath Market Index (KBMI) – Q4 2021

2/28/22 Fortune What to expect in the 2022 spring housing market, as told by 3 charts

2/26/22 News-Press Babcock Ranch Art Show to benefit nonprofit for kids

2/24/22 Dallas Business Journal A dozen residential developments that will reshape North Texas

2/23/22 ABC7 More SoCal malls combat decline of retail industry by adding housing

2/23/22 BusinessWire ArborCrowd Launches Single-Family Build-to-Rent Investment Offering in Rapidly Growing Colorado Springs, Colo.

2/22/22 PERE News When will single-family rentals reach institutional scale?

2/18/22 Grants Interest Rate Observer Au Revoir, ‘zero lower bound’

2/18/22 Honest Columnist Wall Street Is Buying Starter Homes to Quietly Become America’s Landlord

2/18/22 Seeking Alpha Homebuilders: 4 Reasons Margins Are Going To Get Squeezed

2/18/22 Wall Street Journal Crypto Investors Are Wealthier. No One Knows How Much They’re Spending.

2/18/22 Archinect A nationwide shortage of garage doors leaves new residential construction projects stuck open

2/18/22 Bloomberg Wall Street Is Buying Starter Homes to Quietly Become America’s Landlord

2/17/22 Marketplace Although housing starts slid in January, more building is coming

2/16/22 Union-Bulletin 4 Bed, 3 Bath, No Garage Door: The Unlikely Woes Holding Up Home Building

2/15/22 Wall Street Journal 4 Bed, 3 Bath, No Garage Door: The Unlikely Woes Holding Up Home Building

2/15/22 The Apopka Voice Moving to Florida? Get ready to pay up

2/14/22 The Bharat Express News Why your rent is going up

2/13/22 Seeking Alpha Fidelity National Financial: The Safest Way To Play U.S. Housing

2/11/22 LA Progressive With Today’s Housing Crisis, Are We Approaching the Taxes or Pitchforks Moment?

2/11/22 Connect CRE Berkadia’s Jeff Coles on Single-Family Rental’s Continuing Surge

2/10/22 The Town-Crier Westlake Listed Among Top 50 Master-Planned Communities

2/9/22 LX Collection Productivity, Meet Style: The Home Office Reimagined

2/8/22 Roofing Contractor DuPont Performance Building Solutions Showcases New Innovations and Commitment to Sustainability at NAHB International Builders’ Show 2022

2/8/22 The Palm Beach Post COVID-19 migration: Who’s moving to Florida and why there’s a New York exodus

2/8/22 Florida Realtors COVID Migration: Who’s Moving to Fla. and Why?

2/7/22 Greater Houston Partnership How Rising Interest Rates Could Impact the Houston Housing Market

2/7/22 Globe Street BFR Builders ‘Struggling’ To Find Infill Locations

2/7/22 Yahoo Finance DuPont Performance Building Solutions Showcases New Innovations and Commitment to Sustainability at NAHB International Builders’ Show 2022

2/4/22 PR Newswire Crystal Lagoons and ADËLON Capital bring PAL™ beach life to East Florida

2/3/22 Kitchen & Bath Design Outlook Points to Record 2022 Revenue, Despite Headwinds

2/3/22 PR Newswire More than a third of recent movers say it’s harder to find a house than a spouse

2/2/22 The Business Journals Homebuilders go big on land-banking strategy amid hot market

2/1/22 Bloomberg A Major Homebuilder Sees No Improvement Coming to the Supply Chain In 2022

2/1/22 Marketplace Corporate investors remain bullish on real estate market

January 2022

1/31/22 Globe Street $50B in Capital is Now Chasing the SFR Market

1/28/22 Barron’s Housing Is the Fed’s Frankenstein, and It Won’t Be Easily Tamed

1/28/22 Bloomberg Wall Street’s $85 Billion Housing Bet Intensifies U.S. Land Boom

1/27/22 Ormond Beach Observer Latitude Margaritaville Daytona Beach named among Top 50 communities in the United States

1/28/22 Las Vegas Review-Journal Toll Brothers opens Everleigh in Cadence; open house slated for Jan. 29

1/25/22 ProBuilder John Burns Real Estate Consulting Releases Top 50 Master Plans of 2021

1/25/22 Pasadena Star News Malls adding apartments to offset dwindling numbers of shoppers

1/21/22 The Real Deal Record SoCal homes prices on tight supply

1/21/22 Las Vegas Review-Journal Four Las Vegas master plans rank in nation’s top 11

1/21/22 Los Angeles Times How many records can Southern California home prices break? Last year, 10

1/20/22 New York Times Something Has to Give in the Housing Market. Or Does It?

1/20/22 Realtor Biden’s First Year: Has the President Succeeded—or Failed—in Fixing the Housing Market?

1/20/22 Multihousing News Multifamily Demand Remains Strong

1/20/22 Globe Street Renter Behavior Has Shifted In All Sorts of Ways

1/19/22 Bath & Kitchen Pro 2022 NKBA Kitchen & Bath Market Outlook

1/18/22 Contractor Magazine Kitchen and Bath Marketing Outlook Predicts Continued Rapid Growth for Industry in 2022

1/17/22 Business Insider Lumber prices are ‘looking like a repeat of 2021’ as housing demand remains red-hot and supply chain disruptions persist

1/17/22 Miami Herald There’s a housing inventory shortage, but builders are in a happy mood

1/17/22 Jacksonville Daily Record Amenities, affordability attracting newcomers to Jacksonville

1/16/22 Banker & Tradesman Triple Whammy Slows Homebuilders

1/15/22 Yahoo! News Ave Maria ranks as one of the Top 25 Master-Planned Communities in the nation

1/15/22 Naples Daily News Ave Maria ranks as one of the Top 25 Master-Planned Communities in the nation

1/14/22 Culture Map San Antonio San Antonio among top U.S. markets for home sales in master-planned communities

1/13/22 Globe Street Why Materials Companies Will Underestimate Housing Demand This Year

1/12/22 The Mercury News New Home Community in Lathrop, CA

1/11/22 Spot On Florida Viera Ranks Among the Top 15 Master-Planned Communities Across the United States

1/11/22 Space Coast Daily Viera Ranks Among the Top 15 Master-Planned Communities Across the United States

1/11/22 Bloomberg Housing Analysts Already See Blistering Start to the Market in 2022

1/10/22 Bloomberg Harrison Street Plans $1.5 Billion Single-Family Rental Venture

1/6/22 Culture Map Houston Austin area among top U.S. markets for home sales in master-planned communities

1/6/22 Culture Map Houston North Texas among top U.S. markets for home sales in master-planned communities

1/6/22 Las Vegas Review-Journal Summerlin land sells for $135M, hundreds of houses planned

1/6/22 Culture Map Houston Houston No. 1 in U.S. for home sales in master-planned communities, says survey

1/6/22 Las Vegas Review-Journal Summerlin new-home sales ranks 3rd in US for builders

1/6/22 Houston Business Journal Houston dominates top-selling master-planned communities lists, Bridgeland No. 1 locally

1/5/22 Bloomberg How the Pandemic Supercharged Sprawl

1/3/22 Venveo How To Build Your Sales Team to Win Offsite & Modular Projects

1/3/22 OC Register Single-family rental homes coming to Riverside County defy California trend

1/3/22 The Sun Single-family rental homes coming to Riverside County defy California trend

December 2021

12/30/21 KJZZ Buy or rent? The financial gap between those options is growing

12/30/21 OC Register Single-family rental homes coming to Riverside County defy California trend

12/27/21 Builder and Developer 2022: A Hopeful New Beginning

12/27/21 KJZZ Number of homes sold to investors holds steady in Salt Lake while spiking in other cities

12/26/21 Lindsey Wells Houston Agent’s top 10 local news stories of 2021

12/21/21 GRB Design US Remodeler Index Rises, Strengthens Bullish Outlook

12/21/21 MSN Money Rents for single-family homes are rising three times as fast as they were a year ago

12/21/21 CNBC Rents for single-family homes are rising three times as fast as they were a year ago

12/20/21 New York Post Lumber prices have new growth spurt

12/20/21 Las Vegas Review-Journal Madison Square by Woodside Homes opens in Cadence

12/20/21 Texas News Today Sky-High timber prices are back

12/20/21 BisNow The Race Is On Between Multifamily Rental Increases And Inflation

12/19/21 Wall Street Journal Sky-High Lumber Prices Are Back

12/19/21 seekers time Why Abandoned Golf Courses Need to be Refreshed: Increases Home Values

12/18/21 The Economist Why Americans are rethinking where they want to live

12/17/21 Business Wire U.S. Remodeler Index Rises, Bolsters Bullish Outlook

12/16/21 Los Angeles Times In Southern California, a slight slowdown in the housing market still means record prices

12/14/21 Kitchen & Bath Design News Pace of Market Growth Seen Cooling After Strong 2021 Gains


12/13/21 Bath & Kitchen Pro NKBA study projects strong year-end

12/13/21 HousingWire Through the eyes of the single-family rental lobby

12/13/21 MultiHousing News Marketing Strategies for Single-Family Rentals

12/10/21 Grant’s Interest Rate Observer Inflation fall guy

12/9/21 KUTV New home prices increase 20% year over year in SLC, report shows

12/9/21 New Straits Times Canada pension makes foray into U.S. single-family homes

12/8/21 Mynd Build-to-rent housing sector boom: betting money on the dogs

12/8/21 Wealth Management Canada Pension Makes Foray into U.S. Single-Family Homes

12/7/21 MultiHousing News Why Institutional Investors Should Eye SFR Allocations

12/6/21 CNBC Apartment rent and occupancy hit record highs, even as market enters its traditionally slow season

12/3/21 Bloomberg Austin’s Hot Housing Market Is Slammed by Construction Delays
The wheels of production are grinding to

12/1/21 Las Vegas Review-Journal Cadence in Henderson announces luxury apartments

November 2021

11/30/21 Bloomberg Startup Tops $1 Billion Valuation Finding Labor for Rental Housing

11/29/21 Realty Biz News A shortage of windows is causing yet more headaches for home builders

11/29/21 The Real Deal Now streaming: TRD’s podcast on Zillow’s iBuying collapse

11/28/21 KJZZ Housing communities entirely for rent becoming more common in Utah

11/28/21 NewsBTC How Do Crypto Profits Impact The Housing Market? An Informal Report

11/26/21 Grant’s Interest Rate Observer Hedged for the long run

11/24/21 Seeking Alpha Starwood Capital Group is buying rental homes from Pretium for $1B

11/24/21 Bloomberg Starwood to Buy 2,300 U.S. Rental Houses in Suburban Push


11/19/21 Boston Business Journal Ranked: 30 cities where real estate investor activity was big in Q3

11/18/21 Yahoo ‘They’re Like Unicorns’: Affordable Homes Are Becoming a Thing of the Past as Prices Soar In Majority Black Cities
11/17/21 Commercial Observer Single-Family Rentals May Be Reaching an Inflection Point

11/17/21 The Business Journals Investors scooped up record $64B in homes nationally in Q3

11/17/21 The Moguldom Nation 5% Of Homebuyers Use Crypto Gains: 7 Things To Know About Crypto Impact On Housing Market

11/15/21 Fortune 2 big unknowns loom large over the 2022 housing market

11/15/21 Business Insider Zillow’s home-flipping fiasco is sending shockwaves through the real-estate world.

11/11/21 The Builder’s Daily Windows For ’21 Completions Start Closing: Here’s What’s Next

11/11/21 Dallas Business Journal DFW start-up offering rental data moves from Plano to McKinney, eyes funding of $1.2 million

11/11/21 Chicago Tribune Zillow is ending its buying and selling business, but it won’t help Chicago homebuyers

11/9/21 Globe Street Lack of Developable Land is One of Home Builders’ Biggest Constraints

11/9/21 Business Observer Builders reeling from painful window shortage

11/9/21 USA Today Demand for a single-family rental is ‘through the roof’: And Wall Street is on alert

11/8/21 Globe Street New Data Show Robust Growth in Owner-Occupied Housing

11/8/21 The Salem News Algorithmic home sales, growing in popularity, hit early hurdles

11/8/21 CalculatedRisk Homebuilder Comments in October: “Builders are lifting sales caps”

11/7/21 Financial Times A different kind of housing bubble

11/6/21 News-Press Babcock Ranch water utilities recognized as a leader in water reuse

11/4/21 Housing Wire Wall Street investors are the new breed of single-family landlords

11/3/21 Yahoo Zillow just gave up on ibuying. What’s the deal with the algorithmic home sales?

11/3/21 Los Angeles Times Zillow just gave up on ibuying. What’s the deal with the algorithmic home sales?

11/2/21 Houston Business Journal Bridgeland’s newest village to feature 4.5-acre park with pools, other amenities

11/1/21 The Seattle Times Zillow seeks to sell 7,000 homes for $2.8 billion after flipping halt

11/1/21 Bloomberg Zillow Seeks to Sell 7,000 Homes for $2.8 Billion After Flipping Halt

October 2021

10/27/21 Marketplace As new home sales continue to rise, where are the appliances?

10/27/21 MSN Money Number of Home Sales Under $200,000 Is Shrinking Dramatically

10/27/21 Tulsa World ‘They’re Like Unicorns’: The Number of Home Sales Under $200,000 Is Shrinking Dramatically

10/27/21 Waco Tribune-Herald ‘They’re Like Unicorns’: The Number of Home Sales Under $200,000 Is Shrinking Dramatically

10/27/21 Money They’re Like Unicorns’: The Number of Home Sales Under $200,000 Is Shrinking Dramatically

10/25/21 425 Business How the Tri Pointe Homes Program Eases the Homebuying Process

10/25/21 KIDO Talk Radio ‘Canyon County, about eight out of 10 listings have had price cuts, the biggest share in the U.S’ Bloomberg

10/22/21 Realty Biz News Investors are rushing to buy up more rental homes

10/22/21 My San Antonio San Antonio’s newest single-family investor: Yamasa Corp., a Japanese conglomerate hit town in April

10/22/21 Bloomberg Housing Market Shows Cracks With Price Cuts in Pandemic Boomtowns

10/21/21 Multihousing News SFR Still Has ‘Lot of Runway’ Before Slowing

10/20/21 Globe Street Single-Family Rents Spiked 9.3% in August

10/19/21 CNBC Single-family rents are surging, and investors are flooding the market

10/19/21 Globe Street $30B Is Flooding the SFR Market With More To Come

10/18/21 The Builders Daily Twin Risks — Local & Federal — Loom On Built-For-Rent Horizon

10/18/21 Yahoo Finance How high Goldman Sachs predicts home prices will go in 2022

10/18/21 Fortune How high Goldman Sachs predicts home prices will go in 2022

10/13/21 CityWatch Zillow, Other Tech Firms: In an ‘Arms Race’ To Buy Up US Homes


10/12/21 Rental Housing Journal What Are Tenant Preferences In Single-Family Build-For-Rent?

10/11/21 Fortune Where Zillow says home prices are headed in 2022

10/10/21 Las Vegas Review-Journal Cadence to hosts car show Oct. 10

10/7/21 Kitchen & Bath Design News Market Builds on Q2, Concerns Linger

10/6/21 The Chattanoogan New Build-for-Rent Joint Venture Yields First Residential Community In Southeast At East Brainerd

10/6/21 Yahoo Finance SVN | SFR Capital Management and RP Homes’ New Build-for-Rent (BFR) Joint Venture Yields First Residential Community in the Southeast

10/5/21 Puget Sound Business Journal Homebuilder wants to upend ‘the whole scary offer and review process’


10/5/21 Fortune The housing market is slowing—but don’t mistake it for a crash

10/4/21 Pro Builder Inflation is Good for Homeowners and Landlords

September 2021

9/30/21 Fortune Supply-chain bubbles will pop—and we’ll have economics 101 to thank

9/25/21 Las Vegas Review-Journal Cadence Amenities helps family weather pandemic

9/25/21 Naples Daily News Kitson & Partners announces Publix Super Market opening at Crescent B Commons this month

9/23/21 Globe Street Single-Family Rental Market Predicted To Become More Cyclical

9/23/21 MSN Money As Home Sales Slow Down, So Do High Prices

9/23/21 GOBankingRates As Home Sales Slow Down, So Do High Prices

9/21/21 Los Angeles Times How the pandemic helped scatter $1-million homes across L.A.

9/21/21 Fortune Where home prices are going next, according to forecast models

9/21/21 Yahoo! News Where home prices are going next, according to forecast models

9/21/21 North Fort Myers Publix Super Market at Babcock Ranch to open Thursday

9/17/21 Globe Street Crescent Communities, Pretium Form $1B SFR JV

9/17/21 Globe Street Aspen Heights Partners Launches Single-Family Rental Brand

9/15/21 Fortune Lumber’s epic boom and bust, explained in 8 charts

9/15/21 Orlando Business Journal Investors contribute to Orlando’s dwindling home inventory and rising prices

9/14/21 Globe Street Single-Family Rental Market Index Slips, Is Still Near Record Highs

9/13/21 Miami Herald Lots of lots are coming — but mostly gone for now

9/13/21 Wealth Management Single-Family Rentals Come of Age


9/12/21 Banker & Tradesman Lots of Lots Are Coming … Eventually

9/10/21 Las Vegas Review-Journal Cadence in Henderson welcomes Century Communities

9/9/21 Bath & Kitchen Pro Plumbing gets smarter

9/8/21 Sacramento Bee Expert tips for buyers and sellers in Sacramento’s competitive real estate market

9/8/21 Calculated Risk Homebuilder Comments in August: “Supply shortages are getting worse.”

9/8/21 Street Insider Home Remodeling Index Pushes to Record Levels of Positive Sentiment

9/7/21 Loveland Reporter-Herald Rising Front Range rents are widespread and will keep climbing

9/3/21 Daily Camera Rising Front Range rents are widespread and will keep climbing

9/2/21 Tim & Julie Harris Real Estate Coaching Investors to Lead Home Sales in the Future?

9/2/21 Chicago Agent Magazine Why the future of exurbs remains uncertain

9/2/21 The Sacramento Bee Advice for home buyers, sellers in Sacramento, CA real estate

9/2/21 Kitchen & Bath Design News Market Builds on Record Quarter, But Key Concerns Linger

9/2/21 Fortune Lumber prices are down 74%. But this could drive them up again

August 2021

8/27/21 Inman Investors will lead home sales for foreseeable future: Study

8/25/21 Globe Street When ‘Transitory’ Inflation Really Means ‘Don’t Worry’

8/24/21 Bloomberg In This Housing Boom, Mortgages Are for Losers

8/20/21 Las Vegas Review-Journal Everleigh by Toll Brothers selling in Cadence

8/18/21 Louisville Business Journal Overheated real estate market begins to cool

8/18/21 Realtor Future of the Exurbs: Will Prices in Outer Suburbs Stay High—or Fall?

8/13/21 Vice Zillow, Other Tech Firms Are in an ‘Arms Race’ To Buy Up American Homes

8/13/21 New York Times Overheated Real Estate Market Begins to Cool

8/13/21 Orlando Business Journal Orlando home prices are a record high. Here’s where they climb the fastest.

8/13/21 Denver Business Journal NOT FOR SALE: Why a new type of housing development in markets like Denver has become ‘the hottest topic’ in real estate

8/13/21 The Real Deal Lumber now piling up for manufacturers

8/9/21 Orlando Business Journal Investors swarm to Orlando’s hot housing market

8/6/21 Yahoo Finance People flocked to these US metros during COVID-19

8/5/21 Bloomberg Homebuilders in U.S. Ease Up on Price Hikes as Buyers Push Back

8/5/21 Globe Street Look For Home Construction to Boom Over Next Two Years

8/2/21 CNN Wall Street is buying up family homes. The rent checks are too juicy to ignore

July 2021

7/31/21 The Japan Times Selling out: America’s local landlords. Moving in: Big investors

7/29/21 Reuters Selling out: America’s local landlords. Moving in: Big investors

7/29/21 Homebuilders are constructing fewer homes … on purpose

7/29/21 KFGO News Selling out: America’s local landlords. Moving in: Big investors

7/28/21 DS News Institutional Investment in Build-to-Rent Booming

7/23/21 Daily Caller Concerned About BlackRock Pricing Out Home Buyers? Wait Until You Hear How Connected They Are To The Government

7/23/21 Dallas Morning News Dallas area is a top market for new rental home communities

7/23/21 Bloomberg New Apartment Boomtowns May Be the Next Bubble

7/20/21 National Mortgage Professional Institutional Players Expand Investments In Built-To-Rent SFR

7/20/21 Yahoo Finance Institutional Investment in Build-to-Rent Single Family Expands

7/19/21 Real Trends Institutional ownership small, but impact looms large

7/9/21 AZ Big Media Walton forms build-for-rent joint venture with SVN|SFR

7/9/21 Las Vegas Review Journal Richmond American offers homes at Cadence

7/8/21 Business Wire SVN | SFR Capital Management Forms U.S. Build-for-Rent Housing Joint Venture with Walton Global Holdings

7/8/21 KUTV How prevalent are investors in Utah’s housing market? Not as much as you may think

7/8/21 Bloomberg Bloomberg Markets: What’d You Miss?

7/7/21 Bloomberg Five Things You Need to Know to Start Your Day

7/7/21 Bankrate Why Georgia is Bankrate’s best state for retirement in 2021

7/3/21 Naples Daily News Babcock Ranch nears 1,400 homes sold, surpasses 1,000 closings

7/3/21 Pro Builder Design Trends Survey: What’s in Store for Housing’s Look and Feel

7/2/21 Kitchen & Bath Design News Lingering Supply Chain Disruptions Seen as Only Transitory

7/1/21 Florida’s Housing Market Was Surging, Then a Condo Building Collapsed. What Happens Now?

7/1/21 NPR Desperately Seeking Construction Workers

June 2021

6/28/21 Business Observer Master-planned community surpasses closings milestone

6/27/21 Indianapolis Star Briggs: Home ownership becoming out of reach as Indy careens toward affordability crisis

6/23/21 Business Wire ADDING MULTIMEDIA Walton Enters the Single-Family Build-to-Rent Market Using its 81,000 Acre Land Portfolio Throughout the U.S.

6/23/21 CREative Media Single-Family Rental, Build-to-Rent

6/23/21 Money ‘Make Me Move’: Sellers Are Listing Their Homes at Ridiculous Prices Just to See What Happens

6/21/21 San Francisco Chronicle Are Wall Street hedge funds buying up homes in the Bay Area?

6/18/21 Houston Business Journal Johnson Development to expand Harvest Green ‘agrihood’ community by nearly 50%

6/18/21 Pro Builder COVID-19 May Shape a Generation of Planners and Consumers

7/17/21 Patriot Post Pricing the American Dream Out of Reach

6/17/21 Futurism With Millennials Renting Homes Like Crazy, It’s a Great Time To Buy Rental Property

6/17/21 Bloomberg Billionaires Back Startup That Wants to Let Anyone Be a Landlord

6/17/21 Bloomberg The U.S. Doubled Down on its Housing Problems During the Pandemic

6/16/21 The Real Deal New housing construction leaves US 5.5 million units short

6/16/21 NTD Expert on Big Investors Looking to Housing Amid Low Interest Rates

6/16/21 Inman Home sale-leasebacks are surging, but are they good for homeowners?

6/16/21 Fox Business US housing market needs 5.5 million more units: report

6/16/21 WSJ U.S. Housing Market Needs 5.5 Million More Units, Says New Report

6/15/21 The Post Millennial Is the average American being priced out of the housing market by Wall Street investors?

6/15/21 Fox 17 Major Wall Street investment firms go on home buying sprees amid housing boom

6/14/21 Yahoo Finance Homeowners Turn to Sale-Leasebacks After Pandemic Hit Finances

6/14/21 WSJ Homeowners Turn to Sale-Leasebacks After Pandemic Hit Finances

6/12/21 Daily Mail US house prices are being pushed up by pension funds that are outbidding middle class families and purchasing up to 24% of houses in some areas they then rent out

6/11/21 The Federalist What Happens When Hedge Funds Buy Up Neighborhoods

6/11/21 Vox Wall Street isn’t to blame for the chaotic housing market

6/10/21 Realtor Magazine The Making of a Net-Zero Emissions Community

7/10/21 Houston Chronicle Single-family rental company enters ranks of top builders

6/10/21 Bloomberg Yes, Real Estate Prices Are Soaring, and No, It’s Not a Bubble

7/9/21 CNBC This new community will have 21,000 homes – and net zero carbon emissions, developer says

6/7/21 Blaze Media Big investment companies are buying houses at high prices and renting them out, squeezing would-be homeowners

6/7/21 National Framers Council Webinar: These Regions Will See the Largest Housing Growth

6/7/21 Bankrate The weird, wild housing market in 5 charts

6/6/21 WSJ Moving to a New City for a Job? No Thanks

6/6/21 The Morning Call Investors make up a fifth of the Lehigh Valley housing market, but not all the bidding wars

6/4/21 California News Times AMC is an options market puppet

6/2/21 Business Wire Triton Announces Redemption of $821 Million of Institutional Senior Secured Notes

6/2/21 Business Wire U.S. Remodeling Index (USRI) Soars to 75.2; Signals ‘Extended Cycle of Big-Project Spending’

6/2/21 Northwest Arkansas Democrat Gazelle April construction spending up 0.2%

6/1/21 Kitchen & Bath Design News Kitchen & Bath Demand Hits ‘All-Time High,’ NKBA Reports

May 2021

5/31/21 Silicon Valley Business Journal House hunters are leaving the city, and builders can’t keep up

5/30/21 Indianapolis Star Briggs: Housing market is ‘peak insanity,’ but there are signs it’s starting to normalize

5/30/21 Economic Times House hunters in US are leaving the city, and builders can’t keep up with demand

5/29/21 NY Times House Hunters Are Leaving the City, and Builders Can’t Keep Up

5/29/21 Naples Daily News Ave Maria continues its record-breaking sales in 2021

5/28/21 Las Vegas Review Journal Cadence to celebrate Memorial Day

5/27/21 The Real Deal Builders fall behind on construction of sold homes

5/27/21 Bloomberg Three Charts That Show the Soaring Backlog of Unbuilt Homes

5/22/21 Hot Info Now This is a hot real estate market – then why are home sales declining?

5/22/21 Legally Sociable Investors buying about 20% of homes in the United States

5/22/21 NBC News It’s a red-hot real estate market — so why are home sales plunging?

5/21/21 Cash Weekly Report Homebuilder Comments in Mid-May: “Reducing Sales, Limiting Sales”

5/21/21 Las Vegas Review Journal Richmond American’s Verismo at Cadence nearly sold out

5/21/21 Floor Daily Investment Buyers Blocking Homebuyers Out of Market


5/20/21 Town-Crier Grocery Store And More Set To Open In The Grove Market Shopping Center

5/20/21 USA News Lab Real-Estate Frenzy Overwhelms Small-Town America: ‘I Came Home Crying’

5/20/21 LA Magazine Experts Expect Home Prices to Relax by Year’s End—but Will That Be the Case in SoCal?

5/20/21 WSJ Real-Estate Frenzy Overwhelms Small-Town America: ‘I Came Home Crying’

5/19/21 Cision Hotwire Communications will keep residents of Wellen Park’s Playmore District connected

5/19/21 Los Angeles Times Worried about returning to work? Here’s how some LA employers are handling it

5/18/21 Houston Business Journal Howard Hughes Corp. reveals homebuilders for Bridgeland’s new village

5/17/21 Long Beach Press Telegram Bubble Watch: ‘Question the sustainability’ of California home prices

5/17/21 OC Register Bubble Watch: ‘Question the sustainability’ of California home prices


5/14/21 Bradenton Herald Everything comes full circle.’ Booming Lakewood Ranch is adding a funeral home

5/13/21 Marketplace It’s a buyer’s market for real estate businesses

5/12/21 San Antonio Express News Big-dollar investors squeeze into San Antonio’s tight housing market

5/11/21 Patch Median Home Price Tops $1 Million In Orange County

5/11/21 Bath & Kitchen Pro Bath & kitchen market reaches historic high

5/10/21 Crain’s Cleveland Business Opinion: 7% growth looks a lot harder after the April jobs report

5/6/21 Utah Business Atlas Real Estate expands into Salt Lake City with acquisition of Black Aspen Property Management

5/6/21 Patch Tampa Ranked Among Top 10 Cities For Homebuyers, Homebuilders

5/5/21 Herald Journal Atlas Real Estate Expands into Salt Lake City with Acquisition of Black Aspen Property Management

5/4/21 How Americans Vacationing in Europe This Summer Could Affect the U.S. Housing Market

5/4/21 Vox America’s high home prices could turn us into a nation of renters.

5/3/21 Boise Dev ‘On everybody’s radar’: As many as 1-in-5 Ada Co. homes not going to primary homeowners

5/3/21 Today Headline Bubble Trouble: Is The Market On A Collision Course With Disaster?

5/3/21 Cision Lakewood Ranch to Expand Experiential Lifestyle Offerings With Three New Waterside Place Tenants

5/2/21 The Mercury News Homebuying’s bubble risks ignored by industry’s ‘V-eerleaders’

April 2021

4/30/21 Las Vegas Review Journal Commuting couple finds community at Cadence

4/29/21 Houston Chronicle Build-to-rent communities are flourishing in Houston, but at what cost?

4/28/21 Triangle Business Journal Apple jobs add pressure to already-strained Triangle housing market

4/27/21 WSJ The Pandemic Changed Where Americans Live

4/27/21 Boise State Public Radio Hordes Of Newcomers Driving Up Mountain West Housing Costs? There’s More To The Story.

4/27/21 Culture Map Houston Houston home sales rocket to record-breaking pace in ‘buying bonanza’

4/23/21 Real Estate Investing Today The Path to Rising Lumber Prices

4/23/21 The Registry Single-Family Rental and Build-for-Rent — So Hot Right Now

4/23/21 Orlando Business Journal When will the house party end?

4/23/21 KFGO News Special Report-Giant U.S. landlords pursue evictions despite CDC ban

4/23/21 Los Angeles Times Found your dream California home? Don’t dawdlee – it may be sold by tomorrow

4/23/21 Inland Valley Daily Bulletin First-time homebuyers are getting outbid by big companies

4/22/21 Long Beach Press Telegram 50 offers, 1 house: Buyers squeezed in bidding frenzy as prices vault again

4/22/21 Redlands Daily Facts First-time homebuyers are getting outbid by big companies

4/22/21 OC Register First-time homebuyers are getting outbid by big companies

4/21/21 Missoulian Out-of-state investors eye Missoula housing as prices climb

4/21/21 San Bernardino County Sun 50 offers, 1 house: Buyers squeezed in bidding frenzy as prices vault again

4/21/21 Los Angeles Times ‘A feeding frenzy’: Southern California home prices up 15%

4/16/21 Bloomberg JBREC’s Palacios: Extremely Bullish Real Estate Picture (Radio)

4/15/21 Seeking Alpha Pure Cycle Stays My Top Idea And Biggest Position

4/14/21 Community Impact Newspaper Average Houston single-family home price jumps 20% in March

4/13/21 The Real Deal Canadian pensions, Asian wealth funds eye single-family home rentals

4/13/21 Institutional investors are stiff competition for homebuyers

4/13/21 The Real Deal Institutional investors, higher material costs lead to rising home prices

4/9/21 Detroit News Prices surge as slim supply fuels US home-buying frenzy

4/9/21 Financial Advisor Home Prices Soar In Frenzied U.S. Market Drained Of Supply

4/8/21 Multi-Housing News Experts Discuss Growing SFR, BFR Markets

4/8/21 ReBusiness Online Build-For-Rent Sector Gains Traction As Renters Seek More Space

4/6/21 Press-Enterprise 130 homes with prices starting under $500,000 coming to Menifee

4/6/21 ETF Trends Homebuying Still Viewed as an Excellent Investment Option

4/6/21 Laker/Lutz News Pause on multifamily moves step closer in Pasco

4/6/21 Mreport Cities Set to Construct the Most Homes

4/5/21 Floor Focus Build-to-Rent Investors Buying Home Inventory, Driving Up Prices

4/5/21 American Banker Morning Scan Housing market frenzy continues; minority borrowers face PPP hurdles

4/5/21 Mansion Global If You Sell a House These Days, the Buyer Might Be a Pension Fund

4/4/21 WSJ If You Sell a House These Days, the Buyer Might Be a Pension Fund

4/1/21 Rose Law Group Reporter Builder to debut Mesa neighborhood

4/1/21 Kitchen & Bath Design News Demand for Kitchen & Bath Remodeling ‘Surging,’ Latest Research Finds

4/1/21 The Gazette Banning Lewis Ranch: Welcome Home to the Leading, Thriving Community

March 2021

3/31/21 Kitchen & Bath Design News Demand for Kitchen & Bath Remodeling ‘Surging,’ Latest Research Finds

3/30/21 Business Wire The New Home Company Continues Arizona Expansion

3/30/21 Signature Bride Kitchen and Bath Design Trends for 2021

3/29/21 The Norris Group Bruce Norris with John Burns of John Burns Real Estate Consulting Part 1

3/29/21 Raising the Roof: Here Are the 10 Cities Building the Most Homes for Buyers

3/27/21 Naples Daily News Ave Maria continues to top new home sales in Collier County

3/23/21 HBS Dealer The replay: Shifts in Home Design

3/19/21 Las Vegas Review Journal Cadence builders present new home models

3/18/21 Concrete Products Investment banker takes stock of bullish merger & acquisition conditions

3/18/21 Orlando Business Journal Report: Orlando’s 10 best neighborhoods to live in are concentrated in urban core

3/18/21 Orlando Business Journal Why Taylor Morrison paid big bucks for Horizon West land

3/17/21 Floor Focus Building Material Prices Surging

3/17/21 WSJ New Houses Are Costing More as Prices Jump for Wood, Bricks

3/15/21 Orlando Business Journal Taylor Morrison snags land near Disney for hundreds of homes

3/14/21 Las Vegas Review Journal Cadence offers move-in-ready homes

3/12/21 Town-Crier Minto’s Westlake Hits Major Milestone With 1,000 Homes Sold

3/11/21 Orlando Business Journal Covid drew homebuyers from cities to the suburbs. Will they move back?

3/11/21 Realty Biz News Homeowners are taking on bigger remodeling projects while stuck at home

3/10/21 Cash Flow Connections Did the Response to COVID Create An SFR Bubble

3/10/21 Woodworking Network Kitchen and bath market index shows higher quarterly sales

3/10/21 World Property Journal Kitchen and Bath Index Upticks in U.S.

