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Issues, interviews, and insights into the U.S. housing market.  Monthly takes on what’s happening in the housing market today, and what might be happening tomorrow.  From the John Burns Real Estate Consulting team.

Meet the Host

Dean Wehrli, Principal, John Burns Real Estate Consulting

Dean manages residential and commercial real estate consulting assignments across the country and has deep knowledge of California’s Bay Area, Sacramento, and Central Valley markets as well as Northern Nevada.  Dean specializes in aggregating housing market trends and conducting primary research, including consumer research, to recommend the product segmentation that will maximize price and absorption for specific target buyer profiles.

Before joining John Burns Real Estate Consulting in 2010, Dean managed market research consulting assignments for 11 years at several national housing market research firms.

Dean has a Ph.D. from the University of California, Los Angeles and a B.A. in Political Science from Cal State Fullerton, and works in our Sacramento office.

Dean plays basketball when not injured, writes novels and screenplays, and almost always wins at Trivial Pursuit. Almost.

Email | (916) 647-3263

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Episode 39: The Home Depot’s Amazing Run

Jordan Broggi, Vice President of Finance (Merchandising) at The Home Depot, shares what the company has learned from their recent 23% surge in revenue.

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Episode 38: A Great Time to Be Delivering the American Dream

Steve Hilton, CEO of Meritage Homes, shares his thoughts on the cultural transition he went through, the ups and downs of 2020, and the strategic importance of Meritage’s pioneering investments in energy efficiency.

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Episode 37: How Apartments Can Adapt and Thrive as the Market Shifts

Dean Wehrli and Greg West, CEO of ZOM Living, discuss short-term and long-term trends in the apartment market.

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Episode 36: Investing All over the Place and All the Time

Jason Keller, Oaktree Capital’s Managing Director in charge of residential investments, shares his thoughts on high-yield investing in 2020.

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Episode 35: Design Changes for Life Changes

Bill Ramsey, a Denver-based architect at KTGY, shares how COVID-19 is changing what we want from our homes and which of these changes might outlast the pandemic.

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Episode 34: Record Sales Aided by Technology Investments

In this podcast, Jim Van Kirk discusses how several technology investments enabled Smith Douglas Homes to achieve their best sales week ever in the one ending May 3, 2020. The company sells 1500+ affordably priced homes per year throughout the Southeast.

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Episode 33: Inspiration for ‘When the World Goes Upside Down’

In this podcast, Emile Haddad, CEO of publicly traded land developer FivePoint Holdings, describes how these experiences as well as bankruptcies at two prior employers, helped him prepare for the next black swan event—and helps him guide his team through these difficult times.

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Episode 32: Successful Online Marketing Strategies during the COVID-19 Crisis

Dean Wehrli interviews Zach Williams from the digital marketing agency Venveo to learn what strategies are working best today.

Episode 31: March 19, 2020 Housing Survival to Date

John Burns and Dean Wehrli recorded this podcast episode on March 19, 2020, right after our second weekly client webinar amidst the Covid-19 crisis. They discussed some of our market conclusions to date and our best estimate of some of the changes we believe will occur.

Episode 30: Building the Best Masterplans in the Business

If you want to know what makes a great master-planned community, you need to listen to Bob McLeod of Newland, one of the biggest and best master developers in the nation. Bringing 50 years of experience and having sold tens of thousands of homes, Bob shares some of his priceless lessons learned.

Episode 29: Designing with More Confidence

Nino Sitchinava shares an update on design trends, all backed by the qualitative and quantitative research done by her team at Houzz.

Episode 28: The Trends That Matter

Susan Yashinsky, the VP of Innovation Trends at Sphere Trending, helps us separate the trends that will go nowhere from the trends that will dominate the future.

Episode 27: Unique Perspectives from Taylor Morrison’s CEO

Sheryl Palmer, the CEO of the sixth-largest home builder in the country, joined our podcast to share her unique view of the housing cycle and her company’s thoughtful approach to consumer research.

Episode 26: Gaming Tech Comes to Home Building

Dean Wehrli talks “gamer estates” with architect Eric Zuziak, partner and president of JZMK Partners, to learn more about how his firm is using VR and AR.

Episode 25: The Biggest Checkbook in Home Building

Adrian Foley, Brookfield Residential’s president and COO (or “Brookfield’s hero” as podcast host Dean Wehrli calls him) shares Brookfield’s very thoughtful view on how America will live in the future.

Episode 24: Mortgage Market Education

Despite the fact that the mortgage pays for about 90% of all housing revenue for every participant in the housing industry, we rarely see industry executives at mortgage conferences. So we are bringing the intelligence to you in this podcast. We don’t know anyone more knowledgeable on the mortgage market than Doug Duncan, Fannie Mae’s leader of the 35-person Economic and Strategic Research Group.

