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Episode 28: The Trends That Matter

Susan Yashinsky, the VP of Innovation Trends at Sphere Trending, helps us separate the trends that will go nowhere from the trends that will dominate the future.



Featured Guest

Susan Yashinsky, VP Innovation Trends, Sphere Trending

Susan Yashinsky has extensive experience in corporate management covering product and brand development, research and marketing.  As VP of Innovation Trends at Sphere Trending, a strategy think tank and trend forecasting firm, Susan leads the analyzation and translation of macro trend insights into innovation strategies for a wide breadth of clients and industries.

About Sphere Trending

Sphere Trending is a strategy firm elevating future thinking by connecting the dots between intelligence and relevance. They study the present, learn from the past, and apply their unique expertise to connect the dots for limitless future possibilities.

  • Futurists. Defining cultural, generational, and societal trends of tomorrow
  • Technologists. Analyzing digital engagement and technology influencers
  • Design Nomads. Gathering design intelligence and forecasting future trends
  • Strategists. Turning intelligence into relevance with expertise driven solutions




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