3/10/21 Houston Business Journal Cy-Fair ISD to add first middle school in Bridgeland community

3/9/21 Professional Builder Webinar: The New New Home at Show Village 2021—On Demand

3/9/21 Contractor Kitchen & Bath Market Index Strengthens for Third Consecutive Quarter

3/9/21 Floor Daily Kitchen & Bath Market Index Strengthens for 3rd Consecutive Quarter

3/8/21 Beaumont Enterprise Should you build a mother-in-law suite – or buy a home with one?

3/8/21 San Francisco Chronicle The Bay Area migration has turned the Central Valley into a suddenly hot housing market
3/8/21 It’s Not Just Florida! America’s 10 Fastest-Growing Retirement Towns Show Some Surprises

3/3/21 Odessa American U.S. Remodeler Index (USRI) Signals a 10 Percent Market Surge in 2021

3/3/21 HBS Dealer The replay: Housing, building products and demographics

3/3/21 Business Wire U.S. Remodeler Index (USRI) Signals a 10 Percent Market Surge in 2021

3/3/21 News Break Banning Lewis Ranch: Welcome Home to the Leading, Thriving Community

3/2/21 Qualified Remodeler US Remodeler Index (USRI) Signals a 10 Percent Market Surge in 2021

3/1/21 Multi-Housing News TIM, Electra America Partner on SFR Venture

February 2021

2/26/21 Las Vegas Review Journal Cadence in Henderson announces new food truck program

2/25/21 El Paso Herald-Post Far East El Paso’s Mission Ridge ranked #11 top selling master planned communities of 2020

2/25/21 Glendale Star Developers pushing farther west

2/24/21 Suncoast News Pasco County Commission to consider multifamily moratorium

2/23/21 HBS Dealer Webinar Alert: How demographic shifts are impacting housing and building materials

2/23/21 Laker Lutz News Pasco board looks to put pause on multifamily

2/23/21 Real Estate Note Investing John Burns’ Apartment Rent Forecasts for 2021 – Real Estate Investing Today

2/23/21 Business Observer National builder announces new area neighborhood

2/22/21 East Valley Tribune Unprecedented low supply strains housing market

2/22/21 OC Register Housing market starts year with double-digit home price gains

2/20/21 Scottsdale Progress Unprecedented low supply strains housing market

2/18/21 Pro Builder Homeowners Want More Privacy—Here’s How Builders Can Help

2/16/21 PR Newswire Wellen Park’s new Playmore District features a range of neighborhood and home options

2/14/21 Sarasota Herald-Tribune Annual Parade of Homes to begin

2/13/21 Naples Daily News Ave Maria reports record-breaking sales in January

2/11/21 Digital Media Solutions Kitchen Appliance Brands Go Digital As Kitchen Renovations Heat Up

2/10/21 Babcock Ranch Telegraph Babcock Ranch leads Charlotte, Lee and Collier master planned communities in country’s top 50 list of 2020

2/9/21 Houston Business Journal Howard Hughes Corp.’s Bridgeland master-planned community to add Waller ISD elementary school

2/9/21 Rome News-Tribune Western Window Systems’ Sliding Glass Doors Showcased in More Than Two Dozen Award-Winning Master-Planned Communities

2/9/21 Globe St. An Uneven Race to Recovery

2/9/21 Patch Western Window Systems Showcased in Award-Winning Communities

2/9/21 The Atlantic Welcome to the Post-pandemic Dream Home

2/8/21 Coldwell Banker Outside Living Trends: More Privacy, Backyard Offices

2/8/21 AZ Big Media Here’s the outlook for land and housing in 2021

2/7/21 AZ Central New residents push up metro Phoenix home prices, rents

2/6/21 Las Vegas Review Journal Harmony Homes begins sales in Cadence

2/6/21 Keene Sentinel Wall Street’s favorite suburban housing bet getting crowded

2/4/21 Bakersfield Californian Wall Street’s favorite suburban housing bet is getting crowded

2/4/21 Multi-Housing News 5 Things Teleworkers Look for When Searching for a New Apartment

2/3/21 Architect Magazine The Space Race

2/3/21 Woodworking Network NKBA report predicts 16 percent growth in residential kitchen and bath remodeling

2/3/21 Bloomberg Wall Street’s Favorite Suburban Housing Bet Is Getting Crowded

2/1/21 Chicago Business Booming housing market buoys privately held homebuilders

January 2021

1/31/21 Forbes Seven Outdoor Living Trends For 2021

1/29/21 Twice National Kitchen & Bath Association Releases 2021 Market Outlook Report
1/28/21 HBS Dealer Webinar Alert: The home improvement outlook for 2021

1/28/21 Hometown News Margaritaville Daytona Beach lifestyle just ‘beachy’
1/27/21 West Villages Sun Wellen Park at No. 4

1/26/21 Bath & Kitchen Pro NKBA 2021 Market Outlook Report

1/26/21 Laker/Lutz News Strong housing outlook predicted through 2021

1/25/21 Skye Canyon Skye Canyon Ranks Among the 2020 Top-Selling Master-Planned Communities in the Nation

1/22/21 Realty Biz News Home builders are cashing in on rental demand

1/22/21 Viera Voice Viera continues to rise in the ranks of the top 20 master-planned communities across the country

1/22/21 LA Times Southern California home prices, sales rise in December, fueling pandemic housing boom

1/22/21 Los Angeles Magazine Southern California Is Having a Pandemic Real Estate Boom

1/21/21 Sarasota Magazine Lakewood Ranch Recognized as Top-Selling Community

1/20/21 Daily Bulletin Ontario Ranch passes Irvine Ranch as region’s top new-home project

1/18/21 Construct Utopia What Homeowners Want in a Home Office

1/17/21 Business Observer Lakewood Ranch tops in the U.S.

1/16/21 Naples Daily News Ave Maria ranks as one of the nation’s top selling master-planned communities

1/15/21 Las Vegas Review Journal Three Las Vegas master plans make nation’s top 10 list

1/15/21 Mercury News Sponsored: River Islands is named the most popular master plan in Northern California

1/13/21 Orlando Business Journal Minto to expand Daytona Beach’s Latitude Margaritaville with more homes
1/13/21 Builder and Developer Magazine Suburban Apartment Opportunity in 2021

1/13/21 Construct Utopia 5 Top Home Exterior Design Trends for 2021

1/12/21 Villages Daily Sun Villages comes out on top once again

1/12/21 SRQ Magazine Wellen Park Holds No. 4 Spot on 2020 List of Top-Selling Master-Planned Communities

1/11/21 MO Properties Santa Rita Ranch Achieves 72% Increase in New Home Sales for 2020, Named Best-Selling Master-Planned Community in Austin Area


1/11/21 DS News How the Pandemic Impacted Interest in SFR Investing

1/11/21 Globe St. Apartment Developers Back Off From Land Buys

1/11/21 Architectural Digest Investors Are Betting Big on Rental Homes

1/9/21 Collin County Magazine What’s happening at Trinity Falls?

1/9/21 Press Reader Community in Chula Vista Again Among Top Selling in 2020

1/8/21 Commercial Observer Moving Pieces: How the Single-Family Rental Boom Spawned a Need for Expertise

1/8/21 PR Newswire Santa Rita Ranch Achieves 72% Increase in New Home Sales for 2020, Named Best-Selling Master-Planned Community in Austin Area

1/8/21 Yahoo Finance Santa Rita Ranch Achieves 72% Increase in New Home Sales for 2020, Named Best-Selling Master-Planned Community in Austin Area

1/8/21 Sarasota Magazine Wellen Park Ranked No. 4 on 2020 List of Top-Selling Master-Planned Communities

1/8/21 San Diego Union Tribune Chula Vista’s Otay Ranch among top selling communities again in ’20

1/8/21 Real Deal Investors building single-family rentals to meet demand

1/8/21 PR Newswire RCLCO Ranks Summerlin® and Bridgeland® Among Nation’s Best-Selling Master Planned Communities of 2020

1/8/21 Space Coast Daily Viera Ranked 16th and 18th of the Top 50 Master-Planned Communities in the Nation for 2020

1/8/21 Sarasota Herald Tribune Lakewood Ranch, Wellen Park make top 5 sales list

1/8/21 WSJ Rental Home Construction Climbs as Purchase Prices Surge

1/7/21 Ave Maria Ave Maria named in the Top Master-Planned Communities!

1/7/21 Fox5 Vegas Wellen Park holds No. 4 spot on 2020 list of top-selling master-planned communities

1/7/21 Sarasota Magazine Lakewood Ranch Recognized as Best-Selling Multi-Generational Community for Third Year

1/7/21 Houston Business Journal Bridgeland top-selling master-planned community in Texas in 2020, two reports find

1/7/21 Press Enterprise 3,052 homes coming to Calimesa after giant land sale

1/7/21 Daily Bulletin 3,052 homes coming to Calimesa after giant land sale

1/5/21 TapIntoSparta Why Not To Wait Until Spring To Make A Move

December 2020

12/27/20 Jefferson City News Tribune The housing market is red hot. How long can it last?

12/25/20 WSJ Housing Boom Brings a Shortage of Land to Build New Homes

12/24/20 Rome News-Tribune The housing market is red hot. How long can it last?

12/22/20 Los Angeles Times The housing market is red hot. How long can it last?

12/19/20 Las Vegas Review Journal Holiday lights competition heats up at Cadence

12/18/20 Houston Business Journal Balcara Group begins pre-leasing for single-family rental neighborhood in Balmoral

12/17/20 Possum Kingdom Lake Real Estate Demand for Secondary Homes Skyrocket in 2020

12/17/20 Christian Science Monitor Multigenerational households confirm: The more the merrier

12/12/20 New Finance Magazine How The Biden Administration Could Help First-Time Homebuyers

12/10/20 Colorado Builder Magazine Home prices keep going up, but buyers can’t get enough

12/10/20 Forbes Kitchen And Bath Remodels Up During COVID-19 Restrictions

12/8/20 5 Big Ways President Biden Is Poised To Help First-Time Home Buyers

12/8/20 Globe St. Single-Family Rental Homes Gain as People Flee Cities

12/8/20 RisMedia NAR to Host Virtual Real Estate Forecast Summit on December 10

12/3/20 World Property Journal Despite COVID, Kitchen and Bath Market Index at Highest Point in 2020

12/2/20 Kitchen & Bath Design News Market Index Suggests Strong 2021 For Kitchen & Bath Remodeling

12/2/20 RisMedia KBMI at Highest Point This Year, Suggests Strong 2021 for Remodeling

12/1/20 KM Minemier & Associates Investors Vie for Build-to-Rent Single-Family Homes

12/1/20 Woodworking Network Remodeling market confidence hits highest point of the year

12/1/20 KBIS Kitchen & Bath Market Index at Highest Point This Year, Suggests Strong 2021 for Remodeling

12/1/20 Floor Daily Q3 Kitchen & Bath Market Index Hits Highest Point in 2020

November 2020

11/29/20 Las Vegas Review Journal Cadence offers homes for the holidays

11/24/20 Orlando Business Journal Downtown Orlando housing market sluggish amid residential boom

11/23/20 Pro Builder Home Trends: What’s Current and to Come, According to the Experts

11/22/20 Banker & Tradesman Two Housing Subsectors Set to Strengthen

11/18/20 Globe St. Suburbs Apartment Rents Close to Their Pre-Pandemic Peak

11/18/20 WSJ The Future of Kitchen Design Is Hands-Free and Smartphone-Activated

11/18/20 Orlando Business Journal Orange County denies controversial Eastwood Community expansion plan
11/13/20 LBM Executive A 50-50 PROPOSITION

11/10/20 Big City Exodus: Rents Of Single-Family Houses Rise Across The US

11/10/20 Wolf Street Big City Exodus: Rents of Single-Family Houses Rise Across the US, Even as Apartment Rents in Expensive Cities Drop Sharply

11/10/20 Kitchen & Bath Design News NKBA Names 2021 Thirty Under 30 Class

11/10/20 WSJ Race for Space Pushing Up Suburban Rents

October 2020

10/27/20 Orlando Business Journal New homes planned on former Palm Bay golf course

10/25/20 Las Vegas Review Journal Cadence caters to Fido and friends

10/20/20 Real Estate Investing Today The Great American Move Accelerates

10/19/20 Electronics Ward Homebuilder sentiment units one other document excessive in October

10/19/20 CNBC Homebuilder sentiment sets another record high in October


10/16/20 Globe St. The Multifamily Recovery Stalls in Gateway Markets

10/15/20 Houston Business Journal Houston continues to fall back down ULI’s annual list of real estate markets to watch

10/14/20 Charlotte Business Journal Charlotte, despite drop, shows strength in annual report on emerging real estate trends

10/13/20 HBS Dealer Building material spending should boom in 2021

10/11/20 Browsing Real Estate Apartment Construction Planning Is Different, Not Dead

10/9/20 Globe St. Apartment Construction Planning Is Different, Not Dead

10/7/20 OA Online PGT® Custom Windows + Doors Creates a Highly Engaging Experience With Website Launch

10/5/20 Las Vegas Review Journal Utah couple starts new chapter at Cadence

10/5/20 Pro Builder Housing and the 2020 Presidential Election

September 2020

9/30/20 The Villages Daily Sun Future looks bright for Sumter residents

9/29/20 Contractor NKBA’s Revised Market Outlook Reveals COVID-19 Rebound

9/29/20 Houston Business Journal Homebuilder’s deal with CBA Land Capital secures Balmoral, Lago Mar lots for future growth

9/25/20 Bloomberg U.S. Housing Boom Threatened by Short Supply of Homes to Buy

9/25/20 NNY 360 Housing boom in U.S. threatened by shortage of available homes

9/15/20 Money Here Are Today’s Best Mortgage & Refinance Rates for September 15, 2020

9/14/20 SF Gate First-Time Buyers, Beware: Homeownership Is Becoming a Tale of the Haves and Have-Nots

9/9/20 Institutional Real Estate Inc Single-family rental market booms during pandemic

9/6/20 Kitchen & Bath Design News Market Seen Improving, Though Virus Challenges Linger

9/5/20 The Durango Team The Rise of Second Homes

9/4/20 AZ Big Media Report: Single-family rental market booms during pandemic

9/4/20 Newsbreak Is the Second-Home Market Entering a Boom?

9/2/20 News Busters AGAINST AMERICA: 13 Times Big Three Censored Good Econ/Market News in 2020

9/2/20 Market Screener How’s the Coronavirus Economy? Great or Awful, Depending on Whom You Ask

9/1/20 National Mortgage News New homes account for biggest share of U.S. sales in 12 years

August 2020

8/31/20 Las Vegas Review Journal Cadence offers quick move-in options

8/31/20 Houston Business Journal Wan Bridge to build rental townhome community in Balmoral

8/28/20 San Bernardino County Sun New homes account for biggest share of U.S. sales in 12 years

8/27/20 The Registry King County Purchases Downtown Health Center and COVID-19 Testing Site for $15.5MM

8/27/20 The Registry National Housing Prices Continue to Appreciate, with First-Time Buyers Leading the Charge

8/26/20 Money When Will It Get Easier to Buy a Home? 8 Experts on the Nation’s Housing Shortage

8/25/20 Crain’s New York Business New-home sales surge to highest since December 2006

8/23/20 Richmond Times Dispatch Pandemic may be shifting home-buying interest from urban to rural areas

8/19/20 Floor Daily National Kitchen-Bath Association Releases Q2 2020 Market Index

8/18/20 Orlando Business Journal Park Square Homes buys Hunter’s Creek Golf Course

8/8/20 The Motley Fool Why These Residential Real Estate Stocks Soared More Than 18% in July

8/2/20 Las Vegas Review Journal Cadence offers home that are ready for move-in

8/1/20 News Technology Trend Builders and Commercial Real Estate Trends 2020 with John Burns DDRE#4

July 2020

7/23/20 Market Screener Forestar : Q3 FY 2020 Investor Presentation

7/23/20 LBM Journal Pandemic drives desire for larger homes, but not McMansions

7/23/20 Yield Pro Magazine Evaluating the impact of COVID-19

7/23/20 Yahoo Finance Mortgage Application Volume Rises Y/Y: 5 Stocks to Buy

7/23/20 Alton Telegraph Big Homes Had Fallen Out of Favor—Then Came the Coronavirus Pandemic

7/23/20 Big Homes Had Fallen Out of Favor—Then Came the Coronavirus Pandemic

7/22/20 The New Must-haves of Homebuying: What Buyers are Looking for

7/20/20 Market Beat D.R. Horton (NYSE: DHI) in Prime Position to Capitalize on Home Buying Trends

7/17/20 Walter Unger Homebuilders just saw the strongest June sales since the last housing boom, as pandemic pushes more buyers to the suburbs.

7/17/20 Investopedia Homebuilder Stocks Gain Amid Exodus to the Suburbs

7/14/20 Nasdaq Season Begins; How Much Impact Will The Pandemic Have?

7/14/20 Lumber Liquidators Jumps After Strong New Home Sales, Stock Upgrade

7/14/20 Nasdaq New Home Sales Hit Record High in June: 4 Stocks to Buy

7/14/20 Mansion Global Mansion Global Daily: London Luxury Rallies, Prices Expected to Fall in Parts of Australia and More

7/14/20 News Busters Big Three Networks CENSOR Strongest June Homebuilder Sales Since 2005

7/14/20 Chesterfield Observer Wescott brings ‘surban’ development to Midlothian

7/14/20 Livabl US new home sales soar 55% in June

7/14/20 June May Have Seen the Highest Number of New Home Sales Since 2005, Research Firm Says


7/14/20 Daily Alts Alternative Investments: A Pivotal Change in Trend of New Home Sales? Homebuilder ETFs To Consider

7/14/20 News Break New Home Sales Hit Record High in June: 4 Stocks to Buy

7/14/20 Planetizen New Homes Selling Like Hotcakes

7/14/20 Disrn Sales of newly constructed homes jump 55% in June, survey reports

7/13/20 Forbes Wireless Power For Homebuilders

7/13/20 ETF Trends Will Homebuilder ETFs Continue To Benefit From Urban Transition?

7/13/20 CNBC In June, new home sales jumped 55% annually

7/13/20 CNBC Homebuilders just saw the strongest June sales since the last housing boom, as pandemic pushes more buyers to the suburbs

7/11/20 The Ledger Remodeling succumbs to the virus

7/7/20 Bloomberg Nashville’s Downtown Tests the City-Within-a-City Concept

June 2020


6/28/20 Banker & Tradesman Remodeling Succumbs to the Virus

6/26/20 Las Vegas Review Journal Cadence offers financial incentives

6/26/20 Floor Daily NKBA Releases 2020 Kitchen & Bath Market Outlook

6/26/20 Builder and Developer Magazine Emerging Home Marketing Tactics Include Going Virtual

6/25/20 Supply House Times Residential bath and kitchen market still valued at $130.8 billion

6/25/20 Florida Weekly Stock Development Sales Remain Strong: Furnished Models Open & Move-In Homes Available


6/16/20 Crain’s New York Business Homebuilder optimism makes record rebound as buyers return

6/16/20 Kitchen & Bath Design News Significant Slowdown Seen for New Construction, Remodeling

6/16/20 U.S. Homebuilder Optimism Makes Record Rebound as Buyers Return

6/12/20 Las Vegas Review Journal Cadence reports online and foot traffic as ‘brisk’

6/12/20 Las Vegas Review Journal Pandemic affects Las Vegas luxury housing market

6/11/20 Florida Weekly Stock Development Sales Remain Strong: Company Is Exceeding Sales Projections

6/10/20 WSFA News New home construction remains strong during COVID-19 Pandemic


6/8/20 Forbes Give Your Portfolio Some Insurance With Allstate Corp

6/8/20 WSJ Fed Debates Yield Caps; Jobs Surprise Highlights Fed’s Forecasting Challenge; Investors Back ECB to Avert Italy Debt Crisis

6/7/20 CCN Did the U.S. Just Avert a Housing Market Crisis?

6/5/20 Market Screener Consumer Cos Up After May Jobs Data, New Home Sales Data — Consumer Roundup

6/5/20 Mansion Global Pent-Up Demand Lifts May New Home Sales 21%, Survey Finds

6/5/20 WSJ Pent-Up Demand Lifts May New Home Sales 21%, Survey Finds

6/3/20 Professional Builder 2020 Housing Giants Report: The Magnificent Middle

6/2/20 Hickman-Coen Cooped Up, Unhappy: Young Professionals Target New Homes

May 2020

5/29/20 Las Vegas Review Journal Experts say the COVID-19 crisis will change the design of our homes

5/29/30 Forbes A Booming Housing Market: Real Estate In These Cities Is Quickly Recovering

5/27/20 Kitchen & Bath Design News Signs of Rebound Evident Despite COVID-19 Impact, Poll Finds

5/25/20 Don Fenley Tri-Cities housing market hasn’t run out of steam, but COVID-19 is muting sales

5/24/20 Hartford Courant The Housing Scene: Healthy homes taking center stage

5/21/20 Miami Herald Amid COVID-19 pandemic, healthy homes taking center stage

5/18/20 Forbes New Home Building Sentiment Picks Up After Record Coronavirus Slump

5/18/20 Forbes Will More Americans Buy A Home Because Of The Coronavirus?

5/17/20 Arizona Daily Star 63-Home Single-Family, Build-for-Rent Community Planned for Fort Myers, FL

5/16/20 Post and Courier Impacts of pandemic on kitchen and bath industry

5/15/20 Sierra Sun On Your Market: Why home equity is a bright spot in the housing market

5/14/20 Huntington Now Real Estate: Why Home Equity Is a Bright Spark in the Housing Market

5/14/20 Professional Builder How Will Current Economic Conditions Impact Kitchen & Bath Industry’s Future?

5/14/20 Bloomberg Opinion Coronavirus Is Going to Create New Real Estate Winners

5/13/20 Floor Focus National Kitchen & Bath Assoc. Reports on Q1 Activity Amid COVID-19

5/13/20 Contractor Kitchen & Bath Market Index Gauges COVID-19 Impact

5/13/20 Woodworking Network Virus hurts kitchen and bath market, but there are indicators of recovery to come

5/13/20 Bankrate Coronavirus hits new home sales, but discounts are small for now

5/13/20 Minneapolis Star Tribune Edina showroom project now plans to also target downsized design firms

5/12/20 KGA Architects Single Family Build for Rent Homes – What You Need to Know


5/10/20 Six Reasons This is Not a Housing Crisis


5/8/20 Petoskey News-Review Home Help: Build your own birdhouse

5/8/20 Houston Business Journal More land added to master-planned community featuring Houston’s first Crystal Lagoon

5/8/20 Realty Biz News Young professionals drive growth in new home market

5/5/20 The Registry The Post-COVID-19 Home Buyer: Purchases Driven by Need for “Surban” Environments

5/5/20 My Mother Lode Are Coronavirus Fears Spurring a New Construction Frenzy?

5/4/20 Seeking Alpha Residential REITs: A Potential Bright Spot In Challenging Times

5/4/20 Professional Builder Young and Restless: Meet the Growing Families Rushing to Buy Homes

5/4/20 Orlando Business Journal This type of homebuyer is driving up market demand

5/3/20 Arizona Central Coronavirus exposed nursing home flaws. Learn options for keeping elderly with family

5/1/20 Kitchen & Bath Design News Residential Remodeling Seen Rebounding Quickly

5/1/20 Sierra Sun On Your Market: What impact might COVID-19 have on home values?

April 2020

4/27/20 CNBC Homebuilders See Sales Jump as Renters Flee Urban Apartments

4/26/20 Eyewitness News Op-Ed: Real Estate expectations in The Bahamas – COVID-19 and beyond

4/26/20 Realty Biz News Real estate investors look to cash in on COVID-19 opportunities

4/26/20 Banker & Tradesman Water, Water Everywhere in Homebuilding

4/24/20 US New Home Sales Plummet As COVID-19 Hits Housing Market

4/24/20 Yahoo Finance U.S. Economy May Have Hit the Coronavirus Bottom

4/23/20 WSJ As Golf Communities Lose Popularity, Real-Estate Developers Change Course

4/20/20 National Real Estate Investor Single-Family Rental Sector Poised for Strong Rebound

4/20/20 Globe St. A Consultant Expects Fewer Distressed Land Sales This Year. Here’s Why

4/20/20 Professional Builder Tips for Managing You and Your Team While Working From Home

4/17/20 US Glass News Network Experts Reveal Remodeling Data Including Project Delays and Postponements

4/17/20 TapInto.Net Selling Your Home In The Spring 2020 Market

4/16/20 Yahoo Finance U.S. Single-Family Rental Home Market Poised for Near-Term Real Estate Growth Opportunities, According to SVN | SFRhub Advisors

4/15/20 Inman Daily Dispatch: Economist John Burns offers a realistic timeline

4/15/20 Door and Window Market Experts Reveal Remodeling Data Including Project Delays and Postponements

4/10/20 Floor Covering Weekly COVID-19 hits remodel market

4/9/20 Inman Google searches soar for ‘mortgage’ and ‘home.’ ‘Real estate,’ not so much


4/5/20 Orlando Business Journal Why the housing market in these 2 counties is considered ‘vulnerable’

4/3/20 Grant’s Interest Rate Observer Credit virus superspreader

4/2/20 Orange Country Register Will coronavirus outbreak slam U.S. home prices?

4/2/20 Press Enterprise Will coronavirus outbreak slam US home prices?

4/2/20 Professional Builder 5 Shifting Housing Design Trends Happening Now

4/1/20 Floor Covering Weekly NKBA launches live virtual forum

4/1/20 Tap Into Sparta The #1 Thing You Can Do Now to Position Yourself to Buy a Home This Year

March 2020

3/30/20 Washington Post With hand sanitizer and elbow bumps, real estate agents are still selling during pandemic

3/26/20 Washington Post The Washington area housing market in 2019: It was on strong footing but uncertainty lies ahead

3/23/20 AZ Central Is metro Phoenix’s housing market strong enough to ride out a coronavirus-led recession?

3/17/20 Homebuyers Continue To Purchase Luxury NYC Apartments

3/15/20 NY Times Arizona Boom Draws Californians and Changes Political Hue

3/13/20 Cheddar How This 24-Year-Old Bought a Home; Why Americans Are Ditching the Stigma of Living With Their Parents

3/13/20 Cheddar Multigenerational Housing is Helping Americans Ditch the Stigma of Living With Their Parents

3/10/20 Multi Briefs Exclusive New remodeling forecasts revised upward

3/5/20 Professional Builder Home Building Industry Leaders: Pro Builder’s Forty Under 40 Class of 2020

February 2020

2/28/20 Kitchen & Bath Design News ‘Energetic Expansion,’ Slowing Growth Mirrored in Market Index

2/28/20 Newland Newland Executive Chairman McLeod Shares History And Lessons Learned

2/28/20 Las Vegas Review Journal Leap into a year of no HOA fees at Cadence

2/25/20 Globe St. Otay Ranch Named Top Master Planned Community


2/21/20 Real Wealth Show Housing Market: John Burns Talks 2020 Real Estate

2/21/20 Rick White The Burning Question: Can This Home Fit Multiple Generations?

2/21/20 Remodeling Magazine Kitchen & Bath Market Index Projects a Robust 2020

2/19/20 Floor Daily Kitchen & Bath Market Grew in Q4

2/18/20 Pymnts US Home Sales Hit Highest January Peak In Years

2/18/20 Contractor Kitchen & Bath Market Index Report Signals a Robust 2020

2/18/20 Crain’s Cleveland Business Home sales jump with builders recording best January since crash

2/18/20 Qualified Remodeler Market Index Signals Strong 2020

2/18/20 PHCP Pros Kitchen & Bath Market Index Report Signals a Robust 2020

2/18/20 Bloomberg Home Sales Jump With Builders Recording Best January Since Crash

2/14/20 OC Register Builders in late 2019 rush to beat solar requirement for new homes

2/11/20 Builder and Developer Otay Ranch Ranked Eighth Best Master-Planned Community in the Country

2/10/20 Professional Builder The California Solar Mandate Is Here. What Does This Mean for Builders?

2/4/20 Bloomberg Wall Street Bets on Single-Family Rentals After Blackstone Exit

2/1/20 Las Vegas Review Journal Cadence Ranked in Top 10 Master Planned Communities in Nation

January 2020

1/31/20 Professional Builder 5 Keys to Master Planned Community Success

1/31/20 Yahoo Finance Cornerstone Communities Recognized as One of America’s Most Active and Successful Builders in 2019 Based on Sales and Growth

1/30/20 West Side Journal The choice for staying put or moving on

1/28/20 Florida Trend Florida millennials are moving back to the burbs

1/27/20 Venveo 2020 Housing Market Projections

1/24/20 Las Vegas Review Journal Cadence features fitness court

1/22/20 Wall Street Journal The Daily Shot: The U.S. Mobility Rate Continues to Decline

1/21/20 Space Coast Daily Viera, Florida Once Again Ranked Among Top Master-Planned Communities Across the United States

1/20/20 Professional Builder How Have Home Design Trends Changed in Just One Year?

1/17/20 Las Vegas Review Journal Smart home technology in demand

1/17/20 Houston Business Journal Houston-based developer buys land for 3,000 homes in Katy area

1/17/20 Qualified Remodeler Remodeling Outlook: A Fast Start to 2020

1/16/20 Multi Briefs Exclusive Remodeling activity holding steady for now

1/16/20 Curbed As California comes to grips with housing crisis, Texas real estate rises in 2020

1/15/20 Sacramento Business Journal Local master-planned community lands among top 50 in nation

1/13/20 AZ Central Metro Phoenix called ‘hottest’ US housing market, but don’t expect prices to soar

1/13/20 Doherty Real Estate LAKEWOOD RANCH HOMES FOR SALE

1/11/20 Press Reader River Islands is named one of the most popular master plans in America

1/10/20 Professional Builder Southern California Builders Still Struggling Amid Housing Industry Recovery

1/9/20 Professional Builder Smart Tech Becoming No-Brainer for New Homes

1/9/20 Kitchen and Bath Design News 2020: Off to a Fast Start

1/9/20 Kitchen and Bath Design News Tariffs Seen Boosting U.S. Products

1/9/20 Houston Business Journal Houston’s master-planned communities among top-selling of past decade

1/9/20 San Diego Union Tribune Chula Vista’s Otay Ranch among the top-selling developments last year

1/9/20 Florida Weekly Conference will focus on trends and challenges in commercial real estate


1/8/20 Professional Builder 5 Lessons from the Top 50 Master Planned Communities of 2019

1/8/20 Your Observer Lakewood Ranch ranks No. 1 again in new home sales

1/8/20 Los Angeles Daily News It was a bad year for Southern California homebuilders

1/8/20 Mercury News It was a bad year for Southern California homebuilders

1/8/20 OC Business Journal MPCs Make List

1/8/20 Sarasota Magazine Lakewood Ranch Named Best-Selling Master-Planned Community in the Country

1/8/20 Dallas Business Journal Two North Texas master-planned communities land among top 50 in nation

1/6/20 Builder and Developer Best Affordability in Years Boosting Housing in 2020

September 2019

9/26/19 Seattle Times 7 ways telecommuting has changed real estate

9/25/19 Professional Builder Home Building is Half an Industry

9/24/19 Globe St. How Developers Can Reduce Mortgage Policy Risk

9/23/19 Realtor Magazine Home Offices Are Increasingly in Demand

9/23/19 Market Watch Want to trade in your home? Zillow tries a model most often used by car dealers

9/20/19 Las Vegas Review Journal American Homes 4 Rent enters local housing market

9/20/19 Market Cap How Telecommuting Has Changed Real Estate

9/20/19 NY Times Seven Ways Telecommuting Has Changed Real Estate

9/11/19 Yahoo Finance 13 New Home Designs Launched at Mattamy’s Renaissance at West Villages Community

9/3/19 Kitchen & Bath Design News Forecast Sees Shift to Lower-Cost Kitchen & Bath Projects

August 2019

8/14/19 Jake and Gino Demographic Shifts with Chris Porter

8/12/19 Housing Wire July’s sluggish home price growth highlights tension between the nation’s buyers and sellers

8/10/19 Denver Post Denver only city to get top props from Boomers, Gen Xers and millennials in surve

8/9/19 ArcaMax California home builders are pulling back, deflating hopes for housing relief

8/9/19 M Report Why Housing Remains a Challenge for Californians

8/9/19 Bath & Kitchen Pro NKBA “Kitchen and Bath Market Index” shows sustained industry expansion in second quarter

8/9/19 LA Times California home builders are pulling back, deflating hopes for housing relief

8/8/19 DS News The Rise of Built-for-Rent Homes


8/6/19 RE/MAX Research looks at entry-level home affordability

8/6/19 Woodworking Network NKBA’s kitchen and bath market index shows expansion

8/6/19 Houston Business Journal Houston developer announces homebuilders for new master-planned community

8/5/19 Kitchen & Bath Business Kitchen and Bath Market Index Shows Sustained Industry Expansion in Q2

8/5/19 Remodeling Magazine NKBA’s Kitchen and Bath Market Index Shows Sustained Growth in Q2 2019


8/5/19 Charlotte Business Journal CBJ Morning Buzz: How attainable is an entry-level home in Charlotte?; Boy Scouts pack CLT, drawing frustration; Brooklyn Village protest for reparations

8/2/19 ETF Trends REIT ETFs That Capitalize on the Increasing Number of Renters

8/2/19 Wall Street Journal Rising Home Rents Put Big Landlords in Sweet Spot

8/1/19 Builder and Developer The B&D Interview: John Burns, CEO, John Burns Real Estate Consulting

July 2019

7/31/19 ABC 15 Arizona Here’s the percentage of people in Phoenix who can afford a home

7/30/19 Austin Business Journal Study: Most Austinites can’t afford entry-level home

7/30/19 Kxan Study: Most Austinites can’t afford entry-level home

7/30/19 Your Valley Vistancia to open new 3,250-home Peoria community in 2020

7/30/19 Yahoo Finance American Homes 4 Rent (AMH) Q2 2019 Earnings Call Transcript

7/29/19 Florida Trend Lakewood Ranch no. 1 in the nation for housing starts in second quarter

7/29/19 Wall Street Journal The Daily Shot: Business Investment Was a Drag on Growth for the First Time in Three Years

7/26/19 CNBC This is the ‘fastest growing trend’ in the housing industry, and investors are rushing in

7/25/19 Business Fast Real estate CEO John Burns on the growing build-to-rent trend

7/25/19 Boston Agent Magazine Down payment assistance gains favor with buyers

7/23/19 What Are the Top Interior Design Styles in Every State in 2019?