Episode 23: Top Design Judge in the Country Shares Her Insights on Design Trends

Lisa Parrish, who has led the industry’s design awards judging for the last 30 years (along with her husband and her father), provides a wealth of information in this podcast. At this year’s Gold Nuggets Awards show alone, she reviewed more than 600 applications in 49 categories.

Episode 22: Successful Pivots as the Housing Market Runs Out of Steam

John Burns explains why he believes new home sales and construction have “run out of steam” at levels many deem to be too low. Dean and John also discuss successful pivots some companies have made this cycle.

Episode 21: Don’t Miss the Middle

Dan Parolek from Opticos Design shares his insight on a term he coined, “missing middle housing,” which he defines to be the range of housing types between or in the middle of detached single-family homes and mid-rise buildings.

Episode 20: The Monumental Disruption of iBuyers

Dean Wehrli interviews Offerpad co-founder Jerry Coleman to understand why the new, highly disruptive home-selling option known as iBuyers (instant buyers) has emerged so quickly.

Episode 19: Time to Reboot Your Housing Rental Strategies

Lesley Deutch and Ken Perlman join host Dean Wehrli to discuss the huge shifts occurring in the rental market.

Episode 18: Spring 2019: ‘Is This the Last Breath?’

The spring 2019 selling season is here. Enjoy Jody Kahn, Devyn Bachman, and host Dean Wehrli as they bring you the most insightful clarity on new home sales you will find anywhere. For those of you who are not clients, enjoy this taste of what our clients receive all year long.

Episode 17: The Power of Home Design

Two self-described “Designistas,” Megan Eltringham from The New Home Company and Matt Sauls from Pardee Homes (TRI Pointe Group) share their thoughts on the payoff for spending the time and money to design great homes.

Episode 16: Is Social Media Hurting or Helping New Home Sales?

Will Duderstadt, VP of Marketing at M/I Homes, brings clarity to effective digital marketing strategies.

Episode 15: Pricing Clarity from Coast to Coast

Our consulting leaders Dean Wehrli, Lesley Deutch, and Pete Reeb provide tremendous insight on the rising incentives required to sell a home today.

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Episode 14: Advice for Marketing to Millennials

Consumer Insights Manager Sidney Pell shares what baby boomer execs need to change to sell and rent more homes to millennials.

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Episode 13: The Rapid Disruption of Home Building

The home building industry is rapidly changing in some very exciting ways. In part two of our CR Herro interview, we discuss the new technologies that are allowing homes to be built better than ever and the adoption of smart home technology.

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Episode 12: Lower Mortgage Rates for Energy-Efficient Homes?

CR Herro the VP of Innovation at Meritage Homes, articulates changes coming to the new home industry. In part one of a two part series, Dean and CR discuss the impact of building energy-efficient homes.

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Episode 11: Disruptive Forces in Construction

Margaret Whelan, an industry investment banker who has successfully raised money for several innovative housing companies, explains why this time is going to be different with respect to off-site construction.

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Episode 10: Making Sense of the Single-Family Rental Industry

Dallas Tanner, the Chief Executive Officer who co-founded Invitation Homes in 2012, shares with us the future of rental homes.

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Episode 9: Smart Home Technology

Dean discusses the state of smart home technology with Todd Tomalak, SVP at John Burns Real Estate Consulting.

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Episode 8: Build Like a Girl

Dean Wehrli interviews Alaina Money, the CEO and Founder of Garman Homes, about her journey into her leadership role within the housing industry.

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Episode 7: 4 Successful Amenity Trends

Dean Wehrli interviews Consulting Principal Ken Perlman about the most successful amenity trends he is seeing around the country.

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Episode 6: Home Buyer Amenity Preference Shifts

Dean Wehrli interviews one of our Consumer Insights leaders, Steve Burch, about changing community amenities.

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Episode 5: The 4 Big Demographic Influencers

Dean interviews John Burns regarding the 4-5-6 rule for demographic-based decision making, which is covered in chapter 3 of the book Big Shifts Ahead.

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Episode 4: Let’s Talk Surban™

Dean talks with our Chief Demographer Chris Porter on the concept of surban™.

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Episode 3: The Millennial Perception of Homeownership

Dean talks with three millennials from John Burns Real Estate Consulting on their generation’s perception of the housing market.

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Episode 2: The Rise and Evolution of the Single-Family Rental Industry

Dean talks with Rick Palacios Jr., our Director of Research, on the quickly evolving single-family rental (SFR) industry.

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Episode 1: John Burns Kickstarts Our Podcast

To start us off we have John Burns in to tell us where housing is heading over the next couple of years. We talk about some key factors that will impact the cycle near term and some strategies to ride the wave instead of being pulled under.

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