7/23/19 OC Register Study: 257,000 more Southern Californians can afford a home, thanks to falling mortgage rates

7/23/19 The Sun Study: 257,000 more Southern Californians can afford a home, thanks to falling mortgage rates

7/22/19 CBS News Home prices around the U.S. surged to new high this year

7/22/19 Housingwire Only half of Americans can afford an entry-level home

7/22/19 Tampa Bay Business Journal Report shows home affordability in Tampa has improved slightly, remains below historical median

7/22/19 Orlando Business Journal 7 things to know today and smart diapers with help from Google? What???

7/18/19 Fortune The Surprising Way Republicans Used to Use Immigration to Boost the Economy

7/18/19 The Registry Only 54% of Americans Can Afford a Home

7/15/19 Professional Builder Shifting Home Design Preferences Take Manufacturers by Surprise

7/15/19 Long Beach Business Journal What is Going On With Home Prices?

7/12/19 Florida Business Observer As population grows, area sees influx of new health care facilities

7/8/19 PR Newswire Mattamy Homes Welcomes Rick Severance as New President in West Villages

7/4/19 San Francisco Chronicle Report: Las Vegas home resale prices remain stagnant

7/4/19 SF Gate Report: Las Vegas home resale prices remain stagnant

7/4/19 Washington Times Report: Las Vegas home resale prices remain stagnant

7/4/19 Las Vegas Sun Las Vegas home resale prices stagnant; rental rates up

7/3/19 Denver Post Metro Denver’s supply of homes for sale surged in June

7/3/19 Kitchen & Bath Design News Designing for Hispanic Clientele

7/2/19 Miami Agent Magazine Miami home price growth lost steam last year, but is already recovering

June 2019

6/27/19 Forbes Making Life Easier For Renters, Time-Pressed Leasing Agents

6/26/19 ETF Daily News U.S. sees soaring demand for build-to-rent housing

6/26/19 LA Times Southern California home prices are flat in May as sales fall

6/26/19 Multi Briefs Exclusive Falling mortgage rates lift home sales

6/26/19 CNBC Build-to-rent housing market explodes as investors rush in

6/20/19 Professional Builder PODCAST: How to Successfully Pivot in a New Housing Market

6/19/19 Southern Living Baby Boomers Built Big, But Now Nobody is Buying

6/19/19 Yahoo Lifestyle Baby Boomers Built Big, But Now Nobody is Buying

6/17/19 Archinect There’s a glut of McMansions on the market

6/16/19 Wall Street Journal Home Buyers Get Government Help With Down Payments

6/12/19 Forbes How To Choose A 55+ Active Adult Community

6/12/19 Realtor Magazine Tax Reform May Be Making Renters Feel Richer

6/11/19 Luxury Living Listings How much Miami homeowners saved on taxes last year

6/10/19 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act will likely spur demand for entry-level homes, researchers say | 2019-06-10

6/10/19 Housing Wire Tax Cuts and Jobs Act will likely spur demand for entry-level homes, researchers say

6/9/19 Realty Biz News The growing need for multigenerational homes


6/4/19 Kitchen & Bath Design News Index Shows Market Firing on All Cylinders

May 2019

5/29/19 LA Times Amid housing slowdown, Southern California prices rise slightly in April

5/29/19 Oakland Press The choice for staying put or moving on

5/28/19 Forbes Private Balconies, Patios Are Selling Points As Big As Great Outdoors

5/22/19 Apple Podcasts Episode 5: John Burns, John Burns Real Estate Consulting

5/20/19 NKBA NKBA CEO Bill Darcy to Discuss KBMI on After the Bell!

5/20/19 Hanley Wood Kitchen and Bath Market Index Shows Strong Q1 Growth, Favorable Market Outlook


5/19/19 Houston Business Journal Community in Fort Bend County opens seven new sections

5/15/19 Houston Chronicle Aliana community opens seven new sections

5/15/19 Supply House Times Kitchen and Bath Market Index forecasts strong growth and a positive outlook for industry

5/9/19 Realty Biz News The growing need for multigenerational homes

5/8/19 What our kitchens say about us

5/7/19 Realtor Magazine There Could Be a Problem With ‘Multigen’ Homes

5/6/19 Professional Builder 2019 Housing Giants Special Report: Wheelin’ and Dealin’

5/6/19 Realty News Online Multigenerational households are on the rise, according to new data

5/6/19 Inman Multigenerational households are on the rise, according to new data

5/6/19 Fast Company The future of housing looks nothing like today’s

5/3/19 Palm Beach Post Palm Beach County in 2030: Hispanics leading the way for population growth

5/2/19 The Hottest Rentals Are Single-Family Homes, and Boomers Are Snapping Them Up

5/1/19 Think Realty Seven Reasons to Invest in Single-Family Rentals Sooner Rather Than Later

April 2019

4/29/19 Bradenton Herald We know Lakewood Ranch sells lots of homes. Now we know who’s buying those homes

4/26/19 Business Observer Master-planned community has eye on more growth, opportunities ahead

4/26/19 Mansion Global A ‘Big’ Change: Why Buyers Are Prioritizing Quality Over Massive Homes

4/24/19 Wall Street Journal The Daily Shot: Share of Middle-Income Households in the U.S. Lags Other Advanced Economies

4/23/19 Arkansas Democrat Gazette U.S. home resales fall 4.9% in March

4/23/19 The National US housing market goes from hot to not

4/22/19 Live Trading News Hot US Housing Markets Cool

4/22/19 Bloomberg Recently Hot U.S. Housing Markets Now See Biggest Sales Declines

4/19/19 PR Newswire Harvest by Hillwood Communities Sweeps 40th Annual McSAM Awards

4/15/19 National Mortgage News How tax reform changed the mortgage market’s outlook

4/14/19 Denver Post Colorado’s first build-for-rent community opening in Commerce City

4/10/19 Think Glink 5 Top Home Design Trends from Industry Insiders

4/10/19 Long Beach Business Journal Realty Views: Is Bigger Better When It Comes To Homes?

4/6/19 Sarasota Herald Tribune LEW SICHELMAN: Planned communities in greater demand

4/3/19 Kitchen & Bath Design News Market Growth Forecast as Only ‘Modest’

4/3/19 OC Register Along the Coast: Spectrum Terrace rises and City of Hope comes to OC

4/1/19 These 10 Cities Will Dominate Home Construction in 2019

March 2019


3/29/19 Rhino Times Planned Communities In Greater Demand

3/29/19 U Express Planned Communities In Greater Demand

3/28/19 Washington Post The Washington-area housing market in 2018: A good year, not a great one

3/27/19 San Diego Union-Tribune San Diego median home price at $549K, sales down

3/27/19 Florida Realtors Yesterday’s McMansions may be tougher sell today

3/26/19 Realty Biz News Baby boomers could struggle to downsize from their ‘supersize’ homes

3/26/19 Remodeling Magazine NKBA and John Burns Launch Kitchen & Bath Market Index

3/26/19 Professional Builder Top 5 Products Design Trends

3/26/19 Construction Equipment Guide ARTAVIA to Bring 5,200 Homes to Conroe Worth $2.4B


3/26/19 The Real Deal How to Cash In on the Rental Economy

3/26/19 Mortgage Professional America Boomers ditching their big homes is causing a housing dilemma

3/25/19 Professional Builder What’s Trending? Trends

3/21/19 Wall Street Journal A Growing Problem in Real Estate: Too Many Too Big Houses

3/19/19 Boating Industry The ‘surban’ future and boating

3/4/19 The Progress Johnson Development Sees 6 Communities on National Best-Selling Lists

3/3/19 Press Reader Buyer may be closer than you think

3/1/19 Professional Builder 2019 Professional Builder Forty Under 40

February 2019

2/27/19 Texas A&M Real Estate Center Sienna Plantation’s ‘sweet 600’

2/27/19 Dispatch Argus Home Sellers: Your Buyer May Be Just Around the Corner

2/27/19 Houston Business Journal Developer behind Aliana unveils plans for another 2,200-acre community near Houston

2/26/19 Los Angeles Daily News Housing, already in a slump, probably won’t cause the next recession

2/22/19 Houston Business Journal Sienna Plantation to add 600-home neighborhood with new home designs

2/21/19 Houston Chronicle Sienna Plantation adds neighborhood planned for 600 homes

2/20/19 Business Times US housing sector in a slump, but unlikely to cause recession

2/19/19 NY Times Housing Is Already in a Slump. So It (Probably) Can’t Cause a Recession.

2/19/19 SF Gate The Top 10 U.S. Cities to Buy Your Starter Home—or Your Forever Home


2/12/19 Realty Biz News Home builders lack social media skills, experts say

2/8/19 Realtor Mag Homebuilders May Have a Social Media Problem

2/5/19 CNBC In a surprising twist, the state of housing demand is suddenly strong again – but it could be temporary

2/4/19 Houston Business Journal Houston’s Johnson Development buys first Austin-area master-planned community

2/4/19 West Valley View Estrella ranks among top master-planned communities

2/3/19 Builder and Developer A Study of Affluent Buyers

2/3/19 Professional Builder What Buyers Want—Recent Consumer Preference Research

2/3/19 Professional Builder Mastering Customer Feedback—More Important Than Ever

2/1/19 Professional Builder Expert Says ‘Don’t Miss Out’ on These Communities

January 2019

1/31/19 Will Amazon Actually Deliver for NYC and DC-Area Housing?

1/30/19 CNBC Southern California home sales plunge 20% in December to the lowest pace in 11 years

1/25/19 Capistrano Dispatch Rancho Mission Viejo Ranked Among Top-Selling Master-Planned Communities

1/22/19 ABC Estrella Moves Up On Top-Selling Master-Planned Communities Lists For 2018

1/22/19 LA Times California Inc: Where’s the line when a president also happens to run a business?

1/22/19 Benzinga Estrella Moves Up On Top-Selling Master-Planned Communities Lists For 2018

1/21/19 Herald Tribune Homebuilders see rentals as a bright spot

1/18/19 Las Vegas Review Journal Pardee invested in Inspirada

1/18/19 Pittsburgh Post Gazette Our city’s better than yours, and here’s the proof: The Pittsburgh List of Lists

1/17/19 Real Estate Center Texas A&M University Ten Houston master-planned communities in top 50 nationally

1/17/19 Florida Realtors Builders offer incentives as sales start to slump

1/17/19 Realty Biz News LA builders offer incentives as home sales slump

1/15/19 MIMS Florida Viera Ranked In Top 25 Master-Planned Communities In The Nation

1/15/19 Space Coast Daily Viera Ranked in Top 25 Master-Planned Communities in the Nation

1/15/19 Business Wire Houston’s Aliana Master-Planned Community Ranked Top 30 in Sales Nationally by Prestigious Real Estate Firms

1/14/19 San Antonio Express-News America’s Safest Places To Live … Where You Can Actually Afford to Buy a Home

1/14/19 Newsmax CNBC: New Home Sales Plunge 19 Percent to End 2018

1/13/19 The Post and Courier Charleston-area development in top 25 master-planned communities in U.S.

1/12/19 Houston Agent Magazine This week in Houston real estate: a record 2018, homebuyers near price-out point and more

1/11/19 CNBC New home sales tank 19 percent to end 2018

1/11/19 The Bulletin As housing market slows, builders are offering discounts

1/11/19 Post Bulletin As the housing market slows, builders are offering buyer discounts

1/11/19 ETF Trends Non-Government Data Shows New Home Sales Fell in 2018

1/11/19 Las Vegas Review Journal Four Las Vegas master plans rank in top 21

1/11/19 Las Vegas Now Skye Canyon ranks No. 1 in growth for U.S. master planned communities

1/11/19 Woodlands Online Johnson Development Sees 6 Communities on National Best-Selling Lists

1/11/19 LA Times As the housing market slows, builders are offering buyer discounts

1/11/19 CNBC Newly built home sales fall in California

1/10/19 Sacramento Bee Will home prices rise or drop in 2019? Here’s the scoop from Sacramento housing experts

1/9/19 Hastings Tribune West Villages Florida Ranks Fourth in U.S. Master-Planned Communities

1/9/19 OA Online West Villages Florida Ranks Fourth in U.S. Master-Planned Communities

1/9/19 Business Wire West Villages Florida Ranks Fourth in U.S. Master-Planned Communities

1/8/19 Press Reader Stapleton Remains a Top Community for Home Sales

1/8/19 Denver Post Home sales are slipping in Denver’s Stapleton neighborhood; Lewis Banning Ranch rising in Colorado Springs

1/8/19 Builder and Developer Mag A Look Ahead to 2019


1/8/19 Professional Builder Top-Selling Master-Planned Communities in 2018


1/7/19 Covering Fort Bend Sienna Plantation Ranks as the Top-Selling Community in Texas



1/7/19 Houston Chronicle 11 Houston area communities make national top-seller list

1/6/19 Houston Business Journal These Houston master-planned communities sold the most homes in 2018

1/5/19 Redlands Daily Facts New-home communities in Irvine, Ontario and near Mission Viejo among nation’s fastest sellers

1/4/19 Tampa Bay Business Journal New five-story hotel with restaurant proposed in Lakewood Ranch Town Center

1/4/19 Bradenteon Herald We knew Lakewood Ranch was growing rapidly. Here’s why it shows no signs of slowing

1/4/19 Sarasota Herald Tribune Lakewood Ranch and The West Villages among Top 10 master-planned communities

1/4/19 Kitchen & Bath Design News Subtle Shifts Ahead

1/4/19 Bloomberg Homebuilders See a Bright Spot in the Gloom—And It’s Rentals

1/3/19 Las Vegas Review Journal Las Vegas Valley communities in top 25 for US builders’ sales

1/2/19 SF Gate The 10 Surprising Housing Markets Poised to Rule in 2019

December 2018

12/31/18 Forbes Four Influential Factors That Will Impact The Future Of Housing

12/31/18 Your Observer Big silver celebration in Lakewood Ranch

12/26/18 Professional Builder Make Your Business Model Millennial-Centric

12/23/18 AZ Central Rising U-Haul costs indicate Phoenix is a hot place to move

12/21/18 Daily Breeze Home smart home: Tech firms and builders focus on AI controlling your gadgets

12/21/18 OC Register Home smart home: Tech firms and builders focus on AI controlling your gadgets

12/20/18 Forex Factory US single-family home construction tumbles – and a top analyst says housing is in a correction

12/18/18 CNBC Single-family home construction tumbles – and a top analyst says housing is in a correction

12/15/18 News Ok Is Oklahoma City housing in one extreme or the other, or neither?

12/12/18 Builder and Developer A Year in Review: Increasingly Cautious Heading into New Year

12/11/18 Nasdaq TRI Pointe Group Expands Into Top U.S. Metro Area With Acquisition of Dunhill Homes, a Winchester Carlisle Company, in Dallas-Fort Worth

12/11/18 LA Times Zillow will buy your home directly. And it just brought the service to Southern California

12/7/18 Mecklenburg Times INVESTORS’ CORNER: America Migrates South: Why the Greater Charlotte Area Will Continue to Grow at a Phenomenal Pace part 2 of 2

12/4/18 Globe Newswire TRI Pointe Homes Carolinas Adds 25-Year Raleigh Real Estate Veteran to Its Fast-Growing Team

12/3/18 My San Antonio The Housing Slowdown Is Here—and These 10 Cities Are Getting Hit Hardest

November 2018

11/29/18 Professional Builder For the Culture: Housing’s Crossroads in 2020

11/29/18 Post Bulletin California’s housing shortage has companies carving up apartments to lower the rent

11/25/18 LA Times California’s housing shortage has companies carving up apartments to lower the rent

11/24/18 Dever Post Colorado architects seeking to create “apartment effect” for younger homebuyers

11/21/18 Las Vegas Business Press Vegas home designs inspire Western builders

11/20/18 Calculated Risk John Burns: Builder Confidence “Feels more like a 50 to me”

11/16/18 Chicago Agent This Week in Real Estate: Chicagoland luxury home sales on the rise, and more

11/12/18 Think Realty Are Uber, Lyft and Driverless Cars Parking Demand for Garages?

11/10/18 Post and Courier Climbing mortgage rates shake up housing market nationwide

11/9/18 Florida Business Observer Southwest Florida real estate market enjoys good times … for now

11/8/18 AZ Big Media Land Advisors will host Phoenix Land and Housing Forecast

11/8/18 Cision PR Web Land Advisors to Host Phoenix Land and Housing Forecast

11/7/18 Benzinga Land Advisors to Host Phoenix Land and Housing Forecast

11/5/18 National Real Estate Investor Single-Family Rental Market Sees an Uptick in Portfolio Sales as Institutional Owners Prune Their Holdings

11/4/18 La Times Another Southern California home-price boom is cooling. Is a crash looming?

October 2018


10/24/18 The Norris Group I Survived Real Estate 2018

10/24/18 Nasdaq TRI Pointe Group Expands Southeast Reach With Launch of New TRI Pointe Homes Division in the Carolinas

10/24/18 Business Observer Florida Growing community breaks ground on new Publix


10/23/18 Wall Street Journal The Daily Shot: Bank Shares Tumble on Slower Mortgage Demand

10/23/18 HIRI Industry Insights from the 2018 HIRI Conference

10/19/18 HBS Dealer Modest housing growth projected for 2019

10/19/18 Wolf Street US Housing Turns into Buyer’s Market

10/16/18 Curbed Home prices have finally hit a wall on the West Coast

10/16/18 WLS Chicago houses will be among nation’s most affordable for next few years

10/16/18 Chicago Business Chicago will still be a homebuyer’s bargain well into the 2020s. But …

10/15/18 The Sun Status Update: Mountain resorts hiring for snow season, seek hundreds of employees

10/12/18 LA Times Mortgage rates rise to a seven-year high

10/11/18 Wall Street Journal How To Thrive in Early Retirement

10/9/18 Wall Street Journal Lennar Is in Advanced Talks to Sell Its Real-Estate Lending Unit, Rialto Capital

10/8/18 Home Toys CEDIA Report Finds Opportunities for Business Growth for its Members

10/8/18 National Real Estate Investor Middle-Market SFR Investors Say They Could Have Benefitted from FHFA’s Discontinued Lending Pilot Program

10/7/18 Ocala In Hendry County, a mix of economic signs

10/5/18 Urban Land How Demography Helps Explain the Lengthy U.S. Recovery


10/4/18 Naples Florida Weekly BUSINESS MEETINGS

10/4/18 My Palm Beach Post Like other rural counties, Hendry mixes economic woes, hope for new jobs

10/25/18 Wray Ward 7 Key Takeaways from the 2018 Home Improvement Research Institute Insights Conference

10/2/18 The News Tribune Smaller Houses, Specific Amenities

September 2018

9/27/18 Builders Hit Hole-in-One: Dead Golf Courses Become Sites for New Housing

9/18/18 Business Observer Florida Master-planned community sees 86 home sales

9/13/18 Wall Street Journal Want to Eat Here? First Buy a Multimillion-Dollar Condo

9/11/18 New Home Source What Builders do to Stay in Sync with Buyers

9/10/18 Curbed A brand new single-family neighborhood, where every unit is a rental

9/5/18 Gulf News Property Existing home prices grow at a faster clip in the US

9/4/18 National Mortgage News New homes look like a deal, at least compared with existing ones

9/4/18 Bloomberg New Homes Look Like a Deal, at Least Compared With Existing Ones

9/4/18 Bloomberg Emerging-Market Selloff Deepens Amid Fresh Alarms Over Contagion

August 2018

8/27/18 Realtor Mag Smart-Home Gadgets Buyers Will Pay Extra to Have

8/27/18 Yahoo Finance RVs and recliners are back thanks to millennials

8/23/18 Wall Street Journal July New-Home Sales Suggest Sluggish Summer

8/23/18 San Luis Obispo Tribune SLO County residents are rich with home equity after market surge. Are you? Here’s how to tell

8/23/18 Sacramento Bee Is Sacramento real estate headed for a bust? Dr. Doom and other experts weigh in

8/21/18 Orlando Business Journal Lake Nona may get global biotech firm to build facility, create 300+ high-wage jobs

8/21/18 Yahoo Lifestyle Homebuyers are demanding one amenity right now

8/20/18 Sacramento Bee Californians are rich with home equity after market surge. Are you? Here’s how to tell

8/19/18 Charleston Post and Courier Neighborhood attractions undergoing changes from large central draws to smaller gathering

8/17/18 Investor’s Business Daily Affordable Housing Crisis: What You Must Know About The Housing Bubble

8/14/18 Orlando Business Journal Luxe cinema rolls into Lake Nona Town Center


8/10/18 Landscape Online A3Homeownership Rate Continues Steady Decline

8/1/18 Penny Mac USA How Millennials Are Changing the Housing Market

July 2018


7/31/18 Inland Empire.US Construction is Underway In Beaumont of 55+ Homes

7/31/18 I’m So Over Modern Farmhouse: 5 Reasons to Put This Trend Out to Pasture

7/31/18 Professional Builder Five Reasons to Take This Design Style to the Woodshed

7/30/18 US News Does America Want More From Its Toilets?

7/26/18 The Real Deal Inland Empire’s ‘gigabit’ community

7/26/18 Triangle Business Journal When will home prices increases slow in the Triangle?

7/25/18 Realty News Report The World Capital of Master Planned Communities: Q&A with David Jarvis

7/20/18 Brookville Times Bay Area residents are inundating Sacramento new home websites. Is a coastal wave coming?

7/20/18 OC Register Real estate news: Retail center near South Coast Plaza sells for $46.46 million; R.D. Olson moving HQ to 400 Spectrum

7/20/18 NY Times What to Know Before Buying a Home With Your Parents

7/18/18 Professional Builder Single-family Rental Market Bullish, Helped by Online Platforms

7/17/18 Houston Chronicle Sienna Plantation ranks as Houston’s top-selling community

7/17/18 Professional Builder Waiting to Buy Beneficial for Millennials

7/17/18 Curbed Single-family rental units have never been easier to buy

7/16/18 Business Insider Designs for Luxury Move-down Buyers Take Top Honors at 2018 Gold Nugget Awards

7/16/18 Denver Post With home prices in metro Denver up 65 percent, renting long-term may not be a bad option


7/13/18 Professional Builder Analysis Suggests ‘Surban’ Areas May Transform American Landscape

7/13/18 Residential Design Magazine New Forecast Bullish on Remodeling Growth

7/11/18 Qualified Remodeler New Forecast Bullish on Remodeling Growth

7/7/18 Sacramento Bee That’s a California thing.’ Sacramento ranks high among cities with million-dollar homes

7/6/18 Yahoo Sports Young couples and retirees ditch the city for a new kind of suburb

7/6/18 Yahoo Finance Young couples and retirees ditch the city for a new kind of suburb

7/5/18 Orlando Business Journal Nod to Nona: Major retailers wanted in even before leasing began on Tavistock’s ‘high-profile’ town center

7/3/18 CNBC Home prices make the biggest jump in four years

7/2/18 Scotsman Guide AEI: A housing bust is inevitable

7/1/18 Columbus Dispatch Real estate report: Study shows increase in homeowners’ profits

June 2018

6/29/18 OC Register The new American dream: Leasing your house

6/29/18 Mercury News The new American dream: Leasing your house

6/29/18 Wall Street Journal The Daily Shot: Which States Will Be Hurt the Most by Trade Relations?

6/27/18 Pew Millennial Buyers Face Tough Housing Market

6/22/18 Sacramento Bee Are Sacramento home prices reaching ‘bubble’ bursting levels?

6/19/18 Herald-Zeitung Younger families looking for that ‘surban’ experience

6/18/18 Sacramento Bee Bay Area residents are inundating Sacramento new home websites. Is a coastal wave coming?

6/15/18 Curbed Why single-family rental companies are cozying up to home builders


6/14/18 Beyond Millennials: Generation Z Buyers Are Poised to Upend the Housing Market

6/8/18 Markets Insider Montara by California Pacific Homes to Grand Open This Summer

6/8/18 NW Reporter Real estate guru shares six real-estate related insights

6/8/18 Homebuilder woes spells good news for DIY chains

6/7/18 New York Times Piece by Piece, a Factory-Made Answer for a Housing Squeeze

6/7/18 The Pathfinder Report What’s With Our Kids? Delaying Marriage/Home Ownership


6/5/18 Finance & Commerce Homebuilder woes help Home Depot, Lowe’s

6/5/18 Bloomberg Homebuilder Woes Are More Good News for Home Depot and Lowe’s

6/1/18 HBS Dealer ProDealer Industry Summit taps Burns

6/1/18 Tampa Bay Times ‘Now we’ll be in the minority here’: Residents of older-adult community feel blindsided amid merger with all-ages neighborhood

May 2018

5/31/18 Washington Post ‘Now we’ll be in the minority here’: Residents of older-adult community feel blindsided amid merger with all-ages neighborhood

5/31/18 Professional Builder Housing Outlook Seeks to ‘End the Guesswork’




5/29/18 Fortune Why Your Summer House Could Be a Shaky Investment

5/25/18 CNBC Higher gas prices could hurt already weakening home sales

5/24/18 The Real Deal Nonbank lenders are cashing in on government-insured mortgages for the poor

5/24/18 CNBC Higher gas prices could hurt already weakening home sales

5/24/18 Sun Herald Here’s why the Mississippi Coast could be the next Austin, website says

5/23/18 Whittier Daily News Home prices hit record $590,000 in L.A. County as buyers compete for limited supply

5/23/18 The Mecklenburg Times America Migrates South: Why Charlotte will continue to grow, part 2

5/22/18 Denver Post Alexa, what are you doing in my house? Lennar Homes is building Amazon’s digital assistant into all its new homes, including a subdivision in Aurora

5/20/18 Press Reader Dual-income, college-educated homeowners are fast-growing group

5/17/18 Chicago Tribune Chicagoland renters and buyers are itching for walkable suburbs. Enter ‘surban.’

5/17/18 EIN Newsdesk Repeat California Pacific Homes Buyers Purchase Beautiful Tristania Home in Irvine’s Cypress Village

5/16/18 National Association of Realtors Retirees Preferring Dog Parks Over Golf

5/14/18 National Real Estate Investor SFR Investors Are Filling the Pipeline with New Development

5/11/18 Investor Place The Housing Market May End Up Climbing a Wall of Worry

5/10/18 Globe Newswire Two New California Pacific Homes Neighborhoods Debut This Summer in Portola Springs® Village

5/10/18 Real Estate NJ Forward-thinking suburbs ripe for growth

5/10/18 EIN Newsdesk Two New California Pacific Homes Neighborhoods Debut This Summer in Portola Springs® Village

5/8/18 Ventura County Star California heads toward requiring solar panels on all new houses

5/8/18 LA Times California heads toward requiring solar panels on all new houses


5/7/18 The Next Urban Powerhouses: 10 Smaller Cities Poised to Skyrocket

5/7/18 Yahoo Finance A shrinking US middle class is transforming the housing market

5/6/18 Charleston Post and Courier Consultant: Look for dual-income, college-educated homeowners as a fast-growing group

5/2/18 Professional Builder Four MPCs Getting it Right With Millennials

5/1/18 Nasdaq Winchester Homes Names Bradley Blank as New President

April 2018

4/23/18 The Basis Point First Time Homebuyer Costs Up 9% In Last Year: TABLE

4/16/18 Nasdaq California Pacific Homes’ Brisa and Celeste Are Must-See Neighborhoods at Irvine’s Portola Springs® Village

4/16/18 San Diego Union Tribune Are master-planned communities a development of the past?

4/16/18 Washington Post Region’s short housing supply takes its toll in Northern Virginia

4/11/18 Jacksonville Business Journal Major Interstate 295 development nearing final planning stages


4/6/18 AZ Big Media 6 building design trends for 2018

4/5/18 Realty Biz 4 demographic trends set to impact real estate in the next decade

4/4/18 Yahoo Finance The same house costs $500,000 more to build in California than Texas

4/3/18 Realtor Mag 4 Demographic Shifts Worth Watching

March 2018

3/31/18 Press Reader Latest Residential designs balance looks and practicality

3/29/18 EIN Newsdesk TRI Pointe Homes Colorado Names Darren DuPree as New President

3/29/18 Nasdaq TRI Pointe Homes Colorado Names Darren DuPree as New President

3/28/18 Dispatch Argus Home trends: Modern styles are in, researchers say

3/27/18 Mortgage Reports Where are Millennials, Gen Xers and Boomers headed? The top housing markets by generation

3/22/18 Mreport The 7 Hottest Housing Markets in the U.S.

3/22/18 Wall Street Journal Retirees Reshape Where Americans Live

3/20/18 Denver Post Denver has more spare bedrooms than ever, but using them to help solve the housing crunch is a challenge

3/17/18 Post and Courier Latest residential designs balance looks and practicality, favor millennial styles for new homes

3/16/18 Progrss 3D-Printed Home In Austin Revolutionizes Affordable Housing

3/16/18 Econo Times California Pacific Homes’ Silverleaf Charms Buyers With Detached Courtyard Designs in Portola Springs®

3/16/18 Nasdaq California Pacific Homes’ Silverleaf Charms Buyers With Detached Courtyard Designs in Portola Springs®

3/15/18 Jacksonville Daily Record Roosevelt Square Belk approved for demolition

3/15/18 Hypegram These 7 US housing markets are hot right now


3/14/18 Realty Biz News Why buyers need to act now, before interest rates increase

3/14/18 San Francisco Business Times Why the market for Bay Area homes above $3 million is exploding

3/12/18 Where Homes Are Flying Off the Market—and Where They’re Lingering Longest

3/7/18 San Diego Reader Airbnb forcing you out?

3/7/18 DS News Will Rising Rates Really Impact the Housing Market?

3/7/18 Orlando Business Journal See inside: Site plan of $40M Lake Nona hotel’s future project revealed (RENDERINGS)

3/7/18 Is It Last Call for Low Mortgage Rates? Why Home Buyers Should Act Now

3/6/18 Reshaping Roche campus with millennials in mind

February 2018


2/26/18 Where are America’s Millennial Meccas, Gen X Hot Spots, and Boomer Boomtowns?

2/26/18 Connecticut Post Where are America’s Millennial Meccas, Gen X Hot Spots, and Boomer Boomtowns?

2/16/18 Wall Street Journal The Daily Shot: U.S. Home Builders Passing Higher Costs to Buyers

2/16/18 EconoTimes Brookfield Residential’s Beverly at Eastwood Village Presents Newly Enhanced Models With Private Yards and Stunning Features

2/16/18 Nasdaq Brookfield Residential’s Beverly at Eastwood Village Presents Newly Enhanced Models With Private Yards and Stunning Features

2/16/18 Norris Group Real Estate Radio Show and Podcast Aaron Norris Is Joined By Steve Basten of John Burns Real Estate Consulting on the Real Estate Radio Show #578

2/13/18 Whats Up Jacksonville Rising Rates Should Have Minimal Impact on Housing

2/13/18 OC Register Rising mortgage rates to have little effect on homebuying, researchers report

2/13/18 Your Observer Lakewood Ranch Medical Center launches $28.5 million expansion

2/12/18 Who Ordered All the McMansions? 10 Cities Where They’re Piled Highest

2/11/18 Columbus Dispatch Real Estate Report: Homes in 35 big cities overvalued, report says

2/6/18 Real Estate Victorville Demand Remains Steady for Single-Family Rentals

2/6/18 Player FM The 5 Market Types in the USA with John Burns


2/5/18 National Real Estate Investor Demand Remains Steady for Single-Family Rentals

January 2018

1/30/18 Houston Chronicle Arabian horse farm to make way for 1,000 homes near Tomball

1/24/18 Kitchen & Bath Design News In a Sweet Spot

1/22/18 Bloomberg This Rare Bear Who Called the Crash Warns Housing Is Too Hot Again

1/20/18 Charleston Post Courier Cane Bay remains in top 50 list for master-planned communities

1/19/18 Business Observer Gulf Coast MPCs sales soared last year

1/18/18 eTrade Wire Skye Canyon Named One of the Top 50 Master Planned Communities in the United States

1/18/18 Your Observer SMR’s main task: Building Waterside

1/18/18 Austin Business Journal Master-planned community north of Austin remains one of nation’s top sellers

1/18/18 CNBC Ignore the bad housing starts number. Builder optimism and buyer demand are high

1/17/18 Multi Briefs Exclusive Kitchens are in high demand. Why not designers?

1/17/18 The Paper Magazine Woodforest Ranks Among Nation’s Top-Selling

1/16/18 Nasdaq California Pacific Homes’ Brisa, Celeste and Talise Neighborhoods Selling Now at Irvine’s Portola Springs® Village

1/16/18 Econo Times California Pacific Homes’ Brisa, Celeste and Talise Neighborhoods Selling Now at Irvine’s Portola Springs® Village

1/14/18 Luxora Leader Natomas bounces back in a big way after flood moratorium

1/13/18 Sacramento Bee Natomas bounces back in a big way after flood moratorium

1/13/18 KTAR News Phoenix-area master communities ranked among best in nation

1/13/18 Milwaukee Business Journal These real estate developments will reshape the Milwaukee area in 2018: Slideshow

1/12/18 Wilmington Biz Reports: Brunswick Forest Ranks Among Top 50 Of Its Kind

1/12/18 Orlando Business Journal Fish taco time: West Coast seafood eatery to open in Lake Nona

1/11/18 Baldwin & Sons Otay Ranch is #14 on Top Master Planned Communities List of 2017

1/11/18 Fox Millenials, Baby Boomers Changing Suburban Living

1/9/18 Orlando Business Journal These Central Florida communities are among the fastest-growing in the nation

1/9/18 Yahoo Finance Homebuilders face rising costs in 2018

1/8/18 USA Business News Stapleton Denver regains momentum in 2017, makes U.S. Top 10 list

1/8/18 Denver Post Stapleton Denver regains momentum in 2017, makes U.S. Top 10 list

1/8/17 Jacksonville Business Journal One drops, one jumps: These Jacksonville communities are among the fastest growing in the nation

1/6/18 Sacramento Bee Will Sacramento home prices keep rising in 2018? Here are predictions from three experts

1/5/18 Houston Chronicle 10 Houston master-planned communities make top-seller list

1/5/18 Builder Online BURNS REVEALS TOP MASTER PLANS OF 2017

1/5/18 Houston Business Journal Most Houston master-planned communities move down top-selling list

1/5/18 Herald-Tribune Lakewood Ranch, West Villages rank in top 5 for new home sales

1/5/18 Orange County Register 4 Orange County developments among nation’s top-20 ‘master-planned’ communities

1/5/18 Business Observer Game On

1/5/18 Your Observer Lakewood Ranch ranks No. 3 nationally in home sales for master-planned communities

1/5/18 Triangle Business Journal 2018 outlook: Housing supply to chase demand

1/5/18 LMT Online 10 Houston master-planned communities make top-seller list

1/5/18 Orange County Business Journal OC’s Largest Housing Developments See 3,724 Sales in ‘17

1/4/18 Builder Online The Rise of the Single-Family Rental


1/2/18 Sacramento Business Journal Two Sacramento region communities among best-selling nationally

December 2017

12/29/17 Yahoo Finance What to expect from the housing market in 2018

12/21/17 Pacific Union Pacific Union’s California Regional Real Estate Forecasts to 2020

12/15/17 AZ Big Media Phoenix land and housing forecast: Vitality at last

12/14/17 Builder Online The Power of Highly Functional Multigenerational Design

12/10/17 Enterprise Trends’ speaker: SLC one of 10 real estate ‘boom towns’ in U.S.

12/8/17 Yahoo Finance What boomers want when buying a house

12/7/17 Self-Driving Cars Will Transform the World as We Know It—Including Where We Live

12/6/17 Business Wire Homebuilding Industry Leaders Predict Moderate Growth, See Cost Challenges and Opportunities for Innovation

12/5/17 Nasdaq California Pacific Homes Presents Brisa, Celeste and Talise Saturday, December 9th in Portola Springs® Village

12/5/17 Econotimes California Pacific Homes Presents Brisa, Celeste and Talise Saturday, December 9th in Portola Springs® Village

12/5/17 RIS Media 2018 Real Estate Trends to Watch: ‘Surban’—That Sweet Spot Between City and Suburb


November 2017

11/28/17 Times Sentinel Lebanon schools have room to grow

11/28/17 Arielis There’s one ‘huge’ opportunity in US property, CEO says

11/28/17 Yahoo There’s one ‘huge’ opportunity in US property, CEO says

11/27/17 CNBC There’s one ‘huge’ opportunity in US property, CEO says

11/22/17 Houston Chronicle More renters find homes for themselves in suburbia

11/21/17 Central Jersey The in-demand floor plan for multi-generational households

11/21/17 Curbed How a return to multigenerational living is shifting the housing market

11/20/17 Sacramento Bee These new homes have shiny appliances and granite counters, but you can’t buy them

11/17/17 Building Salt Lake Experts: more residential growth and out-of-state interest coming to Salt Lake

11/17/17 Markets Insider CalAtlantic Homes Debuts The Only Age-Exclusive Community In North Irvine, CA

11/15/17 myPalmBeachPost Lower mortgage interest tax break: “All-out assault” or glancing blow?

11/15/17 Houston Chronicle Woodlands developer heads farther north for next act

11/14/17 PR Newswire Pacific Union International Announces Economic Forecast to 2020

11/14/17 Realtor Mag Home Features, Not Brands, Lure Young Buyers

11/14/17 Markets Insider Pacific Union International Announces Economic Forecast to 2020

11/12/17 Sacramento Bee Urban living in a suburb? Developers say that’s the latest trend in Folsom and Davis

11/4/17 Post and Courier Master-planned communities see growth from millennials, active adults

11/3/17 Senlac Homes RV Garage Plans

11/3/17 Sacramento Business Journal Five highlights from North State BIA’s 2018 housing forecast

October 2017

10/31/17 Times Sentinel Leaders say Lebanon is on track

10/30/17 Fox Business Lennar, CalAtlantic Strike Deal to Create Largest U.S. Home Builder — 4th Update

10/30/17 National Real Estate Investor Rent Growth Slows Down in the SFR Sector

10/27/17 Palm Beach Post The shrinking back yard: New homes grow bigger, lots get smaller

10/26/17 Bali Home Rv Port Home Plans

10/25/17 Times Sentinel Study reveals need for new housing in Lebanon

10/24/17 OC Register World Series real estate: This guru can’t pick a winner

10/23/17 Urban Land Orange County: Where Master-Planned Communities Reign

10/20/17 Business Insider Three New Neighborhoods by California Pacific Homes Are Coming Soon to Irvine’s Portola Springs® Village

10/17/17 Houston Chronicle Build-on-your-lot programs grow in Harvey’s wake

10/17/17 Bloomberg Driverless Cars Will Open the Door to a Building Spree

10/16/17 Yahoo Finance How shipping containers are transforming housing for the homeless

10/16/17 Kindred Cities: Affordable Alternatives to Your Favorite Pricey Places

10/16/17 MBIA Redefining the Prime Working Years

10/15/17 Roofstock Infographic: Understanding the Single-Family Renter

10/14/17 PC Mag Could Self-Driving Cars Help Lower Housing Costs?

10/11/17 National Real Estate Investor Will Damage from the Hurricane Season Become an Opportunity for SFR Investors?

10/11/17 Washington Post What’s ahead for home buyers in Northern Virginia

10/10/17 Rental Housing Journal Empty Nester Housing Key As Baby Boomers Keep Working

10/9/17 Urban Land Vision for USC Village in Los Angeles More Than a Decade in the Making

10/7/17 Mauldin Economics Uncle Sam’s Unfunded Promises

10/6/17 Washington Post Housing market in Washington region dominated by low inventory, high prices

10/4/17 Amazon Presents a Prime Opportunity to Transform a City’s Housing Market—but Where?

September 2017

9/29/17 LA Times Dying shopping malls can make room for new condos and apartments, helping ease the housing crisis

9/29/17 Shelby News Committee to recommend retail studies, more

9/28/17 Housing Wire Housing, meet your next homebuyers – Generation Z

9/27/17 National Mortgage News More hurricane pain: Fewer homes, shortage of construction workers

9/25/17 News to Watch Monday Morning Cup of Coffee: Experts predict future of real estate market

9/25/17 Housing Wire Monday Morning Cup of Coffee: Experts predict future of real estate market

9/24/17 Columbus Dispatch Disasters elsewhere making central Ohio building projects costlier

9/22/17 Hardware Retailing Research Conference Details Optimistic Home Improvement Outlook

9/22/17 Housing Wire Real estate investors host black-tie event to raise money for charity

9/21/17 Rivard Report The Future is Urban, Even in Suburbia

9/21/17 Hive Speaking to Demand Has Us Demanding More From Suburbs

9/20/17 Markets Insider Elegant Model Homes Now Open at Brookfield Residential’s Beverly at Eastwood Village, a Must-See Luxury Collection

9/20/17 Multi Briefs Keepers accelerating pace of remodeling activity

9/18/17 The SF Registry John Burns: Correcting Demographic Misperceptions

9/14/17 StarTribune Labor shortage swamps storm rebuilding

9/14/17 Journal Gazette Labor shortage to hurt recovery

9/13/17 StarTribune Hurricane victims facing a long road to home reconstruction

9/12/17 My MLS Agency Senterra Real Estate Group L.l.c

9/11/17 Remi Network Mattamy Homes names Margaret Whelan to Board

9/11/17 Houston Chronicle Rising costs for builders likely to push home prices up

9/10/17 BVT News John Burns, real estate guru, joined the industry by ‘accident’

9/8/17 Hurricanes Harvey and Irma Will Devastate Lives. Will They Forever Damage Property Values Too?

9/7/17 StarTribune More people staying in homes and renovate rather than move up

9/7/17 Wall Street Journal The Next Hurricane-Related Shortage: Construction Workers

9/7/17 Fox Business The Next Hurricane-Related Shortage: Construction Workers

9/7/17 Yahoo Finance Age in place’: How self-driving cars will transform retirement

9/6/17 Business Insider Mattamy Homes Announces New Board Member

9/6/17 Inman 3 trends shaping the housing market of today (and tomorrow)

9/5/17 Coldwell Banker How shared and driverless cars might change real estate.

9/5/17 Realtor Mag How Driverless Cars Will Reshape Housing

9/1/17 National Real Estate Investor Houston’s Sudden Labor Crisis Tests the Politics of Immigration

August 2017

8/31/17 Forbes U.S. Cities Have A Glut Of High-Rises And Still Lack Affordable Housing

8/24/17 Chicago Tribune Why Americans are shunning new homes and opting to stay put, renovate instead

8/23/17 Nasdaq Residence Two at California Pacific Homes’ Lantana Attracts Buyers With Three-Story Design, Functional Living Spaces and Prime Location

8/23/17 CNBC Here’s why new home sales tanked

8/23/17 NBR Here’s why new home sales tanked

8/17/17 What Is a Planned Community? A Place With Perks, From Zip Lines to Velodromes

8/17/17 News Times What Is a Planned Community? A Place With Perks, From Zip Lines to Velodromes

8/17/17 Builder Online Keeping Up With the Housing Costs

8/17/17 Nasdaq Improved Housing Market And Higher E-Commerce Sales Result In A Stellar Quarter For Home Depot

8/16/17 New Hampshire Business Review Automation and the construction labor shortage

8/16/17 USA Newsguide As hоusing affоrdabilitу weakens, mоre buуers are left оut in the cоld

8/15/17 Economy War Newly built homes skew ever richer

8/15/17 CNBC As housing affordability weakens, more buyers are left out in the cold

8/13/17 Crain’s Chicago Business Can the former South Works overcome the current South Side’s baggage?

8/13/17 Naples Daily News Naples Reserve continues as one of south Naples’ fastest-selling communities

8/11/17 Washington Post Reaping the fruits of an agri-community

8/7/17 Yahoo Finance Older millennials are leaving the city for a new kind of suburb

8/4/17 Daily Local News Business Hughes: What to do when generations seek same type of house?

8/3/17 Realty Biz News Corporations relocating to urban centers, but they might regret it, experts say

8/3/17 National Real Estate Investor If You Rent, Your Troubles Are Coming to an End: Conor Sen

8/1/17 Curbed Corporations are leaving suburbs: Can anything reverse the trend?

July 2017

7/31/17 Rental Housing Journal Older Millennials Leaving The City For Urban-Like Suburbs

7/31/17 Work Hard, Play Hard! The 10 Best Cities to Launch a Career

7/28/17 Eastwood Village in Award-Winning Villages of Irvine® Welcomes Three New Luxury Neighborhoods, Saturday, August 12th

7/28/17 Columbus Dispatch Baby boomers, millennials will drive housing decisions

7/26/17 The Registry John Burns: Older Millennials Leaving the City

7/26/17 Housing Wire Where are older Millennials going when they leave downtown?

7/20/17 Market Wired National MI’s Housing Market Consultant: More than 40 Percent of Young Home Buyers Make Down Payments of 5 Percent or Less

7/20/17 CU Insight National MI’s housing market consultant: More than 40 Percent of young home buyers make down payments of 5 percent or less

7/20/17 CB Insight National MI’s housing market consultant: More than 40 Percent of young home buyers make down payments of 5 percent or less

7/20/17 Market Wired National MI’s Housing Market Consultant: More than 40 Percent of Young Home Buyers Make Down Payments of 5 Percent or Less

7/19/17 National MI Welcome to the first edition of the National MI Market Snapshot

7/18/17 Builder Online Smaller Homes Set to Make a Comeback

7/13/17 Tiny Might Be Trendy, but Homebuilders Have Been Thinking Big—Until Now

7/11/17 Builder Online Single-Family For-Rent’s New Footprint

7/11/17 Construction Dive 3 ways new technology will impact homebuilding

7/10/17 The Mortgage Reports Rising Mortgage Rates Affect Home Affordability, But Less Than You Think

7/10/17 Urban Land Drawing Buyers of All Ages to Florida’s Walkable Suburban Downtowns

7/10/17 SRQ West Villages Ranks Fourth In RCLCO Rankings

7/7/17 Consumer Electronics Net New Phases Now Selling at All California Pacific Homes Neighborhoods

7/1/17 Study will assess Lebanon’s housing needs

7/1/17 San Diego Union Tribune Building innovations, awards take center stage at PCBC

June 2017

6/30/17 Construction Dive How single-family rentals are changing the path to homeownership

6/30/17 Construction Dive Q&A: What do millennials and Warren Buffett have in common?

6/29/17 Naples Florida Weekly Out of Reach?

6/28/17 New Hampshire Business Review Will the market uptick last?

6/22/17 4-Traders Introducing Beverly by Brookfield Residential, a New Luxury Collection Coming Soon to Eastwood Village

6/22/17 Construction Dive Shawmut is getting into the luxury housing market

6/21/17 Globe Newswire Tristania by California Pacific Homes Continues to Captivate With Spacious Attached Designs, Private Rear Yards

6/16/17 News Flash: The Housing Market Hasn’t Rebounded Everywhere in the U.S.

6/13/17 Alabama News Center Demographic shifts could lead to household, construction boom in the South

6/8/17 Construction Dive Economists advise: How to read market indicators

6/7/17 Boomers, Millennials, and the McMansions No One Wants

6/6/17 CoStar Group Consolidation Continues in SFR Sector as Colony Starwood Agrees to Buy GI Partners’ 3,106 Rental Homes for $815 Million

6/6/17 Construction Dive Moving up: How builders can address the needs of multigenerational households

May 2017

5/27/17 LA Times How I made It: John Burns, real estate guru, joined the industry by ‘accident’

5/26/17 Business Observer Church buys, swaps land for growth

5/22/17 National Real Estate Investor Single-Family Rents Remain Strong—For Now

5/19/17 Business Observer Tampa growth, Gulf Coast communities leading the nation

5/19/17 M Report Builders Cutting Down on Starter Homes

5/18/17 Nasdaq Plan 1 at Delano at Eastwood Village Enchants With Beautifully Planned Interiors, Distinctive Modern Features

5/16/17 Houston Agent Three masterplan community trends that are attracting new residents

5/16/17 CNBC Home builders are targeting millennials – but it will hit their margins

5/11/17 Business Wire People Can Now Buy Single Family Rental Real Estate in Los Angeles Through the Roofstock Marketplace

5/10/17 Globe St What Makes the San Bernardino County Housing Market Hot

5/9/17 Orlando Business Journal 7 things to know today and where Orlando homebuilders stand with market competition

April 2017

4/30/17 New York Post The health care industry is bound to collapse soon, experts say

4/29/17 Naples Daily News SMC breakfast series announced

4/26/17 Construction Dive Built to last: How keeping up the builder–buyer relationship can lead to future business

4/25/17 Business Wire Memphis Real Estate Investment Properties Now Available to Buy and Sell on Roofstock

4/24/17 The Sacramento Bee Sacramento’s new home market is blossing this spring, but one new neighborhood struggles to keep up

4/19/17 Nasdaq Globe Newswire Brookfield Residential’s Delano at Eastwood Village Impresses at Grand Opening Event, Model Homes Now Open Daily

4/18/17 Construction Dive A new kind of green: Developers trade golf courses for hiking trails, gardens to draw buyers

4/17/17 Bloomberg Robots May Help Build Your Next Home and Fill the Labor Gap

4/14/17 The Registry SF John Burns REC: Only a Few Bubble Signs Brewing

4/14/17 Rental Housing Journal Apartment Returns Shifting To Secondary Markets

4/12/17 National Multifamily Housing Council A Single-Family Rental Surge

4/7/17 Builder Online New Courtyard Plans Offered at Silverleaf

4/6/17 Washington Post Home sales and median prices rise for January and February in Northern Virginia

4/6/17 Houston Chronicle Houston joins San Francisco, N.Y. in producing smaller returns for apartment investors

March 2017

3/31/17 Nasdaq Desirable New Locations Available at Silverleaf in Portola Springs® Village, Many With Spacious, Private Yards

3/31/17 Washington Post Housing prices on the rise in Prince George’s, Montgomery

3/29/30 Building Design + Construction Obamacare to Republicare: Making sense of the chaos in healthcare

3/29/17 Orlando Business Journal Exclusive: Construction to start on Lake Nona’s first age-restricted community

3/27/17 AARP Boomers Drive Hot New Housing Trend

3/24/17 Yahoo Finance Why America’s RV market is booming

3/23/17 Hellenic Shipping News Jump in U.S. New Home Sales Defies Expectations

3/23/17 Construction Dive Gearing up for the golden years: Active-adult housing readies for demand

3/22/17 Morningstar Home Sales Slide on Tight Supply, Higher Prices

3/21/17 Builder Online Inside a Rising Demand for Two or More Master Bedrooms

3/16/17 WSJ The Secret to a Happy Marriage? Two Master Bedrooms

3/14/17 Las Vegas Tribune Las Vegas, “the canary in the coal mine for the rest of the country”: ‘Fixer-Upper’ Homes saving the day

3/10/17 Urban Land Institute YLG Spotlight

3/7/17 Union Square Real Estate Sales Rentals Pacific Union Real Estate Economic Forecast – San Francisco Bay Area to 2019

3/6/17 Houston Agent Lennar and Village Builders chosen as GHBA’s 2016 Builder of the Year

3/6/17 CPA Practice Advisor Will Tax Reform Hurt Housing Market?

3/4/17 Some fear tax overhaul will make homeownership look less desirable

February 2017

2/28/17 Qualified Remodeler Tomorrow’s Remodeling Clients, Today

2/26/17 Realty Trac Finally: Demographic Clarity

2/26/17 OC Register See how Orange County homebuilding soared in 2016

2/25/17 Arizona Daily Star Tax reform proposals could cause home ownership to wane

2/24/17 Hellenic Shipping News U.S. New-Home Sales Rose 3.7% in January

2/24/17 WSJ U.S. New-Home Sales Rose 3.7% in January

2/24/17 Value Walk Immigrants Probably Built Your Home (Literally)

2/24/17 Morningstar U.S. New-Home Sales Rose 3.7% in January–Update

2/24/17 The Registry John Burns: A Career Woman’s Perspective on Home Buying

2/21/17 Houston Chronicle Cross Creek Ranch ranks among nation’s top master-planned communities

2/17/17 Qualified Remodeler Tomorrow’s Remodeling Clients, Today

2/15/17 Houston Chronicle Lagoon, sandy beaches the latest in suburban amenities

2/14/17 Southern Maryland Newspapers Online St. Charles Co. reports 202 lots sold for 2016

2/14/17 Rental Housing Journal How John Burns Housing Investment Forecasts Did In 2016

2/14/17 The Registry John Burns Real Estate Consulting: Our 2016 Track Record

2/9/17 Jason Hartman John Burns Real Estate Consulting – Big Shifts Ahead, Demographic Clarity For Business & Investors

2/9/17 Your West Valley Vistancia tops in master planned community sales

2/6/17 LA Times The politics and economics behind the most controversial Super Bowl ad

2/6/17 Houston Business Journal Why Houston’s housing market isn’t as expensive as California’s … for now

2/3/17 Yahoo Finance Highlights Fastest Growing 55+ Communities

January 2017

1/31/17 Consumer Electronics Net Pacific Union International Creates Strategic Partnership with Nest Labs

1/30/17 Yahoo Finance Pacific Union International Creates Strategic Partnership with Nest Labs

1/30/17 Randolph County Herald Tribune Home Help: Wood planks can warm up ceilings and walls

1/28/17 San Diego Union-Tribune BIA Cares calls for scholarship applicants

1/25/17 Houston Chronicle Riverstone ranked among nation’s top again

1/25/17 Market Wired Epcon poised to pack a punch with Impact! 2017 conference

1/25/17 Aol Finance How the GOP’s tax plan could hurt the value of your home

1/15/17 Chesterfield Observer Hallsley wins top national award from builders group

1/24/17 Miami Agent Florida is the nation’s No. 1 destination for retiree homebuyers

1/21/17 Naples Daily News Ave Maria ranks among nation’s top-selling communities

1/20/17 Business Insider How the GOP’s tax plan could affect the real-estate market

1/19/17 Fiscal Times How the GOP’s Tax Plan Could Hurt the Value of Your Home

1/17/17 Sat Press Releases Willowsford Reports Record Sales for 2016, Named as One of Top 50 Master-Planned Communities in the Nation

1/17/17 PR Urgent Custom Home Builder Plans

1/17/17 Highland Homes SIENA – John Burns’ Top 20 Master-Planned Community of 2016

1/17/17 Houston Newcomer Guides Riverstone Ranks Among Nationa’s Top 20 For Sixth Year

1/16/17 Post and Courier South of Broad Charleston house featured in ‘The Patriot’ sells

1/16/17 New Home Source Master-Planned Communities Stand Out with Unique Amenities

1/15/17 News-Press Real estate briefs: Fiddler’s Creek ranks among world’s best private club

1/13/17 Bloomberg Trump Stirs Homebuilders’ Dreams of Bulldozing Environment Rules

1/13/17 Business Observer Master Plans

1/12/17 Richmond Times-Dispatch Hallsley subdivision in Chesterfield picked by national builders’ group as best residential community

1/12/17 Sarasota Magazine New Models in Boca Royale, Blu Harbor Planned for South Manatee County, a Talk with Fallingwater Director and More

1/12/17 Construction Dive Talking shop: How builders are addressing the skilled-labor shortage

1/11/17 Blackstone, Other PE Firms Doubling Down on Single-Family Rental Market

1/10/17 Republic Property Group Phillips Creek Ranch Named Among Top 50 Master-Planned Communities of 2016

1/8/17 OC Register Is your neighborhood urban, suburban or ‘surban?’ 5 things to know about that new buzzword

1/8/17 Chicago Daily Herald Time to ease strict lending standards, group says

1/6/17 Triangle Business Journal Chapel Hill neighborhood now ranked among fastest growing in the U.S.

1/6/17 YourObserver Lakewood Ranch rises in national rankings

1/5/17 Doing Demographics Differently

1/5/17 Denver Post Stapleton home sales hit snag in 2016

1/5/17 Herald-Tribune West Villages, Lakewood Ranch rank among fastest-growing

1/3/17 Construction Dive A builder’s guide to housing trends in 2017

1/2/17 Realty Biz News Is Real Estate Your Retirement Plan’s Secret Weapon?

December 2016

12/30/16 Kitchen and Bath Design News Improving Conditions

12/27/16 7 Surprising Trends That Could Disrupt the Housing Market in 2017

12/24/16 Chicago Daily Herald Tighter lending standards lead to millions of ‘lost loans’

12/23/16 LA Times One solution to Southern California’s housing crisis: building in tight spaces, small lots

12/16/16 CNBC Homebuilders super happy but not building more homes: Here’s what’s up with that

12/15/16 Builder and Developer Who’s Who in the Housing Industry for 2016

12/13/16 Realtor Mag Luxury Real Estate: What Slowdown?

12/13/16 Construction Dive Report: US luxury home sales continue to post gains

12/12/16 Pacific Union Real Estate Roundup: Luxury Home Sales Spike in Lake Tahoe Area

12/12/16 Builder Online Luxury Home Sales in U.S. Continue to Rise

12/10/16 Daily Herald A view of housing in 2017 shows ‘surban’ trend

12/10/16 Palm Beach Post A View of Housing in 2017

12/9/16 WSJ Luxury Home Sales in U.S. Continue to Rise

12/8/16 San Fancisco Business Times Bay Area home sales jump in November as interest rates spike

12/8/16 Phoenix Business Journal Real estate experts: Infill hitting wall, new realities for apartments, home buying

12/7/16 Bloomberg The Home Office Is Dying

12/6/16 Advisor Perspectives Wall Street Has It Wrong: Luxury Home Sales Increasing

12/5/16 National Ledger Real Estate – A View of Housing in Year 2017

12/5/16 WSJ Housing Market: This Luxury Builder Is Priced to Move

12/3/16 My Palm Beach Post The Tesla of houses? Builder markets premium green home

November 2016

11/30/16 WSJ Higher Rates Don’t Mean Lower House Prices After All

11/29/16 AZ Big Media Land Advisors Organization to host forum, forecast on land transactions

11/29/16 Maryland BIA Daily building industry news service

11/28/16 Builder Online Home Building’s ‘Elephant in the Room’

11/23/16 Seeking Alpha Town Centers: An Urban Influence On Suburban Real Estate

11/23/16 Assess My Home 3 trends to watch in real estate in 2017

11/21/16 What’s driving that surge in new-home construction?

11/18/16 PR Newswire Key Takeaways from Pacific Union International Bay Area Real Estate Forecast Through 2019

11/16/16 CNBC Mortgage applications tank 9% as post-election rates soar

11/15/16 Market Watch 5 big real-estate trends to watch in 2017

11/15/16 Builder Online Design Matters at TRI Pointe

11/13/16 Why not more single-family home rentals?

11/12/16 Lincoln International 2016 Post-Conference Report Building & Infrastructure Conference

11/10/16 American Association of Advertising Agencies Demographic Strategies for Real Estate

11/10/16 iReach John Burns and Chris Porter Provide Insight Into The Power of Demographics

11/10/16 Bloomberg Surveillance: Trump to Be Reaganomics on Steroids, Rattner Says

11/5/16 Naples Daily News Southwest Florida real estate briefs

11/4/16 Houston Agent Why home sellers are slashing prices in Houston

11/2/16 Realty News Report ULI: Future Real Estate to be Shaped by Affluent Immigrants, Affluent Women and Aging Boomers

11/1/16 CNBC Homeowners twice as house rich as five years ago

11/1/16 Houston Agent Why credit is more available than you or your clients think

October 2016

10/21/16 Construction Dive LGI buckles down on entry-level as market shifts to target first-time buyers

10/20/16 Builder Online The New American Suburb is Diverse, Dense, and Booming

10/20/16 Business Insider Almost everyone the Fed questioned had terrible things to say about Houston’s economy

10/19/16 CNBC Why housing numbers are not as horrible as they look

10/18/16 Orlando Sentinel Senior enclaves open in family-style projects

10/18/16 Qualified Remodeler EXCLUSIVE: New Forecast Signals Robus Growth

10/18/16 Real Wealth Network Millennial Trends – with John Burns Real Estate & Builder Consultant

10/18/16 Wall Street Journal Texas Builder Aggressively Markets Starter Homes

10/17/16 The Norris Group John Burns of John Burns Real Estate Consulting Joins Bruce Norris on the Real Estate Radio Show #508

10/14/16 Chicago Agent Real estate in 2025: 4 things to expect from the market of the future

10/14/16 Boston Agent Magazine Real estate in 2025: 4 things to expect from the market of the future

10/14/16 Mortgage Professional America Morning Briefing: Female executives, immigrants to impact real estate development

10/13/16 Claims Journal Long Waits Expected for Post-Hurricane Home Repairs

10/13/16 Lux Prime Media The Future of Community Building Lies in Women, Immigrants, Retirees

10/13/16 RISMedia Report: The Future of Community Building Lies in Women, Immigrants, Retirees

10/13/16 Bloomberg Expect Long Waits for Post-Hurricane Home Repairs

10/12/16 Business Insider Houston’s Boom is Over

10/12/16 Curbed The new American suburb: diverse, dense, and booming

10/11/16 Furniture Today 2 decades of leadership, 2 keynote speakers

10/11/16 LA Times Millennials aren’t big spenders or risk-takers, and that’s going to reshape the economy

10/10/16 The Street Where Is Home Improvement Stock Masco Headed?

10/7/16 Jacksonville Business Journal What should you do once Matthew passes? Here’s what Jacksonville disaster remediation experts advise

10/6/16 CNBC Hurricane Matthew could inflict $200 billion in damage to coastal homes

10/2/16 Sharing the economic realities of our generations

September 2016

9/30/16 M Report Here is When Building Homes for Rent Makes Sense

9/29/16 Furniture Today Is your company positioned to survive the ‘Big Shifts’ ahead?

9/28/16 Houston Agent Magazine Analysis finds Houston real estate market in bad shape, but there is good news

9/25/16 OC Register New-home construction, sales soar as building permits forecast to be highest since ’02

9/24/16 Digital Journal Beaumont Growing with New Homes, New Opportunities; Pardee Homes Bringing New Living Choices, Recreation to Master-Planned Sundance

9/24/16 Builder Online Where The Major Markets Are in the Housing Cycle

9/23/16 Triangle Business Journal The housing cycle: Is Raleigh approaching its peak?

9/23/16 Business Insider These housing markets are near the ‘7th inning stretch’ before everything starts to crash

9/22/16 Yahoo Finance These housing markets are near the ‘7th inning stretch’ before everything starts to crash

9/21/16 Yahoo Finance America’s RV boom is a hot opportunity for real estate developers

9/13/16 Realty Biz News Home ownership rates to plunge as millennials are left behind

9/12/16 CNBC Mortgage rates finally break higher: What you should watch

9/9/16 CNBC Millennials will be renting for a lot longer

9/9/16 DS News Homeownership Rate for the “Foreclosure Generation”

9/9/16 Bloomberg Not for Sale: The Best Land in America

August 2016

8/29/16 Builder Online Buyers Will Pay More And Pay Faster For Smart Home Features

8/24/16 Chicago Tribune Buyers are willing to pay extra for ‘smart homes’

8/24/16 Washington Post Buyers say they’re willing to pay extra for ‘smart’ homes

8/23/16 CU Today Forecast Sees Robust Future For One Type of Loan

8/23/16 Rental Housing Journal We Are Tired of “Sharing” Our Parents’ Spare Bedroom!

8/22/16 CNBC With home remodeling expected to hit new highs, here’s how to play it: Experts

8/22/16 Realtor Mag As Building Slows, Home Improvement Gains

8/22/16 Boston Agent Magazine To sell or remodel: Homeowners choose…

8/21/16 WSJ Spending on Home Improvement Is Set to Pick Up as Building Pace Slows

8/19/16 CNBC City roof decks raising the stakes on housing

8/17/16 Builder and Developer To Sell Housing Today, Make It Multi-Generational

8/16/16 Rental Housing Journal Remodeling Contractors Have Never Had It So Good: What’s Going On?

8/16/16 Daily Metro Property does not move – they are remodeling

8/15/16 Houston Business Journal Houston’s top 20 homebuilders with the biggest market penetration

8/14/16 OC Register Photos: Irvine gets a new master plan: See how FivePoint is connecting villages, returning to Americana style

8/11/16 Baltimore Sun Baltimore-area home sales fell in July; prices increased 3 percent

8/8/16 Furniture Today Everything would be fine if this wasn’t an election year … or would it?

8/8/16 Builder Online Home Prices Push Bay Area Builders, Buyers Further Out

8/4/16 WSJ Home Prices in the Bay Area Push Builders, Buyers to More Distant Suburbs

8/1/16 Apt. Features Need to Focus on Form and Function

July 2016

7/25/16 OC Register Cashing out: Baby boomers are taking advantage of rising home prices

7/23/16 BBC Capital This parking space costs more than your house

7/22/16 Houston Agent Magazine Future labor shortage may be imminent – Blame it on the Boomers?

7/22/16 Boston Agent Magazine Future labor shortage may be imminent – Blame it on the Boomers?

7/21/16 Bloomberg The Rise, the Fall, and the Trend of Housing

7/20/16 CNBC Make finances in ‘multi-gen’ household a family affair

7/19/16 Miami Agent Florida may soon be the land of the old

7/13/16 AB Newswire John Burns Real Estate Consulting Experts State “Big Shifts Ahead” for Washington DC Market at KTGY Leadership Series Event

7/13/16 Press Relase Rocket John Burns Real Estate Consulting Experts State “Big Shifts Ahead” for Washington DC Market at KTGY Leadership Series Event

7/12/16 Real Estate Rama John Burns Real Estate Consulting Experts State “Big Shifts Ahead” for Washington DC Market at KTGY Leadership Series Event

7/12/16 Main Street Experts Warn Of Housing Bubble Signs In New York, San Francisco And Miami

7/8/16 Mortgage Bankers Association Millennials Recast the American Dream

7/8/16 Madison Park Times Seattle’s affordability crisis

7/7/16 DS News Can Local Governments Impede Housing Markets?

June 2016

6/30/16 Tampa Homes Sold Top Housing Preferences Depend upon Your Age

6/30/16 Patch of Land Building for the Buyer: A New Perspective for the Housing Market

6/29/16 St. Charles Maryland St. Charles Announces Substantial Completion of Infrastructure for Energy Center

6/29/16 Shanghai Metals Market Construction Labor Costs Outpace Commodities Price Slump

6/28/16 Metal Miner Construction Labor Costs Outpace the Commodities Price Slump

6/28/16 Miami Agent What Florida’s young, old and in between want in a new home

6/28/16 Construction Labor Costs Outpace Commodities Price Slump

6/24/16 McIntire Management Why Are So Many L.A. County Home Buyers Choosing Homes Near Urban Eyesores and Freeways?

6/23/16 Realtor Mag Top Housing Preferences Depend on Your Age

6/22/16 Professional Builder Home Building Industry Predictions For 2016

6/22/16 PCBC 2016 Top 10 Sessions

6/21/16 Greater Media Newspapers A higher cost for living larger

6/21/16 Housing Wire Here’s what homebuilders think you want

6/14/16 Greater Media Newspapers Homeownership seen as a little less thrilling come tax day

6/2/16 Chicago Agent Retirement surge: It “will completely transform housing”

6/1/16 Real Wealth Network Surge in Baby Boomer Rental Demand

May 2016

5/30/16 Mreport How Retirees Will Transform the Housing Industry

5/25/16 Merced Sun-Star Empty nests becoming less common as children stay put

5/19/16 Builder More Baby Boomers Migrating to the City

5/19/16 Financial Advisor Magazine Silicon Valley Mansions Linger On Market In Real Estate Slowdown

5/18/19 CNBC For homebuilders, new regulations mean no new starter homes

5/18/16 Business Day Signs of the times at Silicon Valley

5/17/16 Washington Post Silicon Valley Mansions Linger on Market in Real Estate Slowdown

5/17/16 Reverse Migration: How Baby Boomers Are Transforming City Living

5/15/16 Tax deduction: No longer a good reason to buy

5/13/16 Market Watch How rooftop decks are becoming the must-have amenity for 2016

5/13/16 Las Vegas Review Journal Making homes unaffordable

5/11/16 Builder Woodside Homes Adjusts and Grows After its Stock Offering Stalls

5/10/16 Rental Housing Journal More Will Choose To Rent In The Future As Tax Breaks Decline

5/7/16 Wall Street Journal Home Builders Say They Are Squeezed by Rising Compliance Costs

5/6/16 Wall Street Journal Affordable Starter Homes Prove Increasingly Elusive

5/3/16 Total Mortgage Are High Prices Keeping Buyers at Home?

April 2016

4/29/16 Construction Dive 20 hottest housing markets in April

4/28/16 Houston Agent How to explain Houston’s high new construction prices to buyers

4/24/16 Fortune This Skills Gap Is Hurting America’s Housing Market

4/24/16 Columbus Dispatch Mortgage deduction used less often

4/22/16 Huffington Post Rising Real Estate Prices Are Making Homebuyers Cozy Up To Urban Eyesores

4/22/16 Fiscal Times A Surprising Reason the Home Ownership Rate Is Falling

4/22/16 Business Observer Developer’s lament

4/22/16 Wall Street Journal Home-Price Surge Stymies First-Time Buyers

4/22/16 ABC News Freeway Views Are Hot: Homeowners Cozy up to Urban Eyesores

4/21/16 Construction Dive Goldman Sachs: What labor shortage?

4/20/16 Naples Daily News More older Americans becoming renters

4/19/16 National Ledger Many Home Buyers Losing 1040 Tax Deduction as Incentive to Purchase?

4/19/16 CNBC Homebuilder blues: Don’t blame labor shortage

4/19/16 OC Housing News Homeownership no longer a tax break

4/18/16 OC Register What tax savings? Homeowners across the U.S. don’t get it, Irvine consultant says

4/17/16 San Antonio Express News Homeownership’s tax benefits fade as mortgage rates plunge

4/17/16 Builder Online Mortgage Interest Deduction Loses Traction with Young Buyers

4/16/16 Houston Chronicle Niche homes remain attractive option

4/16/16 Houston Chronicle Houston’s foreclosure rate isn’t rising, yet

4/15/16 Market Watch Could the San Francisco real estate market finally be slowing down?

4/15/16 CNBC Homeownership no longer a tax break

4/14/16 Bloomberg Owning a Home in U.S. Has Fewer Tax Benefits Than You Think

4/14/16 Green Builder Analysis: Americans Stopped Buying New Homes When the Tax Perks Vanished

4/14/16 Business Times Homeownership’s tax benefits fade as US mortgage rates plunge

4/14/16 Washington Post Lack of inventory pushes up home prices in Northern Virginia

4/8/16 Washington Post Want to snag a home in Maryland? The hunt is fierce.

4/6/16 Mreport Home Builders Detained by Rising Compliance Costs

4/4/16 Sun Sentinel More older Americans becoming renters

4/4/16 OC Register Homebuilders are becoming landlords

4/1/16 Chicago Tribune More older Americans becoming renters

March 2016

3/31/16 Washington Post Spring started early for D.C. housing market

3/31/16 CNBC Tired of rising rent? Maybe you should consider becoming a landlord

3/25/16 Houston Agent Magazine Why more Baby Boomers are choosing renting over buying

3/21/16 Pew Charitable Trusts Millennials Fuel Apartment-Building Boom; Will It Last?

3/20/16 Wall Street Journal Widening U.S. Home-Price Gap Makes Trading Up Harder

3/20/16 OC Register Homebuilding revolution: Factory builder staging a comeback

3/14/16 Professional Builder Home Building Industry Predictions For 2016

3/14/16 AZ Big Media Eastmark passes more than 1,000 homes sold

3/10/16 Costar Developers Expanding Single-Family Build-for-Rent Market

3/10/16 Digital Journal Woodbridge Pacific Group Unites Homebuilding Activity With Community Outreach

3/7/16 Craft Jack Construction Forecast 2016

3/4/16 Morningstar Advisor UPDATE: This is why millennials will never grow up

3/4/16 Houston Chronicle Research: Riverstone No. 1 best-selling community in Texas

3/4/16 Multi-Housing News KTGY Midwest Asks: Is For-Sale Multifamily Poised for Comeback?

3/1/16 CNBC Stock market swoon stalls luxury home sales

February 2016

2/18/16 Construction Dive Survey: Decline in undocumented immigration pushing up construction, housing costs

2/17/16 Burned by Real Estate? Learn to Love—and Buy—Again

2/16/16 Chicago Agent Chicago Leads in High-Income Jobs – What It Means for Housing

2/16/16 Houston Agent Will Houston Incomes Rise to Meet New Home Prices?

2/15/16 Personal Real Estate Investor/Think Realty High-Income Job Growth Determines Housing Demand

2/15/16 Denver Post Job quality not keeping pace with home price gains in Denver

2/15/16 MReport The Affordability Problem: New Home Demand Hinges on Wage Growth

2/10/16 Builder Online The Three Big Forces Driving MultiGen Attraction and Traction

2/9/16 Monetary Watch San Francisco Real Estate Looking Like It Did Before Dot-Com Crash in 2000

2/9/16 Building Design + Construction Changing of the guard: Big cities giving way to newer, less expensive offerings

2/8/16 CNBC Under one roof: Multigenerational housing big for builders

2/5/16 Viera Ranked in Top 25 Best-Selling Master-Planned Communities of 2015

2/5/16 Mreport Where are the Affordable Housing Markets?

2/3/16 Stapleton Scoop Stapleton Named 4th Best Selling Master Planned Community in Country!

2/1/16 Saga of a Short Sale: How I Recovered From Real Estate’s Collapse

January 2016

1/29/16 LA Times Apartment builders woo the wealthy with over-the-top services

1/22/16 Wall Street Journal New U.S. Homes Make Room for Airbnb Crowd

1/22/15 Business Observer Corporate Report: Community makes top 50 list

1/21/16 Jacksonville Business Journal 16.5 million households now living multi-generational

1/20/16 MReport Multi-Generational Households Grow in Number

1/20/16 Fort Myers Florida Weekly Ave Maria is Southwest Florida’s fastest selling new home community

1/20/16 Realty News Report New Rankings: Texas Leads the Nation with 8 Best Selling Communities

1/20/16 Houston Newcomer Guides Canyon Lakes West Ranks Among Nation’s Top Master Planned Communities

1/19/16 OC Register $630,000: Orange County median home price in December is highest since Great Recession

1/19/16 Houston Chronicle Homebuilders adjust to slower housing market

1/17/16 Columbus Dispatch On the House: Price gap is hurting builders

1/17/16 Denver Post Metro Denver housing remains constrained and combustible

1/16/16 News-press Business briefs: Ave Maria named Top 50 Community

1/14/16 Houston Chronicle Friendswood Development keeps on growing in Houston

1/14/16 Wildwood at Northpointe Friendswood Development Company Recognized for Three of the Nation’s Top 50 Communities

1/13/16 PR Newswire Eastmark Ranked Among Top 10, Best-Selling Master-Planned Communities in U.S. in 2015

1/13/16 Real Estate Center Eight Texas master-planned communities land in John Burns top 21

1/12/16 Naples Daily News Ave Maria earns top 50 spot on national ranking of master-planned communities

1/12/16 Bradenton Herald Lakewood Ranch ranked in top 10 master planned communities in U.S.

1/12/16 Sarasota Herald-Tribune Lakewood Ranch makes two national lists

1/12/16 YourObserver Lakewood Ranch named in top 10 best-selling communities

1/12/16 Houston Business Journal Top Houston master-planned communities where home sales slowed the most in 2015

1/11/16 PR Newswire St. Charles, MD Reports Record Sales Of 269 New Homes In 2015

1/9/16 OC Register Irvine Ranch is 2nd hottest U.S. spot for new-home sales

1/7/16 Professional Builder Top Masterplans Dominate Sales In 2015

1/7/15 Houston Business Journal Houston tops nation in number of top-selling master-planned communities

1/6/16 Builder Online 21 Top-Selling Masterplans

1/6/16 Houston Chronicle Houston still a leader in master-planned communities

1/5/16 Sonoma Valley Living Luxury Home Amenities for Pets Growing in Popularity

December 2015

12/30/15 Anthony DiDonato More Homes Come With ‘Pet Suites’

12/29/15 Houston Chronicle Heaps of housing added to local market in just a few years

12/29/15 Sierra Properties More Homes Come With ‘Pet Suites’

12/28/15 Jane Strauch Real Estate Roundup: Credit Restrictions to Ease in the New Year

12/22/15 Chicago Tribune Chicago’s home prices driving some buyers to suburbs

12/20/15 Denver Post Mortgage rate hikes could temper Denver home prices next year

12/18/15 Realtor Mag In 15 Years, Home-Buying Power Grew 44%

12/15/15 NPR Will A Fed Interest Rate Hike Slow The Housing Recovery?

12/13/15 Financial Times US property: why canny buyers know the way to San Jose

12/12/15 Tri-Town News Suburban sprawl slows to a crawl

12/11/15 Muti Briefs Exclusive Slower growth forecast for construction industry in 2016

12/7/15 Building Design + Construction Are long-term apartment rentals Airbnb’s next target?

12/7/15 Upstate SC News Don’t Fall Victim to These 3 Real Estate Investing Myths – Motley Fool

12/7/15 OC Register Will El Nino hammer the housing market?

12/5/15 E House A new report says loan limits stifling new home sales in California and Arizona

12/5/15 The Motley Fool Don’t Fall Victim to These 3 Real Estate Investing Myths

12/3/15 Can Buyers Afford Homes in Good School Districts?

12/1/15 Houston Chronicle New homebuilders enter market as Woodlands nears build out

12/1/15 Central Valley Business Journal Builders face construction worker shortage

November 2015

11/30/15 Housing Wire Here’s how Chinese homebuyers are reshaping U.S. housing

11/26/15 Wall Street Journal U.S. Restricts Raising Cap on Federally Backed Mortgages

11/25/15 Bankrate Mortgage rates in San Francisco, California

11/25/15 Sacramento Bee On the House: Rise in residential construction is now expected

11/24/15 Pacific Union Nearly Half of California’s Job Growth Happening in the Bay Area

11/24/15 Housely Retirement Boom is Said to Change What Houses Will Look Like

11/24/15 Builder Online Why do Housing Starts in 2015 Continue to Struggle?

11/24/15 New York Times Fewer Golfers, but Some Lush Courses Are Coming Back

11/23/15 Realty Today The San Francisco Real Estate Market Today

11/22/15 Zrants San Francisco real estate looking like it did before dot-com crash in 2000

11/22/15 On the House: Rise in residential construction is now expected

11/21/15 Homes Millbrae San Francisco real estate looking like it did before dot-com crash in 2000

11/21/15 TD Ameritrade UPDATE: San Francisco real estate looking like it did before dot-com crash in 2000

11/20/15 Inman Retirement boom to change what houses look like

11/20/15 Market Watch San Francisco real estate looking like it did before dot-com crash in 2000

11/19/15 Patrika News Online Most of the Bay Area’s All-Cash Buyers Don’t Work in Tech

11/19/15 Pacific Union Bay Area Home Price Growth to Moderate to 2018, Forecast Says

11/19/15 Mansion Global Study Upends Assumptions About Cash Buyers in the Bay Area

11/19/15 Sfist Most SF All-Cash Home Buyers Are ‘Older Affluent People,’ Not Techies

11/18/15 Yahoo Finance Renters aren’t saving to buy a house

11/18/15 CNBC Renters aren’t saving to buy a house

11/18/15 San Francisco Business Times Surprise! Don’t blame tech buyers — it’s aging baby boomers who are making all-cash buys

11/17/15 News Transcript Why rental options are a-changin’

11/14/15 Fora.TV Pacific Union Real Estate Economic Forecast SF Bay Area

11/13/15 PR Newswire San Francisco Luxury Real Estate Brokerage Pacific Union Hosts Live Webcast from SFJAZZ Center

11/13/15 Financial Planning Top RIA Execs Reveal How to Recruit and Retain NextGen Talent

11/10/15 Business Wire Foremost Companies, Starwood Capital Group Announce Start of Construction on New Master-Planned Community in Southern California

11/10/15 Personal Real Estate Investor A new report says loan limits stifling new home sales in Califiornia and Arizona

11/9/15 Construction Dive This week in construction

11/1/15 The Real Deal Port St. Lucie draws home buyers from PB County

October 2015

10/30/15 Palm Beach Post Port St. Lucie is an affordable housing option — but for how long?

10/30/15 Personal Real Estate Investor Chicago: Lessons from the most beat-up housing market in the country

10/29/15 RVI Millennials, Housing, and the Recovery: Highlights from the 2015 ULI Conference

10/27/15 CRS Nevada 4 Myths Millennials Want You to Stop Believing

10/26/15 JLS Partner Connection 4 Myths Millennials Want You to Stop Believing

10/26/15 Realtor Mag 4 Myths Millennials Want You to Stop Believing

10/26/15 Builder Online Millennial Home Buyer: Facts vs. Fiction

10/26/15 Business Insider How the housing markets of the two World Series cities compare

10/26/15 Florida Realtors Investors’ sweet spot: Older, less-expensive homes

10/23/15 Bipartisan Policy Center Labor Shortages Make the Case for Immigration

10/23/15 HAR For Home Owners: Best Time To Remodel Is Now

10/22/15 DS News Builders Plan to Build More Detached Homes for Single-Family Rentals

10/20/15 Realty Today Go Out of Town to Find Less Expensive Homes

10/20/15 DS News Build to Rent Strategy Gains Popularity Driven by Lack of Inventory, Surge in Rental Demand

10/19/15 Tri-City Area and Real Estate Blog For Owners: Best Time to Remodel Is Now

10/19/15 National Real Estate Investor Investors Score High Yields for Older, Less-Expensive Rental Homes

10/16/15 CNBC New kitchen? New bathroom? Why the time is now

10/15/15 Florida Realtors Bargains await those willing to commute

10/14/15 Realtor Mag Bargains Await Those Willing to Commute

10/14/15 Houston Chronicle Selling a house takes more patience these days

10/13/15 CNBC Want a discount on a house? Drive way out of town

10/13/15 Wall Street Journal Construction Workers ‘Left the Business and They Didn’t Come Back’

10/12/15 Wall Street Journal Labor Shortage Pinches Home Builders

10/12/15 Construction Citizen Houston’s Monthly Metrics: October 2015

10/8/15 The Norris Group California Real Estate Investing News

10/8/15 Guide Travel Immigration Changes Mean Surge in Construction Costs

10/8/15 NewsMax Analyst Mark Hanson Sees Housing Bubble ‘Larger Than 2006’

10/8/15 The Registry John Burns: Women and the Future of Housing Decisions

10/7/15 Realty Today Is the Housing Market in a Bubble Worse than 2006?

10/7/15 Washington Post The fall real estate market in Northern Virginia

10/7/15 OC Housing News When should pundits admit their mistakes?

10/6/15 CNBC Housing today: A ‘bubble larger than 2006’

10/5/15 Yahoo Finance Homes as ATMs: It’s starting again

10/5/15 CNBC Homes as ATMs: It’s starting again

10/5/15 Personal Real Estate Investor Incredible real estate price and value available to commuters

10/2/15 Business Observer Home, sweet home gets a reboot

10/2/15 Tree Angle Meet the hipster real estate developers building for millennials

10/1/15 Upstate SC News The fall real estate market in Maryland – Washington Post

September 2015

9/30/15 Mansion Global San Francisco loses appeal among foreigners

9/30/15 Maryland News The tumble genuine estate marketplace in Maryland

9/30/15 MSN Money Meet the hipster real estate developers building for millennials

9/30/15 Bloomberg Business Meet the Hipster Real Estate Developers Building for Millennials

9/30/15 Washington Post The fall real estate market in Maryland

9/29/15 Builder Online Network Effect: The Next Generation of Master-Planned Communities

9/29/15 Club and Resort Business Developers “Shun” Golf in Palm Beach Gardens, Fla.

9/28/15 Personal Real Estate Investor Which is the bigger industry: new construction or remodeling?

9/28/15 Business is rising but contractors are fighting for workers

9/25/15 Palm Beach Post In new communities, golf courses less common

9/25/15 Washington Post The weather is cooling, but the D.C. housing market isn’t

9/24/15 Joel Kotkin China Catches Cold: What That Means For The Rest Of Us

9/24/15 Akron Needs of aging homebuyers differ

9/23/15 Business Insider Here’s the major trend exacerbating labour shortages in the American homebuilding business

9/22/15 Law360 US Construction Industry Lost 570K Mexican Workers: Report

9/22/15 Basic One News How Much More It Costs to Buy Instead of Rent a Home in 21 Major Cities

9/22/15 iBloomberg The Morning Risk Report: Time for Investment Advisers to Focus on AML

9/22/15 Construction Dive Report: Immigration slowdown contributing to construction labor shortage

9/21/15 Wall Street Journal How an Immigration Downturn Has Contributed to the Construction-Worker Shortage

9/21/15 IonWedding Millennials Aren’t Entitled, We’re Screwed

9/17/15 Investors Business Daily California Drought Adds Heat To Hot Housing Market

9/17/15 Investors Business Daily Interest Builds In Houses Designed For Rental Market

9/17/15 Palm Beach Post Port St. Lucie back as Palm Beach County’s affordable housing program

9/15/15 CNBC Frothy, yes, but don’t call it a housing bubble

9/13/15 Business Insider Find out if your housing market is over- or underpriced

9/11/15 CNBC If mortgage rates go to 6%, here’s what happens to housing

9/10/15 Bloomberg Drought Dogs Developers in California’s Soaring Housing Market

9/10/15 Nasdaq Niche Builder LGI Homes Targets Renters For Starters

9/10/15 NBC News Housing Shift: Big Investors Snap Up New Homes for Use as Rentals

9/7/15 Wall Street Journal Why a Stronger Housing Sector Isn’t Boosting the U.S. Economy That Much

9/2/15 Business Insider Jeff Gundlach is opening a new fund

August 2015

8/31/15 Personal Real Estate Investor New study says earning costs more than renting

8/31/15 OC Register Rent or buy? O.C. homes found to have 2nd highest ownership premium

8/31/15 National Real Estate Investor Developers Move Into Single-Family Rental Homes Sector

8/28/15 LA Times Will Wall Street turmoil affect Southern California housing market?

8/28/15 PalmBeachPost Looking for an affordable house in Palm Beach County? Head west or north

8/26/15 Houston Business Journal How the oil slump is affecting residential real estate in Houston

8/26/15 RealtorMag Black Monday’ Rattles Housing Market

8/25/15 Houston Chronicle Energy woes hit real estate market, but slowdown could be worse

8/24/15 Construction Newsletter Will market turmoil keep Chinese investors from buying U.S. property?

8/24/15 HousingWire What does Black Monday mean for Chinese homebuyers?

8/24/15 Scotsman Guide News Chinese investors aren’t likely to cool on U.S. property investments

8/23/15 Spokesman Tom Kelly: Aging homebuyers fall into different classifications

8/20/15 Business Insider Chinese Investors are Gobbling Up US Homes

8/20/15 BubbleInfo Chinese Home-Buying Concerns

8/19/15 New York Times Losing Water, Califiornia Tries to Stay Atop Economic Wave

8/13/15 Crain’s New York Business Paulson’s hedge fund starts selling land to reap gains in U.S. housing market

8/13/15 The College Fix Student loan debt hits $1.27 trillion, grows $3,055 every second

8/13/15 Business Commercial Property Paulson to reap fortune flipping US land banks

8/12/15 Bloomberg John Paulson Is Starting to Cash In on His Big Land Grab

8/8/15 2M Realty Advisors Single-family homes: A new trend in real estate

8/8/15 The Norris Group Single-Family Rental Homes to Have More Detached Homes Constructed According to John Burns

8/6/15 WFG National Title Insurance Company US builders to construct more single-family rentals

8/5/15 Business Insider Renting detached homes is an untapped market

8/5/15 DS News DS News Webcast: Wednesday 8/5/2015

8/5/15 MW Market Watch This is why millennials will never grow up

8/4/15 DS News Builders Plan to Build More Detached Homes for Single-Family Rentals

8/4/15 Personal Real Estate Investor Builders and Developers will start building more detached single-family homes for rent, new study says

8/3/15 SF Chronicle How much will Bay Area homes cost a year from now?

July 2015

7/28/15 Builder Online Home Sales in Orange County Hit 10-year High

7/21/15 Chicago Tribune Arizona firm enters Chicago, snaps up Orleans Homebuilders

7/16/15 Bloomberg Dead U.S. Exurbs Are Staging Comebacks

7/9/15 CNBC Will Chinese buyers flee or flood US housing?

7/7/15 Business Insider Surging rent will turn a lot of renters into buyers

7/6/15 CNBC Big investors buy fewer homes but see bigger gains

June 2015

6/29/15 ArcaMax With a recovered economy, Americans are on the move again

6/24/15 Builder Online Design Trends: What Buyers Love in Kitchens and Baths

6/24/15 Digital Journal Woodbridge Pacific Group Reports Strong Revenues and Expanding Development Strategies

6/21/15 WSJ Rising Mortgage Rates to Test Housing Market’s Strength

6/18/15 The Housing Bubble Blog It Seems Like The Floodgates Have Opened

6/18/15 Business Insider The US household formation boom will fuel construction for years

6/17/15 Builder Online Land Constraints Crippling Home Builder Momentum

6/16/15 RealtorMag Housing Construction Boom Begins This Year?

6/16/15 Luxury Marin Homes Real Estate Executives Forecast More Growth in 2016

6/16/15 WSJ Home Builders Seen Nearing Consolidation Phase

6/16/15 NBR Why aren’t more homes being built?

6/16/15 Yahoo Finance Why aren’t more homes being built?

6/16/15 CNBC Why aren’t more homes being built?

6/15/15 LA Times The timing is right for a merger, two Southland home builders say

6/15/15 Builder and Developer Magazine Independent Living Apartments Surge Among Seniors

6/14/15 WSJ Home Builders Standard Pacific and Ryland to Merge

6/12/15 Personal Real Estate Investor Mag High-density detached urban infill is a booming real estate business so what are the challenges?

6/12/15 MPA Mag America’s most undervalued markets

6/11/15 Pacific Union Real Estate Executives Forecast More Growth in 2016

6/11/15 Press Release Rocket Heritage New Homes Sales Center Is Relocating

6/9/15 Crain’s Cleveland Business Cleveland housing market rates among the most undervalued in the U.S.

6/8/15 Denver Real Estate Blogger Denver developers can’t get lots to market fast enough

6/8/15 MPA Mag Morning Briefing: Economists hail the strong housing market

6/7/15 Denver Post Denver developers can’t get lots to market fast enough

6/1/15 Personal Real Estate Investor Mag Rental growth where you least expect it: single-family homes

May 2015

5/27/15 CBS 8 Heritage New Homes Sales Increase 15 Percent In April

5/27/15 Pacific Union Bay Area Unemployment Claims Keep Dropping in April

5/27/15 Press Release Rocket Heritage New Homes Sales Increase 15 Percent In April

5/26/15 House of Brokers Realty, Inc “Lagging Supply” Leads to Slowdown in Sales

5/26/15 WSJ Housing Bubble? Despite Rising Prices, Most Economists Still Say No

5/26/15 Keeping Current Matters “Lagging Supply” Leads to Slowdown in Sales

5/21/15 CNBC Denver housing: Rocky Mountain high and HOT

5/19/15 Yahoo Homes A house that thumbs its nose at the drought

5/19/15 Virtual-Strategy Magazine Remodel to Heritage Club Complete, Opening Weekend Events in Late May

5/19/15 CNBC A house that thumbs its nose at the drought

5/19/15 PRWeb Remodel to Heritage Club Complete, Opening Weekend Events in Late May

5/15/15 OC Register Experts will discuss commercial, office and residential real estate markets

5/13/15 Herald-Tribune Sarasota County luxury sales near $100 million

5/12/15 Orlando Sentinel March analysis of housing market looks at permits, affordability

5/8/15 Builder Online Meritage Homes Uses Big Data For Its Strategic Decision-Making

5/7/15 Digital Journal Viera Among the Country’s Top-Selling Master Planned Communities

5/4/15 Truth-Out What Happens When the Student Loan Bubble Pops?

5/4/15 Architect Magazine All Grown up and Nowhere to Go

5/3/15 OC Register In the continuing drought, can Orange County keep building?

5/3/15 The Guardian Not saving early for college tuition is everyone’s problem. Here’s why

5/1/15 Herald-Tribune Smaller inverstors take over home market

April 2015

4/29/15 Nasdaq Why You Should Care About the Rising Cost of College

4/28/15 Houston Chronicle Katy, Fulshear housing submarket popular with buyers

4/27/15 Professional Builder California Builders Position Themselves As Part Of Drought Solution

4/26/15 NWI Times Ins and outs of single family rentals

4/24/15 MorningStar New-Home Sales Trend Looks Solid–Update

4/24/15 The New York Times Renters Are Staying Put

4/24/15 WSJ As California Drought Drags On, Home Builders Vie for a Voice

4/23/15 WSJ New-Home Sales Trend Looks Solid

4/22/15 Hillsborough Title Student Loan Debt and the Real Estate Market

4/22/15 Bigger Pockets Am I investing where the jobs are projected to grow?

4/21/15 Benzinga Sabal Homes Announces Palmetto Walk at Cane Bay

4/21/15 Press Release Rocket Heritage Closes First Quarter 2015 By Doubling Closings

4/20/15 eCreditDaily Fewer Affluent, Millennial Apartment Renters Moving Out to Buy A Home

4/20/15 Realty Times Student Loan Debt and the Real Estate Market

4/20/15 Builder Online Renters Moving Out to Buy, Rising But in Slo-Mo

4/19/15 Business Insider Apartment renters aren’t crazy about buying a home

4/19/15 On the House: Fear of job loss inhibits would-be homebuyers

4/17/15 OnlineEd Report Shows Just 14.7% of Tenants Moving Out Purchased a Home

4/16/15 The M Report Renters Aren’t Converting into Homebuyers, Report Shows

4/14/15 Architect Magazine The Demise of the Starter Home

4/7/15 PRWeb Heritage Celebrates Ten Years of Excellence

4/6/15 Norada Powerhouse Job Markets

4/1/15 Preferred Properties LA Many buyers no longer see marriage as prerequisite to a mortgage

March 2015

3/31/15 Miami Herald South Florida home prices outpaced annual national growth in January

3/30/15 San Jose Mercury News Why tech companies are flocking to Playa Vista

3/30/15 Midland Reporter-Telegram Lower Rates Help Buyers

3/30/15 MPA Mag Daily Market Update: Buyers in Washington may have to wait for new home

3/27/15 Houston Chronicle Real estate transactions

3/27/15 Washington Post New-home opportunities available for buyers willing to wait

3/24/15 PRWeb Heritage New Home Prices Rise Four Percent Over Last Year

3/20/15 Shea Homes Blog Shea Homes Modelk Now Underway in Sienna Plantation

3/18/15 Houston Newcomer Guides Sienna Plantation’s Village of Sawmill Lake

3/17/15 US Finance Post Does More Jobs Also Mean Higher Mortgage Rates?

3/15/15 Your Houston News Fort Bend communities mark Johnson Development’s 40th anniversary with outdoor sculptures

3/13/15 Houston Chronicle Outdoor sculptures to mark Johnson’s Development’s 40th Anniversary

3/13/15 Daily Business News Indicators of New Home Sales Rise for 2015

3/12/15 More Jobs Is Good, Right? Well, More Jobs Also Means Higher Mortgage Rates

3/12/15 Realtor Mag Mortgage Rate Fluctuations Have Big Impact

3/11/15 NBC News San Antonio Mortgage rates giving consumers more buying power

3/11/15 Professional Builder 10 Questions To Ruin 2015 For You, Unless…

3/11/15 WSJ More Home Builders Say This Spring Smells Rosy

3/11/15 WFG National Title Company Infographic: inside the mind of a millennial homebuyer

3/11/15 Houston Newcomer Guides Alina Hosts Grand Opening of All-New Model Home Village & Backyard Showcase

3/11/15 NuWire Investor Builders Turning To Data Analysis To Inform Developments

3/10/15 Ave Maria Website Ave Maria to Celebrate Spring Fling Event

3/10/15 Houston Chronicle The mind of a Millennial: Why are young people hesitant to buy homes?

3/10/15 Appraisal Buzz Infographic: inside the mind of a millennial homebuyer

3/10/15 All Web News Infographic: inside the mind of a millennial homebuyer

3/10/15 Yahoo Homes How tiny mortgage rate moves can buy you a lot

3/10/15 CNBC How tiny mortgage rate moves can buy you a lot

3/10/15 Inman Infographic: inside the mind of a millennial homebuyer

3/5/15 Property Wire US home builders using new data analysis to decide where and what to build

3/2/15 The M Report Low Interest Rates Create 12 Percent Rise in Home Price Appreciation

3/1/15 Builder Online New-Home Prices Go Up As Rates Edge Lower

3/1/15 Builder Online Gap Check: Are Qualifiable Buyers Buying? Are Would-Be Buyers Qualifiable?

3/1/15 The Registry John Burns: 12% Price Appreciation per Mortgage Point

February 2015

2/27/15 Zillow Experts: New Homes Have ‘Plenty of Runway’ in 2015

2/24/15 GTN News Sales Success at Village of Sendero Propels “Inter-Gen” Community of Rancho Mission Viejo to Position as California’s Top Selling New Community

2/24/15 How to Buy USA Real Estate Top 3 Reasons Why Atlanta Remains a Hotspot for Investors

2/24/15 PRWeb Sales Success at Village of Sendero Propels “Inter-Gen” Community of Rancho Mission Viejo to Position as California’s Top Selling New Community

2/24/15 Houston Chronicle Riverstone recognizes top 2014 Realtors

2/23/15 Orange County Business Journal Mastering the Plan: Share Sales Rise for OC’s Big Three

2/23/15 Houston Newcomer Guides Riverstone Names top 2014 Realtors

2/20/15 HomeUnion The rentorship society: Economic realities shift expectations

2/17/15 OC Register Lansner: Builders face home-shopping lull

2/17/15 Houston Chronicle Cross Creek Ranch recognizes top 2014 Realtors

2/13/15 MPA More adults are single, here’s why you should care

2/11/15 Pacific Union San Franciso County’s Plan to Ease Housing Crunch

2/9/15 Your Houston News Friendswood Development company to expand Wildwood at Northpointe

2/9/15 AZ Central They’re back: Boomerangers returning to housing market

2/9/15 Housingwire Monday Morning Cup of Coffee: The 4 shifts needed to boost new home sales

2/6/15 Houston Chronicle Real estate transactions

2/5/15 Aqua Magazine New Home Sales Stronger

2/4/15 NBC 4 San Antonio (Youtube) Alamo Ranch one of the most popular neighborhoods

2/4/15 Community Impact Newspaper Tomball master-planned community to undergo Phase 1 expansion by mid-2016

2/4/15 Houston Chronicle An update on master-planned communities in Houston’s suburbs

2/4/15 WSJ Consumer Confidence Lifting Home Sales

2/3/15 Professional Builder Sales Slow At Top 20 Master Planned Communities

2/3/15 Builder Online Friendswood Development expands master-planned community in Tomball area

2/2/15 Maryland Daily Examiner St. Charles, MD Reports Sales of 250 New Homes in 2014

2/2/15 Eye on Austin Real Estate Austin Housing Market Forcecast for 2015

2/2/15 Houston Chronicle Friendswood Development expands master-planned community in Tomball area

2/2/15 It’s spring real estate season: Builders, Realtors look for a boost

January 2015

1/31/15 The Post and Courier Cane Bay sees healthy rise in sales, higher ranking in consultant’s yearly list of top 50 master-planned communities

1/29/15 ChicoER Business Many buyers no longer see marriage as prerequisite to a mortgage

1/29/15 Santa Cruz Sentinel Business Many buyers no longer see marriage as prerequisite to a mortgage

1/28/15 WSJ How a Two-Tier Economy Is Reshaping the U.S. Marketplace

1/27/15 Baltimore City Biz List St. Charles, MD Reports Sales of 250 New Homes in 2014

1/27/15 Yahoo Finance St. Charles, MD Reports Sales of 250 New Homes in 2014

1/25/15 OC Register What are all those houses being built? Here are 6 major projects underway in O.C.

1/23/15 Pocono Record Many buyers no longer see marriage as prerequisite to a mortgage

1/23/15 Herald-Tribune Area home sales hit all-time high in 2014

1/23/15 Austin Business Journal Developer eyes Liberty Hill as next growth area

1/23/15 PR Web Heritage Is Once Again The Top Selling Triangle New Home Community

1/22/15 The Dallas Morning News Baby boomer homebuyers are boosting builders’ business

1/21/15 Fort Bend Herald Johnson Development communities ranked in top 20

1/21/15 Community Impact Newspaper Experts: Austin-area home prices still rising but slowdown could be on horizon

1/20/15 Statesman Austin area housing forecast: continued health in 2015

1/20/15 Houston Chronicle Enclave at Riverstone registers strong sales of $1million plus homes before summer opening

1/16/15 Ave Maria Ave Maria Named Top 50 Master Planned Community in the U.S.

1/16/15 Professional Builder A Recap of Master Planned Community Sales In 2014

1/15/15 Ponte Vedra Recorder Nocatee ranks as third best-selling master planned community in US

1/15/15 Bloom Realty Nocatee again makes Top Five Master-Planned Communities Nationwide

1/13/15 Fox San Antonio Alamo Ranch one of the most popular neighborhoods in US

1/13/15 Your Houston News REPORT: Fort Bend communities among nation’s top sellers

1/13/15 AZ Central Experts: 2015 should be better than 2014 for housing

1/13/15 Houston Chronicle The Woodlands United Methodist Church buys site in Woodforest

1/13/15 My San Antonio San Antonio’s Alamo Ranch now sixth best-selling neighborhood in U.S.

1/12/15 Houston Chronicle Darling Homes debuts plans at Avalon at Riverstone

1/12/15 Daily Commercial The Villages still No. 1 nationally in sales

1/10/15 Houston Chronicle Del Webb community to sprout near The Woodlands

1/9/15 Houston Chronicle Sales slip, but area dominates in master-planned communities

1/9/15 Jacksonville Business Journal Nocatee named the third best-selling planned community nationwide

1/8/15 San Antonio Business Journal Alamo Ranch among top-selling master planned communities in U.S.

1/8/15 The St. Augustine Record Nocatee ranked as third best-selling master-planned community in country

1/8/15 Houston Chronicle 2 Fort Bend communities ranked among nation’s best sellers

1/8/15 Houston Newcomer Guides Johnson Development Lands Three Houston-Area Communities on Lost of Nation’s Top Sellers

1/8/15 Houston Newcomer Guides Woodforest Ranks Among the Nation’s Top 20 MPCs

1/7/15 Houston City and Press Houston tops nation in number of top-selling master-planned communities

1/7/15 Bradenton Herald Lakewood Ranch retains national stature as a top-selling master-planned community

1/7/15 Houston Business Journal Houston tops nation in number of top-selling master-planned communities

1/7/15 Orlando Business Journal Lake Nona, The Villages among top-selling U.S. communities in 2014

1/7/15 Herald-Tribune Lakewood Ranch sales again put it in Top 20

1/7/15 Houston Chronicle Houston communities prominent on John Burns Real Estate Consulting’s Top 20 list

1/7/15 Realty Biz News Why Do New Home Inventories Remain So Low?

1/6/15 Mortgage Professional America Is marriage becoming less of a prerequisite to a mortgage?

1/6/15 Realtor Mag Why Inventory Problems Aren’t Going Away

1/6/15 Inside Real Estate Lakewood Ranch named among best master-planned communities

1/4/15 Construction Dive Baby boomers dominate DC housing market

1/2/15 Los Angeles Times Many buyers no longer see marriage as prerequisite to a mortgage

1/1/15 Washington Post Empty-nester boom offers boon for builders in Washington region

December 2014

12/31/14 MarketWatch Why this room is now a must-have home feature

12/29/14 Builder Online The Home Office Now a Must-Have Feature

12/29/14 WSJ Housing Market’s Foundations Crack

12/22/14 Chicago Tribune Millennials’ version of the American Dream

12/19/14 NBR/CNBC How low gas prices fuel the housing market

12/19/14 The Norris Group John Burns Joins Bruce Norris on the Real Estate Radio Show #413

12/18/14 Terrizona Investments Millennials: Hurting the Housing Market?

12/17/14 Construction Dive Housing starts and sales take hit in November

12/16/14 ProSales Good News for Engineered Trim

12/15/14 Builder Online November New-Home Sales Anemic on First-Blush

12/15/14 WSJ Early Glimpses at New-Home Sales Show Buyers Still Hesitant

12/10/14 Remodeling Want to Hire and Retain Good Workers? Pay Up.

12/9/14 Norada Real Estate Delayed Marriage Equals Delayed Home-Ownership

12/9/14 The Registry John Burns: For Rent Beating For Sale

12/8/14 New American Funding Boomerang buyers taking advantage of FHA loans

12/7/14 Business Insider It’s Been A Monster Year For Apartment Stocks

12/7/14 Economic Policy Journal For Rent Beating For Sale

12/7/14 Business Insider One Big US Industry Will Be Happy To See Energy Companies Lay Off Workers

12/5/14 Trulia Blog Getting a mortgage after a short sale or foreclosure

November 2014

11/24/14 Houston Newcomer Guides Next Phase Announced for Sienna Plantation

11/24/14 Chicago Tribune Life stages influence housing plans

11/19/14 ULI North Texas 2014 ULI Fall Meeting Quick Takeaways

11/18/14 PRWeb Coldwell Banker Howard Perry and Walston Builder Services Announces VanVliet Joines Heritage at Wake Forest Sales Team

11/16/14 Builder and Developer Think You Know the 55-Plus Homebuyer? Think Again

11/15/14 Sioux Journal Fewer marriages impact housing recovery

11/13/14 Pacific Union Bay Area Real Estate Outlook 2017: 5 Key Takeaways

11/10/14 United Realty 6 Trends Driving New-Home Designs

11/10/14 Advantage Realty 6 Trends Driving New-Home Designs

11/8/14 Charlotte Observer Student debt, lending rules stymie first-time homebuyers

11/7/14 Broadway World Heritage New Home Sales Continue Market Leading Trend of 100% List to Sale Price Ratio

11/7/14 HousingWire FHFA’s Watt: Realtors are next step for expanding mortgage credit

11/5/14 Boulder City Review Student loan burden hinders VA employees

11/5/14 WSJ Bay Area Land Deal Shows Dirt Prices Still High

October 2014

10/31/14 Uexpress Student Debt, Lending Rules Stymie First-Timers

10/31/14 My Northwest Consultants find spooky pricing for Seattle-area housing

10/31/14 CNN Money Will this get millenials to buy homes?

10/30/14 OC Register Lanser: 13 spooky economic scenarios

10/29/14 US News Afford a Mortgage with Student Loan Debt

10/28/14 Realty Today Marriage Delays Could Postpone Home Ownership – Study

10/28/14 5 Red Flags Pointing to a Cooling Real Estate Market

10/27/14 Construction Dive Unmarried millenials could be slowing the housing recovery

10/27/14 Realtor Mag Housing’s Big Game Changer: Marriage Delays

10/24/14 Miami Agent Magazine Student Loan Debt Takes Its Toll on Housing

10/24/14 Street Insider Heritage New Homes Promote Longevity, Value

10/24/14 LA Times High-end housing planned on 230 acres next to Porter Ranch

10/24/14 Florida Realtors Study: Fewer marriages = slow housing recovery

10/24/14 PRWeb Heritage New Homes Promote Longevity, Value

10/23/14 Housingwire Marriage ignites the desire to buy a home

10/22/14 GoldSeek Connecting the Dots: 5 Warning Signs Point to Real Estate Market Downturn

10/22/14 PR Newswire Pacific Union Presents Live Economic Forecast: San Francisco Bay Area Through 2017

10/22/14 DS News Study: Fewer Marriages Result in Slow Housing Recovery

10/22/14 Virtual-Strategy Magazine Builder Confidence Positive Despite Index Drop

10/21/14 PR Web Builder Confidence Positive Despite Index Drop

10/21/14 Pacific Union Pacific Union and John Burns Real Estate Consulting Team Up to Deliver Exclusive 2017 Outlook

10/21/14 Green Home Builder Delivering What the Baby Boomer Wants

10/20/14 Miami Agent Magazine Viewpoints: Ana Solis, Realtor Associate, Coldwell Banker Residential Real Estate, Miami Beach

10/17/14 Chicago Tribune Suburban Chicago homebuilders talking about land again

10/16/14 Builder Online September New-Home Sales Signals are Mixed

10/16/14 WSJ New-Home Sales Optimism? September Numbers May Disappoint, Burns Survey Suggests

10/16/14 PRWeb September Brings Best Month for 2014 Monthly New Home Sales at St. Charles, MDA Amenities, New St. Charles High School Cited as Key Factors for Homebuyers

10/13/14 Florida Realtors Study: Student debt costs housing $83B this year

10/13/14 LA Times In Southern California, new homes are rare and costly

10/9/14 PRWeb Heritage’s September New Home Sales Report Decreased Time on Market

10/9/14 BusinessWeek Homebuilders Offer Goodies as Sales Slow

10/9/14 Builder Online The Second Coming of M&A King Kahn

10/8/14 Housingwire Here’s how one student loan lender will get mortgages to millenials

10/8/14 The Columbus Dispatch Student debt killing sales?

10/8/14 Housingwire Student debt costs housing $83B a year

10/7/14 Finance & Commerce Homebuilders give freebies as once-booming U.S. markets cool

10/7/14 Chicago Tribune Homebuilders add on freebies as once-booming U.S. markets cool

10/7/14 The Denver Post Caldwell: Reducing student debt’s drag on the economy

10/7/14 CNBC Home prices headed for a triple dip

10/7/14 Bloomberg Homebuilders Offer Freebies as Booming U.S. Markets Cool

10/7/14 MoneyNews Homebuilders Offer Freebies as Booming U.S. Markets Cool

10/7/14 Yahoo Homes Home prices headed for a triple dip

10/7/14 Building Design Construction Analysis: Students loans will cost housing industry $83 billion in 2014

10/7/14 KCEN TV Home Prices Headed For a Triple Dip

10/6/14 Active Rain- Trulia The $83 Billion Threat to the Housing MArket

10/6/14 US Finance Post Student Loans Represent Threat to Economy With Debt Soaring 6% Every Year

10/6/14 Chicago Agent Magazine 414,000 Home Sales Lost in 2014 to Student Debt

10/6/14 Housingwire Monday Morning Cup of Coffee: The persistent myth of loosening credit

10/6/14 USA Today Your student loan is killing the housing market

10/5/14 NASDAQ The $83 Billion Threat to the Housing Market

10/5/14 The Motley Fool The $83 Billion Threat to the Housing Market

10/5/14 PRWeb Quantifying Student Debt In The Housing Market

10/5/14 Oklahoma News 9 Quantifying Student Debt In The Housing Market

10/4/14 The Oregonian Oregon homebuyers are getting younger: Real Estate Open House

10/4/14 LRA Student loan debt is keeping millenials from buying homes

10/3/14 Chicago ULI Optomistic Outlook for Chicago’s Housing Market in 2015

10/3/14 Time How Millennials Stalled the Housing Market Recovery

10/2/14 Utah Home Builders Hub 14 New-Home Design Trends for 2014

10/2/14 Fox 19 Student loan debt may be hurting the housing market

10/2/14 Equity National Student loan debt constraining broader housing recovery

10/1/14 Protected Title Boomerang Buyers’ Are Buying Again

10/1/14 National Mortgage Professional The Millenials Are Coming, the Millenials Are Coming…Sort Of

10/1/14 AZCentral Student loan debt is keeping millenials from buying homes

10/1/14 MSNBC Democrats’ new villain: Student debt

September 2014

9/29/14 Aljazeera How student debt is hurting America’s housing market

9/29/14 Alaska Dispatch News Is student debt preventing 414,000 home sales?

9/28/14 HML Investments A Real Estate Finance Company

9/26/14 NewsMax Wondering About the Weak Housing Market? Look at Education

9/26/14 Herald-Tribune Student loan debt hurts housing market

9/26/14 Pacific Union Student Loan Debt Holding Back Housing Recovery

9/25/14 PRWeb Heritage Wins 2014 STARS Award

9/25/14 Fox 4 Consumer Watch: Bending bummer, Blackberry’s latest & Student loans

9/25/14 Main Street Student Debt Taking About $83B From Real Estate Market This Year

9/24/14 WPTZ News Channel 5 Is student loan debt hurting the housing recovery?

9/24/14 Houston Agent Magazine 414,000 Home Sales Lost in 2014 to Student Debt

9/24/14 CNN Money Is student loan debt hurting the housing recovery?

9/24/14 Student Debt Blamed for 8% Loss of Home Sales

9/23/14 BusinessWeek We Don’t Actually Know If Student Debt Will End Your Home Buying Dreams

9/23/14 Builder Online Sussing Out the Student Debt Effect

9/23/14 CNBC Millennials holding back housing recovery?

9/23/14 Houston Chronicle Official: ‘Katy will be larger than the city of Pittsburgh’

9/23/14 Houston Chronicle Katy ISD board told area could surpass Pittsburgh in 2 years

9/23/14 CityBizList St. Charles Fall Festival And Veterans Opportunity Fair Set For October 11th

9/23/14 OC Housing News We Don’t Actually Know If Student Debt Will End Your Home Buying Dreams

9/23/14 Realtor Mag Study: Student Debt Costs Housing $83B a Year

9/22/14 ACA International Increasing Student Loan Debt Hinders Housing Market

9/22/14 Red Alert Politics High levels of student loan debt expected to reduce homes sales by 8 percent this year

9/22/14 WSJ Grand Central: The Fed’s Exit Plan is Still a Work in Progress

9/22/14 Mortgage Professional America Is student debt strangling the mortgage industry?

9/22/14 LA Times Student loan debt curbs housing market by $83 billion, study says

9/21/14 NASDAQ Weighing The Week Ahead: Should Stock Investors Fear Current ‘Divergences’

9/21/14 The Spokesman-Review Tom Kelly: Vacant property often comes with more than meets the eye

9/21/14 Thoughts from the Frontline Where’s the Growth

9/20/14 The Real Deal Student loans will cost the housing market $83B this year

9/20/14 E Credit Daily Mounting Student Loan Debt Could Shrink U.S. Home Sales by 8%, Report Says

9/19/14 WSJ Student Debt Could Reduce Home Sales 8% This Year, Report Says

9/17/14 WSJ Thinking About A New Home? Builders Throw in Freebies To Lure Buyers

9/19/14 Housing Wire WSJ: Student debt could cut home sales 8% in 2014

9/17/14 Reality Biz News Six Up and Coming Real Estate Design Trends

9/16/14 Realtor Mag 6 Designs Trends You’ll See More Of

9/14/14 Appeal Democrat Off Beat: Consultant peers into Yuba-Sutter crystal ball

9/13/14 Las Vegas Review-Journal Chinese currency flows

9/12/14 Street Insider Heritage New Homes Sell Faster at Higher Prices in August

9/7/14 The Seattle Times Homebuilders focus on catering to family pets

9/5/14 Builder Online 14 New-Home Design Trends for 2014

9/5/14 Houston Chronicle Homeowners plan protest over pool that was never built

9/5/14 Chicago Daily Herald Housing demand sparks new construction in suburban Chicago

9/2/14 Builder Online Home Buyer Wants Vs. Needs

August 2014

8/28/14 OC Housing News What if Millenials and boomerang home buyers never materialize?

8/26/14 HomeSmart Elite Boomerang Buyers Head Back Into the Market

8/26/14 Realty Biz News Boomerang Buyers Are Busy Buying Again

8/26/14 Fox Business What’s behind the housing summer slump?

8/25/14 Realtor Mag Boomerang Buyers Head Back Into the Market

8/25/14 Street Insider The Heritage Club Golf Course Greens to Reopen August 29

8/23/14 The Georgia Short Sale Group After losing their homes in the foreclosure crisis, boomerang buyers are back

8/22/14 The Greater Houston Partnership Houston Ratings and Rankings

8/22/14 Housing Predictor 2014 Idaho Housing Maket

8/22/14 The Australian Retirees resume their moves

8/22/14 Retirees resume their moves

8/21/14 Washington Post After losing their homes in the foreclosure crisis, boomerang buyers are back

8/20/14 Baltimore CityBizList St. Charles Rocks To Tomorrow’s Time R&B And Soul In Final 2014 Sunset Concert Festival Event on August 29th

8/20/14 OC Housing News Despite industry spin, mortgage lending standards are not tight

8/19/14 Los Angeles Times Construction of new homes hits eight-month high in July

8/18/14 Future of Real Estate? High Demand and Resulting Higher Prices

8/18/14 My Realty Times Future of Real Estate? High Demand and Resulting Higher Prices

8/15/14 Housing Market Forecast US The truth about mortgage underwriting

8/15/14 Housing Wire The truth about mortgage underwriting

8/14/14 Baltimore Biz List St. Charles Free Sunset Concert Festival Welcomes Blues Musician Anthony “Swamp Dog” Clark On August 22nd

8/14/14 PR Web New Home Construction Begins In Final Heritage Neighborhood

8/14/14 The Herald of Everett, Washington Builders tempt pet lovers with posh suites

8/12/14 ABC 27 St. Charles Companies Completes $13 Million Sale of 76 Acres To Competitive Power Ventures

8/12/14 LBM Executive June Starts Fell Off a Cliff. Or Maybe Not

8/11/14 Baltimore Business Journal St. Charles Companies Completes $13 Million Sale of 76 Acres To Competitive Power Ventures

8/11/14 CNBC St. Charles Companies Completes $13 Million Sale of 76 Acres To Competitive Power Ventures

8/11/14 The Press Enterprise Lake Elsinore: Grading proceeds for Pardee condos

8/8/14 All News Videos Heritage New Home Sales Mark Milestone in July

8/8/14 Health Keyt Heritage New Home Sales Mark Milestone in July

8/7/14 Houston Chronicle Homebuilding booms for the 55-and-over set

8/7/14 The Balance Sheet Master-Planned Communities: Livability, Walkability at Cypress Waters

8/7/14 Atlanta Agent Magazine The Impact of Student Loans on Mortgage Applications

8/6/14 Daily News Entertainment Network San Pedro project illustrates a cause of limited housing affordability

8/6/14 Govern America Why Student Loads Are Crushing The Housing Recovery In 1 Chart

8/6/14 Houston Agent Magazine The Impact of Student Loans on Mortgage Applications

8/6/14 Los Angeles Times San Pedro project illustrates a cause of limited housing affordability

8/5/14 Zillow Millenials: The Kids Are All Right

8/5/14 Newswire Tricon Capital Group Announces US $142.5 Investment to Develop a 276 Acre Master Planned Community in Southern California

8/5/14 WSJ How Student Loans Are Shaping Mortgage Approvals

8/4/14 The Columbus Dispatch Homebuilders incorporating thoughtful amenities for pets

8/3/14 AZ Central Estrella builders reflect national trends in interior design

July 2014

7/31/14 Home-Owner-Buff Florida #6 In Top Ten Future Housing Markets

7/31/14 PR Web Heritage Reaches 100 New Home Sales In 2014

7/29/14 Advisor Perspectives Land Is the Riskiest of Asset Classes

7/29/14 T2 Real Estate Land Is the Riskiest of Asset Classes

7/28/14 Fay Observer Pets’ amenities rising trend for homebuilders

7/27/14 Money News WSJ: Sluggish Housing Threaten Economy

7/27/14 Hattiesburg American Sweet suites for pets

7/26/14 The Australian Weakening housing market a threat to US recovery

7/26/14 Southern Maryland News Net R&B Star, Marguerite, Takes the St. Charles Stage at Free Sunset C oncert Series

7/25/14 The Post and Courier Pets’ amenities rising trend for homebuilders

7/25/14 Southern Maryland News Net Free Yoga Now Offered Saturday Mornings in St. Charles

7/24/14 Ideas Inspire Innovation Conversation Starters for Real Estate Professionals: generational differences in the top amenities home shoppers want

7/24/14 Nasdaq New-Home Sales Tumbled 8.1% in June

7/24/14 San Jose Mercury News Pet amenities now offered by home builder

7/24/14 WSJ New-Home Slowdown Pressures Recovery

7/23/14 Providence Journal Dog-friendly touches lure pet-loving homeowners

7/22/14 WSJ Zillow to Host Housing Forum in Washington, D.C.; Featured Speakers Include Jason Furman dn Rep. Ed Perlmutter

7/21/14 Professional Builder Home Building: Survey Reveals Amenity Preferences By Generation

7/21/14 Professional Builder Research Contradicts Recent Housing Starts And Builder Confidence Data

7/20/14 Business Insider HOUSING EXPERT: The Official Market Reports Don’t Jibe With What 228 Building Execs Are Telling Us

7/20/14 KTAR News Report: Phoenix’s ‘volatile’ housing market a cautionary tale for rest of country

7/19/14 Los Angeles Daily News SoCal home builder finds pet suites a winning amenity

7/18/14 WSJ Fastest-growing metro a retirement community

7/18/14 Examiner Developer offering homes build with a pet suite

7/18/14 Yahoo Homes Volatile Phoenix housing: A cautionary tale

7/18/14 NBR (CNBC) Volatile Phoenix housing: A cautionary tale for rest of US

7/17/14 Times Dispatch Biz to Go: Pets’ amenities rising trend for homebuilders

7/17/14 Herald-Tribune A building spree in Sarasota, while work slows elsewhere

7/17/14 Baltimore City Biz List Singer/Songwriter Eric Scott Returns to St. Charles, MD Sunset Concert Series Friday July 25th

7/17/14 Times Free Press Pets’ Amenities Rising Trend for Homebuilders

7/16/14 The Seattle Times Region’s home prices quickly returning to pre-crisis highs

7/16/14 Auburn Pub Pets’ Amenities Rising Trend for Homebuilders

7/16/14 Information Society As Home Sales Remain Restrained, Big Builder Eyes Home- Rental Market- Real Time Economics

7/16/14 Globe Gazette Pets’ Amenities Rising Trend for Homebuilders

7/16/14 National Post Spot’s own suite: Dog-focused home builders offer pet paradise accomodation as part of design

7/16/14 ABC News Pets’ Amenities Rising Trend for Homebuilders

7/11/14 21st Century News Foreign Investor Bought $92.2 Billion Worth of US Property Last Year

7/11/14 The Australian Chinese home in on American dream

7/10/14 San Francisco Business Times Waterfront condos break ground in San Mateo

7/10/14 Your Houston News Riverstone ranks fourth on list of nation’s top communities

7/10/14 One Loudoun City Walkabilityin the Suburbs

7/10/14 Active Rain The Top 5 Kinds of Home Buyers from 2013

7/9/14 Pacific Standard Magazine The Geopolitics of Gentrification

7/9/14 Real Estate in Bozeman The Top 5 Kinds of Home Buyers from 2013

7/9/14 VIP Realty Top 5 Master Planned Communities in Austin

7/9/14 WN Retail is the top amenity for today’s homeowners

7/9/14 Charlotte Observer Retail is the top amenity for today’s homeowners

7/9/14 WSJ Chinese Buyers Scooped Up $22 Billion Worth of U.S. Homes In the Last Year

7/8/14 WSJ Chinese Lead Way as Foreigners Step Up Purchases of U.S. Homes

7/8/14 Greenville Online Young buyers key to housing future

7/7/14 Housing Views Unclear Demographic Shifts Create Uncertainty In U.S. Affordable Housing

7/7/14 Housing Wire Changing demographics, homebuyer tastes cloud affordable housing policy

7/7/14 St. Cloud In The News Lake Nona Among Nation’s Top 20 Master-Planned Communities of 2013

7/4/14 Uexpress Retail Is Top Community Amenity

7/4/14 Tehaleh Features Main Floor Living

7/2/14 Macomb Daily Housing: Retail is a top community amenity

7/2/14 Daily Tribune Housing: Retail is a top community amenity

7/1/14 AZ Central Luxury homes for less in West Valley communities

June 2014

6/30/14 The Detroit News Retirees go back to moving south

6/28/14 Post-Bulletin Retirees move to less taxing climes

6/28/14 Tribune-Review Retirees relocate in higher numbers to affordable climes

6/28/14 Santa Fe New Mexican Condo market heats up as new development rise across U.S.

6/28/14 Waterbury Republican American Retirees resume their move to less taxing climes

6/27/14 Rose Law Group Reporter Vistancia’s final phase begins

6/27/14 Building Design and Construction Gen X, not Baby Boomers, spending most money on homes [infographic]

6/26/14 Vail REO Yellen: No need to change monetary policy

6/26/14 AZ Central Vistancia’s final phase begins

6/26/14 HousingWire Lennar explores other housing options as market consticts

6/26/14 WSJ As Home Sales Remain Restrained, Big Builder Eyes Home-Rental Market

6/25/14 Integrity Windows and Doors Builder Blog: Nearby grocery stores and restaurants are a top draw for home shoppers

6/25/14 Las Cruces Community Partners Top amenities needed to attract wide demographic

6/25/14 Bloomberg Starter Homes in Demand With Builder LGI Shares Soaring

6/24/14 Florida for Boomers 9 Best Selling Florida Communities of 2013

6/24/14 WSJ New Home Sales Soar in May

6/23/14 BonneyLake-SumnerPatch Main-Floor Living in Demand at Tehaleh

6/23/14 St. Charles MD Irish Music, Songs & Blarney with Blarney Stone Band on June 27th

6/22/14 Business Insider Immigrants Area An Extremely Important Force In The US Housing Market

6/20/14 Professional Builder Two Nevada Communities Rank In Top Ten In America

6/19/14 KPRZ 1210 AM Trends, Deals & Incentives in Buying a New Home Vs. a Resale Home

6/19/14 Digital Journal Heritage Welcomes New Home Sales Expert, Lori Boyle

6/18/14 Bubble Info California Real Estate Today

6/16/14 Active Rain (Trulia) Two Nevada Communities Rank In Top Ten In America

6/16/14 USA Today Retirement moves make a comeback

6/16/14 The Daily Transcript Golf resorts offering expanding services to declining membership

6/16/14 Bloomberg Golf Resorts Offering Yoga, Hovercraft Rides to the Green

6/16/14 The Columbus Dispatch Grocery stores a priority for home shoppers

6/15/14 The Sacramento Bee Is Sacramento’s housing market ready to grow up?

6/15/14 Ahwatukee Foothills News Housing industry responds to more adults living with parents

6/15/14 Merced Sun-Star Is Sacramento’s housing market ready to grow up?

6/13/14 Group Two Professional Builder “Under 40 Executive Summit”

6/13/14 Building Design and Construction Grocery stores, restaurants make neighborhoods most desirable

6/12/14 Homesphere Watch our Webinar “The Value of Building Green”

6/11/14 Washington Post Condo Towers Rise From Boston to L.A. in U.S. Rebound

6/11/14 Business Telegram Condo Towers Rise From Boston to L.A. in U.S. Rebound

6/11/14 Bloomberg Condo Towers Rise From Boston to L.A. in U.S. Rebound

6/11/14 HeraldNet Condo towers rise again in U.S. rebound

6/11/14 Bear No Bull NEW$ & VIEW$ (11 JUNE 2014)

6/11/14 WSJ How Demographic Changes Could Boost Americans’ Wages

6/10/14 Business Week Are Young Families Squeezed Out of U.S. Housing?

6/10/14 Bloomberg Are Young Families Squeezed Out of U.S. Housing?

6/10/14 Mobile Buyers Broker What are the Amenities You Want Most in Your Next Community

6/7/14 Westin Homes Quick facts about Alden Springs at Riverstone Sec 1

6/5/14 Washington Post How to select the proper trees for a new home’s yard

May 2014

5/31/14 San Gabriel Valley Tribune Council hearing will be Tuesday on Gables on 66 housing project

5/29/14 The Street We-buy-houses’ companies thriving, but eating up inventory

5/28/14 Bloomberg Homeseller Reluctance Worsens US Home Inventory Shortage

5/28/14 MoneyNews Homeseller Reluctance Worsens US Home Inventory Shortage

5/28/14 Telegram Home seller reluctance worsens real estate inventory shortage

5/27/14 MSN Real Estate We buy houses’ companies thriving but eating up inventory

5/22/14 HSH We-buy-houses’ companies thriving, but eating up demand

5/22/14 Diminished Demand Cooling Once-Hot Housing Markets

5/19/14 The Washington Post Town Square | New townhomes set for Rosslyn

5/16/14 Fox Business Regulatory issues hurting the housing market?

5/15/14 Sarasota Herald Tribune Single-family rental market predicted to grow

5/15/14 WSJ Builder Survey: April New Homes Sales Decline

5/14/14 Business Insider Malaysia 10 Charts that New College Graduates are Going to Hate

5/14/14 Business Insider Single-Family Homes Continue to be a Bigger Part of the US Rental Market

5/14/14 Explorer News Housing industry responds to more adults living with parents

5/12/14 Realtor Mag Builders See Growth in Master Communities

5/9/14 CNBC The ripple effects of housing’s fading rebound

5/8/14 Builder Online Master Minds

5/6/14 Houston Chronicle Aliana collects awards for quality, sales and development

5/2/14 Houston Business Journal Will Richmond be the next boom town?

5/1/14 WSJ Labor Shortage Besets Home Builders

5/1/14 Houston Chronicle Master-planned communities hold allure for many buyers

April 2014

4/30/14 San Gabriel Valley Tribune Gables on 66 development heads to Glendora City Council

4/29/14 BIA San Diego BIA Cares Awards the Scientists of Tomorrow

4/29/14 WSJ Texas Builder Tests the Merits of Pace Over Price

4/28/14 Trade Only Today Florida and fishing boats

4/28/14 San Gabriel Valley Tribune Glendora Planning Commission to resume discussion on Gables on 66 project

4/25/14 Silicon Valley Business Journal Sales of luxury homes in the Bay Area outpace the rest of the market

4/24/14 WSJ Price Increases Help House Builders Offset Weaker Demand

4/24/14 Herald-Tribune Distress-property figures continue to fall

4/23/14 Chicago Tribune Large Homebuilder sets sights on Chicago

4/22/14 Seeking Alpha U.S. Real Estate’s State of Malaise

4/21/14 Business Insider American Households With Adult Children Are Still On The Rise

4/21/14 The Housing Bubble Caught Up in the Easy Money

4/19/14 Tampa Bay Times Home Investment Firms to Raise Rents to Build Profits

4/18/14 City and Shore Magazine Five Great Spots to Buy a Home for Retirement

4/16/14 WSJ Housing Market Slow to Hit Its Spring Stride

4/13/14 Chicago Tribune Buyers in survey crave dining rooms, tubs

4/11/14 Houston Agent Houston Outnumbers California in New Home Starts

4/9/14 Ashburn Patch D.C. area new home construction and sales on the rise

4/8/14 Habitation Realty Houston Boom on! Houston notches more new home starts than the entire state of California

4/7/14 Gerchick Real Estate Apartment rents climb as vacancies drop housing prices rise

4/2/14 CultureMap Houston Boom on! Houston notches more new home starts than the entire state of California

4/1/14 Houston Chronicle Housing expert sees prices still climbing

4/1/14 Houston Business Journal Riverstone to release more home sites, including some on an (almost) island

March 2014

3/31/14 Pacific Union Real Estate Roundup: California Home Sales Catch Fire This Winter

3/31/14 Your Houston News Fort Bend Parkway extension to Sienna Plantation now complete

3/31/14 San Gabriel Valley Tribune Glendora Planning Commission to consider development on Route 66 corridor

3/27/14 Tampa Bay Business Journal Majority of Florida homes sales done in crash

3/27/14 WSJ Home Builders Bidding Up Best Lots, Ignoring Outskirts

3/26/14 Businessweek Wanted: Employed 25- to 34-Year-Olds to Buy Houses

3/24/14 Parc Group The Parc Group named Developer of the Year for Eighth Consecutive Year

3/24/14 Homesphere Watch our Webinar “Today’s Kitchen & Bath”

3/22/14 UT San Diego BIA Cares supports charitablew educational activities

3/21/14 Financial News & Daily Record PNC economist: Time for businesses to hire

3/21/14 The Press-Enterprise Lake Elsinore: Ranking shows fast growth of Canyon Hills

3/21/14 Washington Post Construction and sales of new houses in D.C. area are rising

3/20/14 PR Newswire The Johnson Development Corp. Announces New Fort Bend Master-Planned Community

3/20/14 Washington Post Test-driving a model home in Fairfax’s Mosaic District

3/20/14 Herald-Trubine Southwest Florida home sales stay strong

3/19/14 Houston Business Journal Johnson Development to build another community just off Grand Parkway

3/19/14 The Press-Enterprise REAL ESTATE: KB Home 1st quarter earnings rise

3/19/14 Houston Chronicle Johnson to develop new Fort Bend master-planned community

3/17/14 Builder and Developer Magazine Woodside Helps Homebuyers Define their Design Vision

3/17/14 Estrella Ranks Among The Top

3/17/14 The Press-Enterprise Lake Elsinore: More homes targeted for Canyon Hills

3/14/14 Modern Home Builder Westin Homes

3/11/14 BIA San Diego Scholarship Recipient Tori Massie

3/11/14 Active Rain Mountain’s Edge, 3,500-acre master-planned community in SW Las Vegas

3/9/14 WSJ Surging Home Prices Are a Double-Edged Sword

3/8/14 Las Vegas Review-Journal Mountains Edge, Providence hit top 10 list

3/6/14 Herald-Tribune Institutional investors own more homes here than anywhere else

3/6/14 Community Impact Newspaper Jeff Wiley

3/5/14 The Press-Enterprise Real Estate: Where are the boomerang buyers?

3/4/14 Chicago Tribune K. Hovnanian Cos. To again build homes in Chicago

3/2/14 Calculated Risk Blog LA Times: New Home construction still near record lows

3/2/14 Los Angeles Times Supply of new homes for sale remains extremely low

3/1/14 The Real Deal Families offer a helping hand on mortgages

February 2014
2/27/14 H & H Homes Blog Raleigh NC Home Building

2/27/14 PR Web Heritage Ranks Nationally As Top 50 Master-planned Community

2/26/14 Community Impact Newspaper Growth in Katy, Fulshear meeting in the middle

2/26/14 Jacksonville Daily Record Florida 9B leads to new 569-lot Cypress Bluff

2/26/14 Advisor Perspectives Supply and Demand in the Balance

2/24/14 PropertyProf Blog Will Twenty-Somethings Ever Purchase Homes?

2/24/14 Providence Business News A helping hand on mortages for young buyers

2/22/14 Luxury Real Estate The Real Estate Market in Naples is one of the healthiest in the US

2/21/14 Your Houston News Sienna Plantation names new development manager

2/20/14 Naples News It’s Your Business: Report says Naples market among healthiest in U.S.

2/19/14 Sunshine Properties Finding ways to help young adults make their first home purchases

2/19/14 Herald-Tribune Building stays strong for now

2/19/14 Realtor Mag Families Step in as Lenders to Help Kids Buy a Home

2/18/14 Pacific Union Bay Area Homes Prices Highest in U.S. in Fourth Quarter

2/16/14 Los Angeles Times Finding ways to help young adults make their first home purchases

2/15/14 The Post and Courier Re/Max lands agent from real estate family; Berkely County planned village considered “Southern success”

2/14/14 Bloomberg Blackstone-Fueled Single-Family Home Boom Lifts Chicago

2/13/14 Business Telegram A helping hand on mortages

2/12/14 Washington Post First-time home buyers already burdened by debt often need help to qualify for mortages

2/12/14 Digital Journal HomeSphere and John Burns Real Estate Consulting Announce 2014 Quarterly Webinar Series

2/11/14 Tampa Bay Business Journal Consultant ranks Lakewood Ranch among top 10 master-planned commmunites

2/7/14 Herald-Tribune Housing inventory loosens as tourist season ramps up

2/5/14 Golfcourse Home Blackstone at Vistanica, AZ Among Top 50 Best Sellers

2/5/14 The Katy News Cross Creek Ranch Recognizes Top-Producing Realtors for 2013

2/5/14 MyPlan IQ Chicago Outlook an A Plus after Falling 91%

2/5/14 Advisor Perspectives Chicago Housing Outlook an A+ after Falling 91%

2/5/14 Orlando Business Journal How Lake Nona home sales jump can boost your biz

2/4/14 Yahoo Finance Associa’s Community Management Corporation Manages Some of the Nation’s Top Master-planned Communities

2/4/14 Business Wire Associa’s Community Management Corporation Manages Some of the Nation’s Top Master-planned Communities

2/3/14 CCMC CCMC Manages Six of the Best-Selling Master Plans in the Nation

2/3/14 Real Trends Thirty Somethings Not Buying Homes?

2/2/14 Digital Journal Pardee Homes’ Canyon Hills Makes List of 50 Top Selling Master Planned Communities in the United States

2/1/114 Builder and Developer Magazine Déjà vu All Over Again

2/1/14 PR Web Research Shows Minto West Development Economic Impact of $1.3 Billion During Construction; $392 Million Recurring Impact to Area

January 2014

1/29/14 Houston Chronicle Fulshear developer’s communities receive top ratings

1/27/14 HousingWire Think Millennials are stalling the housing market?

1/26/14 Real Estate Economy Watch Thirty Somethings Flip-Flopped on Homeownership

1/24/14 Valerie Fitzgerald Higher Prices From Builders

1/24/14 Your Houston News Cinco Ranch top in Texas, third in nation for 2013 new home sales

1/23/14 Herald-Tribune Upbeat note for home sales

1/23/14 Realty Biz News More Builders Raising Their Prices on New Homes

1/23/14 The Bradenton Times Movers and Shakers: Lakewood Ranch in Top 10 Again

1/22/14 StratfordLand Vistancia Ranked Among Top 50 Best-Selling Master Planned Communities in the Nation by John Burns Real Estate Consulting

1/22/14 HoustonNewcomerGuides Darling Homes Offers Its Signature Homes in Six of the Top 20 Master-planned Communities in the United States

1/21/14 Shreveport Times Major Texas cities leading way in single-home construction

1/21/14 USA Today Home building back to historic levels in some cities

1/21/14 WSJ Santa’s Gift to Builders: Higher Home Prices

1/20/14 Ashburn Patch One Loudoun Stands Out With Biggest YOY Sales Increases

1/19/14 Realty News Report Home Building Domination: Eight Houston Communities in Top 20 of New Home Sales in 2013

1/19/14 Brambleton Blog Brambleton Named One of the Top 20 Master Planned Communities of 2013

1/18/14 Your Houston News Woodforest ranks 15th among master-planned communities

1/18/14 The Post and Courier Lee & Associates adds broker Fix; foreclosures on the books sink locally

1/17/14 Woodforest Woodforest Ranks No. 6 among Houston MPCs

1/17/14 Florida for Boomers 9 Best Selling Florida Communities of 2013

1/17/14 Your Houston News Report ranks Cross Creek Ranch as nation’s second fastest growing master-planned community

1/16/14 Orlando Sentinel Orlando foreclosure rate 3rd among U.S. metro areas

1/15/14 Fort Bend Star Riverstone ranks No. 6 among nation’s top communities

1/15/14 Fort Bend County Fort Bend County Accolades

1/15/14 The Houston Chronicle Eagles Springs community in Humble recieves honor

1/14/14 Las Vegas master plans continue Top 10 reign: Mountain’s Edge and Providence remain among country’s fastest-selling communities

1/14/14 PR Newswire Las Vegas’ Mountain’s Edge and Providence remain among country’s fastest-selling master planned communities

1/14/14 The Paper Magazine Woodforest Ranks No. 15 among Nation’s Top MPCs

1/14/14 Sarasota Herald-Tribune Lakewood Ranch in Top 10 in U.S.

1/13/14 McCall Sold Team Florida’s Friendliest Hometown!!!

1/13/14 Sabal Homes Featured Summerville Neighborhood: Sanctuary Cove at Cane Bay Plantation

1/13/14 Cross Creek Ranch John Burns Real Estate Consulting’s Top 20 Master-Planned Communities

1/13/14 First Coast News Nocatee named 5th fastest-growing community

1/12/14 Lori Ballen Summerlin, Las Vegas: A Look Back and Glance Forward

1/12/14 Texas Homesites Texas led the 2013 masterplanned rankings

1/12/14 Southstar Communities Texas Dominates the Masterplanned Rankings

1/12/14 Tampa Bay Newswire Lakewood Ranch in Top 10 Again!

1/12/14 Orlando Sentinel Parkway poised for office acquisitions

1/10/14 Dublin Ranch News Market Update Dublin Ranch

1/10/14 Bradenton Herald Lakewood Ranch makes list of top-selling communities again

1/10/14 Lakewood Ranch Lakewood Ranch Top 10

1/10/14 Eagle Springs Eagle Springs makes National List

1/10/14 The Florida Times-Union Nocatee fifth-best selling community in country

1/10/14 Houston Chronicle Houston’s top selling suburbs

1/9/14 Westin Homes Riverstone Opens New Section

1/9/14 The Katy News New Report Ranks Cross Creek Ranch as Nation’s Second Fastest-Growing Master-Planned Community

1/9/14 KCTV 5 News Four Johnson Development Communities In Houston Among Nation’s Top-20 Best Sellers

1/9/14 Community Impact Newspaper Local master-planned communities see banner year in home sales

1/9/14 Houston Chronicle Riverstone ranks sith among nation’s top communities

1/9/14 Nocatee Blog Nocatee Named Nation’s 5th Best-Selling Master-Planned Community

1/9/14 Austin Business Journal Two Austin master-planned communities among nation’s top sellers

1/9/14 Houston Business Journal Houston area dominates top master-planned communities list again

1/9/14 Jacksonville Business Journal Nocatee No. 5 fastest-selling master-planned community

1/9/14 Your Houston News Riverstone ranked No. 6 among nation’s top communities

1/9/14 Orlando Business Journal The Villages, Lake Nona land on top U.S. master-planned communities list

1/9/14 Builder Online 5% Capture Rate for Top 50 Master-Planned Communities

1/9/14 2M Realty Advisors Houston hotel construction booming

1/7/14 The Villages Florida Book 3,419 New Homes Sold in 2013

1/7/14 Go Banking Rates Experts Agree: A Sunny Future for the Orlando Housing Market

1/7/14 Alamo City Beat Home sales in Alamo Ranch up 20 percent in 2013

1/7/14 Community Impact Newspaper The Woodlands ranked again among best-selling communities

December 2013

12/30/13 Culture Map Houston How long will Houston boom last? Top 5 real estate predictions for 2014

12/15/13 On the House: Some analysts fear housing is losing steam

12/12/13 Wells Fargo Securities The Daily News

12/12/13 Business Insider Southern California Is Running Out of New Homes To Sell

12/10/13 The Baltimore Sun Home prices continue steady rise, as sales slow

12/9/13 Miami Agent Magazine The Predictions Issue: 2014

12/4/13 Fox News New home sales heat up

12/4/13 Realty Biz News US Builders Concerned Over Impact of Weak Home Sales in October

November 2013
11/22/13 WSJ Weak October Sales Have Home Builders Fretting About Spring

11/21/13 Pacific Union Forecast: Job Growth, Home Sales Will Continue Expanding in 2014 and Beyond

11/20/13 San Jose Mercury News East Contra Costa housing market bouncing back

11/15/13 Yahoo Finance 5 States Where Homeowners Lost the Most Money

11/15/13 Chicago Tribune Slices of Florida market heating up again

11/13/13 IFA Magazine Derwent London rents rise as economic outlook brightens

11/4/13 WSJ Home Builder Clinches $2.7 Billion Deal

11/1/13 Individual Top Small Business 401k Provider Sense Financial Services to Raise $850 for Make a Wish Foundation and St. Jude Children Hospital

October 2013

10/28/13 Phoenix Business Journal Investors continue to buy up homes in key real estate markets

10/28/13 USA Today Big investors buy up homes in key markets

10/28/13 Businessweek Little Sign of Housing Bubble in Land Prices

10/25/13 Business Insider It’s Getting Harder To Find A Good Housing Bargain

10/25/13 Dallas News Housing bargains are harder to find in Dallas-Fort Worth and other big cities

10/22/13 Daily Times Housing boom bigger in Texas as shortage sparks bidding wars

10/20/13 JoskeBlog Bay Area Market Appreciation: A Glimpse into the Future

September 2013

9/30/13 Richmond Don’t Miss the Boat!

9/25/13 Unique Homes Second-Home Buyers Return

9/24/13 Aljazeera America A funny thing in foreclosure country

9/24/13 CNBC Forget easing prices, new homes are up, up, up

9/19/13 Individual August resumes housing rebound

9/19/13 San Diego Source SD apartment market driven by jobs, demographics and new construction

9/16/13 Fox News Is it better to be a buyer or seller in this housing market?

9/16/13 WSJ Four Factors to Watch in Housing’s Rebound

9/15/13 Examiner Builders are slowing price increases as the interest rates rise

9/13/13 PE Bloggers REAL ESTATE: “I Survived Real Estate” gala set for Oct. 18

9/12/13 CNBC Buy your next house from a warehouse

9/11/13 Contact Center Solutions Truss and Wall-Panel Component Manufacturers Stand Ready to Respond to Framing Labor Shortage

9/11/13 UPI Home builders slow price growth as interest rates slow sales

9/11/13 WSJ New-Home Sales Not So August

9/7/13 Sioux City Journal Mortgage rates to rise

9/6/13 CNBC Higher lot prices may boost new home prices

9/4/13 PR Web Real Estate Experts to Discuss Loosening of FHA Credit Standards and Future Access to Credit at Charity Event Organized by The Norris Group

9/4/13 USA Today Higher lot prices may boost new home prices

9/4/13 BuilderOnline The Big List

9/3/13 Home Buying Institute Chicago Real Estate: Winds of Change Blow Into Windy City, for the Better

9/2/13 Global Economic Intersection Housing Smoke & Mirrors (17) – “Dude Where’s My Housing Recovery?”

August 2013

8/30/13 HousingWire National housing market slows as Texas heats up

8/29/13 Dallas News Real estate expert says Texas market is “on fire,” but sees national slowing of home price appreciation

8/27/13 The Fiscal Times Fore! Golf Course Homes Are on the Downswing

8/23/13 The Denver Post More home sales closing with cash

8/23/13 Aljazeera America America’s New Landlords

8/21/13 GOP USA Higher home prices hurting some buyers

8/18/13 USA Today Housing market gets more buyer friendly

8/18/13 Tuscon Citizen Housing market gets more buyer friendly

8/16/13 Chicago Tribune Expert sees strong times ahead in market

8/5/13 StarTribune John Burns Real Estate: Notes on the housing recovery in Texas and elsewhere

8/5/13 Philadelphia Weekly John Burns IDs hot markets, red flags for builders and developers

8/5/13 Dallas News John Burns Real Estate: Notes on the housing recovery in Texas and elsewhere

8/4/13 Valley News Going Green Could Result In a Larger Home Loan

July 2013

7/31/13 Businessweek American Homes 4 Rent Tests REIT Market in Biggest Housing IPO

7/30/13 WSJ Home Prices Jump, but Headwinds Build

7/29/13 LA Times Rising home prices, mortgage rates leave many unable to buy

7/25/13 Business Insider Investor Momentum In The Housing Market May Have Swung Too Far

7/22/13 New Britain Herald Area house prices on rise, but New Britain sees decline

7/21/13 WSJ Higher Rates Aren’t Enough to Stall Housing

7/18/13 Star Tribune “Boomerang buyers” back in the market

7/14/13 AZ Central Phoenix housing market sees ‘boomerang buyers’ sooner than expected

7/11/13 U-T San Diego Model Residences Offer Final Opportunity to Own at Valencia in Del Sur

7/9/13 PR Web Magnolia at Old Creek Ranch in San Marcos Is the Fastest Selling Community of New Homes in San Diego County

7/8/13 WSJ Why Home-Price Gains Will Slow Amid Higher Mortgage Rates

June 2013

6/28/13 USA Today Mortgage rates: Nowhere to go but up?

6/21/13 Business Observer In Minto Condition

6/5/13 USA Today Average 30-year mortgage rate tops 4%

6/1/13 U-T San Diego Homebuilding Trade Show Comes to San Diego

May 2013

5/25/13 Post & Courier National firm’s East Cooper office names new pros; Carolina One aids nonprofits

5/20/13 CBS News Can a rise in crime increase your property values?

5/15/13 Blog Around the country with our consultants

5/14/13 Businessweek The Return of Cold-Calling Investors

5/14/13 Businessweek Private Equity Taps Builders as Foreclosures Vanish: Mortgages

5/14/13 Bloomberg Private Equity Taps Builders as Foreclosures Vanish

5/7/13 Investorplace Colony American Homes Gears Up for an IPO

5/5/13 USA TODAY Home prices up 9.3% in 12 months

5/4/13 UT San Diego Building supplies hammer buyers

5/2/13 Businessweek Housing Recovery Checked by Cost Increases, Labor Shortages

April 2013

4/30/13 WSJ Housing Market Accelerates

4/30/13 WSJ Housing Market Heating Up

4/27/13 PRWeb Home Values in Waterfront Properties’ Territory Rise Respectably

4/25/13 Housing rebound in U.S. hampered by success as costs soar

4/25/13 USA TODAY Zillow: Home values rising more slowl

4/24/13 Bloomberg Housing Rebound in U.S. Hampered by Success as Costs Soar

4/22/13 Fox Business Will Housing Prices Go Up?

4/17/13 Business Insider CHART OF THE DAY: Apartment Construction Is Reaching ‘Dangerous Levels’

4/12/13 Bloomberg Lennar Continuing Project as China Talks Said Broken Off

4/11/13 New England Real Estate Journal Online The Spring Market of 2013 is Approaching

4/9/13 Advisor Perspectives BLS Revisions Include 464K More Jobs Than Previously Reported

4/6/13 The News Journal Foreclosures are no bar for ‘boomerang’ buyers

4/3/13 Business Insider The New Cover Of ‘Money’ Looks Like Bad News For Housing

4/2/13 WSJ Three Myths About Housing Market Rebound

4/1/13 Detroit Free Press Boomerang Buyers Bring Muscle to Rebounding Housing Market

March 2013

3/28/13 USA TODAY GenY is finally in a mood to buy (houses)

3/27/13 Wall Street Journal Home Prices Seen Making Stronger Gains in 2013

3/26/13 Dollars & Sense Whose Housing Recovery?

3/20/13 New York Times Surprise Demand for Housing Catches Industry Off-Guard

3/14/13 Bloomberg TV Housing `Never Been More Affordable,’ Burns Says

3/11/13 Bellevue Busines Journal Job Growth Expected to Keep Regional Housing Cycle at High Level

3/11/13 Christian Science Monitor Is it Time to Invest in Foreclosures?

3/11/13 The Point Daily Revival of the Housing Sector, But Not Many Workers Joining Back

3/8/13 CNBC Housing Jobs Jump, but Many Workers Aren’t Coming Back

3/8/13 Sun Sentinel Home buyers frustrated by limited inventory as selling season looms

3/7/13 Advisor Pespectives Florida is on Fire

3/1/13 CNN Speed of Transaction

3/1/13 Advisor Pespectives Front Running the Fed

February 2013

2/18/13 OC Register Land Sale can Pay for Sports Park, Study Finds

2/26/13 USA TODAY Home Sellers are Scarce as Spring Buyers Stir

2/26/13 USA TODAY Home prices up 6.8% in ’12, biggest gain in 6 years

2/22/13 Florida Today Is Fla. policy hurting home prices?

2/20/13 NBC News Six-year Housing Hangover Tough to Shake Off

2/20/13 SNL Workers, materials must come back for housing to recover, observer says

2/19/13 Dallas News Texas cities top U.S. homebuilding surge

2/19/13 San Antonio Business Journal San Antonio’s single-family permit activity strong

2/16/13 USA TODAY States’ foreclosure pace affects home prices

2/16/13 Sioux City Journal Home sales in master-planned communities up dramatically

2/14/13 Business Insider This Empty Picnic Table

2/12/13 Inside Real Estate News Stapleton ranked 10th

2/8/13 Fox Business More Than 30% of Cali Home Deals All Cash

January 2013

1/24/13 Builder 2012 top-selling MPCs, and more importantly, why

1/24/13 Phoenix Business Journal Phoenix area has 7 of 50 best-selling housing developments in the US

1/24/13 San Antonio Business Journal Alamo Ranch once again named a top community by John Burns

1/24/13 Dallas Morning News Lewisville’s Castle Hills community makes it onto best selling communities list

1/23/13 USA Today Rental investors pant for next hot home market

1/22/13 Fox Business Housing Recovery Building Momentum?

1/22/13 Florida Realtors Rental investors pant for next hot home market

1/22/13 USA Today As Prices Rise, Rental Home Investors Seek New Markets

December 2012

12/30/12 OC Register Top 10 Real Estate Trends for 2013
12/26/12 The Norris Group John Burns of John Burns Real Estate Consulting Joins the Norris Group Real Estate Radio Show #309

12/23/12 Wall Street Journal Housing Set to Build Up Construction Jobs

12/19/12 USA TODAY Housing market builds (some) momentum
12/18/12 CultureMap Houston No Holiday Break for Real Estate
12/17/12 The Norris Group John Burns Joins the Norris Group Real Estate Radio Show #308

12/15/12 San Francisco Chronicle Mortgage-interest deduction in jeopardy?
12/12/12 The News Journal America’s Housing Casino Reviving after Steepest Drop

November 2012

11/28/12 Bloomberg American Housing Casino Revives After Big Drop: Mortgages
11/28/12 The Connecticut Mirror Congress Likely to Shrink Mortgage Deduction

11/28/12 Businessweek American Housing Casino Revives After Big Drop: Mortgages

11/28/12 USA TODAY Housing’s Recovery Looks Real, but Road Back is Still Long

11/27/12 Houston Chronicle Dianne Feinstein Willing to Look at Mortgage Interest Deduction

11/23/12 The Business Journal Pace of Apartment Construction Sluggish Compared with Peak in 1989

11/19/12 Wall Street Journal Housing Market Posts Gains

11/16/12 Fox Business What FHA Losses Mean for Homeowners
11/6/12 CultureMap Houston The best real estate market in America: That’s Houston, but how long will the boom times last?

October 2012

10/30/12 Fox Business S&P/Shiller Index Shows Slight Boost in Housing Prices

10/28/12 AZ Central Experts see metro Phoenix home prices increasing

10/27/12 MarketWatch Fourth Annual Metro Phoenix Land and Housing Forecast: Fact or Fiction

10/21/12 Wall Street Journal Analyst Is Walking the Talk

10/19/12 Inside The GSEs Experts Critical of GSE REO-to-Rental Pilot

10/18/12 Dallas No surprise: Texas Cities are Leading the Homebuilding Market Comeback

10/15/12 Inman Changes to MID Seen as Increasingly Likely

10/15/12 Business Insider One Of The Biggest Housing Bears Around Explains Why The Recent Bump Is Going Nowhere

10/12/12 CNN Money A Housing Boom Could be Coming

10/12/12 How to Play the Housing ‘Boom’

10/12/12 San Jose Mercury News Experts Weigh in on Housing Crash: Went Went Wrong?

10/11/12 Ventura County Star First-time Homebuyers Struggle to Compete With Investors

10/10/12 The Bigger Pockets What Your Tenants Won’t Tell You

10/8/12 ProSales Magazine Optimism at US LBM

10/4/12 Home Channel News At Construction Conference: Recovery

10/2/12 KTGY KTGY Principals Knowledge Leaders Speak at Southwest Builders Show

September 2012

9/27/12 The Globe and Mail

U.S. Builders put Home Buyers into Credit Boot Camp

9/26/12 HousingZone White Paper Highlights Six Ways Single-family Renters Differ

9/7/12 Wall Street Journal The New New-Home Market

9/7/12 LoanSafe Six Years After Crash, Builders of New Homes Enjoy an Upswing

9/7/12 Chicago Tribune Homeownership Ranks are Thinning

9/7/12 World Property Channel Private Golf Course Living on the Rebound

9/6/12 Los Angeles Times Six Years After Crash, Builders of New Homes Enjoy an Upswing

9/6/12 Realtor Magazine Housing Improves in Hard-Hit Swing States

August 2012

8/30/12 Chicago Tribune New Rules Streamline Short Sale Process

8/29/12 Businessweek Real’ Homeownership Rate at Nearly 50-Year Low

8/29/12 DSNews Report: Homeownership at Lowest Rate in Nearly 50 Years

8/27/12 National Mortgage Professional Homeownership Plunges to Lowest Rate in Nearly 50 Years

8/27/12 Home Channel News Real Homeownership on the Decline

8/24/12 Inman Job Woes Stifle Tampa’s Real Estate Recovery

8/22/12 Washington Post Existing Home Sales up, and Prices Continue to Climb

8/22/12 Advisor Perspectives An Investor-Driven Recovery

8/20/12 National Mortgage news ‘Master-Planned’ Home Sales at 5% of All Transactions

8/10/12 ABC News This Week’ Extra: The Roundtable’s Pre-Show Thoughts

8/7/12 Bloomberg How to Play the Real Estate Recovery

8/3/12 Businessweek Lennar Nears Loan for San Francisco Projects, Mayor Says

July 2012

7/17/12 Bloomberg Lost Generation’ of Homeowners May Just Be on Hold

7/15/12 Housing Zone Consumer research: Is design more important than price or location?

7/15/12 Austin apartment market on record-setting hot streak

7/13/12 Texas Real Estate Revoked FHA credit rule may take some of the hassle out of buying a home

7/10/12 Baltimore Sun Home sales rise in Baltimore area for fifth straight month

7/10/12 Wall St. Journal JWilliams Staffing Publishes Second Annual Guide on Building Industry

7/5/12 Business Insider Florida’s Young Housing Recovery Is Showing Cracks

7/5/12 Reuters Americans squeezed by higher rents, tight credit

June 2012

6/27/12 Business Insider America’s Favorite Suburbs Are Getting Urbanized

6/25/12 The Wall Street Journal Broad Economic Changes Find a Home .

6/19/12 Realtor Magazine FHA Revokes Controversial Credit Dispute Rule

6/18/12 Housingwire FHA rescinds $1,000 credit dispute rule

6/18/12 The Wall Street Journal What Home Builders Need: Locations, Locations, Locations .

6/16/12 Sioux City Journal The Residential Real Estate Market is Booming

6/15/12 Advisor Perspective Booming Rental Markets

6/6/12 Arizona Business Journal Home rentals — the new American Dream?

6/8/12 InvestorPlavce The Next Real Estate Bubble: Rentals

6/6/12 NewsMax Renting Homes (Instead of Owning) May Be New ‘American Dream’

6/6/12 USA Today Home Rentals – The new American Dream?

May 2012

5/30/12 KTAR High demand draining rental-home inventories

5/30/12 Bloomberg Businessweek Toll Buys Half of a 2,379-Home California Subdivision

5/29/12 Lifeline John Burns Real Estate Consulting: Rental Housing Boom Set to Explode

5/22/12 USA Today Sales of existing homes increase in April

5/21/12 CEPro Top Reasons People Move

5/13/12 Is it a good time to buy a second home?

5/17/12 55 Percent of New Renters Opting for Single-Family Homes

5/17/12 Diana Olick Tweet

5/13/12 SD Union Tribune Rental Market Tightens in San Diego

5/7/12 Best of the Blogs, Real Estate

5/8/12 Builder Magazine Housing Stock has more damage than thought

5/4/12 Urban Land Community Development Outlook

5/4/12 CNBC Short Sales: Necessary Compromise or Scamming the System?

5/4/12 Calculated Risk Graph: U.S. Housing Market Summary

5/3/12 MSN Money Mortgage rates break all records

April 2012

4/29/12 Wall Street Journal Housing Ends Slide but Faces a Long Bottom

4/27/12 Housing Zone Housing issues provide greatest motivator for relocation in U.S.

4/27/12 Market Watch Wall St. Journal Phoenix Housing Market is on the Rise

4/21/12 San Diego Union Tribune Moderated Panel Compares New Homes, New Cars

4/21/12 Herald-Tribune Baby boomers redefine the terms of retirement

4/19/12 Sun Times No more empty nest? Boomers’ kids are coming back

4/12/12 Sioux City Journal Transfer fees may block mortgage financing

4/10/12 The Baltimore Sun With fewer foreclosures for sale, home sellers get boost

4/10/12 The Press Enterprise REAL ESTATE: Buy a house and renting your old one is guaranteed

4/6/12 Orlando Sentinel The Villages booms, drawing thousands of new residents

4/6/12 Advisor Perspective A Generational Shift in the Making

4/6/12 Sys-Con Media John Burns Real Estate Consulting

4/5/12 No Joke: Home Prices Rising, Some Indexes Say

4/4/12 Switchboard How the evolving housing market will help sustainable communities

4/3/12 PR Newswire Brambleton 6th Top Selling Community In U.S.

March 2012

3/26/12 Housing Wire FHA to deny mortgage backing for credit disputes above $1,000

3/22/12 Houston Business Journal Houston area a leader in master planned community development

3/19/12 Wall Street Journal Wall Street Keys on Lanlord Business

3/8/12 RealtorMag Rising Rents Pinch Wallets in These Metros

3/7/12 MSNBC Cities where rent takes the biggest bite out of you salary

3/5/12 MoneyNews Boom-Era Property Speculators to Get Foreclosure Aid

3/1/12 Reuters The latest in bulk buying? Houses

3/1/12 Bloomberg Housing Lays Foundation for Rebound as Buyers Coaxed Back

February 2012

2/29/12 CNN Money Uncle Sam wants you to rent out its foreclosed homes

2/29/12 Wall Street Journal Home Prices Hit New Depths

2/27/12 JD Journal Home Sales Blocked by Student Debt

2/26/12 San Diego Union-Tribune ‘Conversations’ Submit to Explore ‘New Realities’ in North County

2/23/12 Businessweek Student Debt is Stifling Home Sales

2/17/12 Wall Street Journal Blog The Pricing Shift For New Homes

2/17/12 CNBC Fewer Foreclosures Could Mean Lower Home Prices

2/16/12 CNBC Priciest Cities to rent

2/16/12 Realtor Magazine A new breed of investors steps forward

2/15/12 USA Today Mini Donald Trumps take the leap into landlord biz

2/15/12 Bloomberg Student Loans Near $1 Trillion Hurt Young U.S. Buyers

2/15/12 USA Today Mom and pop investors propping up home-buying market

2/14/12 Urban Land Institute Increasing Home Sales in Master-Planned Communities

2/8/12 The Press-Enterprise Refinancing program expands for Fannie/Freddie borrowers

2/7/12 The Press-Enterprise Consumers “on the fence” say why

2/5/12 San Diego Union-Tribune Top of Class Villages retirement community nation’s top house seller

2/4/12 San Diego Union-Tribune Pardee Makes List of 50 Top Master-planned Communities

2/4/12 Wall Street Journal Refinancing: Time to Act?

2/4/12 The Post and Courier Berkeley County enclave makes planned communities sales list

2/1/12 Shea Homes John Burns Real Estate Consulting Research MPC Survey

January 2012

1/18/12 The Press Enterprise Home Builders Shy From Selling To Military Veterans

1/18/12 CNN Money Has Obama’s Housing Policy Failed?

1/17/12 Bloomberg Calpers Is Selling One-Fifth Of Its Residential Land Portfolio

1/10/12 MotherJones Why 2012 Isn’t Looking So Good For Renters

1/9/12 Business Insider This Fantastic Presentation Has Everything You Need To Know …

1/4/12 HousingWire Defending Our Optimism

1/3/12 Chicago Tribune Student Loan Debt Key Issue

December 2011

12/27/11 Fox Business The Hurdles To A Housing Market Recovery

12/14/11 MSN Money Your Choice: A House Or A College Degree

12/13/11 Soaring Student Loan Debt To Delay Homeownership, Boost Rentals

November 2011

11/29/11 Construction Dive Home Ownership to Fall More Before Climb Begins

11/29/11 CNBC As Home Prices Sink, Home Ownership Heads to New Lows

11/29/11 HousingZone John Burns: Homeownership will fall to 62% by 2015 & rise to 67% by 2025

11/26/11 Wall Street Journal Stronger Lure for Prospective Home Buyers

11/25/11 Businessweek Homebuilders Target In-Laws, Dogs as Extended Families Grow

11/24/11 Foreclosurecoaching Blog U.S. Housing Market Intelligence Report

11/24/11 Experthomesolutions Blog U.S. Housing Market Report

11/21/11 HousingWire Housing market at bottom, few borrowers qualify for HAMP: John Burns

11/21/11 MH Housing Consultant: Recovery Three Years Out

11/16/11 Financial Post In-law suites, doggie bedrooms latest way to lure U.S. homebuyers

11/16/11 Bloomberg Homebuilders Target In-Laws, Dogs as Extended Families Grow

11/1/11 Real Estate Rama KTGY Principals Speak at Building Industry Show on MP Communities

October 2011

10/26/11 JD SUPRA U.S. Residential RE Market Enters Slow Recovery: New Report by JBREC

10/24/11 CNN Money Refinancing plan won’t help housing market

10/24/11 Union Tribune San Diego Houses down, apartments up in permit count

10/20/11 Inside Real Estate More than 3 million homes vacant in U.S. & more from JBREC

10/16/11 Sacramento Bee Hope in housing gap

10/14/11 HousingZone 7 steps to designing homes for profit

10/11/11 Alter Group August Foreclosures Rise 33 Percent Over July

10/3/11 Baltimore Sun Baltimore-area Prices Close to Historical Norm

September 2011

9/29/11 Institutional Investor Bloomberg Adds Research Providers

9/29/11 Mercury News Blu Homes is counting on green demand for homes

9/29/11 Baltimore Sun Blog Baltimore-area ‘Shadow Inventory’ at 50,000 homes

9/26/11 HousingWire Warren tax diatribe misses root cause of middle-class malaise

9/24/11 The US Government Is in the “No-Money-Down” Mortgage Business

9/22/11 Businessweek Home Prices Decline 3.3% in U.S. as Buyer Confidence Sapped

9/17/11 Press-Enterprise Real estate trend includes move-ups

9/16/11 PC Business Times Recovery for Ventura County Housing Several Years Out

9/15/11 AdvisorOne Surprising, and Scary, Surge in Foreclosure Notices

9/13/11 Baltimore Sun Blog August home sales in the Baltimore area

9/11/11 LV Review Journal Cheap homes may spur companies to move to valley

9/9/11 HousingWire John Burns slams negative media for ignoring homebuilder discipline

9/4/11 LA Times Home prices soar in some areas as buyers opt for more expensive properties

August 2011

8/24/11 HousingWire KB Home launches ‘green’ communities in Bay area

8/24/11 San Diego Union-Tribune New housing construction slipping in state

8/22/11 Bryan Ellis Canadians Take Over Arizona!

8/18/11 Wall Street Journal Blog Housing Affordability Overwhelmed by Lack of Confidence.

8/18/11 Loansafe Big Changes in Housing Market and Financing Mean No Turnaround in Sight Yet

8/13/11 San Diego Union-Tribune Apartment Outlook Positive

8/11/11 HousingZone Housing industry has mixed feelings on turning foreclosures into rentals

8/11/11 Wall Street Journal 2nd UPDATE: MDC Holdings 2Q Loss Widens As Closings Slump

8/5/11 Wall Street Journal Blog Don’t Look for Low Rates to Help Housing.

8/4/11 Wall Street Journal Big Money Get Into Landlord Game

8/3/11 Wall Street Journal Home Listings Fall but Woes Persist

8/2/11 DFW REimagined McMansion No More

8/1/11 Builder Online John Burns Real Estate Consulting Articles

8/1/11 San Diego Union-Tribune State commercial delinquencies down, U.S. rates up

8/1/11 Sierra Properties Home Ownership Rate Falls to 13-Year Low

July 2011

7/29/11 San Diego Union-Tribune State commercial delinquencies down, U.S. rates up

7/29/11 Salt Lake Tribune U.S. Homeownership Falls to Lowest Since 1998 on Tight Lending

7/29/11 Bloomberg U.S. Homeownership Falls to Lowest Since 1998 on Tight Lending

7/23/11 Wall Street Journal Vacation Homes Why it may be time to buy

7/22/11 Wall Street Journal Government Considers Ways to Rent Foreclosed Homes

7/20/11 Business Insider The Death Of The American Nuclear Family

7/18/11 MoneyWatch Household Demographic Shift, Sign of the Times?

7/18/11 OC Register What Might Temper Rent Hikes?

7/13/11 North County Times First Half of 2011, fewest defaults since 2006

7/8/11 Advisor Perspectives Tremendous Demographic Shift

7/8/11 CNBC US Household Shifts Could Impact Housing Recovery

7/8/11 HousingWire Homes built for families might not make the buyers cut

7/8/11 Post and Courier North Charleston among most affordable cities

June 2011

6/27/11 AZ Central House is at leading edge of energy-saving trend

6/24/11 AZ Central Big names at real-estate summit

6/23/11 CNBC If You Build It, When Will the Home Buyers Come?

6/21/11 OC Register No Big Rent Hikes for SoCal Landlords

6/20/11 PR Newswire Leading REIT Analyst Jeffrey S. Langbaum Joins WJB Capital Group

6/20/11 OC Register Rents to Rise 4.5% for Years

6/13/11 Journal Gazette Think outside the box

6/12/11 HousingZone What 10,000 consumers say about homeownership

6/9/11 John Murphy Reports Demand for Rental Units to Explode – John Burns

6/9/11 Glass Magazine Analyst sees bright skies for apartment builders

6/7/11 Home Channel News Analyst see’s Bright Skies for Apartment Builders

6/7/11 HousingWire John Burns say’s top rental markets about to explode

6/4/11 National Business /investor Is now the time to buy a home?

6/4/11 Wall Street Journal Why It’s Time To Buy

6/4/11 The Open Door Why It’s Time To Buy

6/1/11 Wall Street Journal Looking Outside of the Home

May 2011

5/28/11 AZ Central Phoenix-area “shadow inventory” of homes doing well in market

5/28/11 Press-Enterprise New Homebuilders looking for an edge

5/28/11 Post and Courier Open house weekend coming up, financial boot camp under way

5/27/11 Herald Tribune Siesta Beach No. 1, but how else does Sarasota area rank?

5/24/11 Inman Why isn’t housing recovering?

5/20/11 Central Valley Business Times Why Isn’t Housing Recovering?

5/19/11 AZ Central Metro Phoenix new-home market is on mend, experts say

5/14/11 San Diego Union-Tribune Do San Diegans still believe in home ownership?

5/11/11 HousingWire Not even halfway to housing recovery: REthink panel

5/11/11 Baltimore Sun April home sales drop 17 percent in Baltimore area

5/10/11 Advisor Perspectives Where Do We Go from Here?

5/10/11 Baltimore Sun Baltimore-area home sales down 17% from April 2010

5/10/11 Reuters As volume falls, Pulte shrinks to 3 areas

5/4/11 HousingZone John Burns: 4 successful builder strategies for maximizing revenue

5/2/11 San Diego Union-Tribune Real estate: U-T weekly recap, look ahead

April 2011

4/30/11 Kitchen Bath Design Gen X leading housing recovery

4/27/11 San Diego Union-Tribune It’s Spring, Are San Diegans Buying Homes?

4/25/11 Wall Street Journal Buyers’ Market? Stressed Sellers Say Not So Fast

4/20/11 RE Financial Modeling Rental Market Urges Multifamily Recovery Forward

4/19/11 Builder Online Future is Bright for Active Adult, Forecasters Say

4/14/11 Vegas Inc. After Year of Stability, Home Prices Falling Again

4/13/11 Voice of San Diego Just How Empty Are Mission Valley’s Homes?

4/8/11 OC Register 486 more new homes for sale in Irvine

4/6/11 OC Register Irvine Ranch Fastest Selling Homes In U.S.

4/4/11 Wall Street Journal Blog Home Builder Beazer’s New Role: Landlord.

4/1/11 NAHB MIRM Profile: Tim Sullivan

4/1/11 Durango Herald For real estate, a giant spring clearance sale

March 2011

3/28/11 International Business Times Younger Generation Leads Way

3/27/11 Los Angeles Times New homes in U.S. are growing, survey finds

3/26/11 Charleston Post and Courier National home sales up month to month

3/26/11 Lansner at OC Register Builders unfazed by new home sales drop

3/25/11 The Street For Real Estate, A Giant Spring Clearance Sale

3/25/11 Canadian Business Online Despite record affordability of homes, buyers are still spooked

3/25/11 ABC News For Real Estate, a Giant Spring Clearance Sale

3/25/11 OC Register Builders unfazed by new home sales drop

3/23/11 CNBC Govt Doubts Bad New Home Sales

3/21/11 Houston Real Estate Observer Survey Finds Younger Families Looking To Buy

3/19/11 Real Estate Communities How to Keep Your Rent From Going Up?

3/19/11 Business Insider STOP THE DENIAL: Inflation Accelerating, Consumers Getting Squeezed

3/19/11 Hearld Tribune New Honor at Lakewood Ranch

3/18/11 CNBC Spring Real Estate Lessons; Too Early for Conclusions

3/18/11 Robert Schult’s Blog Lakewood Ranch Real Estate

3/17/11 International Business Times Gen X Buyers to Lead Housing Recovery

3/17/11 International Business Times No Inflation Alert: Kimberly Clark Raising Prices

3/17/11 NAHB Young Home Buyers Will Lead Housing Market Recovery, Says NAHB

3/17/11 MSN Real Estate Goodbye, renters market: Rents grow as demand increases

3/17/11 Inman News The truth behind second-home slowdown

3/15/11 Advisor Perspective February New Home Sales Improving, Still -9% Year-Over-Year

3/15/11 Big Builder Online New Home Sales Up from January, Down Year-Over-Year

3/15/11 Sign On San Diego Pardee’s Carmel Valley homes are top sellers

3/13/11 Honolulu Star Advisor Deals on new homes bloom this spring

3/13/11 OC Business Journal Apartment Project Ok’d on Jamboree

3/11/11 American Public Media Landlords Hiking Prices

3/11/11 Yahoo Finance A Lennar Veteran Dares to Build Again

3/10/11 Bloomberg Lehman Doomed by Lending to Itself in Financial Alchemy Eluding Dodd-Frank

3/10/11 Bloomberg Lennar Veteran Dares to Build Again

3/10/11 Investors Business Daily Spring Brings Builder Perks On New Homes

3/9/11 Press Enterprise Apartment market expected to pick up steam

3/9/11 North County Times Mortgage defaults drop for 15th straight month

3/9/11 PCBC Website What Today’s Buyers Want in a Home…And How to Get Them Off the Fence

3/9/11 North County Times Good deals on new homes to be had this spring

3/8/11 Professional Builder Apartment Market Set For Surge

3/8/11 CNBC Good deals on new homes to be had this spring

February 2011

2/23/11 OCR Housing faces life without tax breaks

2/19/11 Reuters US homebuilding’s long winter won’t end this spring

2/17/11 Bloomberg Lennar Bets on Ex-Officer Housing ‘Party’ as California Rebounds

2/15/11 What Trends are We Going to See in Real Estate in 2011?

2/12/11 Post and Courier Permits, prices stay high in Charleston housing market

2/11/11 Seattle Times Homebuilders look for warm-weather bounce

2/9/11 Bloomberg St. Joe Declines After Florida Developer Announces Plans to Explore Sale

2/7/11 Bloomberg New-Home Recovery Seen as Post-Super Bowl Selling Season Starts

2/7/11 Orlando Business Journal Orlando housing fares well nationwide

2/1/11 Wall Street Journal Starwood Continues Betting Big on Florida

January 2011

1/29/11 Real Estate Industry Watch Canadians Supplant Californians

1/20/11 Unraveling The Consumer Mortgage and Credit Debt Maze

1/17/11 San Diego Union-Tribune San Diego County home sales up, but prices fall

1/16/11 LA World Journal Tim Sullivan in LA World Journal

1/13/11 Housing Wire John Burns: Despite the housing struggle, people still want to buy

1/11/11 CNBC Sorry, Housing Isn’t Bottoming Yet

1/9/11 OCR (Lasner) 11 real estate surprises for ’11

1/3/11 Wall Street Journal Key to Real-Estate Rebound: Solid Economic Growth

1/2/11 Charleston Real Estate Blog Charleston heads home prices statewide

1/1/11 North County Times Stimulus leaves local market hangover

December 2010

12/25/10 The Post and Courier Charleston heads home prices statewide

12/23/10 Advisor Perspective Where Are the All the Bad Bank Loans?

12/23/10 OCR (Lasner) Drop in coastal home prices seen for ’11

12/22/10 New-home sales up in November

12/21/10 North County Times Indicators point to gradual improvement in San Diego County

12/19/10 Jeff Simons OC Luxury home prices are still heading down…

12/17/10 Inman News Canadians ‘loonie’ for Arizona real estate

12/16/10 WSJ Homeowner Perks Under Fire

12/16/10 West Linn Tidings State housing recovery still in infancy

12/15/10 Housing Wire America’s worth now measured in the value of housing

12/14/10 Advisor Perspective Dissecting Price Correction Market by Market

12/13/10 LA Times Luxury home prices are still heading down

12/13/10 Blue Oregon Growing Pains

12/12/10 Refinance Mortgage Now Have You Been To A Foreclosure Auction?

12/10/10 The Real Story with Colleen Edwards Getting on with your life

12/9/10 The Real Story with Colleen Edwards Changes in the works

12/9/10 Bloomberg BusinessWeek No. 18 Best-Performing Big Metro: Pittsburgh

12/8/10 The Real Story with Colleen Edwards Exploring the buying experience

12/7/10 The Real Story with Colleen Edwards Hooked on Debt part 2

12/6/10 The Real Story with Colleen Edwards The other side of job growth reports

12/6/10 The Real Story with Colleen Edwards Hooked on Debt

12/3/10 Chicago Tribune Chicagoans upfront about garage preferences

12/3/10 Key Sectors and Markets Offer Opportunity, Say ULI Fall Meeting Panelists

12/2/10 San Diego Union Tribune Shapell plans 700 homes on Carlsbad ranch

12/1/10 Housing Wire Commission proposes limit to mortgage-interest tax deduction

November 2010

11/30/10 CNBC Higher Rents Creating New Buyers

11/29/10 CNBC Will Rising Rents Spur Home Ownership

11/23/10 John Burns Crafts Proposal for REO Rental Solution

11/18/10 OC Register Recovery eluding beleaguered builders

11/6/10 Post and Courier Lowcountry housing market among fastest-growing, priciest

11/2/10 National Mortgage Proffesional Magazine Report Finds Extreme Delinquencies on the Rise

October 2010

10/29/10 Business Insider How Many Years of Home Price Gains Have Been Erased in your City?

10/28/10 Calculated Risk House Prices have corrected to what year?

10/26/10 Wall Street Journal Housing Gloom Deepens

10/25/10 Chicago Tribune Foreclosure auctions gain steam and draw bargain hunters

10/22/10 Reuters U.S. Foreclosure Mess Chills Investors, Clouds Market

10/17/10 Housingwire 2.5 million homes in foreclosure, shadow inventory rising

10/15/10 Reuters Foreclosure logjam hits housing, broader economy

10/15/10 Professional Builder Survey: Home style and location more important than price

10/15/10 Residential Design and Build Magazine Survey: What Consumers Want

10/12/10 Huffington Post The First Domino: Foreclosure Fraud and the ‘Invisible Bailout’

10/11/10 Seattle Times Foreclosure freeze could undermine housing market

10/7/10 Professional Builder What the Bears See

September 2010

9/4/10 Post and Courier Charleston tops S.C. areas in median home price

9/7/10 Big Builder Online High-End Charlotte Builder Calls it Quits

9/8/10 Reuters US homebuilders buying land despite falling sales

9/8/10 Fox Business US homebuilders buying land despite falling sales

9/14/10 NC Times(San Diego) Local sales plummet, but median price rises

9/15/10 Irvine Housing Blog GSEs to Lose Tens of Millions

9/17/10 HousingWire Million Homes in Foreclosure, Shadow Inventory Rising

9/19/10 Pittsburg Tribune Real Estate Notes

9/20/10 John Burns Says the Shadow Inventory Is Stepping into the Light

August 2010

8/2/10 USA Today Homeownership Rate Continues To Slide

8/3/10 Reuters Smart Money In Real Estate Is On Smart Growth

8/3/10 Reuters D.R. Horton posts profit, but tough years ahead

8/4/10 Business Week Housing Markets the Will Be Strongest By 2014

8/5/10 Housing Doom Blog More People Afraid To Own A Home

8/9/10 Reuters Homebuilder Expenses Likely Bigger Than They Look

8/12/10 Chicago Tribune Housing Market Racking Up Bad Grades

8/15/10 LA Times Homeownership to decline further, housing analyst predicts

8/17/10 Housing Wire GSE Renting Options Will Increase Demand and Limit Supply

8/21/10 Wall Street Journal Real-Estate Investing: the Best and Worst Markets

8/24/10 Smart Money Homes Sales Slow Again Despite Low Rates

8/25/10 Reuters Homebuilder shares reverse losses

8/25/10 WSJ Developments Blog Are Homebuyer Tax Credits A Mistake?

8/26/10 Housing Wire Canadians Mount Up, Head to Phoenix to Buy Homes: John Burns

8/30/10 Sign On San Diego Vantage Pointe gives back deposits

July 2010

7/6/10 Housing Wire Fitch Cites Success of Spec Building Strategy in Upgrade of DR Horton

7/7/10 Advisor Perspective The Beginning of the Recovery

7/7/10 Housing Wire John Burns Sees Housing Market Hit Bottom with Little Downside to Investing

7/9/10 Institutional Investors Like RE, Recovery on the Way?

7/12/10 Post $8,000 Tax Credit, a Bleak Housing Picture

7/14/10 KCM Blog The Last Dumb Reason Given Not to Buy a Home

7/16/10 Advisor Perspective 62% Homeownership On The Horizon

7/16/10 Wall Street Journal Cost of FHA Mortgage Set to Rise for Some

7/19/10 Herald Tribune Texas takes a two-step backward

7/19/10 Six Million to Lose Homes in Next Two Years

7/21/10 Wall Street Journal Housing Market Stumbles

7/21/10 Smart Money Tips for Homeowners Trying to Trade Up

7/21/10 Yahoo Finance Housing Market Stumbles

7/23/10 Housing Wire Economic Analysts Find Oil Spill Tanks Local Housing….

7/23/10 Wall Street Journal Home Sales Dip as Unsold Inventory Persists

7/26/10 Smart Money A Surprise Upswing in the Housing Market

7/27/10 Home Shoppers Taking a Fresh Look At Renting

7/29/10 Housing Wire Houston Annual Home Sales Up 19 Percent But Fed Sees Cooling…

7/31/10 Post and Courier Charleston Home Market Among State’s Strongest

June 2010

6/1/10 Reuters Plunge in Home Demand Without Aide Seen As Short -Lived

6/1/10 OC Register-Lanser on Real Estate Debate Swirls About New Irvine Condos

6/1/10 Tools of the Trade Online Burns and Sullivan Create Consulting Partnership

6/7/10 Wall Steet Journal Tax-Credit Hangover Here come The Builder Price Cuts

6/11/10 Bloomberg Builders Rush to Complete Houses by U.S. Tax Credit Deadline

6/14/10 The Real Story with Colleen Edwards Welcome to the Many States of California

6/14/10 Austin Business Journal Builder Confidence Slides in June

6/15/10 The Real Story We’re From the Government and We’re Here to Help You

6/15/10 Big Builder Online Burns: New Home Sales Drop 27%

6/15/10 Advisor Perspectives Builders Report 27% Decline in May New Home Sales

6/15/10 Real Town Builders Report 27% Decline in May New Home Sales

6/16/10 The Real Story with Colleen Edwards A is for Affordability

6/16/10 Jacksonville Business Journal Builder Confidence Slides in June

6/16/10 Housing Wire Builder Survey Reports New Home Sales Down 27% in May

6/17/10 RISMedia Builders Put Brakes on New Homes As Tax Credit Expires

6/17/10 The Real Story with Colleen Edwards A is for Affordability

6/21/10 Philadelphia Inquirer Housing Starts Sink After Tax Credit’s Expiration

6/21/10 AP Borrowers Exit Troubled Obama Mortgage Program

6/21/10 The Daily Caller Obama’s Initial Effort To Curb Mortgage Crisis Suffers as Borrowers Flee

6/21/10 New Orleans City Business Borrowers Exit Troubled Obama Mortgage Program

6/21/10 Black Is Obama’s Mortgage Modification Program Failing?

6/22/10 Daily News Obama Mortgage-Aide Plan Failing as More Enrollees Drop Out

6/22/10 Housing Wire Is May’s Home Sales Decline an Alarming Signal of What’s to Come?

6/22/10 GLG News The $6 Million Gamble

6/23/10 Wall Street Journal Outlook for Home Prices Grows Darker

6/23/10 CNBC Trader Talk Why Builders Are Trading Up

6/24/10 RISMedia As Tax Credit Expires, New Home Sales Sink

6/29/10 Automated Trader Further Freebies and Price Cuts Threaten Builders’ Recovery

6/29/10 Advisor Perspective Home Price Data Very Misleading

6/30/10 WSJ Developments Blog Builders Price Cuts Could Delay Sectors Recovery

6/30/10 OC Register-Lasner on Real Estate Newspaper Home Data ‘Stinks’ to Consultant

May 2010

5/1/10 Kiplinger’s Personal Finance Now’s the time to Buy a Home

5/5/10 Las Vegas Review-Journal More Can Qualify for Homeownership in Las Vegas

5/7/10 The Housing Bubble Blog The Fed Modification Program Should Be Called Liar Loan 2

5/12/10 Simi Valley Real Estate Now is the Time to Buy

5/18/10 Behind the Top 50 Powerful People in Real Estate

5/25/10 Real Estate Wonk (Baltimore Sun) Foreclosures and Short Sales in the Baltimore Market

April 2010

4/6/10 CBS Money Watch The Housing Market’s New Rules

4/6/10 J9 Leading Solutions Blog BIA OC Celebrates Academy Graduates

4/22/10 NASDAQ Enticed by Tax Credit and Low Prices, Home Buyers Rush Into Market

4/23/10 ABC News Time to Buy a Home? Yes, But Keep an Eye on Local Data

4/26/10 Wall Street Journal Tax Deal Lifts Homes Sales But Price Pressures Loom

March 2010

3/1/10 Real Estate Trends Magazine What Do We See In the Shadows?

3/1/10 Minnesota Public Radio Historic lows in new housing sales

3/2/10 Industry Leaders Target 2010 Opportunities

3/3/10 Business Week Housing Hope on the Horizon

3/6/10 The Press Democrat Shadow Inventory May Prolong Housing Slump

3/8/10 Grand Rapids Real Estate Blog Home Buyer Tax Credit: Will They Extend it Again?

3/9/10 Big Builder Toll Brothers Buys High-End Community for Bargain Basement Price

3/10/10 Housing Wire Housing Gets D+ in Latest John Burns Report Card

3/1/10 Sarasora Manatee For Landlords the Numbers Are Starting to Look Better

3/12/10 Washington Post New Foreclosure Wave May Be on the Horizon

3/12/10 DSNews Housing Doesn’t Fare Well in John Burns Report Card

3/11/10 MSN Real Estate Can Flippers Save the Housing Market?

February 2010

2/3/10 Wall Street Journal Spurned by Banks, Builders Look Elsewhere

2/10/10 Wall Street Journal Spec Houses Rise as Builders Bet on Buyers Before Tax Credit Ends

2/15/10 Leeds on Finance Holiday Weekend Done: How About Greece?

2/16/10 Wall Street Journal Foreclosures Seen Still Hitting Prices

2/16/10 Huliq News Homes Builders Ramping Up Construction to Beat Tax Credit Deadline

2/16/10 Dow Jones Market Talk Folks Worrying About Europe Take Another Day Off

2/16/10 Experts: Foreclosures Will Push Home Prices Down

2/16/10 The Real Story with Colleen Edwards John Burns on Fanne, Freddie and the FHA

2/16/10 Seeking Alpha How To Short Housing’s Non-Recovery

2/16/10 Lansner Really? Foreclosures Impact Still Debated

2/17/10 Gold Speculator Negative Reports on Housing Continue

2/17/10 Advisor Perspectives Builders Expect FHA’s New Guidelines to Cost Them 10-15%

2/17/10 Purchase Foreclosures Homes at Still Low Prices This Year

2/18/10 Bloomberg Burns Says ‘Shadow Inventory’ May Threaten Home Prices

2/18/10 Housing Watch Outlook for Florida’s Real Estate Market: Overcast But Clearing

2/18/10 iStockAnalyst Credit Market Overview–Feb. 2010

2/18/10 Seeking Alpha Wall of Worry for Homebuilders Even With Silver Lining in Clouds

2/18/10 Housing Zone Survey: Builders Fear Loss of Sales from New FHA Guidelines

2/19/10 Lansner O.C. has 13 Months of Unlisted Foreclosures

2/19/10 RDB Magazine Housing Affordability Bad for Move-Up Buyers

2/20/10 Wall Street Journal For Landlords, The Numbers Are Starting to Look Better

2/20/10 Online Kansas City New Report State that There will Be 5 Million Real Estate Foreclosures

2/20/10 Calculated Risk excerpts from Lansner O.C. Has 13 Months of Unlisted Foreclosures

2/20/10 Calculated Risk Study: Mods Just Delay Foreclosures, 6.1 Million to Lose Homes

2/20/10 Rismedia Builders Expect FHA’s New Guidelines to Cost Them 10-15% in Sales

2/21/10 MarketOracle Government Stopping Cleansing Action of Capitalism….. Malinvestments

2/22/10 Trulia: Carmela Pereira’s Blog For Landlords, The Numbers Are Starting To Look Better

2/22/10 Seekin Alpha Market Currents Monday, February 22, 2010

2/22/10 Kappa Alpha Twitter Seeking Alpha John Burns Real Estate Consulting, which last week…

2/23/10 Wall Street Journal Vegas House Bargains Dry Up

2/23/10 Limited Supply Frustrates Homebuyers

2/24/10 Real Estate Weekly Housing Market Shows Signs of Healing, But Danger Remains

2/24/10 Green Faucet The Interpretive Faculties of the Human Mind

2/25/10 Reuters Paulson and Other Smart Money Buying Dirt

2/26/10 HousingWire New Home Sales Drop 11.2% in January

January 2010

1/1/10 California Builder Magazine 2010 Economic Forecast: The Bear Turns Bullish

1/4/10 Maryland Homes and Real Estate Has the Housing Industry Hit Bottom?

1/6/10 Susan Hopper Blog Texas Boast 5 of the Top 10 Homebuilding Markets Nationwide

1/6/10 Straight Digs 2010 Orange County Housing Forecasts

1/6/10 Orange County Register What Might Shock the Housing Industry in 2010

1/6/10 ActiveRain: Erika Rogers Housing Industry May Have Finally Hit Bottom

1/7/10 TIME Magazine Still Hunting for a Bottom in Housing

1/13/10 L.A. Times Signs of Life in the Home-Building Industry

1/19/10 Reuters Home Builders Look Beyond Banks to Private Equity

1/20/10 Wall Street Journal Home Builders Expect Construction Recovery

1/20/10 Rismedia Housing Sustains Its Year-End Pick-Up

1/20/10 Reuters At Trade Shows, U.S. Homebuilders Hope to Find Financing

1/21/10 Rismedia Real Estate Analysts Cautiously Optimistic for 2010

1/27/10 Big Builder Blog: Boyce Thompson: Boyce on Building Financing Cloud Hovers Over IBS

1/27/10 HousingWire Homebuyer Tax Credit Likely Extended if Recovery Stalls: John Burns

1/27/10 Wall Street Journal Developments Blog Previewing the Spring Home-Shopping Season

1/27/10 Wall Street Journal Housing Momentum Builds But Perils Persist

1/28/10 Seeking Alpha Letting Housing Fix Itself

1/28/10 How to Buy USA Real Estate Emerging Market Analysis

December 2009

12/1/09 Minnesota Public Radio The Good and the Bad in the Housing Market

2/11/09 Baltimore Sun More Area Homes Change Hands–But At Lower Prices

12/11/09 Baltimore sun Blog: The Real Estate Wonk

12/11/09 Reuters North Carolina Beckons Home Builders

12/15/09 Real Estate Channel Builders Say 2009 Marks Housing’s Bottom, 57% Predict Increase…

12/15/09 Housing Wire After ’09 Housing Bottom, Builders Optimistic for ’10

12/15/09 Knoxville TN Real Estate Report One in Four Borowers Underwater

12/17/09 Business WeekA Tale for Four Cities

12/18/09 Rismeda Has the Housing Industry Hit Bottom?

12/21/09 Housing Wire John Burns Gives Housing Supply an F

12/21/09 Housing Wire Monday Morning Cup of Coffee

12/22/09 Housing Wire Builders Coming Back to Life in Some Markets

12/22/09 The U.S. Banking and Housing Industries at the End of 2009

12/22/09 Housing Bubble News The U.S. Banking and Housing Industries at the End of 2009

12/24/09 Lansner Trouble-Eyed for High Priced O.C. Homes

12/28/09 Philadelphia Weekly Commercial Market to Infect Housing?

12/28/09 Housing Wire Charlotte Gets 1002 New Grant-Assisted Mortgage Jobs

November 2009

11/4/09 St. Petersburg Foreclosure Commercial RE Distress Will Have Big Impact on Housing

11/6/09 Columbus Business First Columbus Proves A Tidy Fit for Lender

11/8/09 Multifamily Market Also Struggling

11/8/09 Lansner Pac 10 Has Priciest College-Town Housing

11/10/09 Lansner Home Builders Share Profits With Irvine Company

11/12/09 Reuters U.S. Mortgage Refinancing Up; Buying Demand Sinks

11/13/09 Housing Wire Law Lets Home Builders Recoup Losses with More Back Taxes

11/16/09 The Real Story with Colleen Edwards Thought Leadership in Sustainable Design

11/17/09 Housing Wire Builders Optimistic Tax Credit Expansion Will Stimulate Sales

11/17/09 Hanely Wood Blog: Sara Yaussi Notes from the Road: Dallas

11/18/09 Rismedia Housing Cooled in October; Tax Credit Extension Expected…..

11/18/09 Wall Street JournalWhy Housing Won’t Crater

11/18/09 Wall Street Journal Blog For the Young, Giving the House ‘Back to the Bank’ is No Biggie

11/18/09 Wall Street Journal Blog Toll: The FHA is a ‘Definite Train Wreck’

11/19/09 Reuters Exclusive: Homebuilders Look Beyond Banks, to Private Equity

11/19/09 Wall Street Journal Blog More American in Mortgage ‘Limbo’

11/19/09 Wall Street JournalFear of Double Dip in Housing

11/19/09 MultiFamily Executive Move Outs for Homeownership Tick Up Slightly

11/20/09 Reuters Extended Housing Credit Likely to Disappoint

11/20/09 Real Estate Channel Home Buyer Tax Credit Extension Expected…. Improvements

11/22/09 Las Vegas Review-Journal Short Sales on the Rise

11/24/09 Wall Street Journal One in Four Borrowers is Under Water

11/25/09 Wall Street Journal Blog Think Twice About Cheering New Home Sales

11/28/09 SeaCoastOnline Housing Data Points to A Rocky Rebound

October 2009

10/1/09 Builder and DeveloperNew Home Price Stability Emerges

10/1/09 The Real Story with Colleen Edwards Better Managing Risk at the FHA

10/2/09 HousingWire $2,500 Incentive Will spur Short Sales, Says John Burns

10/2/09 Press Enterprise Business Blog Sugar for Short Sales

10/2/09 Business Week Blog U.S. Treasury Coming Out With New Rules for Short Sales

10/3/09 Orange County Register Blog Mortgage Insider Here Come the Short Sales

10/6/09 Wall Street JournalHome Builders Curtail Freebies

10/6/09 Short Sales Riches Real Estate News

10/6/09 Business Week Blog Is the Housing Recovery Real?

10/7/09 HousingWire Delayed REO Sales Will Drive Down House Prices, Says John Burns

10/7/09 CVBT Worst Yet to Come in Housing Market Says Burns

10/7/09 Treasury Moves to Offer Rewards for Short Sales

10/8/09 American Public Media FHA’s Low Cash Reserves Cause Worry or Transcript

10/8/09 Baltimore Sun Blog Rocky Road Ahead for the Housing Market, Firm Warns

10/8/09 Cosmic Justice Appraisal Institute Says

10/8/09 HousingWire Buyer Discount Off Listing Prices Drops in August, Says Zillow

10/9/09 Market Watch This Week’s Real Estate Stories

10/9/09 Team Steve Economist Expects California Existing-home Sales to Fall in 2010

10/9/09 Reuters Blog Housing ‘W’hipsaw Looms

10/11/09 Calculated Risk A Policy: Supporting House Prices

10/11/09 Reuters U.S. Housing Risks Still Lurk Even As Buyers Return

10/12/09 Reuters Housing Risks Still Lurk Even As Buyers Return

10/13/09 Business WeekYou Have Real Estate Questions We Have Answers

10/16/09 Las Vegas Sun Realtors Counting on Homebuyer Tax Credit

10/16/09 Sacramento Business Journal Home Sales Dive as Tax Credit Rebate Ends

10/16/09 Housingwire John Burns See Destressed CRE’s Dual Effect on Housing

10/16/09 Housingwire Newsletter John Burns Sees Distressed CRE’s Dual Effect on Housing

10/18/09 Las Vegas Review Journal Some Homeowners Sue, Seek Senator’s Aid

10/19/09 CBS Money WatchIs the U.S. Housing Market Ready to Stand on its Own?

10/19/09 Diana Olick Will Government Aid Set Housing Market Back?

10/19/09 Reuters Groups Urge U.S. to Extend home Purchase Tax Credit

10/19/09 Housingwire 59% of New Home Sales Use Government Loans: John Burns

10/20/09 Wall Street Journal Developments Blog FHA Backs More Than Half of Loans

10/21/09 Rismedia 59% of Home Buyers Rely on Low Down-Payment Government Mortgages

10/21/09 The One-Eyed Capitalist Commercial Real Estate and Bank Capital

10/26/09 Seeking Alpha A Few Unhealthy Home Purchase Statistics

10/26/09 Daily Markets Homes Without Equity, Here We Go Again

10/30/09 Birmingham Business Journal Oversupply of Foreclosures to Drive Down House Prices

September 2009

9/3/09 Calculated Risk FHA: The New Bailout?

9/4/09 Huntington FHA Likely To Be the Next Shoe to Drop in Ongoing Real Estate Crisis

9/5/09 Wall Street Journal Behind FHA Strains, a Push to Lift Housing

9/5/09 The Future of Real Estate Blog Why is the FHA in Trouble Again?

9/5/09 Texas Real Estate DFW Tops in U.S. Building Permits

9/8/09 Residential Design & Build Could FHA Be the Next Shoe to Drop?

9/9/09 New Homes Resources Investors Are BACK!!!

9/13/09 Investors are Back in Full Force

9/14/09 Front Gate Properties Will Taxpayer Have to Bail Out FHA?

9/14/09 Mortgage Related Investors Back

9/16/09 Business Courier State of the Resident Real Estate Market?

9/16/09 CVBT Price Stability Emerges In California’s New-Home Market

9/16/09 Housingwire Builders Raise Prices in California as Confidence Boosts

9/22/09 Rismedia Regional Spotlight: New Home Price Stability Emerges in California

9/22/09 The Big Picture Blog A Coming Flood of Bank Owned Homes

9/23/09 Wall Street Journa lDelayed Foreclosures Stall Market

9/23/09 Lansner Price Cuts By CA Builders Become a Rarity

9/25/09 In Business Las Vegas Homebuilders Appear More Bullish on Las Vegas

9/25/09 Arizona Real Estate Notebook Another Leg Down Even with $3,000 Tax Credit Extension?

9/25/09 DS News Keeping Tabs on FHA

9/28/09 The Real Story with Colleen Edwards Keeping Tabs on the FHA

9/29/09 The Real Story with Colleen Edwards An Institution in Distress?

9/29/09 FOX News Radio Tim Sullivan

9/30/09 The Real Story with Colleen Edwards The Times, They Are a Changin’

9/30/09 Reuters Mortgage Demand Falls Despite Lower Rates

9/30/09 David Himes Residential Real Estate Mortgage Applications Decline

August 2009

8/4/09 Lansner Irvine Homebuilder’s Condos Selling Fast

8/6/09 Bigger Pockets Blog More on Developing Your Real Estate Niche

8/13/09 Big Builder Onlines Looking for Land in All the Right Places

8/14/09 John Mauldin The Statistical Recovery, Part 2

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July 2009

7/8/09 L.A. Land More Commercial Real Estate Troubles

7/14/09 Housingwire IAS Sees House Prices Gain 16% in May

7/15/09 Orange County Register Market Malaise Spreads to Higher-Priced Homes

7/16/09 Rismedia New Home Market Remains Weak Across the Country

7/16/09 Wall Street Journal Don’t Put Too Much Stock (Yet) in Rising Home Prices

7/16/09 Big Builder Online Pulte Buys Hovnanian Active-Adult Community

7/16/09 Home Builders Remain Hesitant to Call Downturn’s Bottom

7/17/09 Rismedia New Home Market Remains Weak Across the Country

7/17/09 Derek Gutting Real Estate Highlights

7/19/09 Las Vegas Review-Journal Outlook for Las Vegas Housing Grim

7/22/09 Ted Cushman: Ten-Penny News Another Look at Those Tea Leaves

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7/23/09 Sarah Yaussi (BB Online Blog) Price Wars: What the Latest Home Price Numbers Mean

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7/24/09 Short Sales Riches Housing Market Recovery Will Not Be Uniform Across the Country

7/24/09 Real Estate Channel Florida’s Construction Industry on Life Support, says JBREC

7/24/09 John Mauldin The Return of the Muddle Through

7/29/09 Los Angeles Times Home Prices May Be Stablizing, Market Tracker Shows

7/30/09 The Harrison Group The Market is Turning

June 2009

6/7/09 Waller, TX Real Estate Blog Time to Move From Renter to Buyer

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6/8/09 Big Builder Builders Fear Consquences of New Appraisal Law

6/9/09 Business WeekThe Fed’s Mortgage Muddle

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6/15/09 Rismedia Survey: New Home Indicators Show Slight Uptick

6/15/09 CVBT New Home Indicators Show slight Uptick

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6/29/09 Singapore Land Banking Information Open House, Anyone? 1 in 3 Homes Sit Empty

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May 2009

5/5/09 Business Week Want to Sell Your Home? Lower Your Price

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5/18/09 Los Angeles Times Distressed Property Sales Go Upscale

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5/18/09 The Mess That Greenspan Made A Quasi-Boom in the Phoenix Housing Market

5/19/09 KTAR Bidding Wars Common in Bargain Housing Market

5/20/09 Bank Foreclosures Sale Demand for Foreclosres and Foreclosed VA Homes in Phoenix

5/20/09 Property Wire Florida and Arizona See Rise in Property Prices

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5/23/09 Barry’s Luxury Desert Homes Blog Bidding Wars are Emerging on Foreclosures

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April 2009

4/10/09 Realty Times Housing Most Affordable: May Be Time to Move From Renting to Owning

4/13/09 Orange County Register O.C. Home Affordability Back to 2001 Level

4/14/09 Reuters Update 2 Sentiment Index Sends U.S. Homebuilder Shares Highers

4/15/09 USA Today Homebuilders’ Outlook Improves

4/15/09 Big Builder PulteCentex: A Corporate Who’s Who

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4/20/09 Peoria-Area Home Sales Down 23 Percent

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4/23/09 Mock the Market Default Notices Jump to Record Highs in CA

March 2009

3/1/09 Builder Navigating Through Banking Distress

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3/8/09 Big Builder Land’s Evil Twin

3/11/09 Wall Street Journal Foreclosed Properties Overcome Their Bad Reputation

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3/25/09 Business Week Luxury Homes Are Lingering on the Market

3/25/09 Reuters U.S. Renters Turn Buyers as Homes Become Affordable

Feburary 2009

2/15/09 GIANTS Caution: Use the Case-Shiller Home Price Index with Care

2/21/09 CNBC California Offers its Own Homebuyer Tax Credit

2/25/09 Big Builder Choice Homes in Texas Shuts Down

2/25/09 Austin Business Journal Home Sales, Outlook Getting Better

2/25/09 Builder Stimulus Offers Limited Tax Help to Builders

January 2009

1/1/09 California Builder Another View: A Challenging Year Ahead

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1/7/09 Tick, Tick, Tick

1/27/09 Reuters Housing Market May Have Turned a Pivotal Corner